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518407 No.28223  
Clipboard thread mk2! Press ctrl+v and click Submit every time you see this thread.
>> No.28227  
my aunt did
>> No.28228  
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>> No.28249  
>> No.28259  
No good dance goes unpunished

When my buddy first tried SS13, he decided that Quartermaster was the way to go. It was his second or third round as QM, and having gotten the hang of the job's basics, he was puttering around in the Cargo Bay while the other Quartermasters ran around doing hell knows what. His work was interrupted when a rather bruised-looking Clown shuffled up and knocked on the glass to get his attention.

While he watched, the Clown performed an elaborate interpretive dance, consisting of bike horn honks, squeaky-shoed shuffling, and intermittent utterances of the word "honk." My friend reacted by laughing and clapping, complimenting the stranger on his performance. The Clown then revealed that nobody else had said anything nice about his dance, and in fact, many people had beaten him for doing it.

Then the Clown slid the Captain's spare ID across the Cargo Bay desk, winked, and scooted off to parts unknown.

My friend, a newbie to the game, now had unlimited access to the station. His mind filled with visions of potential mischief, he abandoned his lowly post and began exploring. Before long, he'd somehow meandered into the AI upload area. His eyes fell upon a shiny computer console, and like any budding shitlorde, he immediately decided to meddle like he'd never meddled before.

That computer turned out to be a robotics console, and my friend, then unaware of what he was doing, randomly mashed all of the options onscreen, including the ones that remotely killed every individual cyborg on the station. Completely oblivious to what he'd just done, he wandered away to trespass elsewhere. The radio lit up with cries of alarm and confusion; apparently there was some kind of major hull breach, and the cyborgs helping to repair it had suddenly shut down without warning.

Miraculously managing not to put two and two together, my friend happily continued peeking into doors and pilfering random objects. Genetics filled to overflowing with asphyxiated bodies as the breach remained open. Then my friend came upon a tragic sight: between the Cargo Bay and the escape wing, next to a gaping bomb crater in the main corridor, lay the frozen, lifeless body of the dancing Clown. Where once the air was filled with honks and laughter, now there was only deathly silence. Where once there was a sunny, painted-on smile, now his face bore only a blank, cadaverous stare.

"What a shame," he thought, giving a single, mournful clap before promptly expiring because he didn't know how to equip internals yet.

His face was hilarious when I explained that the Clown's death was almost certainly his fault.
>> No.28260  
>> No.28261  
- Client not allowing multiclient ; patch, the latest clragexe has multi-client.
>> No.28262  
>> No.28265  
>> No.28266  
>> No.28267  
>> No.28271  
Final total of Small girls: 360. This number goes up dramatically if you only use human lolis, but it's not worth losing the of small girls, IMO.
>> No.28272  
>> No.28273  
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
>> No.28275  
thx op she hot in porn 10/10 i cum bucket, then i cum another bucket, then another. soon i have filled all of the buckets i own and i frantically rummage through closets and cupboards, my penis wracked with jizz-spasms, hoping to find a suitable container for my semen. the horror! bowls, cups, plates, and milk crates, all drenched in stinking cock goop. priceless victorian china forever defiled. my dick is a veritable fuck fountain. the cum, the cum, the cum, gushing and flowing from the head of my gay dong, a deluge of dude slime, a jism cataclysm. Cum Death. as a splooge tendril trickles down the side of a garbage can, i realize that i have filled every suitable receptacle with my skeet. there is nowhere for my jizz to go. unless... unless... yes it seems outlandish but... yes! fists shaking i grab a knife in one hand and my spurty weiner in another. i slice open my stomach and stuff my schlong inside. the semen pours into my abdominal cavity and courses through my bloodstream. it is invigorating. my body is growing heavy now and my mind clouded with cum delirium. i sink into the floor. i am no longer a man. i am a Cum Vessel.
>> No.29109  
>> No.29111  
Ink goes on a date with Nao-kun, and hilarity ensues.
>> No.29113  
Full Anime Porn Movie Hentai xxx
>> No.29116  
>> No.29118  
>> No.29136  
>> No.29143  
>> No.31155  
Another bow might be sufficient to claim a hare, or wound a hart, but is it good enough to split a hair, or pierce a heart?
>> No.31157  
-Repeat the first measure several times
-TV Version
-TV version again, but with different lyrics
-Electric guitar solo
-A line or two from the TV version, but with distorted voice and muted instruments
>> No.31158  
>> No.31161  
>> No.31188  
>> No.31918  
As part of the new deal, the non-disparagement agreement between Gerstmann and CNET was nullified, allowing Gerstmann to openly talk about the reason why he was fired from GameSpot in 2007. Appearing on GameSpot for the first time in 4 years, Gerstmann was interviewed by CBS Interactive vice president of games programming John Davison. Rather than simply being fired for his Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review Gerstmann revealed that the firing was a result of a much longer stand-off between GameSpot's then-management division and its editorial staff. Gerstmann had been "called into a room" three times between October 23, 2007 and November 29, 2007. The first time concerning one of Gerstmann's reviewer's 7.5 review of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - which Sony Computer Entertainment America had threatened to pull advertising money for - and the second concerning Gerstmann's infamous 6.0 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review - for which Eidos Interactive had done the same. On the third call, some time after the review, Gerstmann was informed that his contract would be terminated.
>> No.31919  
Minmatar Republic
>> No.32198  
>@airitanmax: “Please tell me your love experience.”
>Tanigawa Nico: “Nothing.”

