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File: cowgirl.png -(494.2 KB, 1000x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
506077 No.32322  
Old one autosaged, time to begin anew.

I wish these birds would go away
>> No.32324  
I wish my dick would go away
>> No.32327  
I wish I wasn't a slob.
>> No.32328  
That's a cute cow.
>> No.32329  

thanks, that's me
>> No.32330  
Cleaning my figs took a lot longer than I thought it would. It's 3am and I'm pretty sure the sun was out when I started. At least now I can get rid of all the packages that had been waiting for me to clean up the shelves.
>> No.32331  
I need to plan this campaign but keep getting distracted.
>> No.32335  
People on the news are starting to say "fail" like stupid internet people ("PR fail", "Superbowl fail", etc) and it's making me angry
>> No.32337  
I thought even stupid internet people didn't say "FAIL" anymore. Seems about right for television to pick it up now.
>> No.32368  
I favorited a guy on pixiv, then noticed he drew a bunch of guro and unfavorited him. After that I noticed he had favorited me in return and felt bad, so I favorited him again. I hope he didn't notice
>> No.32375  
NTR is terrible and yuri is so boring, so why do they combine to make something so amazing?
>> No.32380  
trappyfeet got suspended FUCK
>> No.32389  
The hide button works in my youtube feed again!
>> No.32390  
Please don't discriminate against guro artists they are people too.
>> No.32391  
The world needs more quality guro artists.
>> No.32393  
My dog has so bad breath. Is it contagious?
>> No.32394  
Lies. Guro artists are subhuman scum that belong with the likes of pedophiles and misogynists.
>> No.32396  
Hey, don't lump me in with those guys. I like my girls in one piece.
>> No.32400  
I hope they never catch the cop killer guy. Not because I'm a white suburban "fuck da cops" nerd type, but because he's a lot more interesting than the suicidal mass shooters we've had lately.
>> No.32402  
How does it feel that you take pleasure from elaboration in the death of others?
>> No.32404  
Death doesn't seem real when you see it on the TV/web.
>> No.32405  

If it's nobody I care about, then I don't care. Just like I wouldn't expect anyone but my parents to care when my weird ass dies, probably by my own hand
>> No.32406  
Tonight on XYZ News: Internet identified as a leading cause in violent tendencies of teens. Are your children safe? Find out at 8 eastern, 7 central and pacific.
>> No.32408  
USB 3.0 really is quick.
>> No.32411  
How fast? And do any computers have it or just supercomputers?
>> No.32414  
I hope they cap his dome. Too bad the LAPD is too incompetent to do so and they'll probably have to call in the feds.
>> No.32418  
stop fucking up my search results pixiv you are messing me up
>> No.32420  
What's this story about?
>> No.32422  
It's in newer computers. I bought this laptop a little over half a year ago and it has one USB 3.0 port. No idea about the speed, since you need USB 3.0-supporting devices to make use of it; using USB 2.0 devices the speed remains the same. Only noticeable difference is that Windows sometimes doesn't properly handle stuff being plugged into the 3.0 port, so I tend to avoid using it if the port next to it is still available.
>> No.32423  

a guy who got fired from the LA police force for ratting out another cop beating some retarded guy has sworn revenge, and is killing as many cops (and their families) as he can before they kill him. He is ex-navy, has a ton of weapons, and they have no idea where the fuck he is. He's killed 3 people so far and the cops have wounded quite a few innocents while looking for him, in one instance shooting up a truck driven by two old ladies for no real reason other than the guy was said to be driving a truck (which was a different make and color)
>> No.32427  
Why are they trying to kill him?
Well, I mean why were they trying to kill him before he started murdering cops?
>> No.32437  
He posted some manifesto online about how he will track down and murder the people who he thinks wronged him (read: sided against him in an internal investigation that led to his firing) and their entire families. You can read it with a quick Google search.

The guy is obviously crazy, but when I got to the end I felt a bit sorry for him. He wants his brain donated to science so that they can study the effects of clinical depression.
>> No.32441  
I will kill a bunch of people too and have my brain donated so I can help the advance of science
>> No.32456  
Doesn't saying you don't have it in you to be pope anymore kind of invalidate the whole "chosen by god" thing
>> No.32457  
He was kind of a shitty pope anyway. I want another JP2
>> No.32459  
Personally I'm waiting for japanese chuuni LNs to build a backstory for it.
>> No.32460  
Why do my shoulders hurt when I laugh real hard?
>> No.32461  
The symphony was a little more boring than I expected, but I still enjoyed being able to listen in a real concert hall.
>> No.32462  

My shoulders sometimes hurt after I sneeze
>> No.32463  
Today was a good day.
>> No.32466  
I've lost the will to study, and choosing a subject is hard.
>> No.32468  
I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy Persona 3.
>> No.32477  
tumblr is a pretty good place to get anime gifs but why the fuck to they put weird filters all over them
>> No.32484  
You could have told me so before I bought it! You trickster, you!
>> No.32485  
File: tricked.jpg -(61.2 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.32486  

