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File: 1358729348665.png -(258.2 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
264404 No.32111  
Anyone here feel that they're becoming too normal and sociable for /jp/?
>> No.32113  
No, /jp/ is becoming too normal for me
>> No.32115  

This is why I stopped going there a few years ago
>> No.32116  

Does the fact that this thread offends me mean I'm too normal?
>> No.32117  
I feel like about 50% of /jp/'s problems could be fixed if they'd remove the name field.
>> No.32119  

No, the main problem with /jp/ was all the shitty runoff from the other boards. Nothing that shares a website/population with places like /b/ or /v/ is going to be good for very long. Not to mention the lazy moderation who allowed it to get so bad, or in some cases were told to not do anything
>> No.32121  
/jp/ is a shithole, why are you talking about it
>> No.32122  
Oh wow, they really let the place go. It's almost exactly how /b/ used to be like.
>> No.32123  
I can't even deny anymore that /bun/ is better than /jp/ even though it's slow.
>> No.32141  
Who the hell is Amanda? I don't even know these tripcodes.

I guess I'm no longer a /jp/sy, it's been years since I stopped browsing the board on a daily basis.
>> No.32143  
It's the "milk" tripperson. She's been on /jp/ for years, but only recently everyone started paying attention to her.
>> No.32144  
Yeah. The funny thing is I'm one of the least normal and sociable people I know but just the fact that I have a few friends and recently started going out with a girl (for the first time in my life) makes me a huge normalfag by /jp/ standards. It doesn't matter that I've been on /jp/ longer than most of them or that I've played way more eroge than most of them, I still don't belong on /jp/ apparently.
>> No.32145  
>better than jaypee
You're pathetic, or just jewish
>> No.32147  
I've been going there too long to stop. It's part of my daily routine now. There are still posters(probably new) trying to moderate the place. Thus we have neo-/jp/.

I still love you /jp/. Forever and ever.
>> No.32148  
no, i'm just tired of that shithole
>> No.32150  
>Implying you're quoting someone
>> No.32152  
File: 1353302489499.jpg -(209.6 KB, 686x441) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This thread has gone on too long without my very important opinion!
I really LIKE /jp/. I think it's shitty and dumb and stupid but I really really like it!
>> No.32153  
Even when it's not shitposting, a thread that would have been acceptable in old /jp/ is deleted immediately in new /jp/. Shit's depressing
>> No.32154  

bahaha calling people jews, like south park!!! TV!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
>> No.32155  
The joke is that this is the average post quality on /jp/ today. It is not a very funny joke.
>> No.32156  

>started going out with a girl (for the first time in my life) makes me a huge normalfag by /jp/ standards.

It makes you one by any standard. The fact it's something you feel the need to bring up to complete strangers makes it worse
>> No.32160  
It's directly relevant to the topic of the thread, friend.

And no, plenty of abnormal people have girlfriends or wives.
>> No.32161  
I've always been 'too normal and sociable for /jp/' by its 'truNEET' standards (have been on the board since 2008). I'm following education, doing well, have ambitions for my future career and have an active social life. (My love is only for 2D, though.) There's nothing wrong with having friends or hell, even somehow accepting a 3D romantic partner. You just don't bring it up on a place like /jp/. It's not your blog; just keep your personal life out of it and discuss the subject at hand. (At least, that's what it was like for old /jp/ - modern /jp/ is infested with people ignoring all of /jp/'s original board culture.)

I still visit the board on a semi-daily basis. I've never been so connected to a community as with /jp/, so even as I lament how much more terrible it gets every day I just can't leave. It's also still the best place to discuss some subjects, mainly VNs.
>> No.32162  

Hey guys, Touhou is cool and all but I thought I should let you know that I managed to find another human being who was willing to mate with me, something that the majority of the population of the planet does. I guess you could say I'm pretty cool. What, what do you mean you don't care and I should shut up??
>> No.32164  
File: nothin to fuck wit.jpg -(24.0 KB, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't think so. I had a girlfriend when I still browsed /jp/ seriously. Now I'm single and more autistic than ever before and my posting style has become increasingly bizarre and detached from the board's "focus."

I really want it to become 2d/random already because I like everybody there but I can't stand that the board is essentially touhou only + a few ghettos of assorted interests these days.
>> No.32165  

I'm not your friend, guy.
>> No.32168  
Your post is about as useless as my post that is pointing out how useless your post is.

