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Add on to this sentence:

The 21st of April, 1900 a young girl embarked
>> No.27935  
toward the shop of the butcher. The butcher had saw her coming, and prepared for her a nice cut of pork hock - what she always liked. But the girl told the butcher that she would like a cut of steak instead.

So the butcher made the cut across the T-bone and gave it to her, gravely down-marking the price. Good girls deserved good prices, and they certainly don't deserve to worry about filthy things like money or love.
>> No.27936  
Time, on the other hand, is unavoidable and in small quantities, extremely worrisome. As the girl handed the butcher his money, her gaze unthinkingly fell on his wristwatch.
It was ten past eight.
"Oh no, chikoku!!" The girl squealed and promptly ran out the door with the T-bone in her mouth towards
>> No.27938  
the town centre, only to bump into the devoutest of students from her local Sunday school, Sister Tabissa (it was actually Tabitha, but being of poor Brazilian blood, the little girl could never quite get her ths right).

"Ara ara, doushio", she thought, for any attempts at meaningful words were quickly stolen away by the shame of bringing Sister Tabissa harm. "I-I Um I..."

"Are you alright, Sister little girl?" said Sister Tabissa with a voice one would expect of an angel.

Unable to say anything in return and now bright red, the little girl dashed off into the distance, leaving the T-bone behind.

"How strange... Oh! She forgot this!" Sister Tabitha knelt down and started dusting off the little girl's meat when...
>> No.27945  
a great roar resounded from the direction the girl was heading in. Unexpectedly, right in the middle of town, THEY had appeared.

It took only a split second for her to analyze the situation. Then, another split second to formulate a plan. With no visible delay, she sprinted off and took out the two swords she had hidden with her, all in one smooth, trained movement.

After all, this was nothing new to her. Yes, she had been doing this for so long that this was just another part of her daily life. Hidden from the rest of the world, her efforts saved countless lives time and time again. She was never rewarded for it, but she did it all the same. It was only her duty.

When she arrived, mere seconds after departing, she looked up at her enemy. The enemy could only be described as
>> No.27960  
a five meter long, ferocious tiger shark levitating high above ground. Blood was dripping from its humongous jaw and the normally collected Tabissa couldn't help feel anger towards the creature, even though she very well knew that preying on humans was all just part of its predatory instincts.

She threw the T-bone up into the air and the shark immediately acted on its keen senses by rocketing towards it like a gray ICBM. Tabissa knew how simple-minded these monsters were, and expertly took advantage of the situation by throwing one of her swords at it. The blade embedded itself into the shark's gills, just inches away from penetrating its brain and the sudden shock and impact from the blow threw it violently into the clock tower of the town center church, Providence was with her today. The striped shark fell to the ground while thrashing wildly, and Tabissa dashed towards it with her remaining sword in hand. She focused all of her faith into her hands in front of the shark and yelled:
>> No.27965  

She then proceeded to smack the back of her blade right across the shark's forehead, knocking it unconscious.
Within seconds, the shark turned into a salaryman, a book that looks older than most religions dropping by his head.
>> No.27966  
"ὑποδείξω δὲ ὑμῖν τίνα φοβήθητε· φοβήθητε τὸν μετὰ τὸ ἀποκτεῖναι ἔχοντα ἐξουσίαν ἐμβαλεῖν εἰς τὴν γέενναν. ναὶ λέγω ὑμῖν, τοῦτον φοβήθητε."

As in response to this unintelligible spell, the shark started glowing, roared for a final time, and then slowly disappeared.

Tabissa immediately rushed over the little girl. "Are you hurt, Sister little girl?"

The little girl stared at her, a blank look on her face. She didn't appear to be hurt. "Thank the Lord...", she sighed in relief.

But her feelings of joy soon clouded over, as the girl's expression changed. It was a face defying any description that could be put in words. It was a strange, a contradictory, an impossible expression. It was an expression that could not be called 'human'. The girl's unfocused eyes kept blankly staring directly into her soul...as her lips curved further and further into an impossible, demonic smile.

