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File: takane eat.gif -(424.3 KB, 500x355) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
434435 No.34264  
>> No.34265  
to answer this question >>34254 from the old thread, nipples that fade into the skin are best for big boobs and nipples with more definite edges are better for small ones
>> No.34266  
You guys need to have fewer short thoughts!
>> No.34267  

all of my thoughts are short because I am one of simple mind
>> No.34268  
File: tumblr_md2nl78AcW1qanw3wo1_1280.gif -(347.9 KB, 812x578) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dat IA music video and Sakamichi no Apollon, the fact that he's the same age as me is quite inspiring and daunting at the same time.
>> No.34270  
He is 3 years younger than me and already achieved so much...
>> No.34271  
Don't forget his work on Skullgirls (effects, Double) and that he's character designer on 2 Queens (upcoming french/japanese film by the Oban Star-racers crew).
The dude's a prodigy, his effects animation is simply amazing. It'll be fun to see where he'll go in the coming years.
>> No.34273  
I shouldn't have read this doujin right before bed. What if I have lewd dreams about it and cum in my sleep!?
>> No.34281  
I had a lewd dream with tremendous build-up and when the actual fornication was finally about to happen I was waken up by someone. Kill me.
>> No.34283  
I had one where I was hanging out with balloon titted Lady Gaga, and she wouldn't let me have sex with her, so while she was dancing in a glass circle I fucked the side of it until I came. A lot. I cum so much from lewd dreams.
>> No.34287  
So, something like 90% of the American public is supportive of expanded background checks for gun ownership.

The American Senate fell six votes short of the 60 (out of 100) needed to move such a measure forward.

It's nice to be reminded that lobbyist groups are in charge of the country. So much for representative democracy!
>> No.34288  

I'm glad when I wake up before because while cumming from a dream feels amazing it is a pain in the ass to deal with
>> No.34289  
Shimapan for your phone?
>> No.34292  
U! S! A!
N! R! A!
U! S! A!
>> No.34293  
We should just get rid of guns completely. This isn't the 18th century anymore.
>> No.34295  
I've only had lewd dreams involving lolis regardless of what I read. Uwaah I'm pedo to the core.
>> No.34297  

Brilliant. Also we should get rid of hunger, all disease, and illiteracy. It's all so simple, why the fuck hasn't the government thought of this????
>> No.34298  
Ganbatte, USA-chan
>> No.34300  
I think they should ban killing people.
>> No.34301  
they should ban parents, because they will never understand
>> No.34303  
They should bun bun
>> No.34305  
It's weird hearing about manhunts for someone who is younger than you. When did I get so old
>> No.34306  
What's the shortest short thought that has ever been thought up in the short thoughts threads?
>> No.34308  
>> No.34309  
I wish Valve would make it so the avatars I upload won't be coated in artifacts
>> No.34312  
Is it just me, or is /general/ not loading?
>> No.34313  
Is it just me,or is photos not loading?
>> No.34314  
Works for me.
>> No.34315  
Figured out the problem. Dollchan ext. isn't compatible with /bun/.
>> No.34316  
>> No.34319  
Man, Archer is pretty fun.
>> No.34321  
My compute won't turn off. Rather, it turns itself back on after I shut it down. This is annoying.
>> No.34324  
I wonder why there's so many pictures of Sakurako with a braid in her hair lately
>> No.34332  
Which Sakurako?
>> No.34347  
File: h and s braid2.jpg -(294.0 KB, 575x810) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

this one
>> No.34364  
CCCP update time! I hope nothing screws up
>> No.34365  
File: MadotsukiVomitingRight.jpg -(59.9 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.34366  
Do you prefer K-lite Codec Pack or something? Is there really that big of a difference?
>> No.34369  
Just use MPC-HC
>> No.34370  
Oh no. No no no. No no.

I put in the wrong address for something I ordered. I hope they can figure it out/nobody steals it. Maybe I can contact the post office and tell them what happened so they ship it to the right place?
>> No.34371  
Why is there an ufoporno tag?
>> No.34372  
Here we go again. Wow I'm glad you are so intelligent please use another reaction image.
Er I mean uh just use vlc ^_^
>> No.34373  
I joined a really old mailing list!
It feels like I've uncovered an ancient spell or something. The e-mail even had a section dedicated to people without "WWW access"!
>> No.34377  
>use another reaction image
On an anonymous image board, not every conversation consists of only two people.
>> No.34379  
>> No.34381  
Thank you DHL!
>> No.34389  
File: TsumugiAutism2.jpg -(41.6 KB, 184x212) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Insulting a media player is the easiest way to start a nerd fight.
>> No.34393  
Stocks plunged today because of a troll post on twitter. The people who run our lives are fucking stupid, there is no hope
>> No.34396  
They should be put in the stocks
>> No.34399  
But they got "hacked"!
>> No.34400  

Sometimes I wanna get one of those lists of "hacked" accounts to stuff, pick one, and send "I'm gay yall" to everyone on their friend list
>> No.34403  
This 'The Following' show can be LooseBoy tier ridiculous, but I do like how cultists are rather human and not just empty evil shells.
>> No.34409  
File: mikoto birth2.png -(76.5 KB, 663x973) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I just spent 30 minutes tooling with K Kisekae2, making a picture that looks like Mikoto from Inyouchuu giving birth to a demon. I have brain problems
>> No.34413  
Please stop hurting so much stomach.
>> No.34419  

>> No.34420  
It stopped hurting, so fuck you.
>> No.34429  
I was feeling pretty good but this anime is making me sad.
>> No.34430  
I tried to exercise to improve my mood but it only made me feel worse.
>> No.34432  
File: tumblr_ml9a3foCpK1rn8gxao1_1280.jpg -(258.0 KB, 912x1075) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We're all gonna make it, Anonymous
>> No.34433  
Fuck people and their shitty opinions, I'm just going to enjoy what I want and ignore everyone.
>> No.34434  
I somehow managed to typo "fuck" as "fcuk" four times in a row.
>> No.34435  
Is that Krillin
>> No.34436  
It's Anonymous and Zyzz.
>> No.34437  
rotten synthetic butt
>> No.34438  
Oh goodness, I just noticed the CCCP update makes it so subtitles show in screencaps by default. I wonder how many pictures I've taken have been ruined
>> No.34443  
I think people who say "oh goodness" are cute.

You're cute, Anon.
>> No.34446  
If we could replace important ones like bees with technology, is there any pragmatic reason to preserve species?
>> No.34448  
It'll be kind of hard to replace them seeing as how they are also part of a food chain and possibly have other functions we are not aware of. Why not just try to preserve what's already doing the job?
>> No.34449  
Nope. However, 'replacing important ones' would involve fully replicating nearly every single animal out there that exists. We can't even replicate a tiny natural ecosystem yet, let alone emulate nature entirely. One tiny little oversight, and the entire thing collapses completely; it's too complicated for us to mess with at this point.
>> No.34450  
Five pancakes too many... I should have only eaten the egg and bacon.
>> No.34464  
Man, my dog is such a bro. And he's a gentleman, too.
>> No.34470  
Dotted eighths, man. Why does music have to be so complicated?
>> No.34475  
It doesn't have to be. Many people just make it complicated, because many people like complicated music.
>> No.34476  
It makes me irrationally angry when someone in the youtube comments for a video showing a huge game mod or something ask "how iget this working on my xbox help niggaz" or "is this PC only mod :(". Almost any mod you see is going to be for PC only you retards
>> No.34477  
Sounds like Skyrim.
Is it Skyrim?
I bet it's Skyrim.
>> No.34482  
Drunk tweeting in Japanese and receiving a favorite from your goddess is best.
>> No.34483  
Dotted eighth + sixteenth rhythms aren't all that difficult. You just have to feel the subdivisions!