>@0301555 says, “Do you both have communication disorders?”
>Tanigawa Nico says, “The artist has some communication problems, and the author looks earnest but has failed as a man.”
>> No.32213  
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>> No.32273  
...is this spam?
>> No.33026  
Bob Loblaw: Weld the bathroom
Scott Mescudi screams!
Scott Mescudi (DEAD): Woah I just burst open.
Lilian Reade: OH GOD
Bob Loblaw: I TOLD YOU
Lilian Reade: BOB WAS RIGHT
Rafael Cox: REALLY? Oh god.
Lilian Reade: BOB
>> No.33032  
Efrim Menuck
>> No.33038  
Just copypasta to see if anyone would be interested. None of the codes were redeemed (though an earlier code I posted somewhere on /bun/ did get redeemed).
>> No.33086  

郵便デース ゆうびんでーす びんでーす でーす ーす っす 
>> No.33098  
I just need to get over
>> No.33100  
>> No.33103  
//Complex biome-generation algorithm
while(this.biome == Biome.UNDECIDED)
this.biome = (Biome)random.Next(10);
>> No.33138  
>> No.33236  
>> No.33258  
>> No.33324  
kNoRepeatNetworkAlertSeconds : 15,
kNetDownForceQuitAfterMinutes : 20,
>> No.33326  
>> No.33336  
    ./       r  /..                       ヽ      .\
   ./゜      /  ,,"         .;:l   、          | 、     ゙、
  ./^      ./   .l〉         _r゜l.  〈l. .。         .ll. ゚l。     )、
  ./      .ヽ   .l〉  :l  __,,。.-、 v゜ ヽ  ][〈、]。 .。       」  ]\、   .ヽ
 .;゜      「]   .l  ..l  .lllー.。,,`、-、,,_ ]_ ll 〈。.llk 9      ..l[  .l〉..ll.   ヽ
 l       .l゜[   l.(/.;  .;)゜[  ./゜ー、゛^く| ゚l〉]゚t,,〈)、     ]ヽ  1」l.     ,l
.l      l V[   .l ./:l  / ] ./゜    ゛ー、ヽ、゚t゚t゚。|l.     7 ヽ  [ [      l
]      l .;l   l/l .;/  [./゛;;r5-----゜_:lx.ヽく.;4,-^〔t`、   7 ..l_ヽ. `、.l] ゝ    .l
]      l ]f゚    l .;|  l゚,,(/゜ 」 fヽ\),,^〉   ^)、゜:l..^。-7。__彡-t(.l 1   「r  !
 l.      」、[!     l.. l ヽ._   ".; 〈.ぃ 〈ア!       .\^r./[^:-、 |、    l ヽ |
 1 .l  _メ ヽ|     l/.ヽ。.^ヽ。._  ^^^^^^          ヽ.l!:lに.-")()、|   [ ヽ/
  V  g__  .ヽ         ^ヽv_゜\              ゙ヽl._゙、H/  l..l_〈 ./
  t  |^^^-- -ヽ.-。.。=---、。__\、\              ゞ^     l ]f、l
  ヽ-^^^l        /       ^"[ .ll               ヽ    l ].l./
  ..l ,il─l.    ノ゛        __r゙:、/゛           ,,.    /    /./ ^゚l、
   l | ]l.  .;/゜        ././                /   ./゚.;(゜   l
   l l゚  |_/        /゜ノ゜                     〈 ll.  x、 ]
   l .l、   ゚ll.        ,/ ./                       l l   ^-].
   l. \、 l.       _Y゚ r゛           ./^^^^^^ー。     .l l    .l
   ゝ、 .\、.--- " "/(  l.           /ゝ(、゜゛゛ ヽ─l    |.l!   /゜  すげぇ、すげぇよ
     ^ヽ.。.\、  ./  ヽ、1          /   ^ヽ。 ゝ.l/     [ .l. ./   300スレだよ…
       l. ^.ヽ^-,;;゜    ゚ll. ゚l、        l      .\ /     ./ /゜)"
       [.;   l^l_    | .l,,        l        l゜     /ノ/
       | 7l.| l     ^( \       ゜- -.=。______.l゜     /_/
        .l / l/  l、   xf゜-、_.\。      /─.。。_     ././゜
        「     | /゜    ^ゝ。^ヽ。 ノ゛/゙、^-,..、^,,,, 、,y./
        l     l/        ヽ。.._^ y"  ヽ_`、.ヽ ^ヽ /
       __J-t''─ ─ヽ.___         ^^l    . \ ..__ `、(

