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I have a computer-related question and I didn't know where to put so I'm just making a thread for it.
I'm currently running a dual-monitor set-up and I want to add one more monitor, but apparently the graphics card I'm currently running (Geforce GTS 450) can't do three monitors. So I thought I'd add another cheap card and connect my two extra monitors to that, while my main monitor could use the 450.
I'm just a little worried since I've never really tinkered with a computer. Would this actually work, and are there any special things I need to consider?
>> No.31767  
IIRC, there's nothing stopping you from doing that as long as your motherboard has an unused pcie slot and your PSU can support the extra load.
>> No.31768  
Couldn't you just hook it up to your motherboard directly and use the onboard video?
>> No.31769  
Not all mobos have onboard video. If he had one, I'd imagine that he wouldn't be asking here.

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