[123]4 [123]4 [123]4 [123]4

Also be sure to put enough weight on the sixteenth note to carry you forward. I remember that my biggest problem with the dotted eighth rhythm was "forcing" the sixteenth note before the next downbeat.

It uses an eighth + two sixteenth pattern, but the piece that really helped me to learn subdivision was the Jurassic Park theme. The slow tempo necessitates accuracy with finding the upbeat, and it all flows very nicely. Try transposing it by half a beat so that the sixteenth notes start on the downbeat and see the difference!


Hope this helps!
>> No.34485  

Show me, anon!
>> No.34489  
It's embarrasing, I can't.
>> No.34491  
I just want someone to make cute doujin music/arranges with. Is that too much to ask for? ;_;
>> No.34492  
I'll play the guitar for you, /bun/.
>> No.34494  
How will this work? How would we go about doing it? What sort of cute music would we make?
>> No.34495  

What sort of cute music would we make?

Waah, I don't know; I have no experience with this sort of thing! What kind of music do you want to make? Touhou? Do you know how to write music? Can you use Powertab/GuitarPro? can't read notation, but if you have chords or tabs that's good.

Perhaps you could send me like an idea or a rhythm with general chords. Or even full instructions and tablatures. Then I could record it and send it to you? Aaaah, my heart is beating so fast!
>> No.34499  
Wow, cute.
>> No.34500  
I'm gonna make a slice-of-life manga based on their shenanigans and become rich!
>> No.34504  
Same here! My heart was going all ドキドキ and キュンキュン I thought I was having a panic attack again!

Yeah, Touhou sounds about right! I've written for quite a while, mostly using Guitar Pro (I don't play any instruments all that well), but I guess for now I'm just looking for someone to write stuff and trade and discuss ideas with. How would I get ahold of you? What do you want to play? Is there anything you don't want to play?

This is so exciting うわぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁー 

Can I be the big boobed senpai?
>> No.34512  
I think the #1 thing I dislike the most about this day & age is that you're not allowed to be un-ironically enthusiastic about anything anymore.
>> No.34516  
File: 3877cbbb38c0aca79db2aaa5e5ad88b6.jpeg -(270.0 KB, 925x691) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm un-ironically enthusiastic about the smooth bodies of 2D boys!
>> No.34518  
Me, too. Even if I say I like Jurassic Park people assume I'm being a douche about it. I just really like Jurassic Park! It's such a fun movie!
>> No.34520  

me too
>> No.34522  
Me too. Shotas are like lolis, but better.
>> No.34529  
I ordered an audio cable off of the internet and it won't be here for almost a month. What the fuck could possibly make it take that long?!
>> No.34531  
I disagree with your post. Lolis are purer than shotas.
>> No.34543  
If the idea of a cute crossdressing shota on a train blushing and sweating at the thought of being found out while getting an erection that stretches out his panties that he probably stole from his sister doesn't turn you on, then we cant be friends
>> No.34545  
You're just describing a pervert, no thanks.
>> No.34546  
File: 4979507.jpg -(340.2 KB, 874x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You sound like a good person.
>> No.34547  

I ordered two cables, and the one that is supposed to take a month is already shipped and the one that is supposed to be here in 2 days hasn't even finished processing yet. The world is confusing
>> No.34549  

I'm describing myself, if I was cute, 2D, and brave
>> No.34554  
You're a pervert.
>> No.34556  

>> No.34559  
next time we talk, I'm going to make my father stop trying to get me dates with girls.
>> No.34562  
Man, things are really going my way. Problem is, my mind wants to flirt with girls, but I don't think I should.
>> No.34565  

getting involved with 3D women is a surefire way to ruin your life
>> No.34568  
The same can be said of 3D men.
>> No.34572  
Season three has been pretty okay so far.

Ros is dead, thank God.
>> No.34574  
This is very true, unfortunately. Though I don't regret anything.
>> No.34584  
Was it really all your fault too?
>> No.34585  
oh wow, yahoo requires a cell phone number to make accounts now. there goes my go-to "slightly more than temporary" throwaway email service
>> No.34587  
Too good for mailinator?
>> No.34589  
No, it was just the way things happened.

I don't know what the other poster had in mind when he said "ruin your life," but I can't stop thinking about him even though it's been years. I think I'm going insane sometimes.
>> No.34593  
I think people are confusing the quotes thread with this one.
>> No.34596  
I feel a pang of disgust whenever I see someone type something like 'kyaa', 'uwaah', ':3' et al.

Yeah, you guys.
>> No.34597  
File: 37608309.jpg -(93.9 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.34598  
It's okay, I only say kyaa and uwaah ironically.
>> No.34599  
nothing I do is ironic but i pretend it is
>> No.34602  
It gets worse. I use Yahoo as my main e-mail, and today it suddenly started requiring verification for the system I logged in from (both through browser and POP3), through either
*Alternate e-mail
*Security question

With a security question consisting of roughly 'sdfihjieferjfperofre;re;ff' and an answer being something like 'efuiweio9funhfioerjfrofi', I was lucky to have filled in an alternate e-mail at some point before the unannounced verification requirement. I was almost locked out of my e-mail (which I've been using since the late 90s so is used by pretty much EVERYONE). I'm pretty sure there are people who were caught by this without being so lucky.

Fucking Yahoo. Been my e-mail service since I first went on the internet, but I might have to switch at this point.
>> No.34603  

Wow thanks for telling me this, I guess I will add my real email as an alternate to my throwaways
>> No.34605  

Welp I am already locked out of one. The only thing connected to it was my EA account so nothing major was lost I guess. The others have all been updated. Thanks yahoo you fuckers
>> No.34606  
Looks like an alternate e-mail of mine did get foreshadowing. Not an announcement, not a warning, but foreshadowing, a subtle hint towards what was to come:

>Subject: New account feature
>March 7th


We'd like to tell you about the benefits of adding a mobile phone recovery option to your Yahoo! account.

By adding a mobile number to your account it allows us to instantly send a code directly to your mobile phone if you forget your password or if you become locked out for any reason.

* It's easy, because you'll always have your phone with you
* Receiving a code via text message is fast, simple and secure
* A code will be sent to you in seconds to unlock your account immediately

We'll keep your mobile number secure and only use it to help you regain access or to protect your account. Please take a few minutes now - it could save you a lot of time and frustration later.

>Subject: Reminder: Add your account recovery option
>March 26th


We recently shared with you the benefits of adding a mobile number to your Yahoo! account - making it easier than ever to get back into your account in case you forget your password or get locked out for any reason.

Just a friendly reminder for you to take a few minutes and add your mobile number now - it could save you a lot of time and frustration later.

[ Add mobile number ]

Add your mobile number now and we'll keep it secure and only text you if you need help getting back into your account.

