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File: 6629bb7e10cea7e2c0f754c12ffe28b4.jpg -(848.9 KB, 900x1062) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
869322 No.28896  
The old thread is auto-saging, so here's the new one.

I wish I closed the horizontal window before the rain. The floor might be ruined.
>> No.28898  
max payne 3 doesnt work anymore. finally my curse has been lifted
>> No.28900  
Sometimes when I reply to a thread I get scared of someone responding to my post but at the same time I really want a reply.
>> No.28901  

>> No.28904  
I hate myself and I want to die
>> No.28905  
With /jp/ trying to get on track, I wonder if it's time to go back and try to drag the disillusioned posters from back then.
>> No.28906  
We should have a /bun/ meetup in /jp/.
>> No.28915  
its weird how society has just accepted that politicians are huge liars. like romney laid his "I LOVE THE SOUTH I AM ONE OF YOU MMM CATFISH!!!" fake persona on a little too thick and the primary criticism for it is that he tried too hard, not that he was being totally dishonest. like if he could just lie a little better it would be okay
>> No.28920  
I can't wait to put those shelves back up! The movie set boxes take up too much space needed for TV shows.
>> No.28921  
Do I fear tomorrow?
>> No.28922  
It's weird to have my television on my floor instead of my desk. I really wish I could burn mkv DVDs so that I can store anime without hard drive space.
>> No.28925  
i guess obama is gonna be president for another 4 years
>> No.28926  
I just can't keep my hands off my dick.
>> No.28928  

i actually kind of want romney to win anyway because he will undoubtedly attack iran at some point and maybe we will have ww3 kicked off
>> No.28935  
faithful tepig 2 was fucking garbage. such a disappointment
>> No.28954  
I wish they'd just animate Shaitane Badi instead of letting Urobuchi Gen make original stuff. That's a really good book, that is.
>> No.28955  
Another day, another rejected application.
>> No.28957  
very shocking news today, someone in america shot some people
>> No.28966  
I really should stop being picky about what I start doing and just do stuff. It's better than sitting around and doing nothing, really.
>> No.28970  
I need to pee and I don't want to get up.
>> No.28971  
crickets sound really relaxing at night but annoying during the day
>> No.28972  
fucking windows
>> No.28973  
Why is /bun/ so dead?
>> No.28974  
Some are probably starting school again, and while I can wait for two weeks, we have been getting good weather for the first time since July 3, so I've been making myself useful.
>> No.28975  
I also feel like I'm killing /bun/. ;_;
>> No.28976  
Don't worry, it's a joint effort.
>> No.28977  
I'll be on call from the 20th until 31st of August! I feel free again!
>> No.28978  
I would like to flip a table in real life some day.
>> No.28979  
I've started thinking about the future, as in the far far far future... I keep thinking that eventually, everything that I own will be useless and irrelivant, and what if they have a virtual reality or something? Then I'd be boned. What would I do with myself?
>> No.28980  
I've started thinking about the future, as in the far far far future... I keep thinking that eventually, everything that I own will be useless and irrelivant, and what if they have a virtual reality or something? Then I'd be boned. What would I do with myself?
>> No.28981  

I have no idea why my computer posted that twice. Sorry.
>> No.28982  
You can delete posts here. Click the checkbox next to the post and use the 'Delete' button on the bottom right of the page.
>> No.28983  
File: 1.jpg -(42.8 KB, 799x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I feel like killing puppies. Does anybody want to kill puppies with me?
>> No.28985  
I will kill you, kisama!
>> No.28987  
You are the worst type of human!
>> No.28988  
>> No.28996  
the UK is invading ecuador
>> No.28997  
Just because Assange is there?
>> No.28998  

Yep. They seem to be backing off a little now but they were seriously considering storming the ecuadorian embassy to get him, which would be an act of war.
>> No.29001  
They're going to revoke the building's embassy status, which will be effective a week after they announce the revocation. It will still be a severe diplomatic insult, but not nearly as severe as invading the embassy, and it's legal to do so.
>> No.29004  
Allowing subjects in replies would be useful, especially for things like the news thread.
>> No.29006  
this game pisses me off!
>> No.29017  
Even though I just came I'm still so hard~
>> No.29021  
Oh man, I left the window open while I was out shopping, and when I came home, a cute spider had made a web in the window opening. If I close the window I'll destroy the web, but I can't keep my window open forever.
What to do, what to do...
>> No.29027  
crush the spider with your hand
>> No.29029  

then eat it
>> No.29033  
But he may need his hand again someday!
>> No.29044  
I need to burn anime on these DVDs, but my PC's acting up. Kuso!
>> No.29055  
I have some compressed air so I can clean out my computer, but that'd require me to turn off my computer rather than playing on it.
>> No.29057  
It worked! yatta!
>> No.29062  
This is the first time in a looong time I can say "I have nothing better to do". What a wonderful week.
>> No.29066  
fucking imgur
>> No.29067  
What's wrong with it?
>> No.29069  

this is like the 3rd time this week it has suddenly decided to not let me upload anything
>> No.29070  
It really sucks liking anime/cute 2D girls and also hating 4chan/reddit shit. the places that don't tolerate 4chan shit tend to also hate anime, and the places that like anime are full of the "zomg o_0;;;" type of idiots. I feel like I don't belong anywhere
>> No.29072  
Did you disable (or update, practically equivalent with its stability) Flash? If that's not it, it might be a cookie problem. Try another browser, that way you can check if it's a problem on your end or on their end.
>> No.29073  
You are always welcome here!
>> No.29075  
My cat is so cute when she is sleeping. It makes me wants to tease her!
>> No.29077  
The last time I teased a sleeping cat, it bit me.
A cat's ears are serious business.
>> No.29110  
Oh God, I hate testing things that I designed.
Real life has no undo feature, and I can't shift the blame if I break it myself.
>> No.29147  
Moving to France tomorrow, so excited!
If I don't meet someone named Pierre within a week, I'll be sorely disappointed.
>> No.29148  
the /bun/ family will always be there for you
>> No.29154  
I can't stand when people try to talk to me right after I hurt myself. If I've just stubbed my toe and someone asks what happened, I can't be expected to give an answer other than swearing and holding my foot. The fact that it's supposed to be a kind gesture makes it worse, because you sound ungrateful if you commplain about it.
>> No.29165  
I wonder if they'll ever have DLC for visual novels.
>> No.29171  
My trash can smells like dried semen and popcorn. I think this means I'm leading a full life!
>> No.29188  
rip desuchan
>> No.29190  
rip in peace you were 2 good for this world
>> No.29198  
That's disgusting. Pretzels are by far superior to popcorn.
>> No.29204  

for a clown to eat
>> No.29205  
clint why are you yelling at a chair
>> No.29212  

American politics is utterly insane.
>> No.29219  

I can't imagine how it must feel to be a non-american and look at all this shit at think "these people control everything. a country where it's actually a debate on whether they should teach creationism or evolution in schools decides the fate of humanity"
>> No.29220  

love it or leave it you commie motherfucker
>> No.29242  
My stomach hurts!
>> No.29243  
Initial D 1st Stage was the best stage of all.
>> No.29255  
If Jonathan Joestar ate a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would it be?