why is that picture so funny to me despite hating everything about it
>> No.32489  
Who's that cutie!
Oh, it's just me in the mirror.
>> No.32490  
I just got a sodastreamer and I've never felt this white and middle-class my whole life.
>> No.32491  
Oh god, hats everywhere, what's happening?!
>> No.32492  
Must be Foreveralone Day somewhere.
>> No.32498  
File: kyou being a victim of capitalist society.jpg -(176.9 KB, 600x696) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's almost love commercialization day. If you have a girlfriend, you are now socially obligated to buy a present for her, preferably as expensive as possible (you don't love her if you don't waste tons of money on a yearly symbolic act).
>> No.32510  
I was the girlfriend of my last relationship and it was me who bought the expensive presents in every special day.
>> No.32514  
What the hell are you talking about, St. Valentinus has been around since 200 A.D. and Valentine's day has been celebrated for centuries. Like Christmas, the day is what you make it.
Don't be bitter.
>> No.32516  
File: 1352451414832.png -(47.3 KB, 1032x739) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have a bunch of these and also find them hilarious.
>> No.32535  
File: kyou dressed up as the spirit of capitalism.jpg -(266.4 KB, 500x681) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The day is what companies make it. Marketing influences society, and society decides what any specific special day means. Christmas did not even have the aspect of giving gifts to family until the 19th century, and it has since been further emphasized by people with commercial interests until present day, where gift giving has become the main activity of Christmas and the holiday plays an important role in our economy. Similarly, Valentine's Day was only about writing poetry until the 19th century, when mass-producible cards became popular. Giving actual gifts wasn't part of the holiday until the latter half of the 20th century, and giving jewelry wasn't popular until the diamond industry made a push for it in the 80s. It's nice if we can still see it as a day of purely expressing romantic feelings, but society still tells us that only our wallets can convey our feelings on this day.
>> No.32544  
I need to go outside. It's beautiful.
>> No.32548  
Where did the thread about that other board go? It was obviously deleted on /general/, but did we just see a deletion on /photos/ for content? I thought anything was allowed?
>> No.32550  
It was probably deleted for advertising. If you search the /jp/ archive for that website you can see that /jp/ had no part in its creation, and besides in blatant spam threads it's never even mentioned.
>> No.32553  
I guess the mods didn't want all two of our posters to leave /bun/ for that site.
>> No.32555  
This is blatantly wrong.
>> No.32559  
I think I finally got that youtube guy I mentioned in the last thread to close his account. I guess seeing one red thumb on every video he made was too much for him
>> No.32560  
Off to drive three hours! Hurrah!
>> No.32562  
I won a contest on the internet, it feels really good.
>> No.32564  
Advertisement has always been deleted on both boards.
>> No.32565  
Spam from bots has. I don't think there's any precedent for actual advertising on /photos/.
>> No.32568  
I usually keep news on the TV in the background for some background noise while I'm on the computer (and if any important things go down I'll be the first to know in my house), but I've finally gotten to the point where I just can't anymore. 80% of CNN stories are about youtube and twitter, Fox is a rich republican mouthpiece, and when it isn't showing prison documentaries MSNBC makes my eyes glaze over. It all makes me ill
>> No.32570  
I find this troubling as well. I would like to stay up on current events but have no idea what's happening even outside my home because journalism is completely intolerable.
>> No.32571  
Pretty sure I've seen people here advertise tohnochan or whatever the name is.
>> No.32585  

The last current events I remember are

-the pope is quitting to be a NEET

-some people on a cruise got stranded at sea and pooped on each other

-north korea did a nuke thing again

-a meteor hit russia

I hope this helps, friend
>> No.32588  
Man, the new danbooru sucks.
>> No.32589  
Seriously, where am I supposed to get my loli now?
>> No.32590  
>The site is down for maintenance.
What happened anyways?
>> No.32592  
I wanted to post about something that makes me very happy but it's so embarrasing I can't bring myself to.

The original sources maybe?
>> No.32593  
Danbooru 2

I'll probably use Pixiv more now, but I've always preferred danbooru's UI and it aggregates various artists that don't post on Pixiv as well.
>> No.32594  
Why don't you guys just use Gelbooru?
>> No.32600  
Am I missing something? Danbooru looks exactly the same to me
>> No.32601  
Personal preference mostly. I've noticed marginally better/more comprehensive tagging on and more active moderation on Danbooru.
>> No.32609  
Full-page interrupt advertisements (the worst kind)
Source links are unreliable at best
No quality control, so you will see a page of results that are all from one CG set with like five pixels difference between them
>> No.32610  
It logged me out yesterday and I was forced to guess passwords. Now it's under maintenance again.
I didn't notice any functional difference besides an obnoxiously placed "Wiki" link that didn't actually work, since my search oohoshi_awai translated was two tags and surprise surprise there was no wiki page for it.
>> No.32615  
no quality control, shit tagging, shit sources
>> No.32621  

Today CNN has had 3 separate "news" pieces about saturday night live sketches, which consist of them showing a bit of a sketch and laughing at it. Is the news in other countries this absurdly terrible, please tell me it isn't
>> No.32626  

The news in Australia is okay. They try and present information in a fair and factual manner, and generally don't waste time on shit like you mentioned. Naturally, this doesn't apply to shows like 60 Minutes or Today Tonight.
>> No.32629  
News in Germany keep it on a fairly professional level, as long as you stay with public broadcasts; that's also basically the only thing they're good for. Private TV stations are so bad I avoid them on principle.
>> No.32630  
Calling in sick was much less complicated than I thought. Now it's time to jump through some bureaucratic hoops to actually be officially sick.
>> No.32631  
Thank you, sir.
>> No.32636  
Why do I drive so poorly with my driving teacher, but not with anyone else? It worries me.
>> No.32648  
I'm starting to think my mother is going legitimately insane.
>> No.32661  
Just two weeks ago I was happy to have uncluttered my to-do/read browser tabs. Now I'm back to 95 tabs and there's still a whole link forest in some of those.
>> No.32669  
One of my favorite pixiv artists deleted their account and made a new one, I'm sure glad I caught them again
>> No.32670  
Today was a slightly above average day.
>> No.32671  
That didn't go as well as I'd want it to. Oh well, nothing to be done about that. At least I've gotten better playing that thing.
>> No.32672  
i want to disappear
>> No.32674  
How did I manage to catch up like that?
>> No.32717  
I managed to get the attention of a cute girl but in the end I realized I didn't really want any of it. I'm really pathetic for hitting on someone to try to ease my months-old sexual frustration to a third party.
>> No.32722  
I had no idea youtube had ads in their videos, since I always use adblock. How can people live that way?!
>> No.32745  
I saw an extremely cute girl my age yesterday. Too bad I stuttered like an idiot...
>> No.32748  
>my age

People your age are no longer boys/girls, anon. Perhaps she was a "woman"?
>> No.32752  

I want to stab you in the face
>> No.32753  
I keep losing my socks.
>> No.32754  

I'm takin' em
>> No.32757  
Give them back
>> No.32758  
Why are pipe fittings so complicated?
>> No.32759  
If I wake up tomorrow I am gonna be so disappointed
>> No.32760  
I feel like I don't need a girlfriend.

I am content being alone.

Or maybe I am just bad dealing with people.

I don't know.
>> No.32763  
I feel the same way. I don't even notice when many days pass by without contact with my friends.