You can also add your number by visiting www.yahoo.com and following these steps:

1. Sign in and click on "account settings" at your name in the upper right corner of the screen
2. Click on "account info" and re-enter your password - for your security
3. Open "update your contact information," enter your mobile number - click the "Save" button

The Yahoo! Accounts Team

No foreshadowing received on my main e-mail. It also sends 'sign-in alerts' to your registered alternate e-mail to notify you that someone with IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx logged in on your account.
>> No.34607  
Yeah, I lost my old yahoo mail. Still know the password and everything, but I forgot what my secret question was and now I can't log in.
>> No.34608  
Lately I've been wondering if the reason anime has a lot of vertical pans (which almost never show up in western animation) is because the Japanese storyboard vertically, rather than horizontally.
Anime has a lot of pans in general though, so who knows.
>> No.34609  
Apparently the guy who fixed my house's backdoor not too long ago was caught breaking down a back door himself. A 13 year old boy's backdoor, that is.
>> No.34612  
I thought it was because they're lazy and cheap but didn't want the scene to appear completely static.
>> No.34615  
Because most of the time the character is standing up maybe?
>> No.34620  
"I really don't even know.", really? Did they employ chipmunks to run their servers?
>> No.34622  
I wish I could recognize more animators. I can only do like 2.
>> No.34623  
Who is "they"? He is just one person.
>> No.34625  
File: be729e20bb3699f42dc88a387ac8d4e4_2.jpg -(167.1 KB, 845x905) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Isn't it because scrolling from someone's feet all the way up to their head (used a LOT in anime) creates tension? Not seeing their upper body is much more mysterious/scary/suspenseful. Western animation (series, movies are better) rarely use such cinematic techniques.
>> No.34627  
I can't be sure if it's a 'he' or a 'she', and 'it' sounds wrong, so 'they' it is.
>> No.34629  
In the English language, you're supposed to use the masculine pronoun if the person's gender is unknown.
>> No.34630  
Not him, but uh, no you aren't.

'They' is the gender-neutral equivalent of he/she, with similarly 'their' being the gender-neutral equivalent of his/her.

See the third definition and usage note.
>> No.34631  
Why does it have to default to masculine? See, it's this chauvinistic boy's club mentality that I'm trying to avoid. Have you checked your privilege today? I bet you also hit women for fun, don't you
>> No.34637  
>> No.34638  
That's an informal usage, and technically incorrect. Not that being informal makes it invalid, but it should generally be avoided in formal writing (and I personally avoid it even in casual writing).

The dilemma is that using "he" as the indefinite singular has fallen out of favor in recent times, so you will often see "they" in such writing as newspaper articles and blogs. "He or she" is also common, as well as grammatically correct, but it feels stilted in most cases.

Still, in academic writing or the like, I would consider it an error to use anything but "he" to refer to a singular person of indefinite gender.
>> No.34639  
Please wait warmly and check back later.
>> No.34641  
AMC is so desperate
>> No.34642  
Without Breaking Bad and Mad Men they're nothing. I'm assuming you're talking about the TV channel.
>> No.34644  
Yes, I am. Walking Dead is a huge hit too, but everything else is so fucking dumb. A taxidermy game show, a staged "reality" show about a bunch of hicks farting, a staged reality show about kevin smith's faggot friends, a staged reality show about "the last freakshow on earth", etc. It's like UHF
>> No.34647  
You have put forth no argument for it being technically incorrect; dictionary.com lists it as a completely valid usage. And it was used in an informal context, so there was nothing wrong with them using it.
>> No.34651  
File: Anon composing music.jpeg -(135.3 KB, 805x601) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
After a long time of not making any music, I've rediscovered the joy of composing! 1.5 hours of composing later, I now want to kill somebody.
>> No.34653  
The steam community hub for "driver fusion" is funny
>> No.34654  
From the Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed. (5.46):

"It has become common in speech and in informal writing to substitute the third-person plural pronouns they, them their, and themselves, and the nonstandard singular themself. While this usage is accepted in casual contexts, it is still considered ungrammatical in formal writing."

I wouldn't criticize anybody for using the singular "they" in informal contexts, but it lacks precision and may result in unnecessary ambiguity (as demonstrated by >>34623).
>> No.34655  
Keyword being considered. As noted in Dictionary.com: Already widespread in the language (though still rejected as ungrammatical by some), this use of they, their, and them is increasing in all but the most conservatively edited American English.

CMOS is only a set of guidelines for academic writing, not an authority on less formal language (as opposed to, say, the Green Booklet in the Dutch language, which dictates the spelling and grammatical inflection of words in all Dutch writing). Otherwise, this post (as well as any other random piece of non-academic writing) would be full of grammar errors...and my use of punctuation would be totally off.
>> No.34682  
Of course an informal context such as this doesn't necessitate proper English. That goes without saying. I was simply stating what is traditionally (if not widely) considered to be the proper way to refer a singular indefinite person.
>> No.34697  
I really want to masturbate but I'm not alone, this sucks.
>> No.34699  
File: luvia530.png -(166.6 KB, 274x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Pro wrestling, eroge, and chocolate. Can life get any better?
>> No.34703  
Goodness me, I think I'm starting to derive more pleasure from pooping - and holding the poop in - than from fapping. My, my, how unsightly, myself~
>> No.34707  
Bunbunmaru no Food Topic -What a Beautiful Bread-
>> No.34708  
It's not unsightly, holding your poop in is a really good feeling.
>> No.34709  
I played this game years ago, and I recently got a sudden urge to play it again! It's pretty fun!

>> No.34719  
The Western VN community nowadays seems incredibly hostile towards the original developers. How did it become like this...?
>> No.34720  

What are you talking about?
>> No.34722  
File: we used to get excited about this.jpg -(59.7 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The attitude towards original devs and supporting them in most of the community nowadays. Not only is pirating the norm (as it's always been), buying things is now looked down upon, similar to how anime fans look down on people using Crunchyroll.

People are sometimes openly hostile towards companies. For example, this was the case after Aroduc's Kickstarter got DMCA'd, with not only many people suggesting he should put a donate button on his site because they're willing to pay for fan translation (about which the traditional opinion is that no money should be involved with it) but do not want to give money to the actual creators, but even some people suggesting he should move to other crowdfunding sites and the like just to tick the original creators off.

Now Will is reaching out to the international audience by releasing one of their titles in English on their own (a very rare occasion and a very bold move), and people are actively wanting them to fail, spreading strong exaggerations and even misinformation, trying to give people an as bad impression of them as possible, even trolling the company and sending them angry e-mails.

Only four years ago we collectively rejoiced when MangaGamer made a serious effort to start releasing decent games (even though their version of Higurashi had a significantly worse translation than Konosora and they removed half of the music, which is way more important in an atmospheric game than ero is in a game like Konosora; not to mention MG's changes were made by MG while Konosora's changes are made by the original company).
>> No.34724  
I haven't been to the usual VN communities in a while, so I was not aware of this happening. The (supposed) hostility towards Will is especially disgusting.

I don't know what KonoSora has anything to do with the topic though. I guess I'll clarify what I said in /general/'s VN thread .-.

to stay on topic: why is my coconut milk still frozen solid?
>> No.34725  
That isn't a short thought!
>> No.34726  
>I don't know what KonoSora has anything to do with the topic though.
KonoSora is the title Will (parent company of KonoSora creator Pulltop) is releasing. Moenovel is the brand name Will uses for its international release.
>> No.34727  
Oh I see, thanks.

Coconut milk: still not drinkable. I can't have my cereals like this.
>> No.34728  
Go back to the long thoughts thread!
>> No.34733  
I want to pee.
>> No.34734  
I wish the guy here would leave so I can go get something to eat out of the kitchen. but now it's so close to dinner I might as well wait. so hungry
>> No.34739  
Eat a beet. I just ate one, it was good.
>> No.34747  
I solved this problem by simply adjusting my sleep schedule so that I typically sleep from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am or 3:00 am so that I can just cook food at 4:00 am in peace.
>> No.34748  
I know that a good person is supposed to seek information and opinions that contradict their own, but... crystals, vibrations, 'enneagram theory'? Come on. I'm not even bothering with that shit.
>> No.34749  
It's not about things contrary to your views, but about accepting truth, no matter where it's from.
>> No.34753  
I haven't watched TV for a year and what the hell is going on? Why do they cut all the time? Like, are their actors incapable of acting for more than 0.4 seconds at a time? Jesus Christ, you guys, don't cut just 'cause you feel like it, just think for a second "do I need this 0.2 sec reaction shot of random bystander?" "do I reaally need this dumb pan?" "Maybe this scene would be more interesting if put more things of interest in the frame instead cutting wildly between two talking heads???" "what is a dolly shot, you guys."
Oh my god, have these guys even watched a film from not Hollywood.
>> No.34754  
I can't tell if these Japanese people are making fun of me or not
>> No.34756  
I'm not there and I don't know you but I'm going to say, yes they are.
>> No.34757  
Are you me?
>> No.34758  
A person asked for help locating a file; I provided clear instructions on where to find it, but several minutes later someone spoon-fed the file to the asker. The person only thanked the other guy.