A HAMON cheese sandwich, on WRYYY bread.

When Jotaro hit Dio, he knocked him into a daze. But what kind of daze? A yare yare daze, of course.
>> No.29256  
I've found sometimes that if I stare up at the night sky long enough, I find myself feeling like I might fall up into it. It's a terrifying feeling, that feels both bad and good in the way that being scared usually does.
>> No.29264  
Adrenaline is one hell of a drug.
>> No.29269  
sweet dream,s wont comee for me
>> No.29293  
Abgrund said they would no longer be drawing trap doujins. Time to kill myself
>> No.29295  
Sunday can't come soon enough, waking up from the neighbours doing it is the funniest.
>> No.29301  
I wish my attic would stop doing whatever's going on up there.
>> No.29303  

I used to hear weird thumping in my attic, like an animal running. It stopped eventually
>> No.29308  
Paypal emailed me a coupon for sexy lingerie. Clearly this is some sort of sign.
>> No.29309  

A sign you should buy some and wear it, of course
>> No.29310  
and please post pics
>> No.29340  

Sounds fun,too bad all I've got is an otouto.;_;
>> No.29344  
My neighbours probably hate me for laughing and shouting with my shrill, gay voice, but I can't help it.Besides, they stink of cheese.
>> No.29353  
A friend's acquaitance's boyfriend just introduced himself to me, in Paris, with "'Wazzup, I'm Rick."
I didn't know Americans actually did that!
>> No.29354  
I'm drunk and I miss someone and this sucks.
>> No.29355  
I'm drunk and never had someone to miss.
>> No.29356  
That's for the best, I assure you.
>> No.29358  
I know that feel, bro. I was drunk the other night, and I can hardly remember missing a certain person as much as I did that night. It sucked.
>> No.29359  
I'm not drunk and I don't miss anyone
>> No.29362  
I'm not drunk and I miss a few people
>> No.29363  
I miss being drunk
>> No.29369  
I still have half a bottle from last night, so I will spend another night drunk.
>> No.29371  
I can't believe my landlady managed to speed past me and give me a diaspproving look during the half minute I didn't have a shirt on. Just my luck.
>> No.29388  
Ugh. So somebody requests for a Terraria server to be hosted, and I set shit up so there's a server. I build shit for a couple hours, and nobody joins, not even the guy who asked for the server. Now the server URL is not even displayed anymore.

>> No.29390  
Well Anonymous, it's your fault for listening to those people. You know who I'm talking about.
>> No.29407  
Your password must be at least 8 characters long, not longer than 16 characters, contain at least one symbol, two numbers and three capital letters, cannot contain five letters in a row, must include at least one word from Shakespeare's Hamlet, may not contain a day of the week, the current date, a city name, a given name, a family name, or the name of a video game or other work of fiction, may not be typed on a Tuesday, has to submitted in the last 20 seconds of the minute, and cannot contain any pattern that makes it possible for humans to remember. Please re-enter your password.
>> No.29414  
All that restriction would actually make it easier to crack.
Whose side are they on?
>> No.29528  
I don't like this guy. He has long hair, dreamy eyes, and he can play the guitar. He probably gets so many bitches.
>> No.29550  
who that
>> No.29559  

Don't worry, I don't.
>> No.29567  

I love you! ANd I'm durnk!
>> No.29573  
But do you miss anyone?
>> No.29594  
The inside of my tummy keeps twitching, it's been happening for days
>> No.29598  
you are going to die, I'm sorry
>> No.29604  
It's ok, I forgive you.
>> No.29607  
>> No.29608  

>> No.29646  
Not sure if going mad or not, but I dreamt that I went to the Madoka première as Mandoka. It's a big city, so no one would recognize me later. But again, it's being Mandoka.
>> No.29663  
I just shot a load so hard I could swear I heard it come out
>> No.29666  
If you don't hear it regularly then you're masturbating too often.
It's fine, nothing wrong with masturbating too often Just take a rest if you find yourself fatigued a bit during the day.
>> No.29670  
Is this a circumcision thing? Because I don't hear shit.
>> No.29672  
For the past few weeks, every night I dream with the same person. I feel like I should have wasted every possible setting by now, but last night the dream was about making pizzas, and then changed to us being some sort of harem owners and I was unable to sexually satisfy that person.

This is driving me insane.
>> No.29698  
It happens to me whenever I give myself a 36 hour gap (I ordinarily do it 2-3 times a day), or if I've had a particularly intense edging session (2+ hours).

Once I didn't masturbate for three nights/four days. The next two times I orgasmed, I shot so much that it was quite painful.
>> No.29756  
I wish I went to Japan instead of staying home. I wish I went to Japan instead of fucking Cheeseland. Irish I were drunk, but I'm stronger than that!
>> No.29763  

i wish i was dead
>> No.29764  
That can be solved easily enough.

I was thinking of posting the same thing, but then I thought some bunbun might offer to do me, and I wasn't sure if I could accept.
>> No.29770  
i will always be eager to help if you change if your mind
>> No.29773  

Pure brilliance.
>> No.29775  
OH NO CNN BREAKING NEWS IS IT ABOUT THE ELECTION, DID SOMEONE ELSE GET ATTACKED IN THE MIDDLE E-oh the football referees are coming back or something. okay...
>> No.29783  
I had no problem getting this thing in my ass when I was a teenager, but now it won't fit
>> No.29785  

You've been slacking off, man. Better get stretching!
>> No.29786  

Well,well look who's got an archive.
>> No.29805  

>> No.29811  
If you don't want everything to smell like smoke then don't close the fucking veranda door after smoking with your shitty friends!
>> No.29824  
oh god my computer sucks so much
>> No.29828  
One day all the copper and other valuable minerals will have been mined out of the ground. At that point people will begin mining out landfills to extract all the wastefully discarded metals, just like in Book of the New Sun.

Every time you throw away your old electronics, they end up in some junkyard. And one day everyone will be scrambling for access to those junkyards, to recycle your old electronics. And on that day the junkyard owners will be rich.
>> No.29830  
Japan should make an anime about cute girls mining landfills.
>> No.29838  
Stop appearing in my dreams only to do lewd things to me. I hate the feeling I get when I wake up to an empty bed with my hand inside my pants.
>> No.29839  

>> No.29846  
I'm having an existential crisis!
>> No.29847  

So am I. I'm in year 5 of it
>> No.29867  
I'm hoping to get a 3D printer for Christmas (or graduation if that's too expensive) and was hoping for some input from people that have one.

I want to get either an Ultimaker,or one of these:


Which one has a better "resolution" for lack of a better term,and which one has the bigger build area?
>> No.29874  
Oh god is iqdb broken for anyone else? I couldn't load it since a few days ago. I can't take it easy like this. Not like this. Arrgghh.
>> No.29875  
I hope it comes back soon. I'll donate this time, I swear!
>> No.29876  

You should print a waifu.