Some think I'm asexual. Maybe I am? Or maybe not? Maybe only people who don't masturbate or have already had one want girlfriends?
>> No.32765  
Hey! They should be returned to me, not you!
>> No.32766  

>> No.32767  
Well, it's rather hard to wake up yesterday...though if you sleep early enough, you can wake up today.
>> No.32768  
Wait, you have friends? What does it feel like?
>> No.32769  
I want to cry
>> No.32770  
Me too, this thread is too active.
>> No.32771  
Great, now I'm back to dreaming of that person every night. How do I get out of this? Though I'm not even sure if I want to. At least I can be close to them in my head.
>> No.32772  
File: 6d573b1eaa46c3ca83d21debbb5201ed.jpg -(212.6 KB, 800x1132) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You're all so adorably lonely ;_;
>> No.32774  

Boring. They're cool and I mostly like being with them, but it's mostly nothing I'll notice if it's not there. I feel kinda bad. I imagine they appreciate my friendship and I want to reciprocate.
>> No.32788  
I think I might read everything Erogedownload has in alphabetical order.
>> No.32790  
People shouldn't disagree with me.
>> No.32793  

>> No.32794  
I think it's good if people disagree with you every once in a while. Offering differing viewpoints and all, you know?
>> No.32796  
I wish Andrea was dead. Also myself
>> No.32797  
What did he ever do to you?
>> No.32800  
Today was an average day.
>> No.32801  
We should hang out more.
>> No.32803  
Quvenzhané Wallis is a bit of a cunt
>> No.32804  
The more I look at this cow, the cuter it gets.
>> No.32805  
I want to bully you.
>> No.32807  
School's such a drag? We should go hang out sometime?
>> No.32808  
File: cowgirl2.jpg -(136.9 KB, 850x944) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you'll have to get through me first, punk
>> No.32809  
File: 1336944608290.jpg -(205.3 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.32810  
File: cowgirl tears.png -(467.6 KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.32813  
Let's climb on top of the roof and smoke cigarettes.
>> No.32816  
Every time somebody brings up pacing I just stop reading their post and ignore them. "Pacing" basically means "I can't figure out what's actually bothering me so much about this anime because I'm incompetent, but I still have to open my mouth about it because I literally cannot shut up".
>> No.32818  
File: Magical Rin of +2 Pretentiousness [equipped].png -(352.3 KB, 545x583) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I disagree with the use of the term 'pacing' for a different reason.

'Pacing problems' refer to the plot moving too slowly or too quickly. The problem here is that there is no objective standard for 'the correct pace'. If a story takes ages to handle a simple plot point, then that's not bad per se. As long as the process of getting from point A to point B is entertaining the entire way, it doesn't really matter how quickly the story goes from point A to point B.

When people complain about slow pacing, it just means they find the story boring, that it puts too much time into things they are not interested in (usually character building and comedy). When people complain about fast pacing, it just means the story is not developed properly - characters remain plot devices with no real personality and plot points remain vague (or are skipped/ignored entirely).

"Pacing" has a meaning, it's just a very vague one. It's like calling a story "boring" or "shallow" - by itself it's only a subjective description, and it requires further elaboration to really understand the full meaning.
>> No.32819  
Hey! This thread is for short thoughts ONLY. No long thoughts allowed!
>> No.32822  
I stopped reading at "pacing" anyways.
>> No.32823  
But, but, >>31034 made an even longer post than mine! And somebody was WRONG! On the INTERNET! How can I just leave it alone?!
>> No.32824  
That's ridiculous. Everyone knows that you can't write things on the internet unless they're true.
>> No.32825  
No, no, you've got it backwards. Everything on the internet is true. But occasionally, people are wrong on the internet. That's why it's our job to make sure nobody is wrong on the internet, so that everything on the internet is still true.
>> No.32827  
Here's a short thought to balance things out.
>> No.32829  
The way image boards tend to waste so much vertical space for single-line replies is starting to piss me off. I can't help but think that putting the timestamp and name in it's own column and forcing >> citations in front of text in it's own line would make good comments easier to spot, reduce reading fatigue and deter stupid comments.
>> No.32830  

>> No.32833  
>forcing >> citations in front of text instead of in it's own line
I can't seem to post in this thread without revising and deleting my previous reply at least once.
>> No.32834  
I don't know anything about computers, but it seems that Flash update is making my browsing life very troublesome right now.
>> No.32835  

I had a solid 3 months where watching videos on certain sites longer than a few minutes had a chance of freezing my browser, then one day it went away for no reason
>> No.32836  
>for no reason
I absolutely hate it when that happens.
>> No.32840  
Jesus Christ, these copics empty out quickly.
>> No.32841  
I'm worried about the guy who was cross with his friend (?) Andrea. They are bros and should only want nice things for one another.
>> No.32842  
Hi Andrea.
>> No.32843  

Andrea didn't kill my sworn enemy when she had the chance, even after all the evidence of him being a bad person was laid out right in front of her. She's dead to me.
>> No.32846  
If he's your sworn enemy that you want dead, why would you leave the task to a third party? Don't say "I thought she was my friend", that's not how it works. You get your hands dirty for your self.
>> No.32847  

There's no way I could get close to him, the place he's at is locked down and I'd be dead before I got close. He trusts her though
>> No.32851  
Why don't you just deal with it then? You can't kill him so that's that, move on.
>> No.32852  

If I don't kill him, he's going to kill my people. Him and his men have killed 2 already, and almost had 2 others executed.
>> No.32853  
What kind of shady business are you involved in? I never thought bunbunmaru would have killers in their userbase.
>> No.32854  
I want to pet that cute cow girl
>> No.32855  

I'm just trying to survive!
>> No.32856  

I want to do other things to that cute cow girl.
>> No.32857  
I want to use the cowgirl's milk for my cereal
>> No.32858  
The guro thread didn't tip you off?
>> No.32860  
I want to bully you.
>> No.32861  
So you won't survive unless you kill him?

Hey, I like guro and I'm no killer.
>> No.32862  
Are you guys referencing some video game or something?
>> No.32863  
Sounds like girl trouble to me. But then this is /bun/, so I wouldn't expect anything else.
>> No.32864  
Ma vie, essaye-tu de me faire chier?
>> No.32865  
Goddamn pixiv is fucking up again. My morning is ruined!
>> No.32873  
Today was an above average day.
>> No.32874  
These cats are too cute, I can't handle it
>> No.32875  
Time to clean the house! Gotta wipe that floor!
>> No.32879  
I think I've torn something in the back of my knee. It hurts.
>> No.32880  
I'm so fucking tired but I can't sleep because I'm waiting for a text from my boss.
>> No.32881  
I can't sleep because I'm at work.
>> No.32882  
I wish I had work, but I didn't get the job. Hrmrmrm.
>> No.32883  
Want to trade?
>> No.32885  
What makes you think that?
>> No.32888  
Today I held in a fart so hard I thought I had ruptured my intestines.
I didn't shit blood afterwards, though, so I should be okay.
>> No.32891  
I don't want to do anything useful
I don't want to do anything useless
>> No.32895  
Go for a walk! That's always the right thing to do.
>> No.32896  
I can't stop making cute girls in this thing http://pochi.x.fc2.com/k_kisekae2.html

someone help me!
>> No.32897  

Also I wish there was a way to change their automode personality. I want them to get more disgusted and embarrassed when I strip them, not be all smiles
>> No.32901  
I just remembered we have /general/.
>> No.32903  
I really like classical music and want to get more into it, but whenever I try to seriously listen to a piece I end up falling asleep!
>> No.32906  

