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File: 882ba5616581e36e605bbf9d8b3a46ed.jpg -(79.3 KB, 564x774) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Europeans are increasingly starting to vote for extremist leaders. Political tensions around the world are increasing. Government debts are spiraling out of control as a result of the still ongoing financial crisis.

How long does /bun/ think it'll take until World War III starts? How big will it be? What countries will be playing major roles?
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My only hopes are that I die somehow, or if I don't then Japan comes out fairly unscathed so I can still have cute 2D girls
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I'm not about to discuss politics in an anonymous image board for wapanese nerds!! You can't make me!
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i can
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But we're always discussing politics at /photos/!
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File: 3794540bcd32628963749f3f2879713ec33b8436[1].jpg -(651.9 KB, 1920x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Here's my prediction:
Extremism is on the rise in Europe so I'm thinking there'll be a war between commie-nations and capitalist- and fascist-nations.
Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece and maybe Russia versus Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, definitely Hungary and maybe Poland. France will support the commie alliance, 'cause they're socialists now, apparently, but won't participate. Norway and Finland, BeNeLux and some other countries in Eastern Yurop will try to stay neutral. The result is a stalemate and a north/south iron curtain-esque division.
America won't participate because they'll be pre-occupied with a civil war. People in the north-east finally get fed up with the government and start a revolution, contra-revolutionaries rise to oppose them and the army is quickly deployed. The army, however, refuse to follow the president's orders and joins separate sides.
Eventually, the revolutionaries and the contra-revolutionaries start bickering with their own and split up further. The whole thing result in American mainland being split up into five/six separate nations in constant conflict, you'll have a nation of die-hard laissez-faire capitalists, radical christians, socialist hipsters, et cetera. Hawaii and Alaska gain independence, Sarah Palin becomes empress of Alaska.
Israel launches war on the other middle eastern nations, and so the Holy Jewish Empire rises, fueling war and discort all over the world. Israel basically becomes the new, though smaller and less powerful, USA.
Thus, China and India with their booming economies become the leading superpowers of the world. Africa becomes their battlefield, because of all the delicious oil.
>> No.27107  
What about East Asia? The N.Korea/S.Korea/China/Japan situation does not seem fully stable, N.Korea's change in leader makes it more likely to do foolish things, and with USA's attention diverted Japan is a sitting duck.
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File: f15fk-dvd-1026-014-375.jpg -(51.2 KB, 375x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This is pretty interesting, but what about the Far-East, indeed?

If we purely focus on the Korean Peninsula, I think we'll likely see a stalemate as the numerically superior North and the technologically advanced (K2 Black Panther, F-15K, anyone?) South wait for a chance to strike.

What will be interesting is how China and Japan would react to the newly increased hostility.

Is there a possibility for Korean War 2 with Japan in place of the U.N. army?
>> No.27121  
File: e28afce039e54b413b7e3c11d550efdc[1].jpg -(751.2 KB, 1334x989) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It would be cool if the North just annexed the whole of South Korea, but I see that as very unlikely. More unlikely than Palin becoming empress of Alaska even. However, the great successor finds an unlikely ally in India. The Indians help build missile silos in DPRK that actually work, to surround China, and also give them food and other resources so they don't starve to death again.
South Korea loses a lot of their protection when all American oversea ops are abandoned, but gain the support of China who cuts all ties with DPRK when they ally with India.
Japan, having lost their American friends, makes tons of nukes to protect themselves from everyone (give Japan two weeks prep-time and they'll have enough nukes to blow the Earth to smithereens). Of course, large amounts of radioactive materials and even nukes get onto the black market, and the Japanese government also start to sell nuclear weapons to African pro-independency factions and some European nations publicly. The Japanese economy has been nose-diving since the incidents in America, and the government is desperate to keep the country's economy floating.
>> No.27124  
Pause right there. Greece is in no place to fight as a country against anyone. The people are deeply divided in so many issues and there is no unity whatsoever. There aren't even two opposite sides; there are at least five different, completely polarized, ideological groups and most people aren't even aware where they stand.
I don't know about your countries guys, but in a possible war greeks will do what they were always good at: Kill each other.
Feel free to go on now.
>> No.27174  
all those things about WW3

god damnit why don't you want to understand THERE WILL BE NO WW3

you remember cold war ? yeah, you trough "US won the thing by killing bad commies russians yeehee" well fuck no, JFK was trying to found a resonable way to STOP the war without trying to comfront the US troops against the russians, remember cuba when russian stopped sending missiles ? JFK also removed US missiles from turkland ( don't remember the name ).

it'll be the same for WW3, some guys running left and right, building FOB and stuff, politician are too afraid of a nuclear war and will never attemp to attack their opponent directly. NEVER.

excuse me if i have bad grammar
>> No.27177  
Bad grammar aside, have you not heard of spell-checking?

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