I heard about these things two or three years ago, and I still don't know how they work.
>> No.29881  
You can't print figurines, they're way too detailed. Look at it like normal printers; currently we have the equivalent of old shitty black-and-white non-laser printers, and you're suggesting printing a commercial quality poster with it. It takes lots of post-print polishing work to make anything printed look decent, and even then you're very limited in detail.
>> No.29882  
Print gigantic parts of a figurine and put them together to make an enormous waifu.
>> No.29885  
Print LEGO pieces and make a waifu out of LEGO. To deal with the pixelated look, pretend you're on dial-up.
>> No.29886  
but can you print dildos with it
>> No.29890  
Not recommended. As in, seriously not recommended. Unless you have a fetish for irremovable tiny fragments of plastic embedded in your ass. In which case I'd recommend you to get a less dangerous fetish.
>> No.29897  
I found like 4 mosquito bites on me today. That's what i get for stepping outside yesterday to help carry in groceries
>> No.29898  
Create a faceless snake waifu to avoid any unnecessary detail.
>> No.29905  
Same thing happened to me the other day. Now I can't stop scratching.
>> No.29908  
It's a symptom of malaria
>> No.29917  
i wonder if i should spend the last of my second life monies on these cum decals
>> No.29928  
I finally have a job, but the reason I got one in the first place is no more. I got my first pay yesterday but it felt so void of satisfaction I actually considered asking my boss to let me work for free.
>> No.29929  
why wont my hands stop shaking
>> No.29936  
Don't! This will give you self worth as a human!
>> No.29939  
I'd be happy to take your money.
>> No.29941  
You'd be happy to do a lot of things for me, it seems!

Don't worry, I changed my mind. I have new plans for this money.
>> No.29975  
Why am I listening to the /a/ sings album?
>> No.29977  
This tiramisu is really delicious!!
>> No.29980  
Aw hell naw, now I wanna get me some tiramisu!
>> No.29983  
What's the point of posting this long-ass comment if I don't have any relevant cute pictures to attach to it?
>> No.29984  

this is where forums have the advantage, because if your av is cute you always have a cute picture next to it!
>> No.29985  

I should get more cute pictures.
>> No.29996  
God damn it why am I not dead yet
>> No.29997  
If nobody reads the stories I write,
if nobody listens to the music I compose,
if nobody plays the games I make...

...then what is even the point of creating things?
>> No.29998  
you can feel proud of your work without having an audience, if you can handle the feeling of dejection
>> No.30001  
I wish my harddrive wasn't so loud. it didn't used to be
>> No.30002  
Generally when you make stuff you have fun making it. If that isn't enough, don't make anything. Alternatively, post them here or somewhere else and people will look then.
>> No.30019  
Create an imaginary friend. It works for me.
>> No.30023  
I wonder if this season of walking dead will be as ridiculously stupid as the last one. I hope so!
>> No.30024  

I think my favorite part of season 2 was Shane taking Rick "out in the woods" to secretly kill him (with a loud gunshot), then it turns out they were within spitting distance of the farm the whole time. That and many other things made it seem like the characters are literally retarded, and if they act smarter in S3 I am going to be disappointed.
>> No.30027  
Aah...why can't I just say what I want to say without sounding like an asshole? Human communication is so needlessly complicated and inefficient...
>> No.30028  
Have you ever considered the possibility that you might actually be an asshole?
Wow, you're right. It's impossible to say this without feeling like a jerk.
>> No.30029  
Heh, I was about to make a similar post. I know that depressing feeling, but please don't give up!

For me, it's not just about fun. It's also about improving. You improve by knowing what you did wrong, by getting ruthlessly scrutinized by others, and sometimes, without the help of other people it's hard to see where you mess up.

You can say that this is no different than seeking the acceptance of others and should be avoided, but I view it as seeking perfection.
>> No.30034  
The problem isn't that I say things that make me an asshole, the problem is that I can't say things because saying them would make me an asshole.
>> No.30036  
I kinda want to play EVE again, but I just dropped off without saying anything to the two guys I used to run with on Vent about 18 months ago. I had 5 or 6 million SP on that character too ;_;
>> No.30043  
All intersections have at least two separate traffic lights for each direction.
>> No.30046  
Why is it that these new fast food menus always taste so wonderful the first time I try it, but taste like crap on all subsequent tries? I swear, this must be some Jewish conspiracy.
>> No.30050  
It's called "tolerance".

Good news guys, we're having hats for Halloween.
>> No.30053  
File: 788805ac82c3255c1cf2fc6cbd48c11e.jpg -(439.8 KB, 723x1023) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I did well on my midterms, and suddenly I love my life. Happiness!
>> No.30055  
It's sad getting older and realizing my mother is as dumb as a sack of hammers. When I was younger I used to really look up to her, but now everything she says makes my brain scream
>> No.30056  
Holy shit, I'm white trash.
>> No.30058  
File: 1345863366920.png -(100.5 KB, 246x269) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I did terrible on mine. I hate my life.
>> No.30061  
Don't feel so bad! You get another chance, don't you?
>> No.30064  
File: f2d89f9e0f791496b76b549d99416ddf.jpg -(956.3 KB, 1240x1754) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't have midterms because I dropped out! haha i'm so fucking cool ahhahahaha...
>> No.30065  

same except i never started school in the first place, so i am even cooler
>> No.30067  
Why is it that the teenage age group doesnt seem to exist in america anymore. A 14-16 year old isn't a child, yet the media constantly refers to them as such.
>> No.30068  
File: 1307701826456.jpg -(7.2 KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If you act like children, you will be treated like children.

Just like when a group of niggers do small scale riots in detriot, they are labeled as "oppressed and misunderstood teens" even when half of them are over 30 and every single one one of them is in a gang.
>> No.30069  
They're children, legally speaking.
>> No.30070  

A 16 year old is legally allowed to have a job and given a license that allows them to operate a machine that could kill several people if they fuck up. They are not a child
>> No.30071  
so they can label more people as pedophiles even though these girls willingly took at least 12 dicks inside them at this point, most of them belonging to older guys, but when some poor idiot is caught with pics of these girls getting stuffed with a meatstick(taken and posted on the web by either herself or her boyfriend) a fucking SWAT team raids his house and arrests him because he is a disgusting pedophile who has dirty thoughts about these pure, angelic, 15 year old children
>> No.30072  
They all seem to be 4 year olds from what I gather.
>> No.30073  
There are restrictions to what kind of job and how much they can work and etc etc etc, and I don't what they let children do where you live, but we don't allow them to control death machines over here.
Anyway, they're children, legally speaking, i.e. according to the law, it's written in some big thick book basically. Go talk to some law people about if you don't like it. It's not me who write these dumb laws.
>> No.30074  

> but we don't allow them to control death machines over here

>> No.30075  

there was actually a case in florida where a teenage couple got CP charges because the girl took nude photos of herself and sent them to her boyfriend
>> No.30076  
I know what a god damn car is and you have to be 18 to drive them over here. 18 = RESPONSIBLE ADULT.
>> No.30086  
I heard about something like that, but weren't the pictures a year or two old?
>> No.30135  
The clerk at my Japanese konbini told me that you can't find Hitachino in Europe. I'm almost sad now, I really wanted some owl beer.
>> No.30195  
I have this inexplicable shoulder pain that really annoys me when I lie down, and no matter in what way I lie down it keeps hurting. I can't sleep like this.

