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33064 No.27299  
And now we wait.
>> No.27303  
File: bubble2.png -(50.3 KB, 810x556) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Slowly, slowly...
>> No.27305  
Why would anyone invest in it, it has no money making options aside from ads unless I'm missing something.
>> No.27328  
...It's quite possibly the largest storage of personal information there is.
>> No.27329  

So the investors are banking (literally) on the hope that facebook selling private information becomes completely legit?
>> No.27332  
Who knows?
All I know is that personal information is more than worth its weight in gold. Except it's not tangible and doesn't weigh anything, but you get what I mean.
You can use it for all kinds of stuff, sinister stuff even.
>> No.27349  
CNN has been talking for like 2 hours about how facebook stock is totally still worth buying. What stake does time-warner have in this
>> No.27374  
Dropped even lower today. Who would have thought investing in a company that produces nothing was a bad idea
>> No.27399  
sergei brin?
>> No.27406  
another day another 10% drop. Some analysts are saying it's gonna go down to like 9 dollars
>> No.27446  
It rose 3.23% today. orz
>> No.27570  
hit all time low today!
>> No.27571  
Ye gods, this is hilarious!
>Shareholders sue Facebook
>> No.27577  
Things have gotten so bad that I didn't even see CNN report on this today. Last week they took every opportunity to say "NO NO IT'S STILL SOUND, JUST WAIT" and now they are pretending it doesn't exist.
>> No.28999  
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook's stock (FB) plunged to a new low Thursday as some of the social networking leader's early backers got their first chance to sell their shares since the company's initial public offering went awry

down to 20
>> No.57933  
File: up 1400 percent.png -(113.1 KB, 624x538) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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