How pointless!
>> No.32170  
Everything is pointless...
>> No.32176  
>because I like everybody there

I can't understand you people
>> No.32179  
It's ok, friend. Autism can be treated without suicide nowadays.
>> No.32188  
Why didn't Sauron just put a giant safety net over the volcano?
>> No.32189  
because rings can slip past nets.
>> No.32190  
Depends on the net.
>> No.32191  
A net fine enough to stop a ring from passing through would be torn apart by air coming from the volcano, to say nothing of if it ever erupted.
>> No.32193  
What if the net was made out of mithril?
>> No.32197  
Considering mithril is mined, smelted and forged, there's no reason to assume it has better heat resistance than normal metals. It would definitely melt over time.
>> No.32200  
What if the net was made out of diamonds?
>> No.32201  
What if the net was magic.
>> No.32202  
What if they put super powerful magnets everywhere so it would just bounce back out?
>> No.32203  
What if the net was made of same stone of the volcano
>> No.32205  
What if the net were made from rings of power?
>> No.32207  
Why didn't Sauron make another ring that controlled all the other rings?
>> No.32208  
Why in the first place did Sauron create a ring that could destroy him?
>> No.32209  
He made the ring so he was immortal as long as the ring wasn't destroyed. It pretty much saved him when Elrond and that other dude killed him like 100 years before the fellowship.
>> No.32210  
Why didn't he make the ring indestructible while also making him immortal? He could have made nine more for each finger too.
>> No.32211  
Why didn't he just keep his ring with him at all times? Or enchant the ring with an enchantment that makes it return to him magically instead of hiding whoever is carrying it from Sauron's troops?
>> No.32212  
In that case, why didn't he just make a new ring after his phylactery was destroyed, but before being killed? Mordor was still full of troops, there was no way the others could kill Sauron in time for that.
>> No.32218  
/jp/ - lotr/General
>> No.32220  
Why didn't he make a ring that made the other ring immortal?
>> No.32221  
It would still be vulnerable to 'remove from the game' effects.
>> No.32223  
what if gollum was actually sauron
>> No.32224  
This is /bun/...
>> No.32225  
what if sauron changed /bun/ into /jp/?
>> No.32232  
Gollum is moe.
>> No.32233  
Why didn't they just talk sauron into not being a bad person rather than try to destroy him?
>> No.32235  
File: Gollum-400x266.jpg -(22.8 KB, 400x266) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Gollum being kawaii and eating fish.
>> No.32239  
File: gollum.jpg -(594.3 KB, 1028x1116) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Gollum is moe.
>> No.32242  
"Any community that gets its laughs out of pretending to be idiots will eventually be overrun with actual idiots who think they're in good company"
--Rene Descartes
>> No.32246  
You are lying, he never said that
>> No.32249  
Besides, nobody "shitposted ironically" on /jp/. It was all up-front from the start.
>> No.32250  
File: SickAndTired.jpg -(48.0 KB, 600x616) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Are we ironically shitposting in this thread, or is this our true posting quality?
>> No.32252  
Looks like >>32145, >>32154 and >>32162 are "ironic" and the rest is just the posting quality. Yeah, it's been subtly decreasing over the years.
>> No.32253  
What if Gollum actually shitposts on /bun/?
>> No.32254  
I never watched Lord of The Rings.
>> No.32259  
He'd never do such a thing.

I like The Two Towers movie. It has everything I like about the trilogy: Gollum, Merry+Pippin and the tree things. I watched the extended version recently and it had more scenes with the trees, oh joy!
>> No.35277  

Too sociable anon?

I've got just the cure. Learn what these people are like in real life.
>> No.35279  
>> No.35280  
>North Korea
>> No.35281  
What the fuck. One of these guys lives three blocks away from me.
>> No.35284  
Go take photos of him and post them here.
>> No.35290  
Good, no ret/a/rds in my town.
>> No.35294  
We should make one of these for /bun/!
>> No.35297  
For all 2 of us?
>> No.35299  
Make that 3.

I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, as I've never been on that /a/ thread to see how they handled it. I didn't put any protection on it, so you can easily manipulate others' data, but hopefully no one will do that.

>For all 2 of us?
Oh yeah, wasn't there a /jp/ meme about how "there's me, you and the shitposter".
>> No.35301  
I'm pretty sure that guy was being sarcastic, dude.

I can't really blame you for wanting to make friends though, living in Haliburton must suck.
>> No.35302  
/jp/ has one of these too.
>> No.35305  
>767 Google+ friends

Geez, how do you even remember them all, anon
>> No.35306  
If that's the case, oh well.
Everyone here is nice and we share a common interest, being at an art school and all, but ultimately, they are all normals.
>> No.35310  
Google+ doesn't work like FB. People can add others without them adding back. 767 is the number of people who added me in their "circles", but I don't have nearly as many people "circled". So, to answer your question, I don't remember all of them.
>> No.35312  
Maybe start a new thread about it so people notice it.
>> No.35314  
>Oh yeah, wasn't there a /jp/ meme about how "there's me, you and the shitposter".
Did they warp it into that? It was a 'meme' (if you can call someone saying that every now and then a meme) way before the term 'shitposting' became popular. It used to be 'you, me and that other guy'.

The mostly unrelated 'all two of you?' used to be a popular response to 'why are you still here? We are all waiting for you at /bun/!'.
>> No.35315  
I guess I may as well go all the way eh? It's not like a little more embarrassment when no one else is interested is going to do much at this point.

>Did they warp it into that?
I probably was not remembering correctly.

>all two of you?
Oh, I've even forgotten about that. It's really been a while since I've last visited /jp/.

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