Inexplicable pain with no apparent solution is the worst.
>> No.30197  
I forgot this delicious empanada in my bag all weekend and now I want to eat it because they are so good (and I hardly get to see the seller) but it smells dangerous. How could I forget I had it? I'm such an idiot.
>> No.30225  
I hope everyone that buys an ipad mini dies
>> No.30249  
Feeling very clever today. What a nice kimochi~
>> No.30259  
My farts have been really kawaii as of lately. Can't say I don't like it.
>> No.30263  
Holy shit I just found out how to give second life characters body physics. Now my tranny has soul caliber tits
>> No.30272  
I used to have sudden realisations that I had just become a lot dumber, like I'd be walking along and suddenly I'd just know that I'd forgotten a lot of things and was never going to get them back, and that I was a lot worse off for it. It was like I knew my mental condition had reached a tangible point of deteriation. It used to happen with the same sort of frequency, but each time I seemed to care less about it. The first time I was really worried, and then when it happened again I was even more worried that it would keep happening, but then it happened again and again, and I started thinking 'whatever' more and more. Then they just stopped happening, or at least I stopped realising they were happening. I just thought to myself that maybe they've been happening just as often, but I've finally reached a point where I'm too dumb to even know I've lost something. All I know is that I'm sure I never used to be this fucking retarded.
>> No.30275  
Maybe you should see a doctor.
>> No.30276  
"Hi doc, I think I'm stupider."
>> No.30277  

Strangely enough the opposite seems to happen to me. I'll just be doing my thing and suddenly I get/am able to do something that baffled me before. It's like I suddenly leveled up or something.
>> No.30278  
I've getting dumber and dumber, too. It bothers me that I was smarter when I was 12 than I am now.
>> No.30279  
I wouldn't say I'm getting dumber, but it's ridiculous how bad my retentivity has become.
No matter what I learn, no matter how much it interests me, within half a year I will have forgotten it again.
>> No.30281  
MPC started stuttering today, and it's really annoying both when watching high quality stuff like Precure and more moderate stuff like JoJo's. Reinstalling to fix it.
>> No.30284  
Holy shit, it's really snowing already. Normally the first snow falls in late November or even mid December where I live.
>> No.30288  
I wish the subdesu-h site would stop fucking up. there's supposed to be an h-anime with a trap in it and I want it subbed damn it
>> No.30296  
My roommate is 50/50 brilliant and moronic. I wonder how it's possible...
>> No.30300  
it's good to be durnk
>> No.30303  
sono herpes kimochi
>> No.30305  
Goodbye new york
>> No.30306  
so sleepy
>> No.30308  
I guess I want to be happy but I don't know if I want to try to move on and be happy with the way things are now.
>> No.30317  
There are now phones faster than my laptop.

>> No.30325  
For some reason I've been feeling like hurting myself all day. I keep unconsciously biting my tongue, stepping on my feet and stabbing myself with pencils. It's making me a little frustrated.
>> No.30389  
I literally pooped in my pants today by accident. Where did it all go wrong? #YOLO
>> No.30394  
Google isn't going to allow custom homepage background images anymore. Now how I am supposed to have a big sakuya picture greet me on my computer without my parents seeing it?!
>> No.30395  
File: creative output.png -(16.9 KB, 659x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My creative output, charted.

Current value for 2012 Q4 is '1'. orz
>> No.30397  
I really like the Lumia. Too bad with the OS and all.
>> No.30412  
Saturday Night Live is so fucking bad holy shit
>> No.30420  
I have to search and apply for jobs if I want to keep getting my welfare payments. All the jobs either suck or are beyond me.

This is terrible (´・ω・`)
>> No.30421  

go beyond local in your search.
Go find jobs within your entire country, that would be pretty nifty, and you just *barely* qualify for.
then don't include a cover letter of any sort, and just wait for a letter explaining that you aren't quite what they want for the job.
>> No.30425  
95% of jobs sucks, man, just deal with it.
>> No.30428  
man the walking dead's 3rd season owns really fucking hard
>> No.30433  
"What are the Rights of Man and the Liberties of the World but Loose-Fish? What all men's minds and opinions but Loose-Fish? What is the principle of religious belief in them but a Loose-Fish? What to the ostentatious smuggling verbalists are the thoughts of thinkers but Loose-Fish? What is the great globe itself but a Loose-Fish? And what are you, reader, but a Loose-Fish and a Fast-Fish, too?"
>> No.30437  
Working bad jobs gives you character as a human, and as that builds up, you will find self-worth.
>> No.30450  
File: 3b94c2e5fee78b431861f4d6db99e5a675ee5c9a.jpg -(85.0 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I knew this girl looked familiar. Source check reveals that is in fact the same girl.
>> No.30452  
I wish my mom would stop calling me a communist
>> No.30462  
Why can't I treat people with as much honesty as I want to be treated myself? If someone thinks I'm an asshole or ugly or mentally ill or what I want them to tell me because I know I can evaluate their opinion and I will even be thankful that they are so honest with me. But how can I expect other people to act that way when I do the exact opposite. Now I thought I was actually behaving the right way for once -- I thought I was doing something good when I told someone that I think they're showing signs of a mental illness, but I feel like such an asshole. What if I'm completely wrong and cause problems for the guy?
>> No.30464  
People generally want you to tell them what they want to hear, not what you really think. Honesty is the quickest way to get yourself hated without truly doing anything wrong, especially if your opinion is unpopular.
>> No.30466  
>> No.30476  
Aaand still nothing. Wonder if I'll ever be able to make anything decent again.
>> No.30498  
I've fapped to Princess 69 close to 100 times in my life, but still never watched it all the way through.
>> No.30500  
I wonder which hentai doujin or whatever I've fapped to the most. I have some ideas, but it's hard to say.
>> No.30503  

Great, somebody else subbed it and the trap is only in it for like a minute and has tits for some reason. God damn it (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
>> No.30507  
It's probably something from back when you first found out about hentais and doujins since everythign was so hard to find back then.
>> No.30546  
Sometimes I feel racist because black people never appear in my dreams.
>> No.30550  
Sometimes I feel sexist because I only ever dream about sex
>> No.30555  
What I'm doing to myself can't be healthy, but it feels too good to stop!
>> No.30556  
I have just downloaded a week's worth of the best masturbatory material I have seen in months.
>> No.30561  
I dreamt that Remilia french-kissed me throat-deep, and then we almost got married.
She can also fly airplanes pretty well.
>> No.30569  
I can never think of my own short thoughts but always feel the need to reply to the thoughts of others. Why can't I leave them alone?
>> No.30573  
I'm afraid of posting embarrassing things here because the corrupt mods might identify me by my IP address.
>> No.30579  
>> No.30589  
>> No.30601  
My health is deteriorating, and I'm doing absolutely nothing about it! I'm such a responsible young man!
>> No.30606  
Why can't /bun/ have more users
>> No.30612  
I've been thinking about what one anonymous said a while ago in regards to /v/, that they suffer from"too many mouths and not enough ears." It's probably the most succinct description I've heard of for the state of affairs of almost any large internet community.

