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yoiu may inkly porst in thks thread whe n you're durnk-
>> No.30536  
Do people really lose their ability to type properly when they're drunk? I've never been drunk.
>> No.30537  
Not really. You lose a little dexterity, yeah, but mostly the "drunk typing" you see is just because the person isn't correcting their typos.
You can be totally smashed and still come off as sober if you take the time to read every line before hitting enter.
It's much more interesting to speak to drunks in person, since voice doesn't have that intervening medium of the text submission box and people will say the stupidest things.
>> No.30538  
I'm actually a far faster and more accurate typist while drunk. Something about inhibitions, blah blah I don't know why
>> No.30539  
why do adults on the internet brag about drinking as if they were teenagers?
>> No.30542  
Because they aren't adults or don't actually drink.
>> No.30545  
what about if am hangover
>> No.30548  
I don't know, I was drunk.
>> No.30549  

no, most of the time they are adults
>> No.30562  
Adults, as in, physically old enough to be able to drink legally. There are plenty of 30 year-old children around.
>> No.30568  
This is why I feel it's retarded to associate an age with mental sophistication, as they barely have any correlation. A non-adult person is a child. An adult who behaves like a retard is a retard.
>> No.33110  
I'm not drunk but I felt hung over this morning, even though I didn't drink any alcohol last night.

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