Maybe you don't like classical music
>> No.32913  
Read about the forms of the music and the history of the composers. It's much more interesting that way.
>> No.32917  
Java Server Faces makes me want to kill myself.
>> No.32918  

the thought of living another day makes me want to kill myself
>> No.32919  
Why don't you do it then?
>> No.32920  

I don't have the guts
>> No.32924  
oh god im fucking wrecked
>> No.32925  
You should've checked yourself before you wrecked yourself
>> No.32926  
I hope nobody breaks into our house again in a few weeks since nobody will be here. I would be here but apparently its really important i go to a relative's birthday party despite never going to any other of their birthday parties and them never coming to mine. If someone stole my computer and my external harddrives I'd probably shoot myself
>> No.32927  
You won't be able to shoot yourself if they steal your gun!
>> No.32928  
I wonder if I'll ever get my computer back from the repair shop.
>> No.32949  
I failed at making eggs today, so I'm considering suicide.
>> No.32973  

only females can produce eggs, it's nothing to be ashamed about
>> No.32974  
I made eggs yesterday. Does that mean I'm a real girl?
>> No.32975  
>> No.32979  
Today was a slightly below average day.
>> No.32983  
I wish /bun/ would stop wallowing in self-pity and breathe some fresh air. I deal with depression. It's not easy, but I grow a vagina and do it. THat's just how it is.
>> No.32984  
I wish I could grow a vagina
>> No.32985  
get fucked mate, yoou can't tell me what to do!
>> No.32986  

i dont even care about the vagina, i just wanna look like a cute girl
>> No.32987  
The most depressing thing about this thread is how active it is compared to the rest of bun.
>> No.32988  
We are all waiting for you at /ota/.
>> No.32989  
I know what "grow some balls" means, but what does it mean to "grow a vagina"?
>> No.32990  

Shut the fuck up and get out
>> No.32991  
Why are you so mad? And no, I will just stay on both /bun/ and /ota/.
>> No.32992  
It means the same thing, but "grow some balls" only applies to boys, whereas "grow a vagina" applies to the cute girls who make up the majority of posters here.
>> No.32993  
Okie dokie.
>> No.32995  
Can I see your vagina?
>> No.32996  
Gross, why would you want to see that?
>> No.32997  
"Can I see your vagina?"

>> No.32999  
cum totem
>> No.33000  
what about it
>> No.33007  
I no longer care how shit 4chan is. In fact, I've decided to embrace its shittiness with a renewed outlook!
>> No.33008  
Hey me too!
>> No.33009  
Congratulations, you've taken the first step towards becoming a shitposter. Now get yourself a catchy name and trip and start astroturfing your identity.
>> No.33010  
I read that as astrosurfing and was very amused.
>> No.33011  
What's the name in Japanese of that fetish where women are used as toilets?

I've seen a cover,called "rocket human toilet fetish",or something like that,but I know there has to be an actual name for this fetish.
>> No.33014  
Niku dorei means meat slave, can it be that?
>> No.33021  
Isn't it just 'human toilet'? I think that's what its tag is on Gelbooru, anyways.
>> No.33024  
I'm sorry I've disappointed you, Ian.
>> No.33028  
a bunch of normal people with their faces as avatars and bronies are liking a game picture i posted on tumblr and it's making me feel bad, why do i do this
>> No.33033  
Sometimes I get confused and don't remember the past couple of days. Is this normal?
>> No.33039  
Doesn't sound normal to me.
>> No.33049  
A technologically inclined friend didn't know what RSS is. Is this the new normal? How do you even organize the wealth of news sites, blogs, tumblrs, twitters, youtubes, internet comics and shit to keep updated with if it wasn't for RSS?
>> No.33051  
The only thing I know about RSS is that it's a feed to get updates from sites. RSS has never been truly mainstream, so many internet users (including 'technologically inclined' people, including myself) simply have never used it (and I haven't seen anyone use it either).

As for how to stay up to date, a combination of manual checking + twitter does the job perfectly fine.
>> No.33053  
I wouldn't have expected any deeper knowledge. What baffles me is that he didn't even recognize the acronym. It seems unbelievable to me that someone, who has browsed the internet for a decade and is minoring in computer science no less, has no awareness of this extremely widely used protocol, what with a button labeled "RSS" at the top or bottom of virtually every news site. Worse, it enforces a dreaded suspicion: That I, too, do not know any person my age who uses RSS.

I guess I'm just worried that the most logical and arguably easiest way to keep up-to-date on the web will become obsolete, and we all begin to download free site-specific apps for our iPhones instead.
>> No.33056  
one of our neighbors walked by our house unwrapping something and threw the trash in our yard like it was nothing. I wonder if it was the same one that broke in here a few months ago
>> No.33057  
I don't use it either. None of my CS buddies use it too.
>> No.33058  
I have a few forums I look at frequently, this is how I get my news and updates on everything
>> No.33059  
There's really only one website that both updates infrequently and I actually care if there's new content or not. It's easier to just look at the site instead of trying to wrangle with some complicated notification system.
>> No.33061  
I use RSS for the same kinds of sites. It keeps me from having to load around 100 pages every day that probably haven't even updated.
>> No.33063  
File: he must pay for his vile deeds.jpg -(229.9 KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
He has disgraced your family. It is time for revenge.
>> No.33065  
I find it funny that Etrian Odyssey 4 currently has a Metacritic score of 86, while Etrian Odyssey 3 is 77. Because, with the exception of the overhaul of the gathering mechanic in 4, I prefer 3 on the whole. 4 actually was a downgrade in several areas, namely nerfed subclassing and little use of the sixth character slot.

Maybe critics were kinder to 4 because of the "casual mode" option.
>> No.33069  
Greentext is dead. All hail the mighty ||!
>> No.33070  
Having shaved genitals isn't itchy at all! But getting at the ballsack is quite scary.
>> No.33071  
[color=green]>yfw greentext is already back[/color]
>> No.33075  
Mirrai Nikki being this popular and successful genuinely still angers me.
It's on objectively bad manga with a terrible adaptation, I can't understand why so many people like it, and this confusion is infuriating.
>> No.33076  
File: stop liking what i dont like.jpg -(40.1 KB, 387x417) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.33078  
>> No.33080  
Because it has a "omg so kawaii yandere XD my waifu ^_^" in it.
>> No.33081  
>incoherent mess of shounen tropes
I think you answered your own question.
>> No.33085  

ha ha words on an image, great stuff
>> No.33089  
Smug woman gets paid $158,000 to write 6th grade book report on Youtube.