Anyway, I had some long and involved expansion on the above that was supposed to go here, but I've either forgotten or subconsciously trashed it because my argument was shit.
>> No.30616  
I wish I could be happy. I look at the GTA5 trailer today and think "that looks cool, but it comes out next year and hopefully I'll be dead by then"
>> No.30637  
My roommate asked me how many of my manga were for girls. Including those with large fujoshi followings, there were quite a few. Then she gave me this look. orz
>> No.30659  
When is an action 'productive'?

If an action creates something, but that something is of no use, is that still productivity...?
>> No.30660  

if somebody else tells you it is
>> No.30661  
It's productive if it creates measurable progress towards the intended goal.
If you believe there is no goal, chances are the goal is finding a goal.
>> No.30664  
1) Wouldn't have expected the redneck to have such a fatherly side.

2) Putting the whole army incident aside, the gov doesn't seem that bad.
>> No.30665  

This turned me on more than it should have.
>> No.30702  

its funny because in the comic the gov was so ridiculously evil he was like a cartoon character. Well, he WAS technically, but you get my point
>> No.30715  
why are all the chuu2 doujins in chinese
>> No.30753  
Time for an emergency supply of diabetes.
>> No.30847  
My happiness is inversely proportional to the amount of time I spend with Java.
>> No.30864  
goons are barely a step above tumblr social activists by this point, except when it comes to japanese people or things which they will spew pseudo-racist bile at no matter how minor the reference to these things may be.
>> No.30869  
I thought I was on /jp/ just now because I misclicked a bookmark. For a moment I thought someone was remaking all of /bun/ threads on /jp/.
>> No.30899  
why can't I stop farting?!
>> No.30929  
"Use of this DoD computer system, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring of this system. Unauthorized use may subject you to criminal prosecution. Evidence of unauthorized use collected during monitoring may be used for administrative, criminal, or other adverse action. Use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring for these purposes."
>> No.30961  
I had an epiphany today, I think.
>> No.30978  
im not gonna have time to go through all my pixiv favorites tomorrow, thanks thanksgiving
>> No.30984  
happy massacre day bun
>> No.30994  
what am i doing to myself
>> No.30997  
File: Star.Wars.Episode.I.The.Phantom.Menace.1999.1080p.HDTV.x264-hV.mkv_snapshot_01.58.51_[2012.11.23_00.58.35].jpg -(300.6 KB, 924x1632) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Occurrences of "I've got a bad feeling about this" in the Star Wars movies:

Episode I:
Obi Wan - When they enter the federation blockade ship at the beginning

Episode II:
Anakin - When they're tied up in the colosseum

Episode III:
Obi Wan - At the end of the fighter sequence when entering Grievous' ship

Episode IV:
Luke - At the first sight of the Death Star (variant "very bad")
Han - In the garbage crusher

Episode V:
Leia - In the stomach of the asteroid worm

Episode VI:
Han - When the ewoks have them tied up (variant "really bad")
>> No.30998  

it's like poetry, it rhymes
>> No.31004  
Oh my god, that waitress thought I was on a date. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
>> No.31009  
On a date with whom?
>> No.31012  

>> No.31013  
B-but we're just friends! Right?
>> No.31015  
I wonder if I would get along with a clone of myself... Would we get it on? Would we fight? Would we be bros?
>> No.31016  
Wow, what a lewd dream. I must be reaching a breaking point in my sexual frustration to be having such dreams.
>> No.31020  
I think we would fight then fuck each other. Or the opposite
>> No.31026  
why does CNN make a news story out of every youtube video that gets over a million views. there's thousands of other things that are more worthy of being reported
>> No.31027  
Housemate brewed some shroom tea, but she said she didn't really want it and asked me if I wanted to try it.
This is going to be first time ever being high oh anything but adrenaline/alcohol/etc.
>> No.31028  
Keep us informed.
>> No.31029  

shes doing it to embarrass you, because you will probably act like a clown
>> No.31030  
You must tell us all about it.
>> No.31032  
fuwa fuwari
>> No.31034  
File: [20185] 31059152_p1.jpg -(223.2 KB, 1119x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It was quite fascinating. The tea tasted like dirty mushrooms: it is a good thing that I have a cold and didn't really get to smell it all that much. Of about 300 mL that she brewed from ~1.5 g of shrooms, I poured myself a half of it into a cup and she drank the other half.

I asked her how long it would take for the effect to kick in and she told me "around 30 minutes". So I went to my room and made that post, scrolled through G+ a bit, and then started watching SAO ep21. I wasn't feeling anything yet, but she knocked on my door and asked me if I was feeling anything yet. Having figured that just staring at the monitor wasn't inducive to tripping balls, I went out into the living room and stared at various objects for a bit. "Naw, I'm not feeling anything".

"Hmm, you wanna chew on one?"

"(w) no thanks. I'll just wait a bit more."

So I went back to my room and finished the episode of SAO. By that time I had a very light headache and was also getting the feeling of bloatedness that you get when you're drunk.

I went back out to the living room expecting to see a rainbow of colours, but I was disappointed to not find any of that. "Still not seeing any-. WOAH" The carpet in the living room has these cavemen-painting patterns on it; men with spears, moose (?!), crows, etc in off-tone primary colours. First thing I noticed is the length of the spear seem to constantly change, and the rest of the pattern of men (in a tone of blue) seem to fade in and out of the blue (different tone) carpet background.


I then proceeded to stare at the carpet for 30 minutes.
Yes, 30 minutes. It only felt like 10 to 15 minutes but the clock on the wall doesn't lie (or does it?). I was having a chat similar to that you'd have when you're drunk with that housemate while describing to her how I was seeing things.

What I quickly realized that is if I focus on something, the effect lessens, but as soon as I loosened the focus and relaxed my eyes, things started going wild. The next thing to feel the pressure of my gaze was the title of a large poster written in black marker. Holy fuck, the lengths of the arms of the letters were constantly changing. After staring at the letters for good 20 minutes while listening to her stories about how she likes to touch things when she’s high on shrooms and once went to Canadian Tire (a hardware store) with a friend and started groping a car waxing sponge (w) I bid her a good night and went back into my room.

I sat on my armchair and looked at a pair of glow sticks (one is yellow-green in colour while the other is orange). I wasn’t seeing anything strange when I was staring at those, but I still thought they were fascinating for some reason. I then closed my eyes wondering if I could be seeing things while doing so.

The room was dark and the only luminescent things were the glow sticks and my monitor. I could vaguely see light spots on my eyelids created by those things and then I started tripping out seeing things in colours similar to the glow stick. It was possibly one of the most fun experiences ever. I opened my eyes to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming after having fallen asleep and having checked that, I closed my eyes again and continued the hypnotic journey.

After about half an hour of that, I went and laid down on my bed, and had more triptastic hallucinations until I eventually fell asleep.