Somehow that bothers me.
>> No.34759  
Goddamn that beet destroyed my toilet sessions. Red everywhere.
>> No.34771  
/bun/ server seems so sluggish today. It's taking me ages to post.
>> No.34773  
My parents just had a heated hour long argument about my dad wanting a pet, and my mom almost cried. I hope they don't get divorced, it would be really awkward what with me being 23 and still living here and all
>> No.34775  
What's the problem with getting a pet?
>> No.34776  

My mother hates animals and is a gigantic drama queen. Meanwhile my father is a huge overbearing idiot, so him forcing her to live with an animal might be the last straw for her
>> No.34777  
Good luck, bunbun.
>> No.34778  
My sweaty balls have been chafing for days but I only just noticed.
>> No.34779  
quit going down bun!
>> No.34782  
I bought a new guitar! I can't wait for it to arrive!
>> No.34783  
/bun/ are you still sick? I hope you get better soon! /bun/-chan ganbatte!
>> No.34786  
Blog about it on the audio equipment (?) thread o another appropriate one. I am genuinely interested.

This pulled pork apple lasgna is heavenly.
>> No.34787  
I'm not sure if I broke my rice cooker or not and now I'm afraid to use it in case it catches on fire.
>> No.34788  
Realizing that suburban families make a lot of weird noise, which is strange. I'm used to neighbour noise = sex.
>> No.34790  
File: ranchwhat.JPG -(208.5 KB, 1280x893) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What the fuck is this thing?

A ski jump perhaps...?
>> No.34791  
I'm getting really sick of one of the only internet places besides this one I still go to. I have nowhere else to go either
>> No.34792  

A fancy roof, possibly on a church building
>> No.34793  
Probably a fancy house. That's a pretty wealthy area.
>> No.34794  

It's from Star Ranch in Colorado though, that's why I think it's a ski-lift.
>> No.34796  
I want a title of Peerage. I wish some parts of the middle ages hadn't become taboo.
>> No.34805  
Why do I insist on reading creepypasta if I get spooked so easily?
>> No.34814  
I do that, too!
>> No.34815  
double-column layout update on Google+ is nice, but triple-column layout hurt my eyes from all the zig-zagging.
>> No.34820  
I keep seeing things mentioned here being mentioned in other places after a while and it's making me wonder. Who is the daring anon using more than one imageboard/textboard at a time?!
>> No.34821  
Sorry it won't happen again.
>> No.34822  
Even though it's gone to shit, I still visit /jp/ on a daily basis. I can't help it. (Plus, well, it still has better VN discussion than /bun/, which has practically none.)
>> No.34829  
Why do so many people misspell "whoa" as "woah"? It's WHOA not WOE-AH.
>> No.34832  
Some cartoon blog I follow suddenly started posting about GitS: Arise. That was unexpected.
>> No.34833  

It's me
>> No.34834  
I'm also guilty of that. Sorry!
>> No.34836  
You can blame the english language itself for that, because there is no correlation between spelling and pronunciation at all.
>> No.34837  
Pretty sure you just said it's you.
>> No.34838  
This also bothers me. Also, "weird" and "wierd", "definitely" and "definately".
>> No.34844  
Is "woah" okay if I actually say, "woe-ah" out loud?
>> No.34846  
Woah, hold you're hoarses, mate! Defferent places write words defferentily! I now it can be wierd, but its defiantly not a misspilling!
>> No.34847  
I think that people that try their best are cute.
>> No.34848  
Oh no! My two favorite doujin circles are gonna have a joint live performance soon! Now would be a good time to be rich, good-looking, and speak fluent Japanese!
>> No.34849  
I got bored of VNs on the whole.
I did read Dra-Koi recently though and thought it was good.
>> No.34853  
which two circles?
>> No.34854  
Dra koi kept crashing at the first decision for me.
>> No.34855  
I'm doooone!

Time to waste the next several weeks browsing the internet.
>> No.34856  
My ctrl key was stuck and i was really scared my computer was broken or something because nothing I did did what it usually does
>> No.34858  
File: 10023.jpg -(153.1 KB, 1272x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's even worse when it's the esc key since it makes it look like things are just crashing and it's harder to notice it's stuck.
>> No.34859  
TUMENECO and GET IN THE RING. Please don't make fun of my plebeian taste, bunbun!
>> No.34861  
>> No.34862  
I only recently learned what Filter Keys do. Sticky Keys are easy to activate and well-known but I never even heard of Filter Keys before today.
>> No.34866  
Try playing games where you hold Shift to run. Both sticky and filter keys have caused me a lot of annoyance.
>> No.34887  
if you upgrade your computer until eventually every part slowly gets replaced after years, is it still the same computer?
>> No.34888  
Something smells like cigarette smoke and nobody here smokes.
>> No.34894  
If your body keeps replacing all your cells until eventually every single part slowly gets replaced with new cells after years, are you still the same person?
>> No.34895  
If Theseus keeps repairing his ship until eventually every single part slowly gets replaced with new wood after years, is it still the same ship?
>> No.34901  
Depends on your definition of what a person is.
>> No.34905  
I read the cutting room floor site a lot, and I like reading the little mouseover descriptions a lot of the pictures have. They seem like they are all written by the same person, I wonder if he knows someone appreciates it
>> No.34909  
I recently discovered that site and I love it!
Reading it I almost get the same feeling I had as a kid when I read about long lost civilizations.
>> No.34916  
A tornado is coming towards my city and my first thought was "Oh no, I just organized my IM@S pics and haven't had time to back them up". I am a ruined human being
>> No.34923  
This bates motel show isn't too bad. It tries a little too hard to be "trendy" sometimes though ("I got the page translated on YAHOO ANSWERS").
>> No.34937  
Are you from Oklahoma? I hope your livelihood and your loved ones are safe, Anon!
>> No.34950  

I'm alright, thanks.
>> No.34953  
What is his fucking problem?
>> No.34954  
I was thinking of how I enjoy sharing naughty things with this one friend in particular, like drinking to the point of passing out, smoking weed and sharing sex stories (or listening to his stories, to be more accurate.)

I felt pretty childish afterwards, both because of my enjoyment of the situations and the fact that I used the word "naughty" to describe them. I guess I'm happy that we're still close, even now that he's grown to be a young man with vices, and can see me as someone he can hang out with casually.

