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Password (for post and file deletion)
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File: [Commie] Space Brothers - 06 [3D2AE705].mkv_snapshot_01.37_[2012.09.06_21.15.31].jpg -(122.3 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
125260 No.29813  
why did report get removed again?
>> No.29814  
Did such a feature ever exist? I didn't notice.

If it's ever necessary to report anything just hop onto the IRC channel and bug a mod (channel ops are generally mods).
>> No.29815  
that requires running irc just for reports.
>> No.29816  
I'll be honest with you - the way things are going right now? the guy in charge of adding new functions to the board is either going to:
a: never do it
b: break the whole site somehow
c: make a function that's totally ineffective as even the mods rarely visit /bun/
d: make a button that just tells an irc bot to socket.send("/msg #bunbunmaru "spam on /photos/ :V");
>> No.29817  
I check the board every hour or so, sometimes more, and I'm not the only mod to.
We're just too efficient that you rarely see spam before it's gone.
>> No.29818  
Hi, Sana-chama here. I guess Ira might do it if you collected enough diamonds for a ressurection spell, but otherwise...
Of those (a) is the most realistic case. (d) is right out because you'd just use it to message lewd things.

<Kanchelskis> I think b
>> No.29826  
Not even spammers post on /bun/.

>> No.29827  
Though actually I just looked at /projects/, and it's flooded with spam.
>> No.29829  
Unfortunately, the regular mod password does not work for /projects/ so I'm unable to delete the spam on that board even though I've wanted to.

The two people who can e.g. AyaS and one other mod have not bothered to, for whatever reason. I've pestered them before and gave up.
>> No.29833  
Spammers post on /bun/ all the time. If you visit often enough you'll see spam posts frequently. It's much worse on /general/ and /photos/ than on /projects/, but here it gets deleted.
>> No.29844  
Well, firstly, no one has asked me to delete anything off /projects/!
Secondly, the password for /projects/ is the same.
I guess I'll go delete some stuff though.
>> No.29856  
File: projects-pass.jpg -(28.1 KB, 1598x195) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>the password for /projects/ is the same.
No it isn't. I get the "Password Incorrect" message when I try to delete a post. It's odd because in the past the regular password did work for /projects/. I've asked about this before but was ignored.

And I have mentioned spam on /projects/ several times. Maybe you were too busy lurking /a/ to pay attention.

Well, thanks for sweeping /projects/ at last.
>> No.29858  
>And I have mentioned spam on /projects/ several times. Maybe you were too busy lurking /a/ to pay attention.
I think you might be mistaking me for someone else. ┐(´∀`)┌ヤレヤレ

To delete stuff off kareha you have to do it from the admin panel: http://bunbunmaru.com/kareha/projects/admin.pl
>> No.29877  
is it possible to permaban the spammer? I'm guessing he posts behind over 9000 proxies, which is why he manages to get away with those spams?
>> No.29878  

are you referring to the russian CP spam? Because I'm pretty sure that's not just one guy
>> No.29879  
Ban all Russian IPs, and Russian anons can get themselves added to whitelist through IRC

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