Tabissa could only stare in fright at this indescribable phenomenon. Then, as if to snap her back to reality, or perhaps to further distance her from any world that could be considered 'real' by human standards, the little girl started talking, keeping her demonic expression as she uttered the words in a distorted voice--
>> No.27967  
(Geh, I knew something like this would happen at some point. What do we do when two posters post two conflicting continuations?)
>> No.27968  
((One will be canon and the other will be fanon. The community will argue about which is which and things will just never be the same. Of course, the next writer can treat those two as options. He is at a fork in the road and it's up to him which direction we go. Be careful, Anon. All hope rests in you!))
>> No.27977  
(Nobody posted anything all day yesterday! How does the story continue?!)
>> No.27980  
"Tabissa... it hurts..."
Her demonic face twisted into a horrific smile, belying the pain in the little girl's words. "I can't move... it hurts.. it hurts so much..."
In response to the desperate plea, the girl's body pulled out of Tabissa's arms and rose elegantly to her feet. She stretched her arms and inspected her body as if she were unaccustomed to it, all the while the fiendish grin spread over her once gentle face.
Tabissa's face darkened as the horrific truth of the situation dawned on her, and in less than a moment she realised what she had to do. Fighting back the tears welling in the corner of her eyes, she raised one of her swords and...
>> No.27981  
File: 2988789941_c369463122_z.jpg -(100.9 KB, 426x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
would have let loose the sword on its mortal arc. However, an angered grip on her wrist prevented that.


It was her dear uncle, the town's favourite butcher.

Faced with the choice of either

>> No.27988  
revealing her identity or letting the possessed girl go, Tabissa realized she couldn't risk either of them and gave her uncle a hard kick in the side. The surprised butcher weakened his grip on her slightly, which gave Tabissa enough leeway to execute a swift chop to his neck.
Tabissa turned around to deal with the girl, as her dear uncle fell to the ground; but she was already gone.
Demon sharks always appeared in packs, so chasing after her was out of the question before the town was exorcised. She moved her uncle inside the church, and used an amnesia spell on him, just to be on the safe side.
'Forgive me, uncle' she whispered as she gripped the hilts of her swords tightly and sprinted out of the building.
>> No.27993  
Banishing the rest of the demon sharks proved little challenge to her, and she was done by the end of the afternoon.

As she headed home, she reflected on the events that had occurred that day. The strange way the girl's face distorted like that...it had been unlike anything she had ever seen. Could it have been demon possession?

The girl had cried that it hurt. Clearly the demonic smile present on her face had not been a product of her soul - it could not be possible for someone to suffer so and yet laugh so wickedly, could it?

Demonic possession...it would mean that a demon was within her, living in the same body as her. ...No, that's not entirely right. Unlike a parasite, a demon does not require the host to be alive. Then what will happen to her over time? Will the demon eat her? Will her soul be consumed?

Tabissa started worrying. She would not merely be sharing a body with a demon. She would BECOME a demon. She would become a demon...and we, the divine protectors of the earth, would be commanded to slay her.

Tabissa had known the girl for a long time. Although they were never truly close, they had spent so much time together. She was the girl who had given her the nickname she still carries to this day.

At this point, she had reached her home, and the dark blue sky indicated it was already evening. "What...if she cannot be saved...?"

The thought her mind had tried to surpress burst from her lips. She couldn't let that happen. She wouldn't let that happen. She would prevent the very possibility! She would definitely protect...


"...huh? ...her name...what, was her name?"

They had spent so much time together. Yet, she could not bring up her name. It was different from the normal situation where she momentarily could not make a word come to mind. No, no matter how much she thought, she could not come up with a single letter - as if the name had never been in her mind in the first place.

With those confusing thoughts on her mind, she went to sleep...

That night
>> No.28027  
(The thread died again! Σ(゜д ゜) Is my writing really that bad? (´・ω・`))
>> No.28032  
Tabissa was summoned to the high court of the Ordinem Ecclesiae Ineptae.

>> No.28035  
(I'd try and cheer you up but goddamn this entire thread is filled with terribad writing)
>> No.28037  
(Well, what did you expect?)
>> No.28045  
(At least an attempt at avoiding fanfiction level powerlevels grimdark style writing before inevitably resorting to it, for one.)
>> No.28046  
(That's a plot issue, not a writing issue...)
>> No.28063  
I am the weaver of my words
Pulp is my body and ink is my blood
I have told over a thousand fan-fictions
Unknown to writer's block, Nor known to true inspiration
Have withstood many non-constructive criticisms
Yet those hands will never create a master-piece
So as I pray, unlimited writer's works.

>> No.28075  
Tabissa was running down the hallway to reach her appointment. 'Oh, I'm feeling very sad and slightly confused because of the events that unfolded in the previous chapter!' She exclaimed. 'And I'm so late!' She further exclaimed.
She punched open the door and was very surprised because it was actually a surprise party in there. For her! 'SURPRISE!' Everybody yelled. Everybody she knew was there, her uncle was sipping from a glass of punch and had brought a wrapped present. The little girl was there with a drawing she had drawn, also she was not dead or possessed anymore. Even the tiger shark was there. And it had baked her a cake!

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