I felt bad for posting this in the wrong thread but I didn't want to go my post to waste so I'm reposting it here. Doing this fills me with shame.
>> No.34955  
I know, right?
>> No.34956  

I don't know but I am fucking sick of it
>> No.34958  
I'm happy for you and your friend!
>> No.34959  
Don't feel bad about hanging out with friends.
>> No.34961  
I wonder if I'd be jealous if one of my few friends lost virginity.
>> No.34968  
Beautiful bread.
>> No.34972  
After 30 years I finally understand that I am just amazingly narcissistic.
>> No.34973  
Missing home.
>> No.34974  
I'm leaving for some days, wish me luck.
>> No.34976  
The Steven Universe pilot was pretty cute, but somehow people thinks it references Madoka. Because they have gems? Everything with gems in it references Madoka? Bejeweled is a Madoka game? I hate anime.
>> No.34980  
File: portal reference.png -(307.9 KB, 726x940) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
this mentality will never cease to exist
>> No.34987  
Kodomo no Jikan was actually a very interesting and well-written series.
>> No.34989  
I put entirely too much chocolate in this chocolate milk
>> No.34993  
- Anon's Penis (2013)
>> No.34994  
I just found out I get painful gas when I get nervous. Thankfully I'm chill and rarely get nervous, but damn, that's embarrassing.
>> No.34998  
...or did you put not enough in your milk chocolate?
>> No.35003  
nothing is happening on the dominos live pizza cams. I am concerned
>> No.35004  
Poor horse...
>> No.35005  
Not him, but I probably would.
>> No.35008  

I want to visit this love hotel with a honey doll and fuck her hard and deep while I contemplate jumping in front of a train.
>> No.35010  
Does the price include the prostitute?
>> No.35023  
Ironing my shirts and a pair of pants each night makes me feel rather stylish and smart. Waifu duties really are the best~
>> No.35024  
Goodness, I should never make the mistake of checking /ghost/ warosu again. All the threads on page 1 were spam of penises or pictures of ugly women. Why does one person ghost bump all that filth.
>> No.35026  
The new season of Arrested Development was really funny, after the first episode I was bit worried but as it went on it got really good. I did like the Dad crossed out with Michael put on the note in the first episode and the whole plotline with God fucking Tony Wonder was pretty funny.
>> No.35028  
It's almost like those people got kicked out of /jp/ for a reason or something.
>> No.35032  
The World War Z movie looks like utter shit.
>> No.35033  
I was excited for it for some time. Then I saw the trailer.
>> No.35034  
By the gods, I didn't think I would see the day. /jp/ getting together and actually finishing something? I can't believe it.
>> No.35035  
The trailer was hilarious. Those CG zombies look so laughably bad.
>> No.35036  
What are you talking about? The /jp/ music compilation thing?
>> No.35037  
File: mao spider.gif -(1201.5 KB, 480x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There was a small tarantula on my kitchen floor. It's a good thing my father is the one who found and killed it because I would have passed out if it was me
>> No.35039  
I ate a nice meal today!
>> No.35040  
File: soulgem.jpg -(135.4 KB, 777x487) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
"The thing" is clearly a fucking soul gem.
>> No.35042  
I ate a nice meal as well!
>> No.35046  
>> No.35113  
But spiders are cute and they always work hard to keep those nasty insects under control. They're like the perfect imouto.
>> No.35213  
an internet boil has been popped
>> No.35248  
Now I'm imagining spiders crawling out of a popped boil. Thanks /bun/.
>> No.35250  
File: fuck.png -(154.6 KB, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fucking construction workers working right in front of my window, robbing my sleep.
>> No.35255  
Google Maps streetviewing myself through my old neighbourhood in Paris is really sad. I loved walking through the streets.
>> No.35259  
There were construction workers drilling on the floor below me for a few hours this morning and it woke me up, which also ticked me off. This is a hostel too.
>> No.35260  
Construction workers are working right next to my window too. Are you my neighbor?
>> No.35262  
There was a construction truck across from my house too the other day but they didn't do anything as far as I could tell. We are being spied on!!
>> No.35263  
Annoying, isn't it?
If you're a 60+ granny with an arrogant white cat, then yes.
>> No.35276  
My father is watching that fake documentary on mermaids on animal planet and when I told him that it was fake he got mad and didn't believe me. This man helped raise me
>> No.35291  
My apartment complex has landscapers come by every Wednesday at 8 am to leafblow for a few hours. Even worse is how I'm pretty sure it'd be a lot quicker if they just used rakes.
>> No.35292  
I stole someone's first kiss, kyaaa.
>> No.35293  
Was it your first kiss too?
>> No.35296  
No, I'm soiled already.
>> No.35298  
What a slut, stop kissing everyone!
>> No.35300  
File: kissing.png -(115.4 KB, 672x284) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Don't be to harsh on him, maybe he's addicted to kissing.
>> No.35309  
I don't go kissing everyone in my path! And they started it, I think.
>> No.35318  
Over 4 people didn't bookmark my work, 3 people did. Pixiv you fucking liar
>> No.35319  
Maybe they were 3 very large people.
>> No.35322  
It means one of them added it to private bookmarks. Pixiv won't show you who it is if they added it privately.
>> No.35325  

Hidden bookmarks still go towards the total though
>> No.35330  
You hussy! steal mine, too
>> No.35331  
Man, the girls at my job are pretty cute!
>> No.35336  
Recently I've finally realized that /bun/ has forced anon enabled. I mean, I've always known it's there, but it's never really clicked in my head.

On an unrelated note, there was a thread with a post I wrote on my tabs list. I thought I made the post a few days ago, but in fact it's just over a month old.

This is scary. I think my cognitive function is degrading more and more. I hope I can still remember you tomorrow, /bun/nies.
>> No.35338  
No, no! Don't leave me behind in this cruel and cold world!
>> No.35346  
I've been coming to /bun/ for years and still don't know where to click Yamame. If I ever lose my favorite I'm going to be locked out forever ( ._.)
>> No.35347  
I didn't even know you could click on nitori until just now.
>> No.35351  
there is no click box on the Yamame page.
>> No.35352  
File: 1305864888200.jpg -(86.3 KB, 694x474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No. Motivation.
>> No.35354  
You just ruined his dreams.
>> No.35367  
I hope the screen on Asus UX31E isn't noticeably worse than Z12's that I'm replacing.
>> No.35368  

it is
>> No.35375  
Where should I go? Even the webpages I visit are dying.
>> No.35378  

have you considered going to hell
>> No.35380  
RW was pretty good, there were a couple changes I didn't like but my mom was pretty surprised so I think it was able to fulfill it's purpose.
>> No.35385  
Turns out /u/ is relevant to my interests.
>> No.35386  
Because of that one /jp/ thread today?
>> No.35389  
What was it about?

Catelyn was very good this episode. As was Roose, goddamn. I wish they could have kept the whole hair delusion somehow, but Cat's breakdown was good anyway.
>> No.35391  
50€ for earbuds and the bass is so overdriven that these things are practically useless.
>> No.35395  
There was a thread yesterday where they were talking about /u/ and how it's filled with lesbian femanons.
>> No.35396  
File: loss.gif -(2460.1 KB, 350x197) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
While it would have been nice I don't think they could have been able to do a lot of her freakout due to the nature of TV as a visual medium and not an internal thought. I think they should have had Arya "die" though just to gut punch viewers even harder. I agree about Roose being great, him, Walder, and Cat had great performances.
>> No.35397  
ARGH I shouldn't have pulled out my laptop until I'd gotten home. Someone was BOUND to trip over the power cable (and did, sending the laptop into a fall of almost a meter). At least it landed (almost) squarely on its 4 rubber feet, surviving the fall with just loosening of the hinge (which should be fixable with tinkering).
what a long short-thought

Not sure if that was a serious or not, but yeah the UX31E's screen is noticeably less saturated. I have forever been spoiled by my U2211h and the Z12's screen.