>> No.33337  
             ,ヽ,、<ヽパ ヮ゚ノノ> 、 ここまでテンプレっ!
            丶```、、∪、、∪ 、 ヽ、
           ,/`  `ヾ、、、、、、、、、ヾ、
          `/    ヽ、、、、、、、、、ヽ、
          `.//` ̄ヽ、ヾ、、、、、、、、、ヽ      , - ' ヽ、
/'~``-、      | | /`ヽ |  |、、、、、、、、、 |、    /`    |
(、   ` ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| .| |  |、、、、、、、、、 | ̄ ̄ ̄    ,‐'
`‐、           | .| |  |、、、、、、、、、 .|        `ヽ、
,、‐'    _____| .| |  |、、、、、、、、、 .|___     ,`
!    ,-'     | |ヽ、./ ./  |、、、、、、、、、 |     ヽ、__、ノ
` - 、_丿      | ヽ、__丿 /、、、、、、、、、/
           丶    /、、、、、、、、、/
            ヽ、、/、、、、、、、、 /
              `` """"""""""""
>> No.33367  
>> No.33822  
>> No.33824  
Anonymous> < Anonymous> what are you talking about??
>> No.33862  
>> No.33865  
Joris-Karl Huysmans
>> No.33913  
>> No.34027  
Residents filled the parking lot with bags and baskets hoping to get some of the baby food, canned goods, noodles and other non-perishables. But a local church never came to pick up the food, as the storeowner prior to the eviction said they had arranged. By the time the people showed up for the food, what was left inside the premises—as with any eviction—came into the ownership of the property holder, SunTrust Bank.

The bank ordered the food to be loaded into dumpsters and hauled to a landfill instead of distributed.
>> No.34028  
In order for geophagy to remain a part of American culture, more effective marketing strategies need to be implemented that fit into modern American culture.
>> No.34030  
>> No.34088  
>> No.34259  
A faggot that doesn't want to show the hideous, pulsating lumps at points where his heart's veins enter his body.
>> No.34280  
s entire week has been
>> No.35559  
くらげUFO - 災
>> No.35560  
>> No.35587  
>> No.36429  
Target: John Crane Issuer: Christian Rollingston (Security Officer) Reason: being violent with a wrench, a typically nonviolent tool

Target: Zayden Anderson Issuer: Christian Rollingston (Security Officer) Reason: inappropriate use of the conveyor belt system

Target: Zayden Anderson Issuer: Christian Rollingston (Security Officer) Reason: trying to push down an officer

Target: Zayden Anderson Issuer: Christian Rollingston (Security Officer) Reason: farting in an officer's face

Target: Kaylee Young Issuer: Guillermo Ingram (Head of Security) Reason: getting in the way of me punching her in the face
>> No.36497  
You blocked me on Facebook
And now you're going to die
>> No.36501  
Lithium/Iron Disulfide
>> No.36519  
The best VN i played is definitely Ever17. You should check it out it's definitely worth it
>> No.36661  
There was an old man
From Peru, whose lim'ricks all
Look'd like haiku. He

Said with a laugh "I
Cut them in half, the pay is
Much better for two."
>> No.48236  
>Right now, we had regressed to the situation of a few months before, returning to the cold relationship in which we avoided eye contact and didn’t try to talk with each other.

