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File: 81372311.jpg -(15.6 KB, 333x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
15978 No.25330  
how the hell do I find a job if I don't have any work experience nor references
>> No.25331  
I'm 22 and I don't have those either. Pretty sure the only way out is death
>> No.25333  
Internships tend to be easier to get than jobs, and pretty much count as job experience.

You can also try to get into a sector where a portfolio counts for a lot. You could get into game development if you can show that you have created awesome games in your spare time.
>> No.25338  
>Internships tend to be easier to get than jobs, and pretty much count as job experience.
Volunteer positions too, which are even easier to get than internships.

They also both solve the problem of references.
>> No.25339  
There is a name for unpaid work.
It's "slavery".
>> No.25340  
Entry level positions. I got the 3rd job I applied to.
>> No.25341  
There's also a name for the consequences of refusing to do unpaid work. It's "no work experience".
>> No.25343  
For the love of god, do not go searching for an unpaid internship. There's a reason they call them entry level jobs. They're where you enter. You're entering. Guess what kind of job you should look for?
>> No.25344  
Better open that portal to Gensokyo, OP.
>> No.25345  
collect the autism monies
>> No.25361  
i was going to suggest a barrel roll, but then i thought up a great idea for you: ask for advice from a bunch of people who don't have nor want jobs.
>> No.25381  
not the guy you're quoting but in my country, working for nothing is not allowed by law, the only thing you can do is ... well ... uuh .... giving food to the hobos

WOW giving food to hobos will help me to get a job !? awesome !

no seriously, stop your shit, if you have to work, you have to get paid, if not, you have to search for schools ...

or lie about yourself
>> No.25383  
I'm...not following you, what?
>> No.25384  
let me get that clear, okay ?
>i need work
>but they need experience
>who can offer a job to me without experience needed for free ( 3 is an option, and the best one ) ?
1 - some special high schools
2 - illegal job
3 - the army
4 - the NGO ( non-governemantal organisation )

still following good, so let see :
solution #1
>minimum 1000€ for 3 month ( depending on the job you want ) ( result not guaranted )

solution #2
>thousand of € to pay and 5 years ( or more ) in jail ( illegal job =! dealing drugs, it could be working in a supermarket like a immigrant )

solution #3
>did i need to show more ?

solution #4
>any kind of non-gorvernmental organization will do

you still with me ?
okay, what choose ?
>> No.25385  
oh i forgot
for solution 1 YOU have to pay

for solution 4 there's a high risk of being a war prisoner
>> No.25386  
I choose the one where you go back to high school and learn basic English grammar. Seriously, if you can't even take the effort to properly write a serious post, don't expect anyone to take the effort to write a serious reply.
>> No.25387  
It was in jest, what I said. You see, you have poor grammar, no offence. So I had a hard time reading your post.

Now, back on topic. Your country seems to be a difficult place to get a job, harder than mine at least. Where do you live, anyway? Is moving out an option?
>> No.25388  
M-my eyes...
>> No.25392  
Just keep applying to entry-level jobs until you get one. Here's a tip: Ask if you can talk to the boss of the place personally when delivering your CV and application. It'll make you stand out amongst the other applicants.
It worked for me!
>> No.25408  
sorry, i'm always bad at grammar
>> No.25461  
Thing is, you're able to get that job experience while doing work. Not while being a slave. And whoever your employer may be, he is required by law to pay you for your work.
If you really think that getting a job now isn't harder than it was for baby boomers, then you should probably do some research on the subject. Jobs are getting increasingly shittier, and since all power belongs to "the 1%", we can't do anything about it.
Well, we could do a proper military revolution, but everyone is too pussified by luxuries and legal addictives (mostly sugar and alcohol) and things that make your body produce addictives (TV, sex, video games, etc). Including me.
>> No.25473  
>"the 1%"
Oh boy.
>> No.25480  
File: TsumugiAutism.jpg -(29.7 KB, 281x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.25518  
You piece of shit.
>> No.25522  
>piece of shit
Oh boy.
>> No.25523  
U peice off sheet. There, better?
>> No.25548  
You got something against the free market, commie scum?
>> No.25564  
>commie scum
Oh boy.
>> No.25696  
>Oh boy.
oh boy

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