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File: 1336167729435.jpg -(28.0 KB, 500x376) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
28668 No.29089  
Am I autistic or something for still getting mad at people for misusing the quotation function on imageboards? I know that the culture has changed, and most people have other uses for it now, but why do I still get annoyed when I see people on /sci/ writing science-related greentext stories?
>> No.29093  
It does make the poster look unintelligent, but face it, it's a useful way of summarizing a sentence.
>> No.29094  
I think of it as the SMS/chat 'language' of imageboards. 4chan moves way too fast for its own good. If you try to type up a coherent, meaningful paragraph of sentences, the discussion has moved far away from you by the time you've finally posted your reply. So you get a lot of junk posts and green texts.
And I guess that's why I quit going there.
>> No.29096  
I also dislike it in general, but only because it's a symptom of bad posting. Theoretically, abusing greentext can be done well (properly witty 'fixed that for you's, simplified way to refer to well-known phrases, quoting of things outside the conversation, both real and hypothetical) but it's mostly used like
>have a shitty story to tell
>cba to write properly
>post on imgboard
>post in greentext
>baw i cant keep up with change and people putting words in my mouth and just going 'QED' from that

Properly used, it could add to discussions, but in practice, people only use it to avoid writing proper posts and using proper arguments.
>> No.29100  
4chan/reddit culture is really fucking bad and has irreparably ruined the internet for me
>> No.29103  
File: implying.jpg -(359.3 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>implying any large internet community will ever be good
>> No.29104  

yeah, but the shit has floated down to the point where it's on almost every goddamn website in existence except for slow places like this and weirdo places like SA
>> No.29106  
File: 1333499000029.jpg -(19.6 KB, 261x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The only thing that really bugs me these days are people making image macros out of everything for no real reason. Sometimes they can still be funny, but mostly it's just embarrassing how awful and self-referential the humor is and it's obvious that whoever made it is trying too hard to fit in. Apparently there are people who identify advice-dog derivatives alone as memes. I can't really blame them, but it makes me feel depressed, somehow.

At this point it helps to become an observer rather than a participant; it might wreck your identity (depending on which communities you use to define yourself) but I've found that separating my ego (or as much of it as I can) from stupid internet shit has made it all somewhat more enjoyable.
>> No.29114  
Yes you're very autistic.
>How austistic am I?
You're so autistic that you're complaining about 4chan on /bun/ and inciting entire meta threads.
For comparison, not even tohno-chan is talking about 4chan meta. I kid you not, you're more autistic than people who would name one of their boards /mai/ where they post their waifus.
I suggest you see a doctor immediately.
>> No.29117  
You fucking wish it was just 4chan. Who thought 10 years ago that using the greater-than sign to quote would relive such a renaissance? Just when we had all that fancy BBCode replace it.
Now it's everywhere again, and people use it in the retarded fashion 4chan popularized. It's just... irritating.
I agree that meta-threads are absolutely pointless though

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