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File: 1984.jpg -(227.1 KB, 525x308) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
232564 No.25924  

>(Reuters) - President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Thursday that France would make it a crime to consult Web sites that advocate terrorism or hate crimes and would toughen a crackdown on people who went abroad for ideological indoctrination.

>"From now on, any person who habitually consults Web sites that advocate terrorism or that call for hatred and violence will be criminally punished," Sarkozy said in a televised address after police shot dead an al Qaeda-inspired gunman who had killed seven people.

Yup. Now they're not only going to block websites they don't like, they're even going to arrest you for trying to visit them.
>> No.25925  
With any luck he'll be out of the office before this law will be passed.
>> No.25926  
Sets a dangerous precedent for the EU, though. Fucking knee-jerk reactionary dominoes as they all are.
>> No.25928  
Less Europeans on imageboards? Great!
>> No.25929  
He's talking out of his ass. A law like that is unenforceable. It's a shame too because the less french people I have to interact with the better
>> No.25937  
That's the thing. Laws like these do not exist to be enforced to fight injustice. Laws like these exist so you always have a reason to put someone you dislike in jail. After all, they're breaking the law! That's what they get for going on a website that's on a blacklist unknown to the general populace!
>> No.25948  
>having good security and justice mesure

yeah we're fucked, i'm out of this fucking country
>> No.25996  
I don't gove a fuck.
>> No.25997  
>> No.26030  
>> No.26035  
File: 56 days.jpg -(130.7 KB, 544x732) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
56 days in jail for generic remarks like this. Yup, our governments are becoming more and more efficient at putting people in jail without them doing anything abnormal just because the government feels like it.
>> No.26036  
So much for free speech I guess.
Why couldn't they just ban him from the site? I don't understand why such extreme measures were required.
>> No.26037  
Because Muamba was/is the HOT TOPIC in the UK and we seem fixated with these knee-jerk reactions.
>> No.26039  

You know, that's just my wishful thinking but I'm gonna pretend he got jailed not for uh... 'expressing his thoughts too freely' but for being retarded on top of being an asshole. As such I'm perfectly fine with it. Then again a law punishing people for their stupidity would never be passed as half the politicians would get life sentences.

The other problem here is that if it was a black guy who insulted a white athlete nobody would care. Reverse the roles and it's racism. Oh double standards, I love you so.
>> No.26041  
I wonder if I started a twitter called "trayvon martin is a nigger" and did nothing but post disparaging remarks about him and his family all day then something would happen to me (in the US). That's our hot topic at the moment for some reason, even though innocent people get shot every day. Those are typically black on white or black on black cases though so nobody cares
>> No.26044  

actually the kid's parents are trademarking his name so it would probably be taken down on copyright violation, now that I think about it
>> No.26063  
>> No.26068  
>even though innocent people get shot every day
Saying that's all there is to the Trayvon Martin story is simplifying the issue quite a bit. The guy who shot him was able to walk away without any charges so that has understandably inspired discussion about self defense laws and potential police bias. I agree that by now the story has received more attention than is truly warranted, and above all I hate how it's become a partisan political issue, but I don't think it was wrong for it to garner some national attention.
>> No.26075  
>the story has received more attention than is truly warranted
I think people are starting to get so pissed at the American government they'll use any chance they get to protest and act all mad.
>> No.26078  
They (media corporations) are just using the Martin thing to distract protesty college types from the tighter copyright control that is going to start in July. They wanted to use the Kony thing as a distraction (it came up right around the time I first heard of it) but one of the guys behind it went crazy so that story dropped off the face of the earth, then suddenly "OH NO SOME GUY GOT SHOT LAST MONTH OMG".
>> No.26091  

>Saying that's all there is to the Trayvon Martin story is simplifying the issue quite a bit.