>> No.33090  
I wonder how much money her youtube views are worth.
>> No.33093  
File: anita shoes.jpg -(153.8 KB, 355x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If she's a partner she's made around 172 dollars on that video so far. That's just pennies compared to the money the nerds threw at her and the money she gets to speak at conferences though
>> No.33094  
I really hated Little Busters, but I can't stop listening to the OST. I must have played it dozens of time over the last couple of years.
>> No.33097  

Check your privilege, chauvinist pig.
>> No.33099  
For the second day in a row, my hand smells like vomit for no reason I can think of. What the fuck?
>> No.33101  
Godam shit fuck I broke my fucking external HDD! All that data, lost!
>> No.33102  
For some reason I read that as Gundam
>> No.33104  
Do people really say that line, or is that another kind of internet diarrhea?
>> No.33105  
I use it ironically.
>> No.33107  

people like tumblr teens and SA goons do but when I hear it anywhere else I assume it's ironic
>> No.33108  
Tumblr goons and SA teens
>> No.33136  
My neck hurts and I don't know why.
>> No.33145  
Jones is a jew
>> No.33146  
Is he a proud jew?
>> No.33149  
I'm getting a callus on my dick.
>> No.33150  
That's not good...
>> No.33152  
All the clocks that I was too lazy to change when daylight savings time ended last year are back to having the correct time again! I like problems that go away if you ignore them long enough.
>> No.33154  
I can't believe America still thinks daylight savings time is a good idea.
>> No.33155  
Are there countries that don't use DST?
Relevant ones, I mean.
>> No.33156  
Is Japan relevant enough for you?
>> No.33157  
Those sandal-wearing goldfish-tenders?!
>> No.33158  

not only that, but they actually changed when it happens a few years ago, so every clock that has daylight savings built-in will just be confusing if you don't turn it off
>> No.33160  
Even some parts of the US don't use it
>> No.33163  
I don't have anything against DST. Standard time, on the other hand, sucks. Who wants the sun to set at freaking 17?

All standard American time zones should be moved up by 1 hour, then DST can be eliminated.
>> No.33164  
We should just redefine time every day so that 7:00 happens at sunrise in the center of the time zone. It's not like we don't have the technology to do it nowadays, and it would eliminate the issues with sudden time changes while still keeping it light during waking hours as much as possible.
>> No.33166  
making a conscious effort to not watch TV news has made me realize that there is not a single thing on TV that interests me at all. even just for background noise everything is so terrible
>> No.33168  
Someone's grandma once said "Impossible is impossible only because someone haven't put enough effort to make it possible"
>> No.33179  
Dividing by zero is impossible.
>> No.33181  
You'd know why this is a bad idea if you lived further north.
>> No.33185  
The North Pole would have a two-day calendar. With an average life expectancy of 80 years, you could live for 14600 human years!
>> No.33187  
Edison found a way to do it, but they wouldn't let him publish it because of the implications.
>> No.33201  
I dreamed I had a dog, so I kept turning off the alarm to keep dreaming and now I'm late.
>> No.33203  
I watched the Vatican election of a new pope live, and after so much waiting and anticipating, an old man just comes out and announces it on a microphone.

Most anti-climatic live event ever.
>> No.33205  
I am quite annoyed by all this "first non-European pope" hype we got. It really shows people who talk about these things do not do their research first. Also it's way more interesting that they chose a Jesuit priest than his country of origin.
>> No.33209  
File: shirt.jpg -(57.5 KB, 385x594) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I hate tucking in shirts.
>> No.33210  
Sometimes when I don't get email for a while I send something to myself to make sure it isn't broken.
>> No.33214  
Day 3 of new quest. Gotta mark that calendar.
>> No.33215  
It's probably because he wasn't a favourite and pretty unknown before he got elected. I was watching the live election and the three commentators, one a priest the other a nun, were all like: "Yeah, I have no idea who that guy is." When they announced the results.
I think he's gonna be good though, Francis of Assisi has always been one of my favourite saints.
>> No.33217  
I always found it funny that you elect the conduit for your lord and saviour. Funny and really depressing that such a clearly bullshit establishment controls so much of the world.
>> No.33227  
True, but I still feel like they should have known that he was not the first non-European pope as some of the favourite/most speculated candidates were not from Europe.
>> No.33254  
I dreamed I had the power to turn into any animal when in water and I had to help a little girl with something. We hijacked a bus in the middle of the night.

It was awesome.
>> No.33262  
Argh, I missed the delivery of an artbook I ordered because of going out to eat lunch. Now I have to wait until Monday.
>> No.33274  
i wish i was taller
>> No.33275  

I wish I was shorter
>> No.33281  
I wish everyone else was shorter so that I'd be taller in a relative sort of way
>> No.33282  
I'm pretty satisfied with my height. I just wish my face was a little slimmer.
>> No.33286  
I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her.
>> No.33287  
As kids, we are taught that effort and quality work are rewarded. Even though for many years I've understood on a rational level that it's bullshit, I keep setting myself up for disappointment, each time hoping 'if it's this good, not everybody will ignore it this time!'. It's so sad.
>> No.33289  
"It's a little bit like the Wild West. The trolls are winning." - Dominique Brossard
Well that metaphor broke down quickly.
>> No.33303  
It always makes me happy to see a pixiv artist who is committed to drawing one girl, sometimes over years. It's sweet
>> No.33327  
I've been trying to fall asleep in my chair, but I just can't do it, it's too uncomfortable.
>> No.33328  
I spoiled the rest of the walking dead season for myself and now I feel bad
>> No.33332  
I wish I could hold my liquor.
>> No.33334  
Download demo.
Install demo.
Download demo update.
Install demo update.
Choose 'buy full game' in demo. Doesn't work.
Quit game.
Go to PSN and search for game.
Buy game.
Download game.
Install game.
Download update.
Install update.

Somebody get me a cartridge. I miss the times when you could just play games. I haven't waited this long for a game since the Commodore 64 era.
>> No.33335  
Dunno what game that is, but couldn't you have skipped the first 6 steps?
>> No.33342  
I feel bad when I'm not impressed by movies people like. I thought Yojimbo was boring and unengaging.

Funnily enough, not really.
>> No.33343  

Now they put a big bag of shoeboxes in our trashcan, probably because their own trashcan is so full it won't close and their garbage is blowing out and around the neighborhood. living next to black people fucking sucks
>> No.33347  
just epilate
>> No.33351  
I love you /photos/ don't ever do that again.
>> No.33352  

do what?
>> No.33353  
Disappear, you didn't notice?
>> No.33358  
Suddenly every school wants to accept me. I feel like the prettiest girl at the ball
>> No.33362  
Trying to do things in the last minute and now I'm screwed.
>> No.33407  
Me too.
>> No.33413  
File: akane hoodie brush.jpg -(212.8 KB, 369x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I had a dream where I was an anime girl that looked like Akane. I forgot the bottom of my school uniform so I just wore my swimsuit instead. Later patchouli showed me a hidden door that lead into a mine, where I got into a shootout with Shane from the walking dead. It was the coolest dream I ever had
>> No.33414  
did he have his hat on?
>> No.33415  

No. I don't think it was even supposed to be the character shane, I think my brain wanted "crazy shoot man" and that was the first thing it picked for some reason
>> No.33436  
Why is /bun/ so active lately?