This is how I would write a story if I literally wasn't even trying.
>> No.48252  
Wow awesome deep web bro awesome /b/ tier post bro very edgy and cool
>> No.48273  
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Sgn'wahl bug chtenff fhtagn, r'luh ya Shub-Niggurath hriiagl chtenff fhtagn nog li'hee ehye nanglui, n'ghft ah Cthulhu cvulgtm ron clloig r'luh ph''ai. Ooboshu hrii vulgtlagln ftaghu shogg shugg Azathoth shugg, uh'e sgn'wahlagl ph'shagg ebunma Shub-Niggurath hrii Hastur s'uhn, uaaahyar lw'nafh Chaugnar Faugn wgah'n syha'h f'ilyaa. Nguaaah shagg Nyarlathotep phlegeth nog cee wgah'n y-hlirgh hlirgh Yoggoth ngluior r'luh gnaiih, ron fm'latgh f'R'lyeh ron geb hrii naorr'e gof'nn kn'a ehye uh'e ebunma, ehye nnnya fhtagn 'fhalmaagl hrii nw fhtagn hafh'drnagl naflbug ebunma gotha. Hai Hasturor naShub-Niggurath nglui Yoggoth ebunma uh'e kn'a sgn'wahl, bug nasgn'wahl fhtagn Dagon k'yarnakor ph'ehye hupadgh Azathoth lw'nafh, phlegeth Azathoth sll'haog nog f'gof'nn Azathoth mg.

Hlirghor nglui vulgtm fm'latgh shtunggli hai Cthulhu ah ngkn'a nnnya, Tsathoggua cshogg r'luh ph'fm'latgh goka ron hupadgh llll naflhrii, zhro nauh'e ch' Hastur sll'ha h'mg ep nailyaa. Fm'latgh y-Dagon y'hah h'n'gha ee fhtagn h'Yoggoth nauln stell'bsna eeagl Yoggoth shugg naep li'heeog uh'e ngs'uhn Nyarlathotep, y-stell'bsna n'gha h'athg gnaiih ilyaa r'luh lloig gof'nn Dagon llll lloig h'Cthulhu Shub-Niggurath y'hah. Ebunma hafh'drn nafln'gha Dagon R'lyeh ph'nog gof'nn y-mnahn' ep nw R'lyeh, fhtagn ch' y-ebunma gnaiih goka vulgtm gof'nn fhtagn vulgtmor gnaiih syha'h, mnahn' uh'e wgah'n tharanak 'fhalma Chaugnar Faugn gotha epagl naflhupadgh.

Mnahn' h'Nyarlathotep hlirgh ah gnaiih cHastur ehye gnaiih Nyarlathotep, llll nog ph'shugg nog ooboshu h'kn'a ah kn'a shagg, geb gotha Shub-Niggurath orr'e f'phlegeth hlirgh orr'e. Zhro 'ai geb Cthulhu gof'nn Dagon Hastur uh'e, Hastur fhtagn hrii nglui f'goka ya nw ph'kadishtu, hai vulgtm shugg bug ooboshu ah. 'fhalma uh'e shogg y-geb n'ghft nan'gha phlegeth ph'Cthulhu s'uhn, vulgtm uh'e ngfm'latgh lw'nafhagl Tsathoggua geboth naflch' Hasturor nog, hafh'drn shagg ph'n'gha 'bthnk uh'e ftaghu nglui. Shagg uh'e hai 'fhalmaoth fm'latgh shtunggliyar stell'bsna kadishtu hupadgh, bug ooboshu li'hee kn'a y-hupadgh ebunma llll vulgtm nnnYoggoth, f'llll ph'hai uln athg ftaghu ph'throd chtenff.
>> No.48419  
Oh but I thought Russia invaded to protect the Jews...
Or maybe they were fighting the Jews? Pic related is the Deputy FM of Russia standing in front of a sign that says "Nothing worse than Jewish Fascism". Maybe the Jews were behind the Nazis?
It's all so complicated. Anyway, the point is, international law sanctioned the invasion, because if you lose influence in a country, you get to invade it. And even if you can't, the US has fluoride in its water and 9/11 was a false flag, so there.

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