True. He should've mentioned that this time it was a white adult who shot a black teenager. If it was the other way around nobody would care, business as usual.
>> No.26092  
File: 1333277979767.jpg -(252.4 KB, 500x737) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.26112  
hope you dont live in arizona

>> No.26114  

at least its pretty obviously in violation of freedom of speech and will get overturned almost immediately after anyone gets in trouble for it. still says bad things about america's politicians that it could happen at all though
>> No.26120  
Well yeah. If a black man killed a white teen and made a questionable claim of self defense he would have been arrested and tried and it would've been treated like any other murder case.
>> No.26125  
File: 1333273919285.jpg -(181.3 KB, 2459x1259) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.26126  
File: 1333273856603.jpg -(195.0 KB, 2459x1259) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.26127  
Where's the one about piracy, that's the best one
>> No.26132  
There is more? Post them all!
>> No.26134  
File: piracy.jpg -(118.3 KB, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.26148  
File: minesweeper.jpg -(176.3 KB, 1542x665) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That one's a fake. >>26126 is quite real though (and it caused minor controversy). Not sure about >>26125.
>> No.26149  
File: 427642[1].jpg -(85.3 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I only wanted to post the real ones as the others aren't really relevant to the thread.

It's real.
>> No.26158  
File: 112139_slide.jpg -(56.2 KB, 496x496) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Not related to government, but very much related to the erosion of privacy:

For those too lazy to read it: There's an increasing trend in job interviews where the applicant has to give his Facebook username and password or log into Facebook so the employer can check everything you can find on there. Naturally, this is entirely voluntary and you can choose to refuse. The job interview just ends right there if you do, that's all.

Personally, I'm starting to become afraid that not having a Facebook might cause problems at job interviews. I'm afraid they'll ask why I don't have a Facebook and hold it against me for not having one (because surely I should have nothing to hide).

And it's only going to get worse from now on.
>> No.26159  

in a few years it will probably be mandatory to have a facebook (or something similar) to use the internet anyway. cant let those cyberbullies get away with anonymous free speech
>> No.26169  

How about saying you don't use the 'net, or you only use it once in a blue moon?

Seriously, this shit is getting out of hand.

>(because surely I should have nothing to hide)

In all honesty we kinda do but what I do in my private time shouldn't matter to the employer.

When I start to think about it it feels like we're really moving backwards with each passing day. And I'm not even one of those 'everything is going to shit and the world will end any day now' guys. I
>> No.26173  
File: It's kind of like this.jpg -(6.4 KB, 280x267) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>How about saying you don't use the 'net, or you only use it once in a blue moon?
I'm a game programmer. That basically means that the only time I DON'T use the net is when I'm asleep.
>> No.26174  
>How about saying you don't use the 'net, or you only use it once in a blue moon?

These days you are considered a weirdo if you don't vomit out personal information on the internet on a daily basis and people don't want to hire weirdos. People fear the unknown and if they can't find your life story via a simple google search then they don't want you.
>> No.26177  
But we are weirdos.
>> No.26178  

Yes, but now it will be more readily obvious to employers. For people who aren't NEETs anyway
>> No.26189  
The world is going shit. Thank god I'm already living in a third-rate shit country and nothing will change.
>> No.26235  
Happens informally in America all the time.
>We disagree with you evil racist
>You fired

>> No.26242  
A columnist got fired because he wrote something that people (very rightfully) considered racist? I see no problem with that. When you write for a living it's perfectly acceptable to be fired for what you write, especially since whoever publishes your work is going to be associated with anything you write.
>> No.26246  
What's the point of being a columnist if you can't write anything disagreeable?
>> No.26248  
No one said that. You can of course write things that people might not like to hear, but in the words of the National Review guy
>Derb has long danced around the line on these issues, but this column is so outlandish it constitutes a kind of letter of resignation.
There are limits if you want to be taken seriously by any semi-reputable publication. Publications have the right to exercise editorial discretion. If they didn't they would be obligated to publish the ramblings of every chemtrail conspiracy theorist etc. out there. (To use a hyperbole to counter your own exaggeration.)

Also I think it's telling that even the National Review doesn't want to have anything to do with this guy.
>> No.26250  
Did you even read his article?