Holy fuck, /bun/, shrooms’ awesome. If you ever get a chance to try it in a Safe and Fun™ environment with a friend that you can trust, go ahead and do it. You’ll thank me later.
>> No.31035  
I used to do them a fuckload before they made them illegal over here.
Glad to hear about people having good times on them!
>> No.31036  
It's the most fun when you dabble in things where the distortions are in your mind.
>> No.31037  
I want to get up earlier, but I don't want to go to bed earlier. Despite doing nothing all day I feel like I don't have enough hours in the day
>> No.31049  
Man, so many new posts. Did I sleep an additional day or something?

Isn't it BECAUSE you're doing nothing all day? It feels like there's a lot of time in a day when you do lots of stuff, but if you're doing nothing all day and look back at the end of it, it all seems so short.
>> No.31050  
when they make a sex toy based on an anime character's vagina, what do they go on? do they just put in random textures or do they actually put thought into what it would be like based on things like body type, or even personality?
>> No.31051  
I like to think they base it off of personality and body type.
>> No.31055  
I've wondered about that too, but mostly what it feels like. Will it be too tight? Hard? Sloppy?
>> No.31056  

hey guys did you know gangnam style beat justin beiber as the most watched thing on youtube? no? well if you watched CNN you will hear about this 15 times an hour, in between another story about how hostess went out of business.
>> No.31078  
After putting some effort into an elaborate post the university wireless lease expired and fucking ate it. Maaaaan.
>> No.31080  
Did anyone else notice that the internet was way more fun during the Thanksgiving weekend?
>> No.31081  

No. Then again I only visit like 5 websites regularly and one of them is pixiv so I don't have a very big sample size
>> No.31084  
That's why whenever I'm about to submit a long post, I open Notepad and CTRL+C and CTRL+V it before hitting submit. There can be countless ways for your post to suddenly disappear, so I always make sure I have a copy of long posts locally available until I've confirmed it was posted and remains on the board.
>> No.31088  
Hooray! $100 worth of free steam games! Oh no! None of them are things I wanna play!
>> No.31094  

and now jeff zucker, aka "the dipshit responsible for every single bad decision NBC made since 2007 including killing conan", is president of the network. let the new age of painfully terrible american "news" commence!
>> No.31099  
Gift them to me!
>> No.31100  

I can't. At least now my steam game list will appear larger, to scare off predators
>> No.31109  
I think one of my internet pals self-terminated. RIP I guess
>> No.31122  
On Walking Dead tonight: A black person died, and a man showed sexual interest in a 17 year old (that's under 18!!!!!!!!). I wonder which of those things will outrage the SA goons more
>> No.31124  
Wouldn't 17 be more than fair game in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?
>> No.31125  

but that's still under 18, what are you, a pedophile?! I bet you watch "anime" too! you make me sick!
>> No.31127  
Wow, calm down, pedoanon.
>> No.31128  
that womb sure can hold a lot of monster eggs
>> No.31129  
I sent an e-mail to a friend, but the mail client put line breaks in weird places for some reason, so my friend thought I'd written him a poem.
How droll.
>> No.31130  
Line breaks can make anything
seem like a poem
regardless of if it is or isn't
an ordinary sentence.
Poetry sucks.
>> No.31132  
That's happened to me a few times too. It must be a conspiracy.
>> No.31138  
I wonder if I made a church dedicated to 2D if I could get enough followers to become a government certified religion.
>> No.31143  
utorrent just gets more bloated every time I update it.
>> No.31145  

you can easily solve this by not updating it
>> No.31156  
Here's a random short thought I failed to write a proper sentence for after multiple tries.
>> No.31162  
Getting pissed with my roommate and watching Bridget Jones is actually the best thing ever. But what if we were more pissed when we started? SCEIENCE IS NEEDED
>> No.31163  
"Pissed" as in mad at him, or does pissed mean something else?
>> No.31165  
[pist] Show IPA
adjective, Slang: Vulgar.
1. drunk; intoxicated.
2. pissed off.

Dictionary.com is your friend.
>> No.31166  
Thank you. I thought about that, but then I decided to show off my ignorance instead.
>> No.31167  
If you're using Firefox, you can add it to your search bar. I use it to not embarrass myself when posting messages with words I am unsure of.
>> No.31183  
I've had a headache for two weeks and I can't stop thinking about a certain someone and also my typing has been terrible lately, I keep scrambling up the letters in a word.
>> No.31184  

it's me, isn't it
>> No.31185  
Clearly he's thinking about me.
>> No.31186  

Ha, like anyone would be thinking of you when you got a chest that small. There's no doubt he is thinking about ME
>> No.31187  
Thank you for thinking of me.
>> No.31189  
oh no another japanese earthquake, I hope this one isn't as bad
>> No.31191  
My final exams are in two hours! Then I'm buying some shoujo manga!
>> No.31193  
Arara doushiou
>> No.31194  
The most important thing I've learnt from my politics course is that politics are terrible and I want as little to do with them as possible.
>> No.31196  
Hah?! You think you're superior just because you've got blobs of fat hanging from your chest like that?!
>> No.31204  
eatin babs and watching sum gundam is pretty good
>> No.31217  
I've scrolled past this comment at least three times by now and each time I read babs as babies.
>> No.31218  
My own clone
>> No.31219  
That makes three of us.
>> No.31221  
>> No.31222  
What the hell are babs, anyway?
>> No.31223  

the pink rabbit girl from tiny toons
>> No.31226  
Babs and Buster Bunny are cartoon characters from the Warner Bros. animated television series Tiny Toon Adventures

Wikipedia.org is your friend. If you're using Firefox, you can add it to your search bar. I use it to not embarrass myself when posting messages with words I am unsure of.
>> No.31228  
That doesn't sound like something you would eat.
>> No.31231  
You kind of sound like a dick.
>> No.31233  
I'm a /bun/ of exotic tastes.
>> No.31234  
What does a dick sound like?
>> No.31236  
I think your mom would probably know.
>> No.31239  
Just because you talk to your mom about dicks, doesn't mean everyone does.
>> No.31240  
dicks are really cool imo
>> No.31243  
Everybody should have one.
>> No.31244  
The world would be so much better off if everyone was futanari.
>> No.31245  
File: track.jpg -(415.9 KB, 661x979) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Being a cute 2D trap would be cool, because you get to have a cool wiener and your orgasms from your ass getting pounded are just as good if not better than a girl's
>> No.31260  
Lolis are too pure to have dicks.
>> No.31270  
This is one of the best trap pics I've seen
>> No.31276  

Thanks, it's a pic of me
>> No.31277  
I am dressed so softly, yet I feel very manly. いいじゃなイカ~
>> No.31289  
File: King.jpg -(89.2 KB, 1681x1018) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looks like it's crazy time!
>> No.31335  
The down key on my keyboard is broken. How do I change the Touhou controls? And will this be a problem?
>> No.31337  
How did I get $20,08 in various coins? I can't do anything with this!
>> No.31354  
Light snow fall on windy days is the best.
>> No.31363  
Your options are:
-Fix the key
-Buy a new keyboard
-Buy a gamepad
-Use some external keybinding software like AutoHotkey to rebind your directional keys.
>> No.31412  
Holy shit! There was a shooting! In America!
>> No.31443  
If I wish I was dead hard enough for christmas, will my wish come true?
>> No.31445  
Don't worry, everyone will be dead before it
>> No.31447  

I hope so
>> No.31559  
I keep bookmarking animal crossing 3ds custom clothes codes from pixiv even though I'm probably never going to play it
>> No.31564  
I'm never going to finish this album. My paltry skills can't live up to my unrealistic expectations.
>> No.31565  
I smoked pot for the first time. I don't understand all the hype
>> No.31567  
there's good pot and bad pot.
>> No.31568  

It was really good pot according to my parents, and my dad has been smoking since the 70s
>> No.31570  
I had my dad's hippie pot once and it was shit.
>> No.31591  
I got drunk and was unable to woo that one cute girl I have some kind of ambiguous history with. Well, at least I have some home-made cookies.
>> No.31594  
RIP in piece Mediafire. Can't find a single album not "Removed for violation" anymore.
>> No.31595  
I miss the days when you could find any album just by searching for "[album] blogspot"
>> No.31596  
File: 00000199.gif -(50.2 KB, 650x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Worst of all is that you can easily get your account blocked through false reports, even when counterclaiming.