Which earbuds?
>> No.35398  
oh god it's down what if its down forever oh NO
>> No.35399  
Sennheiser CX-300 II
>> No.35409  
against my better judgement I dumped the contents of a spent pretzel bag in my mouth, swallowing tons of salt and pretzel crumbs. I think I'm dying
>> No.35411  
Are you okay? I think you can actually die from eating too much salt at once.
>> No.35417  
It would suck if a /bun/nie died due to too much pretzel salt. I wouldn't want this place to be even slower.
>> No.35426  
Bun gets more daily lurking traffic than you'd expect.
>> No.35454  

How much longer will women be able to write these "Where have all the Good Men Gone?" articles until a man finally writes one telling them to shut the fuck up.
>> No.35455  

A man who does that would be fired from whatever publication he is part of for being "sexist" so I wouldn't hold your breath
>> No.35457  
>There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance.
Dammit Steam. How can you expect me to buy stuff when I can't even get through the payment menus?
>> No.35460  
I went to the beach with a small group of friends, one of them had weed so I played along and consumed. Someone called the cops, who came and took us to the station, which ended up in bribing to get out without problems.

The only thing left from this is disappointment at myself for breaking the law and feeding corruption and sad thoughts of my mother. Never again.
>> No.35461  
What a terrible season finale, I get that it's only half the book but that was a really anticlimactic finale.
>> No.35462  
>> No.35463  
The episode overall felt lacking and they did some weird ass changes to the story and timeline. Ramsay was very enjoyable in a squirm inducing way.
>> No.35467  
I tried to hold it in but it came out, on the bus.
>> No.35468  
My balls feel heavy lately. I wonder why.
>> No.35470  

I can empty them for you, if you want.
>> No.35471  
Sorry, I'm straight.
>> No.35474  

Are you seriously so insecure about yourself that you feel the need to assert your heterosexuality when faced with a gay joke on an anonymous imageboard, where nobody can possibly know or care about who or what you are?
>> No.35475  
Sometimes I like to play the "straight man" (if you'll excuse the pun) so people can make jokes off my posts.
I'm sorry you have to get so pissy about it.
>> No.35477  
I've decided that masturbating in front of the one you love is the purest form of lewd.
>> No.35478  
I can't believe someone wrote a series of novels about giant grabs springing forth from the sea and attacking mankind.
>> No.35479  
Where can I read this?
>> No.35480  

In my diary
>> No.35482  

The author is Guy N Smith. The books would be pretty old by now, though, so good luck finding them.
>> No.35487  
I wish people would pronounce "chili" correctly.
>> No.35488  
I miss milky homes ;_;
>> No.35491  
I know who you are.
>> No.35495  
But do you know who YOU are?!
>> No.35498  
My finger is so inflamed; how can I go to work tomorrow?
>> No.35500  
It can't be helped.
>> No.35503  
File: 1267748886508.gif -(448.9 KB, 169x165) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Having Touhous appear in your dream is a wonderful thing.
>> No.35504  

I've never had touhous but I've had anime girls appear. One dream in particular made me feel genuine love and happiness and I felt like I wanted to die when I woke up and had to leave it behind.
>> No.35511  
I wish electronic direct democracy was real thing.
>> No.35515  
This free iPad I got seemed cool at first, but I don't know what apps to install so I only really use it to text a friend and play a stupid pet store game.
>> No.35517  
You can play Cave-shmups on it.
>> No.35518  
I'm not sure if I'd actually want the masses in charge of anything.
>> No.35519  
This person is suspected (but not convicted) of possessing cartoon child porn. What should be done about him?

Execute him: 86%
Send him to jail: 11%
Give him a fair trial first: 3%
>> No.35523  
I think my mom is going to get me a 3ds with the new animal crossing for my birthday, and it makes me feel like shit because I don't want her spending that much money on me. It's also kind of a pathetic 23rd birthday present
>> No.35524  
Your mom sounds like a really nice person.
>> No.35526  
Ah, to be able to smell the scent of my beloved...
>> No.35528  
What does she smell like?
>> No.35530  
Like an unwashed pillow cover. Probably.
>> No.35531  

I didn't know I was his beloved
>> No.35552  

Oh hey, she ended up not getting it for me and got me 100 dollars instead. Now I have enough to upgrade my computer ( ´∀`)
>> No.35556  
Happy (belated?) birthday anon!
>> No.35574  
I've been feeling really sad and sick today and being around my parents makes me feel like I need to cry. I have no idea why I feel this way
>> No.35585  
( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`) ナデナテ
>> No.35588  
File: IS-THAT-SO.jpg -(114.7 KB, 450x532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My only friend got himself a 3DPD, abandoned me for months, not answering any calls and now he just appeared out of nowhere and suddenly had some time to spare, because his girl had work to do. I hope you remember that I'm resentful.
>> No.35590  
Today I had a dream were I went out to a store and bought an XBone and a game even though I really didn't want one and there were absolutely no games that interested me. At home, I regret my decision and think I should just return it but before I know I have it hooked up and authenticated. Then I just hold my head and ask myself what the fuck is wrong with me.
>> No.35591  
I think I'm going to fail this class but if I fail it then it'll ruin years of planning but I'm pretty sure I'm too stupid to pass it. I miss being a NEET.
>> No.35594  
My back hurts, I wish I could get a massage.
>> No.35598  
Well, this isn't going to be short.
You can travel from the past to the future quite easily - just wait.
By extension, some people seem to be able to predict the future - say, if you apply F to M then it will gain an acceleration of A, is one of the general rules we've found regarding things.
What if we took that one step further? We'd get a sense of what would happen to us in the future - granted, it sounds hard, but then does the prediction need to be accurate? By simulating all the general events of life instead of getting trapped by the random factors of the universe on the quantum level, can we not simply get "one of the many futures in the worldlines" that falls within the realm of possibility? In fact, do we not already have simulators that could possibly do this with our obsessive venture into realistic videogames?
Now, let's take it one step further. If we make a simulator that stimulates the human mind while emulating this "path" at a faster pace than the passing of time in real world, will that not result in the same effect as you having arrived into the future at a faster pace than every one else?
Does this not mean that you will have effectively become a man from the future, in the past?
Now, some of you might be wondering "what good is that? the inaccuracy from ignoring the quantum effects of the world means that the future the traveller perceives is inevitably flawed and therefore useless as it is inaccurate". But time traveling itself causes inaccuracy. Simply by displacing matter, you will have caused butterfly effects of various sorts. The idea remains the same - traveling back in time is only useful because of the information gained from that which is only available in the future. If we can simulate the future on an individual level, that effectively becomes time travelling if we apply enough accuracy adjustments and cosmetic appearances to it. No need to bother with wormholes and FTL travelling.
>> No.35608  
Whoa, that's how I feel everyday. I'll probably end up killing myself when I eventually flunk out.
>> No.35614  
But but but but anon
The moment we attain the capability to simulate the human mind perfectly to such degree, is the moment we pass the singularity
Which means that FTL and shit are literally just moments away, so we're gonna get time travel at that point either way
>> No.35615  
The point is that one is possible with present technology - if hard, while the other is considered impossible by most people well educated in the subject - even those dedicating research towards it.
>> No.35616  
It doesn't matter how many languages you learn if nobody wants to talk to you.
>> No.35620  
Enjoy having to rely on others' (mis)translations.
>> No.35621  
This. Being able to enjoy things in their original language is the only reason I'd like to learn other languages.
>> No.35622  
Should I make a new thread, or should I necro the old one? Decisions~
>> No.35623  
Revive threads until they're past the bump limit. It hurts my OCD otherwise.
>> No.35624  
Make a new thread unless the old one was great. I really dislike huge threads I haven't been following from the start (though with /bun/'s level of activity and how long I've been here that's less of a problem on /bun/).
>> No.35627  
File: AnimalCrossing.jpg -(89.2 KB, 762x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4,000 bells.
>> No.35628  
rip gandolf
>> No.35630  
How did he die this time?
>> No.35631  
File: Silver-Arrows.png -(0.2 KB, 64x64) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.35632  
>> No.35636  
Everytime I sneeze I burst a blood vessel, what is wrong with my nose!?
>> No.35637  

it's haunted
>> No.35639  
Anon-kun no ecchi~
>> No.35640  

Get it cauterized. I used to have tonnes of nosebleeds as a kid and that's what stopped 'em.
>> No.35650  
ants keep swarming my used cum tissues

whats up w/ that
>> No.35652  
Why do you even keep your used cum tissues? Flush them through the toilet or something.
>> No.35654  
I've seen them swarm used maxi pads.
>> No.35657  
Cum has sugar and nutrients and shit.
>> No.35658  
The trick to killing insects is to move your weapon very slowly towards it until the distance is so short that they can't possibly dodge.
>> No.35659  

that's also the trick to killing people
>> No.35663  
I feel old even though I shouldn't I guess.
>> No.35665  
The new Kanye album is great, you guys.
>> No.35666  
i have to tell my mother i dropped out of university today
>> No.35668  
Good luck man.