Every single subpoint in point #10(the one I suspect got him fired) was supported with complete facts.Statistics don't lie.Yet he was fired for an article with tons of sources and observations.Also,you are using the word "racist" incorrectly.A racist would be someone who believed in the superiority of one race above all others.This guy just pointed out a simple fucking fact.In America, blacks perpetrate a disproportionate amount of crime compared to the amount of the total population they represent.
>> No.26251  
>In America, blacks perpetrate a disproportionate amount of crime compared to the amount of the total population they represent.

Shhhh...we're supposed to pretend this isn't true. You're gonna get us in trouble!
>> No.26256  

>In America, blacks perpetrate a disproportionate amount of crime compared to the amount of the total population they represent.

See you in court!
>> No.26258  
File: ha ha that will teach you for having consensual sex with a girlfriend two years younger than you.jpg -(14.4 KB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
New York sex offenders removed from Xbox Live, PSN:

How wonderful sex offender registries are:
>> No.26264  
My favorite thing about America is that it was considered a serious crime to have anal sex (consensual) in many states until like 5 years ago, and I think in some states it's illegal to buy sex toys online. Leader of the free world
>> No.26265  

oh, actually it was more like 10 years ago. i guess it took 9/11 to make america realize maybe its not the end of the world if people put things in their butts
>> No.26266  

A few months ago I was bored and looked up sex offenders on my state's registry, and it was cool how like 70% of pre mid 1980s male offenders' only crime was "sodomy". And it wasn't rape (thats forcible sodomy), so I assume its all gay guys that got reported and guys whose wives/girlfriends got them charged with it out of revenge or something.
>> No.26267  
Slightly related: http://www.cracked.com/article_19238_5-terrifying-killers-that-turned-out-to-be-mass-panics.html
>> No.26268  
I read his article. I am using the term racism correctly.
>racial prejudice or discrimination
He straight up tells you not to help black people and to be more critical and suspicious of blacks.

>Every single subpoint in point #10(the one I suspect got him fired) was supported with complete facts.Statistics don't lie.
He takes the fact that blacks are statistically more likely to commit crimes and extrapolates it to ridiculous guidelines like "don't go to a beach if there might be a lot of blacks there."

He didn't "just point out a simple fact." That is a blatant lie on your part.
>> No.26270  

What an idiot, using statistics and facts to make cautious judgements about his activities. I personally run through black neighborhoods every morning wearing as much gold as possible just to show how not racist I am
>> No.26275  
>In America, blacks perpetrate a disproportionate amount of crime compared to the amount of the total population they represent.
Sure, but it's mostly petty crime.
I'd say that economic crime, which is mostly perpetrated by white people, is far more damaging to society than beating up some dude or stealing a purse. One might argue that economic crime is one of the major direct causes to the crime perpetrated by the lower classes of society.
>> No.26276  
Speaking of lower classes, black people are also more likely to be poor, and poor people are more likely to commit crimes.

There's definitely a correlation between black people and crime, but correlation is not causation.
>> No.26277  

>"don't go to a beach if there might be a lot of blacks there."

If you don't see how that's reasonable you must be pretty dumb.

'Don't go to a beach with lots of blacks because you're more likely to get mugged there'.

Is this true or not? Answer me honestly. If it's true is it really racist to say it out loud?


>I'd say that economic crime, which is mostly perpetrated by white people, is far more damaging to society than beating up some dude or stealing a purse.

Fucking this. We should completely revamp our judical system because the way it works now is completely retarded. People who are responsible for malversation of millions of dollars (sometimes it's STATE MONEY) are given 5-10 years while people who rob local convenice stores get 10-20 years sentences (and please don't tell me it's not true because you hear it on the news all the time). Criminals should be punished based on how damaging their action were towards the society. Don't tell me armed assault is more of a crime than corrupt government officials making backdoor deals that are against interests of citizens because that's fucking bullshit. They should get 1000 years in prison (not lifetime because it'll get changed to 25 years for good behavior - instead, let's cut it in half - from 1000 to 500).
>> No.26279  

>Is this true or not? Answer me honestly. If it's true is it really racist to say it out loud?

