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File: 1334907416141[1].jpg -(1470.7 KB, 2627x3648) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1506032 No.26442  
>> No.26444  
reported for making shitty threads tier: OP
>> No.26448  
This pretty much all checks out. Personally I would bump Ootsuka Rei up to God Tier, though.

Why does Ookami Uo have two entries?
>> No.26449  
Why are people okay with Gomennasai in low tier?
>> No.26450  
I don't think they are, except whoever made that chart.
Hijiri and Peachpit GOD TIER imo, and missing Marked-Two And fucking Mochi.
>> No.26452  
Huh, my favourite loli artists would be, in no particular order: Hijiri Rei, Ayato Sasakura, Sasahara Yuuki, Mochi and Rustle. But to each of his own, I guess.
I don't even know half of the guys on that list.
>> No.26454  
how is the somersault loli not in the highest tier, shes the coolest
>> No.26461  
Probably because Ootsuka Reika is still a relatively new artist with not many titles under her(?) belt.

Not sure what criteria the tier list was going by, and I'm not really into loli porn so not very familiar with many of the artists, but I'd move Nendo. down and Ookami Uo up a bit.
>> No.26465  
Who the hell would put Akazawa Red, Yuuki, Gomennasai, Kaniyapi and HIJIRI REI (!!!!!!!!!!!!) Below fucking Sakurafubuki nel? What was this person smoking?

And where are Urajirou and Mochi?
>> No.26481  
Bump Red, Saeko, and Eb110 to mid tier. If Gomen would get another tank out, I'd say he should go to mid tier too. However, the noted lack of Gorgeous Takarada makes this whole thing fail anyway. Also, Satsuki Itsuka has already gone to God Tier for his delicious reverse rape goodness.
>> No.26537  
File: age_of_enlightenment_lolis.png -(6513.5 KB, 1560x2344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>And where are Urajirou and Mochi?
Never mind those guys, where the hell's John Wright? He's at least above god tier.
>> No.26566  
Shouji Ayumu gets me the hardest. Also where's toddlercon tier?
>> No.26568  
In hell you sick fuck
>> No.26569  
This post made me smile.
>> No.26608  
Excuse me, good sir, perhaps this was caused by some momentary schism between the mind and the digits, but you appear to be mistaken in identifying the artist responsible for that work! That is not a painting done by any John Wright, but indeed, a piece painted by Joseph Wright of Derby. Although you were close, according to a cursory search on the Internet, John Wright was in fact the father of the painter but we are not focusing on the attorney father who I am sure was most competent in his field.

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