When I had to do that five years ago, I completely broke down into a sobbing mess. Fortunately it's not the end of the world.
>> No.35671  
I love you all, bunbuns. Yes, that include you, cranky /bun/ny.

good luck
I hope you have something else that you always wanted to pursue instead. My "talk" went well as I let my parents know that I've always wanted to try ___ rather than the path that my parents wished for me to follow.
>> No.35673  
I've always wanted to try being a NEET rather than the path that my parents wished for me to follow!
>> No.35678  
I wish goons didn't start shitting their pants and punching walls whenever reddit gets mentioned in relation to anything
>> No.35680  
Is Reddit the new 4chan for them?
>> No.35681  

Basically. Whenever reddit gets mentioned they feel the need to discuss for at least 2 pages that reddit is full of creepy pedophiles and should be shut down, and how much better SA is than everywhere else. Also right now in their Hotline Miami thread they are talking about how offensive it is that there is rape or something in HM2, because someone made the grave error of posting a crazy person's tumblr and expected goons to also think it was insane rather than agree with it
>> No.35682  
Sure reminds me of how some people take the opportunity to extensively hate on SA whenever it's mentioned. I don't like SA either, but this is just the pot calling the kettle black here.
>> No.35684  

This is a little different because SA was only mentioned to talk about how shitty it is, here in what is basically a random discussion thread. Goons see the word "reddit" anywhere and no matter how minor the mention was, what the context was, or what people were talking about before, it is now about how everyone on reddit should go to jail.
>> No.35686  
>reddit is full of creepy pedophiles
I-I'm speechless.
>> No.35687  
I really enjoy rewatching Noein.
>> No.35717  
So far all I've eaten today is a bowl of cereal and leftover chips even though there's REAL food in the fridge that I won't cook because I'm too lazy. Don't be lazy, me.
>> No.35719  
get the fuck away from me you dancing animals I'm trying to lay down patterns FUCK
>> No.35919  
I sure was horny this morning.
>> No.35921  
I guess donkey kong doesn't make the best star witness
>> No.35923  
So frustrating! But if I go and say more than necessary I'll end up ruining everything again.
>> No.35925  
I wonder what it says about me that I dreamt about searching for touhou bukkake on youtube.
>> No.35926  
I think I might start collecting pill bugs as pets. Maybe caring for them will make me happy
>> No.35930  
I made too much instant noodles.
>> No.35959  
Hey wait a minute, that's basically /a/ but with music! Fuck
>> No.35981  
stop shitting yourself pixiv, I wanna check my tags before bed!
>> No.35994  
Playing shota games and eating sausages. Life is good.
>> No.36001  
Maybe I should stop being a piece of shit.
>> No.36012  
Do it tomorrow
>> No.36071  
The short thoughts thread fell off the front page!
>> No.36083  
Why would you shit on my bed, cat. I treat you well.
>> No.36085  
>> No.36087  
I thought about getting a crow or something, but you just can't house-train birds.
>> No.36091  
I used to think people who make mistakes like "It's a doggy dog world" must be pretty stupid, but I just discovered it's not "backpaddle on an issue" but "backpedal", which is kind of silly, though, since you usually can't pedal backwards.
>> No.36092  
Probably a lot more fixed-gear bikes back when that saying first came around.
>> No.36093  
Wow, that was the most suicidal I've been in years.
Best not to get fucked on those things together again.
>> No.36094  
Maybe I should call my father.
>> No.36098  
Finally called the doctor for an appointment! Go me!
>> No.36100  
I love using cheats.
>> No.36101  
Googling "colossal titan" was a bad idea.
>> No.36102  
Reading possible career choices to my counselor makes my heart race, while thinking about sex with her while she's right next to me leaves me rather indifferent. Fascinating.
>> No.36103  
File: guidance.gif -(14.4 KB, 450x195) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.36104  
Sure wish I was 18 again and knew what I wanted to do.
>> No.36107  
Dibs on the fresh fish.
>> No.36109  
There's so much fireworks smoke outside my house it looks like I'm living on the streets of Baghdad.
>> No.36110  
I can't fucking sleep, why do some assholes think it's okay to shoot fireworks right next to my apartment at 12 AM
>> No.36115  
I sure was angry last night.
>> No.36116  
Man, that was not very fun near the end.
>> No.36118  
I dunno how people can use second life for anything other than a porn mmo
>> No.36119  
I dunno how people can use second life for porn or play it at all.
>> No.36120  

If you can find a better crossdressing whore simulator out there please point me to it
>> No.36123  
I really like fighting games but I'm always so terrible at them.
>> No.36125  
The only way to get good is to research, practice and also lose a lot.
>> No.36126  
Drunk and buttmad, not a great combination.
>> No.36139  
Why am I being so dumb? Stop being so jealous, goddamn. It's nothing.
>> No.36144  
Maybe it is, aaahhhhh. I guess it doesn't matter, it was bound to happen. Just deal with it.
>> No.36145  
>> No.36153  
dammit pixiv
>> No.36157  
File: PREPARE FOR RAPE.JPG -(29.6 KB, 223x310) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Colossus of Sardia + Paralyze combo doesn't work in Shandalar! I would've won that match SO HARD! Damn you, Microprose!
>> No.36180  
I hurt my ankle while I was asleep somehow, why am I so pathetic!
>> No.36298  
Only 2 days of work left. I actually miss being a mega NEET.
>> No.36303  
I saw a picture of trench foot for the first time today and I felt an incredible urge to touch it.
>> No.36305  
Fucking Mojang, let me log on!
>> No.36309  
It's Kanako's birthday! Where's the guy with the cute MomoClo pictures?
>> No.36312  
His name is Sushio.
>> No.36313  
He is loco we say oh no.
>> No.36314  
This pizza is gonna be cooked really shitty I just know it
>> No.36326  
I miss pizza
>> No.36330  
I had pizza yesterday. And some for breakfast.
>> No.36334  
I hope I wake up early enough to buy turnips tomorrow
>> No.36337  
Game Boy music was so great!
>> No.36354  
Why do I only have 15 minutes to guess my credit card info?
>> No.36360  
Where did the time go
>> No.36362  
I feel like I should play more difficult games.
>> No.36363  
Man, English people are really stingy about where to send products. Even when it's cheap, and I'm willing to pay for shipping, it's "no", or, since I don't buy much from ebay, "you don't have any feedback, I don't think so." At least this guy might help me...
>> No.36364  
I don't know if my emails are being lost among spam or just ignored. Probably the latter.
>> No.36366  
I wish I could get pregnant and have a child so much.
>> No.36368  
My friend gave birth today and it was a terrible experience, according to her. Why would anyone want to go through pregnancy?
>> No.36374  
fucking mse
>> No.36376  
smarter people make their kids do lots of chores
>> No.36377  

tfw the name of the Best Pope was taken by a pedophile.
>> No.36378  


Get the fuck out
>> No.36381  
File: that feel.PNG -(5.3 KB, 645x773) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeah he forgot to post this image with his post, what the hell.
>> No.36383  
I want to try my hand in composing music, but I have no idea where to start.
>> No.36384  
I hope this pain near my tooth subsides soon. I was hoping I'd be dead before I ever had to go to a dentist again, last time was like 6 years ago
>> No.36385  
File: flstudiotutorial1.PNG -(106.7 KB, 724x1504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Download FL Studio somewhere and just start messing around.

