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File: 1327129286953.jpg -(128.6 KB, 850x1238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
131693 No.25941  
So I hear /jp/sies are using forbidden Buddha wizardry to make the ancient magic 『IMAGINARY FRIEND』. What you have done with your life recently, /bun/?
>> No.25942  
I don't understand your post. It is a joke or something?

I haven't done anything noteworthy recently.
>> No.25943  
>> No.25944  
I started working.
>> No.25946  
I started learning japanese close to 2 months ago and I'm progressing nicely. If I manage to continue at this rate I'll be reading eroge by july.
>> No.25947  
are you me ?
>> No.25962  

How are you going about it?
>> No.25965  
First I learned hiragana and katakana, obviously.
Then I drilled Tae Kim's grammar for a couple weeks.
Right now I'm learning kanji with a Kanjidamage Anki deck.
After this, I plan to go over the grammar once again then over all the kanji a second time, this time learning the compound words.

Then I'll just pick up stuff to read until I'm confident. This step will probably take the longest.
>> No.25967  

This sounds really stupid, but I like reading Japanese tweets. Actually helps a lot.
>> No.25975  
I've learned lots of new words that way too friend.
>> No.25976  
I shaved the hair off my hand
>> No.25977  
File: 133171238040.jpg -(330.1 KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Today I spent a full 2 hours or so staring at this image and fantasizing, and I didn't even realize it.
>> No.25985  
Tell me your secrets
>> No.25988  

I rubbed soap on my hair, then dragged a razor across it. I think this could really catch on

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