I got three of my files removed, two of which couldn't possibly have been reported by the copyright holder (a Katawa Shoujo sprite rip and four translated VN demo scripts [not even a patch or anything else usable]) and one of which was my own "intellectual property".

I filed counterclaims for the first two (when my account wasn't blocked yet, and those claims were confirmed to have come from overeager detection bots; one of those two was my own "IP"), but never received a response.

Now my account (which contained mostly my own "IP") is blocked due to having three deletions, none of which were valid requests and one of which was my very own creation, despite having filed counterclaims. We're entering an era where "intellectual property" laws don't even care anymore about who managed to scam the creator out of his "IP", but just about who has the influence and money to successfully go through IP control procedures.
>> No.31597  
Can't even download stuff in parts from them anymore. It's really depressing.
>> No.31598  
Fucking hell
Now I'm stuck with soulseek for my music
>> No.31614  
I read that cpap mask + helium tank was a foolproof suicide method but further reading says it isn't that reliable. Now what
>> No.31618  
It's been like that ever since Megaupload went down.
So where does everyone purloin their music from now?
>> No.31623  
Link scrapers like /rs/, Filecrop and Filestube are still adequate for me. As far as file hosting goes, depositfiles and sendspace seem to be replacing mediafire in popularity and reliability. Things will probably continue this way until another big copyright-related fiasco causes everyone to panic again.

I use Spotify when I can't find something with the above method. It's alright apart from the uncreative ads. I would've expected a social music service to have more user-targeted advertising but for better or for worse that doesn't seem to be the case.
>> No.31625  

Ahegao don't look good in real life.
>> No.31631  
>Spotify is currently not available in your country.

Well, dicks.
>> No.31633  

most 2D things don't, that's why 2D is better
>> No.31648  

Ahegao don't look good in 2D either.
>> No.31654  
I get mine from what.
>> No.31656  
man, i feel like playing majoras mask again
>> No.31658  
Give me a good reason why I shouldn't continue reading Naruto from where I left off back in 2006.
>> No.31662  
naruto is shit

read fma or something if you want good, action-y shounen
>> No.31665  
I'm having some "kill me" thoughts again which made me feel like saying hi to those bunbuns who keep offering to do me the favor.

I hope you're doing well these holidays.
>> No.31668  
We could always do shit that doesn't involve dying.
>> No.31669  

I don't really want anything other than death. Even if I do something semi-enjoyable I think "this is cool, but I still hope I don't wake up tomorrow"
>> No.31670  
Are your parents still alive?
>> No.31671  

Yes, why
>> No.31672  
Kind of bad form to kill yourself why they're still alive.
Wait for them to go at least.
>> No.31673  
I plan to wait. When they are dead I'll use my inheritance to get an apartment and live off the money until it's almost gone, then gas myself to death. That's the plan anyway, unless I get so desperate I just shoot myself with my dad's gun one day while they are out. I really don't want to put them through that though
>> No.31675  
That'd be nice.

Is that the only thing you think of?
>> No.31685  

I think about it a lot, yeah
>> No.31686  

Think positive, Anon. I know it's hard but you'll never get anywhere if you keep thinking the same depressing thoughts over and over.
>> No.31687  

That ain't gonna happen
>> No.31688  
It's best to not reply to these people because it gives them a positive reinforcement to suicidal thoughts.
>> No.31689  
You could get a hobby that takes a lot of concentration and patience, like woodcarving or weaving or something. That'll keep suicide off your mind.
>> No.31691  
Lately, I think of the bunbun that had problems with his teeth. Whatever happened to that? Are you still here?
>> No.31702  
He's dead, his teeth killed him.
>> No.31707  
Why does every website I like eventually get really awful. SA, 4chan (board to board, until all of it), the various spinoffs of both of those places, and other places here and there. I feel like I'm some sort of disaster survivor trying to find a home but everywhere I go eventually gets filled with giant roaches and poop. That's not gonna happen to bun, is it?!
>> No.31708  
It'll definitely happen here as well. That's just how life works.
>> No.31711  
File: goodnightsion.png -(1141.4 KB, 1200x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.31712  
Sometimes I think of making my own website, but I don't know how. Also any amount of responsibility makes me cry and I would probably go mad with power
>> No.31713  

Don't worry. Bun will more likely die a quiet death rather then become some kind of /jp/ 2.0.
>> No.31714  

That makes me feel better, in a way
>> No.31717  
Actually I rather not see bun die.
>> No.31718  
Better to burn out than fade away
>> No.31719  
It won't die
>> No.31721  
I wish a happy new year to you all, because mine sure as hell won't be
>> No.31722  

and not a day after I post this SA gets a new terrible style. I'm being stalked!
>> No.31727  
Even though you think that, I still wish you a happy new year.
>> No.31752  
This jazz guy on the radio sounds a little full of himself. It's probably difficult not to, though.
>> No.31759  

Someday,I will own an authentic shinken forged by the greatest of the Japanese swordsmiths the world has ever known.

I don't care if it cost me 100,000 dollars or more.
>> No.31761  
File: doctorwhatnow.gif -(38.8 KB, 650x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looking through my Campbell folder today, I was really looking for an excuse to post this anyway.
>> No.31762  
Sometimes I feel like I missed out on the better days of the internet. I know lots of places I used to frequent have gotten worse, so when people on 4chan etc. say it's gotten worse I believe them because I know how it feels. It's just weird to be nostalgic for something I wasn't even a part of.
>> No.31764  