I'm scared.
>> No.33439  
I had Aya and Hatate appear in the same dream where some huge piranha nibbled my hand.
>> No.33443  
There must be more than just the two of us now.
>> No.33444  
I thought I would cry, but I didn't. Hurrah!

I started posting.
>> No.33446  
There's something like 200 unique visitors to /bun/ each day. Most of us just don't bother to post (frequently).
>> No.33464  
When a hive is under attack, you go defend it. You do not wander around killing power nodes in empty rooms.

Bloody useless wankers.
>> No.33468  
I'll start working on it when I get home.

I'll start working on it in 2 hours.

I'll start working on it in another hour.

I'll start working on it after dinner.

I'll start working on it tomorrow.
>> No.33480  
I've finally decided,if I ever win the lottery,this man will be the smith who forges my perfect katana.

>> No.33482  
I finally decided to communicate with my favorite doujin artist and it turned out to be an extremely pleasing exchange of words. I'm so happy I could die.
>> No.33483  

Who was it?
>> No.33489  
What a coincidence. All CloudFlare sites have been down/extremely slow to the point of time-outs for the past hour, if not longer. Good thing 4chan has CloudFlare nowadays to maximize uptime!
>> No.33495  
Mizuryu Kei
>> No.33500  
If the steam market would loosen up on what they let me sell, I could probably make enough money to never have to pay for a steam game again
>> No.33506  
That's uh, hm. Ahm, well that's some nice art I guess!
>> No.33510  
Don't bully, Anon! So what if he likes slutty ganguro bitches? There's nothing wrong with that.

Did you communicate in English or Japanese?
>> No.33512  
>Feel free to donate to aya@bunbunmaru.com via paypal if you feel contributing, it'd let me eat something more than tuna and rice for the next few months.

That sounds delicious, I suddenly have an urge to buy some tuna and rice.
>> No.33519  
Don't pretend to be me!

It was Miwa Hitomi.
>> No.33529  
File: piss.jpg -(1458.2 KB, 1773x2564) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I think my fetish for this year will be "girls pissing themselves"
>> No.33539  
Only one fetish a year?
>> No.33540  
Looks like we also have a blog thread now.
>> No.33542  

Yeah, this is actually the 3rd one!
>> No.33565  
You don't get it! This isn't a blog, it's a micro-blog!
>> No.33581  
I think I post about my masturbation habits too much, here and elsewhere.
>> No.33585  
I was scared! I'm glad you're back, /bun/!
>> No.33586  
All threads disappeared for a few minutes, I was so scared.
>> No.33587  
That was scary.
>> No.33589  
Clicking on the video game thread gives me a page that just says "No."

I know it's the "No.123456" post number link thing not finishing but it still makes me feel like the board is telling me something
>> No.33590  
File: no.png -(329.0 KB, 500x369) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.33591  
I knew you'd never leave me, /photos/ <3
>> No.33595  
Oh, so it happened again. You're so buggy, bunbunmaru.
>> No.33596  
>> No.33600  
I washed the house! But since I was scrubbin, I got this real 気持ちわるい in my knees. Damn pants.
>> No.33602  
Why is part of your post in 日本語?
>> No.33604  
Sometimes I get all どきどき and forget which language I'm posting in.
>> No.33608  
Granny Smith is a pretty good apple type.
>> No.33610  
The guy who makes the cute girl creator put out an update and now all my cute girl codes are broken!
>> No.33615  
/bun/, are you okay?
>> No.33616  

I hope so!
>> No.33642  
So, what, are they all mindbroken NTR victim now?
>> No.33664  

their clothes are all disheveled but they are still smiling, so maybe
>> No.33665  
File: 1315445558.27204650.jpg -(531.9 KB, 1005x1312) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.33732  
not really.
>> No.33736  
My mom got a smartphone. I am now the only person in my family to not own a cellphone
>> No.33739  
I saved a piece of food just before it almost fell between two keys on my keyboard!
>> No.33741  
Why are you eating at your computer anyways?
>> No.33744  
Well, where else can I eat? On my bed? In my roommate's room? In our tiny kitchen? Bathroom?
>> No.33747  
I eat on my bed which doubles up as at my computer.
>> No.33762  
It's really cute when /bun/ quarrels. It's like I really have two cute imouto who lovingly argues with each other all the time~
>> No.33765  
C-cute? Stop being weird, baka onii-chan!
>> No.33773  
Sometimes I take screencaps of particular forum or imageboard posts that I found interesting/funny for one reason or another and save them, like a scrapbook of my internet life. Does that make me weird?
>> No.33774  
No, but asking that question makes you stupid.
>> No.33775  
Don't bully.
>> No.33780  
He's right. Why would you care if something about yourself is "weird"? You are an individual, individuality should be a given.
>> No.33784  
Who in their right mind spends time alone with the person they're going mad for?
>> No.33785  
I dig up corpses and have sex with them. Does that make me weird?
>> No.33786  
if digging up corpses and having sex with them is weird, then consider me miles davis
>> No.33788  
Well, it doesn't technically hurt someone (except for some feelings on the side maybe). Watch out for diseases though.
>> No.33793  
If someone digs up your dearly departed mother for sex, you're well within your rights to turn him into a corpse!
>> No.33795  
What if it's my pathetic father who developed symptoms of schizophrenia and manic depression after the death of his dearly beloved waifu? Would it be ethical?
>> No.33804  
Not my problem if he's into fat chicks.
>> No.33805  
I really wanna ask the guy who runs http://pochi.x.fc2.com/k_kisekae2.html if he can add a trap character option, but I don't know japanese, or how he would react to a western person contacting him
>> No.33819  
Oh ho, they're starting to bicker again over at /general/, and it's making me really hard uehehehehe

/bun/ please never stop being my adorable imouto~
>> No.33820  

It is somewhat odd that one of the breast options seems to be male pecs when being male isnt possible
>> No.33825  
"Everything is worse if you think something is looking at you."
>> No.33830  
Just once I'd like to watch a horror movie where the characters aren't a bunch of complete retards.
>> No.33831  

"Oh my god, there's danger everywhere! We should leave!"

"Good idea!"

