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>> No.30468  
File: romney thumb.png -(406.2 KB, 749x415) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.30469  
File: 1352260277307.jpg -(24.9 KB, 292x292) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I know I'm not the perfect candidate, but in my heart all I wanted was to save America..
>> No.30470  
the lady on fox news literally walked to the info room herself to ask if they are sure. Is this a parody
>> No.30471  
File: trump.png -(77.4 KB, 517x618) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.30472  
All Donald seems to do these days is tweet away.
>> No.30474  
Funny how he seemed to have a very different opinion of the electoral college back in 2000...
>> No.30475  
File: fox obama.jpg -(270.8 KB, 1274x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.30477  
Yes we did, motherfuckers
>> No.30479  
File: electionnight.jpg -(54.3 KB, 618x415) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.30480  
In more serious news, porn in california now requires the stars to wear condoms, upsetting all 14 of the people who still watch commercial pornography produced there
>> No.30483  
How did OP make a post with a .gif like that?
>> No.30484  

they are not a average user
>> No.30485  
Well looks like I'm skipping Thanksgiving with the family this year. Don't think I can handle another round of "Obongo is gonna enslave the white man and turn America into a muslim country!"
>> No.30486  

but it's funny now because there is nothing they can do about it
>> No.30488  
File: ahh31j.png -(21.5 KB, 504x162) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.30489  
Back to doing more of The Apprentice
>> No.30490  
This a case where I'd like to think that the industry was self-regulating sufficiently. Nobody wants to see cocks with spocks, the workers were all informed in a reasonable way, and this is just needless red tape that benefits nobody except possibly one nepotist government employee who now enjoys a stupid cheque. Big government is literally getting into people's bedrooms.
>> No.30492  

I wonder if they actually believe what they're posting. Also, what's with all the people whining about noguns. I'm pretty certain the only action Obama has taken about that issue actually increased their availability or something.
>> No.30494  
Indeed, part of the reason why I like the guy - a democrat reasonable enough to see that the second amendment is truly an immutable foundation of american values.
You should mention how they're voting a mormon into office based on religious reasons instead.
>"polygamy is totally approved by my very own christian church I'm pretty sure".
>> No.30501  
The mod panel lets you make posts containing HTML.
>> No.30504  
tee hee

>> No.30505  

Whoops, private now. Here's mirrors

>> No.30506  
That woman is literally talking to her audience as if they're her kids and that they have to do what she tells them to do and as if her disappointment means something more than fuck all.
Fucking people, man.
>> No.30508  

welcome to the republican party
>> No.30513  
I really hate ballot initiatives. Prop 35 passed in California with a landslide vote, 81.4% in favor. Of course, there's no way that voters would oppose the "think of the children!" rhetoric, no matter how much it tramples on the rights of "sex offenders" while simultaneously broadening the definition.

>> No.30515  
Sex offenders are disgusting and deserve no rights
>> No.30519  
You are a sex offender for frequenting this site.
>> No.30621  
Then why don't they all get the death penalty?

The concept of "sex offender" is disgusting. Why don't we have "murder offenders?" If society at large believes that any kind of sexual misbehavior should be punished for life, people should just come clean and give everyone life.
>> No.30622  
We haven't all sexually misbehaved, you deviant.
>> No.30629  

the thing about these laws, you don't have to "sexually misbehave" to be put on the list. It can be a fully consentual act between two parties above the age of consent, and still the man is put on the list. Even in cases where the parties aren't, it's only the man that is punished regardless of which of the party is violating laws.

Hell, the woman could have a written confession that the act was consentual and she simply wanted to ruin the man's life because he was a man, and that confession would be disallowed as evidence in court solely because it doesn't coincide with the charges the woman is pressing. There are cases of that, too.
>> No.30631  

wow it's almost as if america is really fucking stupid, interesting. next you will be telling me a man that called half of them worthless peasants was almost elected president, by those very same people
>> No.30633  
Wow he was nowhere near almost elected
>> No.30634  

even though he got his ass beaten in the electoral vote, he only got 2% less in the popular vote. in other words, he calls 47% of the country trash and 48% of them still wanted him to lead them
>> No.30641  
That's just because of how campaigns are super-focused on electoral votes because nothing else matters.
If campaigns started focusing on popular votes we'd ALL have a shittier life every 4 years as opposed to just swing states is the gist of it.
>> No.30658  
Less than half of eligible voters actually voted in the election. There could have been a couple points difference in the final percentages if everyone had voted.

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