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File: tumblr_mmg62sOr9u1qhbaxqo2_400.jpg -(40.6 KB, 400x565) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
41581 No.34626  
Lately, I've been wondering how small dissimilarities between west and east affects the way they animate.
The Japanese storyboards lends themselves very well to vertical pans, at least.
>> No.34646  
Vertical pans are in everything, not just Japanese cartoons.

>> No.34657  
I support this thread!

I don't really know a lot about animation, and most of what I know I learned from these videos and a couple others, but I'd love to learn some more!

>> No.34658  
Is this going to be the sakuga thread where people throw around animator names while posting gifs and pretend they understand animation? Because I hate those threads.
>> No.34660  
No, that's tumblr. I personally would like to learn about this kind of stuff so I at least can seem like I know what I pretend to know.

So I'm just waiting for some /bun/ to mess up and another /bun/ to school him.
>> No.34661  
File: Sketch.gif -(1586.3 KB, 640x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I didn't know tumblr was into that, I was thinking of /a/ actually. That said, I do like seeing gifs like this.
>> No.34667  
That's pretty cool. Even as a sketch that's a really imposing walk.
>> No.34669  
Why would anyone here care about /a/?
>> No.34673  
File: RIP.gif -(2895.0 KB, 480x408) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What's caring have to do with what I said?
>> No.34674  
The way you asked your question here >>34658 made it seem like you assume people here know what's going on in /a/ threads.
>> No.34689  
Sometimes when I watch anime I notice how the animators often ignore basic principles of animation such as anticipation and follow-through. So like, when a character turns around, there is no preparation for it, he just suddenly turns and suddenly stops. The only studios that never ignore it are those big ones like KyoAni.

Do you think following these rules is something that's just more common in western animation? Just look at Fairly OddParents or Dexter's Lab, it's used there all the time.
>> No.34690  
Frankly, most anime viewers don't notice/care about this at all. I think it is the same in animators, using techniques like that shows a passion and appreciation of the art. The only instance where I can think otherwise is when it is a conscious stylistic choice, such as in a Shinbo show. Although his cuts are really just weird so it is hard to say.
>> No.34702  
I would like to add that the basic principles are more Disney's principles. Not all of them apply to all animation in the same degree.

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