Truth in this society means nothing.
>> No.26295  
speaking of blacks, looks like zimmerman will be charged. Too bad he (probably) fled the country already. Can't blame him, seeing as his only other options were "Get found guilty and get shanked to death in prison" or "Get found innocent and have you and your family murdered when spike lee tells them where you live"
>> No.26298  
Ugh. Just read up on the Trayvon Martin story (not in the US, so I barely heard about it), and it's pretty depressing.

Almost all evidence suggests it was normal self-defense, and the accusations of racism not only have no basis (other than an audio fragment that was edited so it implied a racist statement was made, which was later revealed to be something specifically asked and was simply answered without racism), there's even strong evidence to suggest the guy had nothing against black people (the guy apparently had black relatives and friends).

The only witness reports contradicting Zimmerman's explanation appeared on sensationalist news shows and were inconsistent. Surveillance camera recordings show that Zimmerman had head wounds shortly after the event.

It's happened so many times before, but it still hurts to see the media capable of whipping people up into a frenzy without any evidence like this. The truth is not what happened. The truth is what people hear the most. In a year, this will still be remembered as a racist hate crime. History is written by whoever can get the most people interested in their story.
>> No.26299  

>(not in the US, so I barely heard about it)

You missed the best part then. The media was only showing pictures of Martin as a child and the only picture of the shooter they would show was a mugshot from years ago, deliberately trying to raise sympathy for the victim and demonize the shooter further. Also one of our black movie directors tweeted an address he thought belonged to the shooter, but it turns out it wasn't and only apologized to the owners of the home when they got a lawyer.
>> No.26301  

oh, i guess they did get him after all. hope he is in segregation or he will be dead before the trial even starts
>> No.26310  
is talking about this pic:
>> No.26315  
>> No.26397  

The truth comes out at last.
77% of hours=77% of the pay.
>> No.26399  

One more in case a fucking feminist ever tries to argue with you anon.
>> No.26436  

>For people who have long suspected that there is some link between violent video games and real-world violence, the statement offered frightening new evidence for why the video-game industry should be more strictly regulated.
>> No.26443  

It's funny because it has been proven that violent movies are way more harmful than violent games and everybody acts as if it never happened.
>> No.26446  

movie industry is more jewish and thus has more influence over elected officials
>> No.26453  
I bet he used WoW to get more insight in AoE damage to maximize the number of victims. Those damn computer video games!
>> No.26455  
At least Norway's been handling the whole court process extremely well. It's nice to know that there are some places in the world where even the most horrible human being can recieve a fair trial.
>> No.26629  
House of Reps passed CISPA, now it's gotta go through the Senate and the white house. Obama has promised to veto it but he's a massive piece of shit so who knows.
>> No.26635  

Now that I think about it there's no way he would veto it because it's an election year. After the media machines build the bill up as being The Thing That Stops Chinese Internet Pedophile Terrorists Forever he would be a fool to veto it
>> No.26644  
Want to bet money?
>> No.26652  

Obama signed the NDAA and that was way worse than this and that wasn't even an election year.
>> No.26672  

and much like CISPA he had promised to veto it, but signed it anyway
>> No.26719  


It's about time whores got their comeuppance.
>> No.26720  

I have yet to see any source for this claim that white people commit lots of economic crime.The last person I remember who did steal a shitload of money in an economic crime got 330 years.(This was on the show American Greed)

Black people on the other hand,perpetuate violent crime at an astronomical and alarming rate.

A year or two ago at my uni some couple were in a cab and three blacks got in and started harassing the man's wife asking her if she loved big black dick and all kinds of rapey shit.They also slapped the girl hard even though she was just 5'2.

But yeah, who cares about rape,murder,assault,and muggings when dumb people are losing money because they're too fucking lazy to learn about investing.
>> No.26721  

The thing about white collar crime (lets say, embezzling a million dollars) is that it would be really fucking hard to do again if you got found guilty the first time because nobody would let you get in that position again, so your threat to society is very low. Someone who robs stores and attacks people can and will go right back to doing that when they get out of jail
>> No.26732  
UK high courts have ordered UK ISPs to block TPB, and they will do so within a few weeks.