Sometimes I think that, but then I look at what stupid kids do on the internet and think that maybe it's better I didn't get online until I was 14
>> No.31765  
File: 16200451243.jpg -(47.9 KB, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I got called a lolicon in my dream for asking for the name of a really cute girl.
>> No.31771  
it feels like the activity of other anons on /bun/ is inversely proportional to how active I am.
>> No.31772  
I have exactly the opposite feel
>> No.31773  
>> No.31778  
Wacom's drivers can suck my dick. How is it even possible to make something this shitty.
>> No.31779  
Japanese computer engineering marvel do not steal
>> No.31781  
My brother really done it now.
>> No.31783  

he got you pregnant
>> No.31785  
Imagine the feeling of knowing that you will never be impregnated by your brother.
>> No.31788  

please don't remind me
>> No.31789  
I could be your brother for you, if you want
>> No.31790  
I wish I was into guro. Then, at least, I wouldn't have to deal with an immature community, while sharing porn.
>> No.31794  
Most guro fans I've met on the Internet are pretty immature.
>> No.31802  
FUCK, I'm too late!
>> No.31804  
I'd imagine the more mature ones(me!) don't reveal that they like guro.
>> No.31806  
From a first impression, Gurochan looks like a really cozy place though - if you disregard some of the newer boards.
>> No.31807  
Damn, kids are cute.
>> No.31812  
You just did!
Who's mature now?
>> No.31818  
i'm so fucking tired of this shit
>> No.31820  

me too!
>> No.31824  
>> No.31831  
that's cool, wanna be friends?
>> No.31834  
Why does my brain give me NTR dreams, I just want to sleep peacefully.
>> No.31835  
I used to have dreams like that, but they've gotten better since I started sleeping with you're waifu.
>> No.31836  

>> No.31848  
fuck you man
>> No.31854  
quit asking me for my real name youtube you cunt
>> No.31880  
Dammit. Now my foot really hurts. Why do I do this to myself?
>> No.31907  
Posting on /v/ is like talking to a brick wall that thinks it knows better than you.
>> No.31908  

Why on earth are you posting on 4chan in 2013
>> No.31909  
Don't you mean:
>posting on 4chan
>> No.31910  

Don't make me slap you!
>> No.31911  
Why won't he reply?
>> No.31912  
He's probably with another woman.
>> No.31914  
Don't say such a cruel thing.
>> No.31921  
I didn't eat any ginger bread cookies this winter, so I'm eating them all now!
>> No.31924  
Sandy Hook Truthers? What the fuck, America.
>> No.31925  

America is a really cool place with lots of cool people, jump in
>> No.31926  
You don't happen to have any invites, do you?
>> No.31928  
I do. Ask about it on #bun.
>> No.31930  
You don't happen to have any invites, do you?
>> No.31932  
I wonder if everyone else thought the same when they scrolled down.
>> No.31936  
I've got one invite. I think you have to be a girl though.
>> No.31937  
Can I pretend to be one?
>> No.31943  
If you can pretend well enough to get it on your passport, sure.
>> No.31970  
Woah, Kanye West is actually pretty good. I did not expect that.
>> No.31995  
I finally gave in and signed up for one of these music-streaming thingamajigs. It's reminded me how much I've been out of the music loop the past couple of years. Example: Animal Collective, which is one of my favourite groups, came out with an album and I didn't even know about it.
>> No.32008  
The world keeps becoming a crueler place every time I learn more about it.
>> No.32009  
This is why I stopped watching the news.
>> No.32018  

Once you lose empathy towards 90% of real people it's no so bad
>> No.32019  
My dog is looking begrudgingly at me. "Why do I keep it company," it seems to ask.
>> No.32020  
Glad my dog is a complete hyperactive retard who wags her tail if you even look at her.
>> No.32022  
I miss my dog
At least I still have my cats
>> No.32046  
I'm so hungry, but I have things to do~
>> No.32050  
CNN follows this story for hours until it turns out the shooters were black, then they drop it like a sack of hammers in favor of talking about michelle obama's dress for the millionth time. America
>> No.32076  
So hungry
>> No.32077  
So much laundry to do! I can barely wait!
>> No.32079  
I really gotta dust my computer out, but I'm definitely not doing it tomorrow! Probably not the next day either. Maybe next month...
>> No.32172  
This is kind of mesmerizing: http://vinepeek.com/
>> No.32177  
Watch for long enough and eventually a cute Japanese girl will show up.
>> No.32184  
One of the sticks of jerky in my jerky drawer had a big patch of bluish mold on it. I hope the rest of my stash is OK
>> No.32185  

This is interesting as a whole, but people record the most inane garbage. It's kind of weird that this is what society is
>> No.32186  
I hate when a bad movie gets nominated for an Oscar and everyone starts acting like it's a good movie.
>> No.32187  
Which movie?
>> No.32204  
I saw a cute japanese girl moaning into the mic
>> No.32206  
Beasts of the Southern Wild
>> No.32215  
I wish these random stomach pains would stop
>> No.32217  
Really? I only heard excellent things about it when it came out.
>> No.32227  
Beasts of the Southern Wild is a good movie.
>> No.32236  
For some reason I don't like this thread.
>> No.32237  

I don't like you!
>> No.32238  
I can't believe Israel refused to cooperate with the UN on a human rights investigation, then attacked another country unprovoked. They are gonna face some serious consequeHahahahah no, sorry. I can't say that with a straight face.
>> No.32243  
I was just without power for 3 days! I thought I'd never talk to you all again! It also somehow killed my computer, but thats not so bad. I've been looking for an excuse to upgrade.
>> No.32245  
Anon! Thank god you're safe! We missed you so much. I thought I might never see you again. I couldn't imagine what would become of this place if you really never came back. Promise me you won't ever leave us again.
>> No.32248  
The UN is about as useful as the League of Nations
>> No.32255  
My acquaintance is a slut!
>> No.32256  
I know who you're talking about. You're right!
>> No.32271  

CNN has talked about 30 Rock ending more than they've talked about Israel bombing another country. I think Israel's bullshit is getting so hard to spin as positive to the american people that news outlets opt to not talk about it at all, cool
>> No.32277  
Even though I claim a complete lack of hopefulness, you could still totally hear my remaining piece of heart break as I heard the underwhelming news regarding that one person.

I'm still going to end up doing stupid, unnecessary stuff regarding that person because I have no control of my emotions.
>> No.32278  
30 Rock's ending? Oh man!
>> No.32294  
Don't worry, everything is gonna be ok
>> No.32297  
how far from the reader's expectations can the novel get without actually breaking those expectations
>> No.32299  
There's a person on the starbound forum who takes the time to color all of the punctuation marks in their posts pink, and almost all of their posts are about mlp. I think I found the most contemptible person on the internet
>> No.32304  
What's wrong with MLP, and what's wrong with decorating your forum posts with colors?
>> No.32305  

i'm gonna cut you
>> No.32306  
Seiyuu cds always make me feel so dirty but I can't stop listening to this Keiji Fujiwara one (*´Д`)ハァハァ
>> No.32309  

Yesterday a guy on that forum registered just to post links to his terraria videos on youtube, and I went through and redthumbed 2 of them and then he freaked out. He said the community was destroying him and deleted his OP and disabled ratings for his videos. it's strange coming across people more mentally damaged than myself
>> No.32311  

oh shit, he actually made a video about it.


I know nobody cares about any of this but I've never trolled someone so hard they made a video before, and I have nobody to share it with
>> No.32318  
This man is quite the character.
>> No.32321  

I bookmarked (not subbed) his page, and in a few months when he opens ratings back up I'm gonna redthumb them all again. If I can make some exceedingly british youtube man break down and delete himself off the internet I will die happy.
>> No.32326  
Sure is /b/ in here.
Not passive aggressive at all.

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