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File: thetruth.jpg -(283.1 KB, 1093x1132) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
289932 No.33219  
What happened?
>> No.33220  
What's with all the people lately who want to talk about 4chan, who the fuck cares
>> No.33221  
File: TroutGirl.jpg -(5.9 KB, 252x189) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why are you still there? All the old /jp/sies are waiting for you at /bun/.
>> No.33222  
File: 1244147317388.jpg -(32.3 KB, 466x612) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
While I realize that a lot of people consider it annoying that every single imageboard everywhere except fishchan has way too many 4chan metathreads, I think that I can address OP quite effectively and then we can be over with the issue.

The fact is that otaku-hiki-NEET is the modern equivalent of what emo was at the turn of the century. Its a subculture that attracts young people who wish to feel sorry for themselves ostentatiously. Its an affectation, just like smoking or facial piercings. Certainly some people actually enjoy the taste and sensation of cigarettes (i'm not talking about the addicts) and/or facial piercings, but most people do it to be seen doing it. Similarly an increasingly large fraction of weebs aren't actually interested in Japan or even the Japanese entertainment industry's animation products and related paraphernalia, they're interested in being seen to be so because the hikikomori phenomenon has made being otakuish seem edgy.
>> No.33225  
File: 1230184998054.png -(119.6 KB, 1000x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Does anyone have the newer version of this where it shows the years? I swear I saved it but I can't find it at all, except for this crappy version. I just wanted to look at it.
>> No.33229  
File: 1350984633.68248443.png -(674.2 KB, 4865x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There are many variations of this picture. This is the most recent one I have saved.
>> No.33230  
i miss japan/general
>> No.33231  
>All the old /jp/sies are waiting for you at /bun/.

/ota/ has plenty of old /jp/sies who seem to know about 2008 as well, though.

It's okay, I still love both boards.
>> No.33232  
File: AreYouFrustrated.jpg -(57.1 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.33233  
I think it's something like this:

The angry and serious old /jp/sies are at /bun/

The old /jp/sies who didn't grow up and still enjoy acting stupid once in a while are at /ota/
>> No.33234  
Isn't /ota/ mostly the "/jp/ - All My Friends Are Here" crowd that got kicked out when they started cracking down on blog threads?
>> No.33237  
/ota/ - All My Friends Are Here
/bun/ - I'm Too Cool To Have Friends
>> No.33240  
That board looks nothing like old /jp/.

This place doesn't feel all serious to me at all.
>> No.33241  
Please ignore people talking about ota, they tried advertising it here not too long ago and I assumed they left when their threads were deleted, but I guess not.
>> No.33242  
Calm down, anon, I've been on /bun/ since day one. I even contributed some of the top banners you see here every day. I just think /ota/ is also a nice /jp/ spin-off.

And /bun/ was "advertised" all over /jp/ when it was first made, just like /ota/.
>> No.33243  
I think /ota/ is pretty bad. I don't like how alot of the posters post there. I find more interesting threads on /jp/ anyway.

I don't care if anyone wants to go there though.
>> No.33245  
i will never understand why so many people wish the cultivate some sort of personal "image" anonymously on the internet.
>> No.33247  
> And /bun/ was "advertised" all over /jp/ when it was first made, just like /ota/.
No, it wasn't. /bun/ was not *spammed* upon its creation. It was discussed a lot, which came about naturally because the idea that /jp/ needed a backup board was controversial. The "Why are you still here" spam didn't start before 18 months after /bun/ was created.

I can't even find the moment that /ota/ was created in the archive. The very first mention of the URL and the name is spam.

Posts about /ota/ since its first mention(that I could find):

Posts about /bun/ since its first mention:
>> No.33248  
I'm not sure why the search for Ota didn't return all thread results, because it doesn't do justice to the spam that it was launched with. The very first mention can be found here:
>> No.33249  
wow, people are actually posting on that site?
i guess they probably don't know its kimmo alm's site or they don't care because they're noobs.
fuck it, let them go suck on kimmo's little dick as long they stay away from me.
>> No.33252  
Cool slander, aniki. Got any proof to back up those claims?
>> No.33257  
get a life nerds
>> No.33259  
I think he is just joking because some guy used to associate bun with Kimmo Alm a few years ago.

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