>> No.26735  

Doesn't tor get quicker when more people are on it? Because Britain is gonna make it go through the roof
>> No.26741  
Hulu is gonna make it so you must prove you are a cable TV subscriber to use their service, which defeats the entire purpose. It's so amusing how the people in charge of the media companies have absolutely zero idea why internet people do things
>> No.26742  

also when hulu dies they will point to it's death as a reason restrictive anti-piracy laws must be made
>> No.26821  
The EU wants to implement an internet identity system, and also make it so you need to specifically request porn site access from your ISP. When the hell is world war 3 happening already, jesus
>> No.26833  
Don't worry, it'll happen soon. And as young people, we'll get the wonderful choice between getting killed on the front lines or getting a bullet to the head for refusing to join the army!
>> No.26837  

I'm not fit enough to be drafted and have asthma, and everyone in my family that I care about is too old. WW3 wouldn't affect me on a personal level in any way
>> No.26855  
File: war-is-peace-freedom-is-slavery-ignorance-is-strength-1725905089.jpg -(944.7 KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

FBI is trying to pass a law that forces e-mail, social media, and VoIP providers to implement backdoors for easy wiretapping.
>> No.27002  
A US judge judged that you can't be prosecuted for CP files in your browser cache. The general public complains, asserting you won't have those kinds of pictures in your cache unless you're specifically looking for CP.

I wonder how long it'll take before people get convicted for having CP spam (the kind we also get here) remains in their cache.
>> No.27004  
>On Wednesday, the European Commission published a strategy document aimed at setting up systems to protect children online.

The very first fucking line of the article.
I await the 30th to see just what measures they are proposing to implement in order to 'protect children online'. I'm sure the changes suggested will be put forward with the best of intentions and won't affect things like copyright or filesharing.
>> No.27007  

to be fair "child porn is OK as long as you dont download" sounds pretty bad. of course if you can put more than 3 seconds of thought into anything you can see why it makes sense, but your average american is incapable of doing that especially if pedophilia is involved in any way
>> No.27020  
I'm willing to bet that every single person lurking here has/has had more than one CP image in their cache. Why should you be prosecuted for someone else spamming threads?
>> No.27027  

That's my point, you shouldn't be. But your average american won't look past the headline and immediately call for it to be changed
>> No.27028  
File: 96fa90190b045e11e0599306b357820883f546ad.gif -(299.1 KB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.27029  

that headline isn't sensationalist at all!
>> No.27045  
What the hell happened to unbiased journalism, man.
>> No.27244  
A warning to americans who live in black areas, it's been pretty much confirmed that treyvon martin attacked zimmerman before he shot him, so he's probably going to be found innocent. you might want to invest in a weapon if you haven't already
>> No.27250  
>it's been pretty much confirmed that treyvon martin attacked zimmerman

And with zimmerman stalking him, the protect your ground laws would mean Martin was perfectly entitled to protect himself from the spic's acts of aggression.
>> No.27251  

this is exactly what they will say before they raid shoe stores during the riots
>> No.27255  

Please quit talking out of your asshole.

Walking behind someone is not "stalking" them.

It's just walking behind someone.

You know what I do when someone walks behind me?


Trayvon was planning to rape/rob someone and that's why he attacked Zimmerman.
>> No.27272  

He wasn't "walking behind him", he was stalking him for several city blocks, in an obvious enough manner for the nigger wearing a hood over his head to catch on and then walk to a place where Zimm's car couldn't reach and make him continue on foot.

You have never been stalked, nor do you have the balls to ever consider doing so. Your opinion on the subject is trivial hearsay at best.

Zimmerman, who has had repeated violations of the Neighborhood watch policies, wasn't simply driving down the road and happened to see a black man (and then calling fucking 911 right away) before jumping out of his car and yelling "Stop right there, nigger scum" henceforth the nigger running down a deserted alley with the spic in pursuit leading to a fist fight where the spic pulled out a gun when he was losing.