Image is kinda outdated by now, but should still mostly apply.
>> No.36386  
File: flstudiotutorial2.PNG -(263.6 KB, 950x2053) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.36387  
Why do I need skype and webcam to verify my identity on elance...
>> No.36388  
The Grease movie is fucking weird. They're supposed to be high school students but they all look like they're pushing 40
>> No.36392  
So bored...
>> No.36393  
Isn't this thread sort of like posting on twitter? A twitter account that's also being used by several others?
>> No.36395  
Yeah, but no one knows who you are or even which previous posts were yours.
>> No.36396  
My dick is so puny its depressing
>> No.36397  
But size doesn't matter, and it's not like anyone will ever see it.
>> No.36398  
It's okay, guys with small dicks are cute!
>> No.36400  
Not him, but do you really think so?
>> No.36403  
Not that guy, but I'd never date a guy with a dick bigger than mine.
>> No.36404  
I'm a little confused as to who is who, but I agree!
>> No.36405  
Me neither. Then again, I'm not gay.
>> No.36406  
>> No.36407  
any cute USA /bun/s want to help me get a thing from ebay.
>> No.36408  
If you told me two years ago that I would be enjoying the latest Kanye and Jay-Z albums I wouldn't have believed you.
>> No.36409  
It's spelled Jay Z now.
>> No.36410  
Wrong. It's spelled "JAY Z." All caps.

Get your rapper facts straight.
>> No.36411  
Why do so many otaku and shut-ins listen to rap?
>> No.36412  

They don't
>> No.36413  
Obviously because cute anime girls and rap ironically go so well togther! Why else do you think those "mashups" on youtube are so popular?
Man I think you need to educate yourself about nerd culture a little bit more.
>> No.36414  
Because otaku are generally intensely interested in anything they enjoy. This kind of focused interest towards something like music will eventually bring you over juvenile boundaries of disliking genres due to commonly held stigma.
>> No.36441  
Please let the chuunibyou syndrome fad run its course already; it may have been somewhat amusing at first but now it's just annoying.
>> No.36447  
My ear is bleeding!
>> No.36449  
I don't quite understand
>> No.36456  
You should get your ears checked.
>> No.36461  
God damn these people. I don't udnerstand what they want from me.
>> No.36473  
I finally figured out how to see stereoscopic images!
>> No.36477  
What!? How!?
>> No.36478  
File: mio.png -(106.7 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cross eyes until the images start to meet and form an image in the middle, then focus on that
>> No.36480  
File: Stereoscopic fun times.jpg -(281.5 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I hope Oclus Rift 2 gets R&Ded and released soon, hopefully with high resolution screens. I'd be all over it.

are you sure he wasn't being sarcastic...? I always just assumed that people knew how to do it, heh.

Anyways, grats on figuring it out, I guess. Have some stereoscopic 3D pantsu.
>> No.36482  
File: Sonico.png -(377.6 KB, 581x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It only works for me if I put my face real close to the screen and then move back slowly until it comes into focus. Also, I think it works better without glasses.
>> No.36489  
I hope A John doesn't mind me using his address to get my free Nintendobux.
>> No.36490  
File: stereogram_00331698.jpg -(956.9 KB, 1900x1375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I never figured out how to view those plain two images in 3D. Those on the other hand I can view with no problems at all.
>> No.36491  
It's harder to cross your eyes over such a long distance, that's all. You can build a "stereoscope" to help you, or you can just back away from the monitor to make it easier.

I love Magic Eye, I had three books of the stuff when I was a kid.
>> No.36492  
I could see stereoscopic images since I was like 7 and it always frustrated how I was the only one in my family who could do it. I used to even draw my own objects from slightly different angles to see them in 3D.

Now I have a lazy eye because of it, and I wish I never learned how to view those images.
>> No.36495  
Are you my sister?
>> No.36496  
I hope I get Akagi soon in Kan Colle.

How lewd, anon.

Anyways, while the logic behind plain stereoscopic images are simple, so I had no problems with them, these Magic Eyes or whatever they are called frustrated and haunted mildly annoyed me for about a decade until I finally sat down and stared at one for a good half hour on my computer's screen a couple of years ago. They are pretty sugoi.
>> No.36499  
nice tits
>> No.36503  
I got a PS3 for my birthday, but I already had a few games from where I used to play them on my brother's PS3. I just beat The Last of Us and Journey and I decided to play MAG today.

Fuck, the servers are going down forever on January 28, 2014. I wish I could have played so much more. I wish I could have played at the height of the game. I can count the number of times I've been able to play Domination on one hand.

Fuck, why does it have to end?
>> No.36505  
Because money. It takes money to keep the servers running, and those running the servers have no interest in running the servers outside of financial interest. When it no longer gives them money, they just stop hosting, and they don't give a single fuck about disappointed fans. It's all about the money.
>> No.36512  
So /photo/ns, what is your stance on "are bad translations/localizations better than none at all"? For the sake of argument, let's say you don't know the original language so you can't bypass the middlemen.

For a more concrete example, do CGrascal's "translations" do more harm than good?
>> No.36521  
File: not a translation.PNG -(449.6 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Bad translations are better than none, assuming they can at least be called translations. Things like machine translations, bad J->C->E translations and extremely bad translations don't really represent the original text and as such can't really be called translations. But as long as it's representative of the original, loss of quality is inevitable anyways, so I'll take an inaccurate/badly edited translation over no translation, usually.
>> No.36523  
I used Kaizoku and Dattebayo fansubs before, so yes.
>> No.36525  
File: summer.jpg -(353.4 KB, 930x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's too hot.
>> No.36526  
Do you ever wonder what it's like to have any kind of ambition or goal, long or short term?
It bet it's nice.
>> No.36528  
I should have worded it as "translation attempts" to close the semantic loophole.

But I guess I would agree, as long as the 'translation' is free.
>> No.36529  
Why do all Sonic character look so fucking turbo gay? Seriously.
>> No.36530  
It's not always nice. For example, you will always have the urge to do 'something useful' and often feel bad for wasting your time when you could be working towards your ambition/goal, even if you didn't have the motivation to work on it in the first place.
>> No.36572  
It feels terrible if your goal doesn't involve doing fun stuff like consuming media, traveling, etc. Any moment not spent working towards your objectives will feel like you're failing to optimize your life. I hate myself.
>> No.36592  
Our doggfather, Snoop be thy name
Thy ganja come, thy weed be smoked everyday as it is in heaven
>> No.45804  
The shots of Air-soft guns tend for being faster and they've the possibility to break your skin if hit at close range. This really is because on the little size the Air-soft pellets. Many nations have declared many safety safeguards while applying the these guns. The Protection devices of PaintBall are exceptional to the stability products of Air-soft. The PaintBall goggles provided with the PaintBall package covers the enter area surrounding the attention together with teeth and ears, Whereas the Air-soft masks are extremely soft and you will uncover likelihood of harm to your eyes.

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