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File: IMG_20120716_185416.jpg -(91.2 KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
93389 No.28327  
I heard good things about cucumber gin recently. Someone praised Henrick's Gin to me a while ago, a Scottish cucumber-infused gin that is sadly unavailable here. A while after that, someone revealed that it's easy to make it yourself: just stick some peeled, sliced cucumber into a closed container with gin, and let it wait for a few days.

Will report back in three days to tell you all how it tasted like.

(The bottle is Beefeater, but I used Finsbury instead because it's about half the price and just as good anyways)
>> No.28331  
What are you, Finnish or something?
>> No.28332  
It's gin, man, not vodka.
>> No.28334  
It's gin, but he was not incorrect in his statement either way
>> No.28350  
I'm currently in Rome and I saw bottles with a marijuana leaf on the label. What is it supposed to be? What does it taste like?

Never really did try white wine until now. I had a glass of a sweet white wine that I really liked. I also tried this one bubbly rosé that was very delicious. I don't know what it was really, I'm only assuming it was a rosé because of the color, but at that point it was night time and I had ingested a fair amount of alcohol so I'm not sure.
>> No.28351  
Probably some kind of hemp booze? Hemp ale and such exists, and probably all other kinds of alcohol too.

Good, sweet, chilled white wine's great during the summer. Normally not a fan of sweet wines, but I'm willing to make an exception here.
>> No.28372  
File: IMG_20120718_213015.jpg -(97.1 KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OK I'm filtering it atm wish me luck
>> No.28374  
File: IMG_20120718_213710.jpg -(113.1 KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Jury says:

It tastes really fucking weird but it's perfectly drinkable. Will have to buy some tonic to try out a cucumber G&T later on.
>> No.28375  
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