While there is clearly enough evidence for him to not be charged for murder, there is plenty showing the 'stand your ground' laws do not apply to what happened.

Also, even if the nigger was planning on committing a crime, he never did anything illegal (in before his school suspension for carring 'illegal drugs' which include asprin, advil, etc. If it was weed, the cops would've been called and he would be kicked the fuck out, not just a call to his parents to say that he's suspended).
>> No.27273  
>henceforth the nigger running down a deserted alley with the spic in pursuit leading to a fist fight where the spic pulled out a gun when he was losing.
Except medical examination shows that the 'fist fight' consisted solely of Martin bashing Zimmerman's face in while Zimmerman had serious injuries. According to Zimmerman's testimony, he used the gun because Martin was trying to take it from him.

Yes, Zimmerman was clearly showing suspicious behavior, and that suspicious behavior led to Martin attacking Zimmerman. But being a suspicious guy is not illegal in itself unless it is clear the person is going to commit a crime (i.e. he's clearly holding a weapon or approaching you in a threatening way).

It wasn't just Martin being black that led Zimmerman to follow him; it was a small neighborhood, and he was an unfamiliar black man walking around in the middle of the night. It's very possible that racism has played a role in his judgment, but his reasoning was likely more 'that nigger is going to break into someone's house' than just 'he's a nigger'.

Zimmerman made some very bad decisions, but being an idiot is not a crime; what he did was all completely legal according to the law. Martin's response to these decisions was very clearly a breach of law and forced Zimmerman to make a life-or-death decision. Considering his injuries, there's no telling what would've happened if Martin took his pistol.
>> No.27277  
>he was an unfamiliar black man walking around in the middle of the night. It's very possible that racism has played a role in his judgment

You mean common sense
>> No.27330  
>> No.27335  
Every other source I try to find is based on that source, and that source doesn't give any name of the law in question. Do you have an alternative source or the name of the law this article is talking about?

Nowadays you don't even need to put in any effort to spread misinformation, people will just repost any sensationalist story that seems credible enough. I prefer to check my sources before reposting things, though.
>> No.27336  

>> No.27337  
I don't even see what the point of that is when non-government entities (such as hollywood and fox news) pump out jingoistic garbage all the time already. do they want to fly around and drop uncle sam flyers on iraq or something
>> No.27338  
Things like Fox News can be avoided and works only to indoctrinate those who voluntarily let themselves be indoctrinated. True propaganda works by constant involuntary repetition; being told something over and over and over again makes it feel as if it's true. It's something that can't be avoided and being intelligent won't save you from it.

Nowadays they're not doing any experiments about it anymore because they're 'too cruel', but check experiments like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_prison_experiment and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Third_Wave to see just how easy it is to brainwash people when you're in control of their information supply.
>> No.27455  
Ahahahahaha just fucking kill me

>“Child pornography is great,” the man said enthusiastically. “Politicians do not understand file sharing, but they understand child pornography, and they want to filter that to score points with the public. Once we get them to filter child pornography, we can get them to extend the block to file sharing.”

>> No.27456  


>> No.27465  

This doesn't have a chance of actually happening, but it's always funny (well, sad) to see how out of touch the people who run this country are
>> No.27483  

A pheromone trust spray without any odor?

This is genius and malevolent at the same time.

I must order some
>> No.27720  

Holy shit,this is funny.
>> No.27736  

Oh man.that palpable butthurt.
>> No.27744  

It's so cool america will defend these people to the death. It's gonna be the downfall of our society and nobody cares
>> No.27922  

Louisiana tries to pass a law to make it illegal for sex offenders to use social media, which is declared unconstitutional. Immediately after, they pass a law requiring sex offenders to post about their crimes on social media - as sites like Facebook close accounts of sex offenders.

Good to see we're moving from a crime -> punishment -> release system to a crime -> punishment -> continued punishment system, especially when you can get convicted for the most trivial kinds of bullshit.