>> No.33838  
File: you have such nice friends keiichi go along and play with them now.PNG -(583.5 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's just the most cliched kind of horror story. A truly interesting horror story does not allow the protagonists to escape, either due to physical factors (Saw 1) or due to psychological factors (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ep1). Bad stuff happening because the characters are being idiots is boring, but bad stuff happening despite characters' best efforts to avoid it is interesting or even truly scary.
>> No.33840  
Corpse Party. Seriously.
>> No.33846  
Stupid stupid stupid I'm so stupid Jesus Christ.
>> No.33849  
File: f.jpg -(57.1 KB, 698x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This feeling haunts my every moment.
>> No.33851  
File: 168496.jpg -(255.0 KB, 316x430) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.33859  
I wonder if the people who write The Walking Dead read messageboard discussions about it, because the last episode was like a huge gift
>> No.33860  
Game of Thrones was kinda boring, stupid story changes aside.
>> No.33866  
This chocolate is so good.
>> No.33867  
Each man kills a baby to earn his shield, and only 1 in 4 soldiers make it to the selection process.
I mean sure they have no regard for human life, but businessmen like them would surely balk at losing 32,000 people just because.
>> No.33868  
It was pup dogs what they had to kill in the book, but of course the writers wanted to force in a relation of cruelty and inhumanity between the Astapori slavers method and the mention of Craster's filicide, which by the way wasn't what Jon told Mance in the books. I guess drawing parallels that weren't there while they could be using other parallels that are actually in the book seems like a smart thing to do.
>> No.33869  
I'm hungry and I don't know when will be the next time I get paid.
>> No.33870  
File: girls.png -(99.8 KB, 943x815) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I can't stop making cute girls, someone help me please
>> No.33876  
Why do they all have leg problems
>> No.33877  

because they're japanese
>> No.33878  
>cute girls
But left isn't cute.
>> No.33880  

that's why shes mad
>> No.33882  
File: cry.png -(101.8 KB, 759x951) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.33891  
I haven't masturbated in so long.
>> No.33892  
Oh my god, firefox's new download system is terrible. It keeps a record of everything and just clicking on it makes it crash
>> No.33893  

also just in case anyone else hates it: go to about:config, search for "browser.download.useToolkitUI" and set it to true
>> No.33894  
I went five days without, and then I felt like I should, even if I didn't feel like I needed to, so it was disappointing. Pretty bad yesterday, too.

Maybe I should go for two weeks without...
>> No.33898  
The only times I visit /jp/ is when a video appears in my youtube feed from a thread. It's painful.
>> No.33903  
Don't be like this Bakabt, let me torrent anime.
>> No.33904  
Don't be greedy, you should seed more!
>> No.33907  
I don't even have an account anymore, they deleted it due to inactivity some months ago.
>> No.33910  
Isn't it public? You can just search through google; I do it all the time.
>> No.33918  
That's what I've been doing for a while now, but now the torrents won't work.
>> No.33919  
got my drank on
downloaded some animes
time to be a piece of shit
>> No.33922  

Leave your torrents seeding when you're asleep, and it should be fixed in a week. And you probably need a new account.
>> No.33941  
But I don't have an account... I just google "(title) bakabt" and torrent as a guest.
>> No.33942  
Actually nevermind, I guess you just mean I should make a new one.
>> No.33954  
I'm so bored with nothing to do, and the temptation to shitpost on /bun/ keeps building. Help!
>> No.33955  
What's the point in shitposting if only two people will see your shitposts? You should find a better board for that!
>> No.33956  
That's the thing; /bun/'s so serene and in perfect order that violating it would be so enjoyable, I imagine, unlike shitposting in, say, /ota/.
It's like how corruption with a slut isn't any fun at all, but corruption with a meek, shy goody two-shoes type is so arousing and much more tempting.

I think I better go to bed.
>> No.33959  
Kimochi warui.
>> No.33962  
What a sad ending.
>> No.33965  
RIP roger ebert, you made a ton of nerds made when you said video games sucked. an act that echos in history

>> No.33966  
That was a good crime novel. Very impressed.
>> No.33968  
He'll be missed.
>> No.33971  
File: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png -(11.4 KB, 508x86) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.33974  
What's up with that shitty epub format.
>> No.33978  
Oh, come on, Cliffy B. I used to like you.
>> No.33980  
>> No.33982  
I masturbated to child porn today. Honestly, the only good part was the thrill of doing something illegal.
>> No.33983  
So apparently doing something over and over again everyday makes you better at said thing. I might be on to something big here.
>> No.33985  
I know I have a problem with alcohol but I hardly ever drink and it's not nearly bad enough to excuse accusing me of being a drug addict. I was visiting my imoutos damn it, why would you think I was doing drugs in that environment.
>> No.33989  
Reported to FBI.
>> No.33990  
If you hardly ever drink, where is the problem?
>> No.33991  
Perhaps he meant that he gets drunk easily because he's not used to drinking.
>> No.33993  
How can you get such thrill from completely risk-free thoughtcrime in the comfort of your room with 0 dollars on the line? It's like getting thrills from clicking torrents.
>> No.33994  

Maybe he gets violent when drunk, and people were afraid he'd beat up his imoutos. Of course, when he sobers up he'll apologize and promise never to do it again but it was really their fault they should know better than to anger him when he is drunk and they can't tell anyone because then they'll get in trouble for being such bad little girls.
>> No.33995  
Finally finished one playthrough of Journey after starting it, eh, nine months ago. It's... an interesting experience, to be sure, although I wouldn't call it my favorite game of 2012.

Feels a bit sad to part with your random companion at the end--even though it was four different people, in my case.
>> No.33996  
Because he lives the most boring life you could possibly imagine.
>> No.33998  
The perceived risks of accessing child porn are much greater than illegally downloading music.
>> No.33999  
Why do ugly nerds like fedoras so much, I never understood. It's not like it looks good, as far as hats go.
>> No.34000  

I used to follow a tumblr that posted fedora nerd OKcupid profiles with all the dumb shit they say, but it became apparent the person running it was a weirdo feminist so I stopped.
>> No.34001  

