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File: 1348760387419.jpg -(445.2 KB, 580x819) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
455911 No.30119  
May we conduct the business of a so-called "contact thread" here or would that be entirely inappropriate?
>> No.30120  
what is a contact thread
>> No.30121  

Everyone posts a little something about themselves and a way to contact them (e-mail, AIM, MSN, Jabber).
>> No.30122  
Not with an OP pic like that.
>> No.30125  
>> No.30127  
>> No.30130  

These threads are for talking one-on-one.


What pic should I use?
>> No.30131  
i'm scared of talking with people one-on-one
>> No.30132  
File: dgssd.PNG -(953.4 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Don't go there, it's a terrible place.

>>30119 (OP)
No, it's not appropriate on an anonymous imageboard. I can understand them on forums, where you get to know each other and it makes sense to want to speak people one-on-one, but not many people are interested in non-anonymously talking to complete strangers; many are even adverse to identifying themselves in any way on an anonymous board.
>> No.30133  
This. My autism just can't handle the way Anglos shit all over units. It's 13538 kcal, for Christ's sake.
>> No.30136  
My name is Anonymous and I like bunbunmaru. Your turn.
>> No.30138  
I'm Anonymous. I'm very active on a board called 'Bunbunmaru'. I also do other things. Next person!
>> No.30139  
Hello my name is Anonynmous and I like the color green
>> No.30140  
My name is anonymous and I'm a post-eva biter.
>> No.30141  
File: LifeOnEasyModo.gif -(142.1 KB, 373x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My name is Anonymous and I like fat stacks of cash.
>> No.30144  
Do you also like to share?
>> No.30148  
Hello, I am anonymous. I like to eat and watch anime.
>> No.30149  
My name is Anonymous, and I just found a cool new SeCrEt smoking spotXxx420.
>> No.30153  
File: 29361846_p2.jpg -(434.6 KB, 900x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
yoroshiku anonymous desu hitting up da kurabu wit mah homeboyz ga suki and itsu im not dem onna wo oikakete im trillin out totemo yukkuri and shit wakarimasuka

utsu me up if you kanjiru me
>> No.30157  
OP here

You mischievous jokers have ruined my thread! I hope you're happy! All I wanted to do was make some friends. :(
>> No.30158  
kimi wa Yuugi-san desu ka?? ore wa ur #1 ichiban fan, give me your autograph oneigaishimasu
>> No.30159  
My name is Anonymous and I would like to be your thread friend.
>> No.30163  
File: [Commie] Psycho-Pass - 02 [3406ADD5].mkv_snapshot_05.53_[2012.10.19_03.13.41].jpg -(106.3 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I wonder how many anons we actually have...

My name is Anon and /bun/'s the board that I visit the most nowadays (Well, it's been that way since it was made, really).

I often start things without seeing them through (/bun/ music projects, anyone?) or work at a very lazy pace (the music compilation). When I'm not hitting F5 on /bun/ -most often, there aren't even new threads orz- I'm spending my time on Google+.

I often go by the pseudonym "snowbl*****" around the web, although people have been picking that name up: I tried making a twitter account the other day and the nickname was taken already.

>> No.30164  

Is your name snowblowjob?
>> No.30165  
File: Youmu no.jpg -(275.2 KB, 741x1035) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Neat, the length matches.
>> No.30166  
Hello I am Anonymous and today was my birthday.
>> No.30167  
Happy birthday!
>> No.30168  
I will not wish you a happy birthday
>> No.30169  
You're all chatting, not contacting!
>> No.30170  
Bun is my method of contact.
>> No.30174  
Happy birthday :V
>> No.30175  
Yo I'm Anonymous and I desperately wish I was no longer living
>> No.30180  
I'm Anonymous too and I hope you can get out of your depression. Alternatively, I hope you can end your suffering soon.
>> No.30182  
Hello I am anonymous and I want to be touched.
>> No.30183  
Anonymous here, I'm cute!
>> No.30184  
Hi. I'm Anonymous and I'm gay.
>> No.30185  
I'm Anonymous and I constantly overthink things! It kind of bothers me that >>30163's post seems to have a lot of unoccupied space.
>> No.30186  
Hello, I'm anonymous and I'll probably regret having posted this immediately and delete it.
>> No.30187  
File: bully.jpg -(16.3 KB, 625x72) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hello, I'm Anonymous and I'm being a bully.
>> No.30189  
How cruel.
>> No.30192  

>> No.30198  
It bothers me too.
>> No.30228  

How did this /bun/ meme start?
>> No.30233  
>> No.30236  
Please tell me.
>> No.30237  
How is that a meme? It's just a bird face.
>> No.30239  
I only see bird face on /bun/ and #bun chat logs, so it must be a /bun/ meme.
>> No.30241  
File: pacman.png -(44.8 KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
In most places it looks like a pacman.
>> No.30244  

I thought that emote was an SA thing
>> No.30286  
Hi I am Anonymous and btw im a girl ;)
>> No.30292  
can i suk ur dik
>> No.30298  

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