Oh well. World War III will be here soon, and then all of this will be rendered moot anyways.
>> No.27970  

Here's one of those things that probably isn't going to matter (not like piracy in japan wasn't illegal already) but you will probably hear about a lot for the next few months anyway.
>> No.28421  

Oh boy.
>> No.28465  
I'd imagine that shooter guy looking up bomb making guides on the internet is gonna lead to another round of "internet needs censoring!!!!" kind of talk in the US. Probably more babble about violent video games as well, and if we are really unlucky the guy was also into anime or something and that starts getting major demonizing press. They have already said he doesn't have much of an "internet footprint" (no twitter, facebook, etc) so he was probably a 4chan guy at the very least.
>> No.28846  

UK citizens can now get jailed for discussing loli in a private one-on-one chat.
>> No.28847  

So just describing something that would be illegal is now illegal. I was really hoping I would be dead before our society reached this point
>> No.28856  
>to protect children from abuse
I can't believe people still fall for this shit. How does an online conversation between two grown adults constitute as child abuse?
>> No.28858  
>> No.28868  
No-one 'falls for this shit', everyone's just too scared to speak out against anything they play the PROTECT THE CHILDREN card on. Even if you have nothing to hide, you'll still be demonised as a pedo, which over here is the worst thing you can imagine. And for the majority of people that might look at loli (or even just regular h-manga/anime, depending on what age Joe Public decides your cartoon girls are) are definitely not going to speak out, for the same reason.
Safest thing to do as for as your social/political life goes is to stay the fuck away from it and hope it stops at some point.
>> No.30134  
File: despicable thoughtcrime.jpg -(315.4 KB, 724x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Another pedophile jailed for their despicable thoughtcrimes.
>> No.30137  
Imagine how many children were saved from the claws of the imagination this dirty pedophile. Justice was swift and certain.
God Bless America.
>> No.30142  

Obscenity charges in america are funny because pretty much all porn is technically illegal, they just don't normally go after it
>> No.30143  
>"the depictions clearly lack any literary, artistic, political or scientific value."
>literary, artistic
How the fuck are they even able to quantify this? I mean, pretty much every art movement ever has at some point been considered to lack value. Is this an actual law, did someone seriously write this down and think that it totally wasn't going to be abused like hell?
Fuck obscenity laws, fuck them in the ass.
>> No.30145  
>"the depictions clearly lack any literary, artistic, political or scientific value."
>literary, artistic
How the fuck are they even able to quantify this? I mean, pretty much every art movement ever has at some point been considered to lack value.
>pleaded guilty

As in, he took the plea bargain instead of actually taking the charges to court to fight for his innocence.
Same story with 100% of all other cases of loli where the man went to jail.
>> No.30146  
You heard it folks, if you don't support your country's military actions you'll get sent to court!
>> No.30147  
File: Puberty.jpg -(226.9 KB, 872x1227) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's not that that irks me, it's the fact that some lawyer went "YEAH, THIS HAS, LIKE, ZERO ARTISTIC AND LITERARY VALUE. I CAN TELL 'CAUSE IT'S DISGUSTING AN' I DON'T LIKE IT."
Waiting warmly for the day they'll start prosecuting art galleries for displaying a FILTHY AND OBSCENE PAINTING of a NAKED CHILD by some IMMORAL SCANDINAVIAN PEDERAST.
>> No.30154  
>The sentence was greeted with cries of "disgusting" from protesters in the public gallery, some of whom walked out while the judge was speaking. One man was detained by police while leaving the court after shouting out comments.

Haha, oh wow. I sometimes wonder if the UK is using 1984 as a guide on how to run society.
>> No.30155  
File: 1212725654632.jpg -(145.4 KB, 800x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>"You posted the message in response to tributes and messages of sympathy," she said. "You knew at the time that this was an emotive and sensitive issue." She said with freedom of speech comes responsibility and on 8 March "you failed to live up to that responsibility".

>freedom of speech
>you are not free to speak if the words contain things I don't like

The sad part is that if he were white instead of a shitskin, he would've gotten a much harsher punishment.

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