Found /bun/'s official tumblr.
>> No.34004  

OKCenemies? I did so, too. But then... Yeah.
>> No.34013  
I don't know how much longer I can do this
>> No.34023  
Youtube is surprisingly full of "art" films. You know, the 70s italian cinema kind, with naked children exploring their sexuality.
>> No.34025  
I hate it when a pixiv artist I favorited blanks out their account completely, because then I can't remember who they were
>> No.34034  
It's sickening how much they censor on TV these days.
>> No.34037  
I don't know what context you're referring to but it's usually just to get your attention by seeming controversial.
>> No.34040  
Why can't I get away? Why does it keep sucking me back in, like, ah, like a mollusk?
>> No.34047  
I hate it when a video I've bookmarked on YT is deleted, because I can't remember what it was.
>> No.34049  
File: puzzle captcha.png -(31.4 KB, 466x268) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's kinda cool.
>> No.34050  
Speaking of CAPTCHAs, lately depositfiles' has changed into a "click on the correct picture" mini-quiz. Wonder what's next.
>> No.34051  
One of those videos contains my favorite YouTube comment.
>whats the time for nude child? plz I dont have waste my time watchi over this for 1 hour
It just makes me laugh.
>> No.34052  
My neighbors are being so loud, I wonder if they are celebrating another successful burglary
>> No.34053  
Really? I thought TV was all about sex and violence these days.
>> No.34054  
File: What a busy man.png -(18.7 KB, 862x94) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
10/10 would read again.
>> No.34056  
It's always time for nude child.
>> No.34057  
You must be lost, Warosu is this way >>>>>>> http://fuuka.warosu.org/jp/?task=page&page=1&ghost=View+in+Ghost+mode
>> No.34058  
I wonder how much longer I can last before my parents kick me out. I'm starting to get worried.
>> No.34059  

I've been a useless NEET shutin for the last 5 years and my parents have never even hinted at kicking me out. They probably will one day though, then I'll probably die
>> No.34064  
File: bitcoin.gif -(251.0 KB, 360x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I miss the days where me and some other people would troll bruce wagner's live bitcoin show every day.
>> No.34066  
I wish these birds would go away.
I wish these birds would go away.
I wish these birds would go away. I wish these birds would go away. I wish these birds would go away I wish these birds would go away I wish these birds would go away I wish these birds would go away
>> No.34067  

>> No.34068  

Geez, what did those birds ever do to you?
>> No.34069  

you don't wanna know
>> No.34070  
File: Birds 1.jpg -(523.8 KB, 1280x692) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.34071  
I really shouldn't look up the suicide tag right after coming home from work.
>> No.34072  
They cooked all my spaghetti.
>> No.34073  
/bun/ has tags?
>> No.34074  

The only tag you're gonna have is a toe tag, chump!
>> No.34075  
I don't quite understand.
>> No.34076  
Identification tags are typically placed on the toes of cadavers.
>> No.34077  
I've been way too horny lately
>> No.34078  
I'm having those death thoughts again, so hello to all those who've offered to do me the favor.
>> No.34079  
Please don't kill yourself.
>> No.34080  

I've had those thoughts for at least a decade. Now I just go to bed at night and hope I don't wake up since I don't have the balls to kill myself and I'm too much of a shut-in to put myself in situations where I could be killed
>> No.34082  
Have you ever done something to get rid of those thoughts? What makes you feel that way?

Don't worry about it, I'd prefer it was at the hands of someone else, and unplanned. There are things I want to do still too. It's just a thought stuck in the back of my mind that won't leave me.
>> No.34083  
Sometimes when I check my steam page it bugs out and says my friends list is empty, and I get nervous for a moment thinking the meager handful of people I have on it simultaneously decided they didn't like me anymore
>> No.34087  
Apparently, sharpening scissors is significantly more complicated than sharpening a knife.
>> No.34090  
Anonymous needs food.
>> No.34091  

No I don't
>> No.34092  
Yes I do, but it's my fault for wasting money on other things.
>> No.34094  
I can't even do any of them. Do we even have a whetstone?
>> No.34100  
It's in the tool chest with the sandpaper.
>> No.34107  
this trap doujin ended terribly, now I need to find something else to masturbate to
>> No.34108  
Oh god, I only have 40 favorite spots left on exhentai. What am I gonna do?!
>> No.34110  
If only they'd implement some technology where you could easily save URLs in your browser.
>> No.34112  
So recently /bun/ stops working when I browse through my phone. Now what am I suppose to do when I poop?
>> No.34113  
Read a book, read a book, read a motherfucking book.
>> No.34114  
Maybe you could try pooping?
>> No.34118  
Pooping is gross.
>> No.34120  

It wouldn't be as easy to search through though
>> No.34124  
oh god those thighs
>> No.34125  
People who post spoilers unprovoked should be shot.
>> No.34127  
Stupid stupid stupid stop it already.
>> No.34130  
File: no,_seriously.png -(11.8 KB, 300x255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.34203  
File: craster.gif -(2862.3 KB, 285x330) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Kimochi warui.
>> No.34217  
I'm so going to hell for this. Or jail. Most probably I'll just be fined.
>> No.34218  
As if I needed another reason to be glad I don't live in boston
>> No.34223  
I'm glad the mods deleted those two shitty threads in /general/ so quickly
>> No.34224  
Murder is a pretty serious crime, anonymous. I don't think you can get off with just a fine this time.
>> No.34225  
Which threads?
>> No.34226  

A thread about that bombing with nothing but "ITS HAPPENING" as the text, and a thread advertising some doom clock site where the guy encourages us to click ads on it
>> No.34231  
Oh my god what is this brown liquid on my leg. It's only on my calf so it can't be shit, right? Right?! Oh god
>> No.34233  
Take a goddamn shower you pig.
>> No.34234  
My father tried to set me up with someone, but I successfully avoided the situation.
>> No.34235  

I don't need to worry about this because I'm pretty sure my parents don't know if I'm gay or straight since I have never had a girlfriend and have no masculine interests.
>> No.34239  
My mom keeps sending me links to dating sites like soulgeek and okcupid. Sometimes she even links me to some profiles and says "she is perfect for you, write her a message!" I know she is just trying to help, but I wish she'd stop.
>> No.34241  
God, I hate this nervous feeling. It's making me wanna eat my own face.
>> No.34242  
I think my family is starting to worry about that too. No one even jokes about when I'm going to get a girlfriend anymore, and apparently I'm the only one who didn't get the "it would sure be nice to have some great-grandkids" talk from my conservative grandparents.
>> No.34243  

When my mom mentions me marrying she says "wife...or husband" then laughs nervously
>> No.34252  
It's okay to be Gay.
>> No.34254  
Cute girl creator guy added different nipple options, which raises the question of what type of nipple is better: Ones with well defined edges or ones that fade into the skin?
>> No.34263  
looks like those people had a shitty day
>> No.34274  

watch anime live like cool people you lameos
>> No.34558  
Nipples that fade into the skin. The lighter the tone the better as well.
>> No.57224  
Frozen things are fun.

^ a share of https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154154671816512&id=102515706511&__tn__=H-R

^ a share of https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1301628726593915&id=341163402640457&refid=52&__tn__=H-R

But they are not as fun as stable worm holes.

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