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File: 6bb0f6953854b7cdbc2b2cce3d815bf6.jpg -(38.8 KB, 400x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
39731 No.36531  
It's only been four months!
>> No.36532  
>> No.36533  
>> No.36534  
Well I meant more like aspirations for the future, like a dream job or a place you've always wanted to visit, or a meal you've always wanted to try.
I've never had any of those, I was just wondering what it felt like to be motivated towards reaching a goal.
>> No.36535  
Shmorky sounds like a damn muppet
>> No.36537  
Why don't you guys get twitter accounts like normal human beings?
>> No.36538  

Because we are not normal human beings.
>> No.36539  
Wow thread 5 already! Prepare for /photos/ board-wipe!
>> No.36540  
I do have one, I just never use it.
>> No.36542  
I have a Twitter account, but it's not anonymous and I only tweet things that might genuinely interest my followers so as not to clog their timelines. (Similarly, I unfollow anyone who starts tweeting about random bullshit.)
>> No.36545  
My butt feels weird.
>> No.36546  
I really hate >>36542
>> No.36550  
File: 1778_3.jpg -(150.2 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why do you hate me, anon? Why?
>> No.36555  
Then don't stick weird things up it.
>> No.36558  
Thanks /jp/ my Youtube frontpage is now covered in videos of preteens dancing like sluts.
>> No.36559  
Some cat is looking at me through the window.
>> No.36560  
It's like a drug, you should try it.
>> No.36570  
Oh my god, my right foot hurts bad. I hope I didn't wreck it running around town.
>> No.36573  
All these hurt butts are starting to make me suspicious.
>> No.36576  
I shit red earlier today. I'll get it checked out if it happens again.
>> No.36579  
I want to eat dinner
but I don't want to eat dinner
I want to play games
but I don't want to play games
I want to masturbate
but I don't want to masturbate
>> No.36580  

My shit was black earlier and I was concerned until I remembered I ate an oreo last night
>> No.36582  
Mine has been black for the past few days too!
>> No.36583  

I've been pooping blood on and off for the last couple of years, and I'm perfectly fine. I wouldn't worry too much.
>> No.36586  
Why do I find furries so repulsive? I know I shouldn't judge someone else's life style, and I know they're not doing anything wrong, but I can't help but feel disgust when I see them and their art. I can't even listen to music made by furry musicians, even though I'm sure some of them make good music.
>> No.36587  

I do too. I am also a huge second life playing pervert so you'd think I'd be able to be more tolerant of them but nope
>> No.36591  
Because the internet has repeatedly been telling you that furries are the worst possible people in existence. Such strong opinions shape your own when you have no opinion on the subject yet, so by default before you learned what furry truly was you already hated them. It's hard to unlearn.
>> No.36595  
Not those two anons, but I saw furry illusrrations before I even knew what it was, and I still found them repulsive. Just what you're sayung isn't the case for everyone.
>> No.36596  

That's really stupid, you're stupid
>> No.36598  
Thank you.
>> No.36599  
It's 6pm. Tonight I'm going to take it easy and do this thing I wanted to for some time, let's just check my feeds first. Oops, it's already midnight. Guess I'll do it tomorrow.
>> No.36605  
Why watch a Let's Play when you can wait a few years for a patch and enjoy the game yourself?
>> No.36606  
I overslept while dreaming about oversleeping.
>> No.36613  
Hmm. I'm not sure if I actually said 'rabbit rabbit' or I simply dreamt I did.
>> No.36615  
Jesus I can't believe it's a new month already. I remember forgetting to say it last month and that felt like a week ago.
>> No.36618  
Katanagatari is the only Isin series where the haircut isn't just CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.
Nanami is the female head of the houshold. She cuts and burns the Maiden hair in a temple, under the eyes of Buddha. The entire fight was a twisted marriage ceremony. Notice how the end of the episode is the first time Shichika ever actually touches Togame without explicit orders to do so?
>> No.36627  
I should stop bleeding so much.
>> No.36631  
You really should! Don't make me worry so much, anon!
>> No.36650  
I'm so unhappy
>> No.36652  
I need to find a place to live for the next school year. The res' internet has too many restrictions and sharing internet connection at an off-campus housing with other people suck if they are tech-ignorants who don't realize that streaming services "count towards" the monthly bandwidth cap (blessèd be, Canada). A good internet connection is all that takes to keep me happy, but sometimes, even that seems to be too much to ask for.
>> No.36653  
Move in with some meat-heads who spend all their time working out at the gym and picking up girls at bars. They'll pretty much only use facebook and stream low resolution porn, so you'll have plenty of bandwidth.
>> No.36664  
How do you guys even live with limited bandwith.
>> No.36668  
File: ac internet.jpg -(37.1 KB, 400x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.36669  
Anonymous needs food.
>> No.36670  

No I don't, I just ate
>> No.36672  
This looks familiar.
>> No.36685  
Demos are wonderful and all games should have demos.
>> No.36700  
today I discovered saltybets and my life will never be the same
>> No.36701  
California really likes sea salt.
>> No.36707  
The whole Dragon's Crown debacle is kinda annoying me. Aren't Americans aware that they're a bunch of prudes? I mean, you guys live in a culture where slang for sex are used as swear words and it's more accepted to show someone brutally murdered than a topless woman on TV.
And when Jack Thompson claimed that video games desensitizes people to violence the whole gaming community loses their shit, but when Anita Sarkeesian claims that video games desensitizes people to sexism and rape you guys just roll with it? Come on.
>> No.36708  
I don't know much about Dragon's Crown, but I want to get a Vita someday just for the sorceress.
>> No.36712  
File: BEST DEAL EVER.PNG -(5.8 KB, 514x68) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh man, I love . Glad it's % off.
>> No.36713  
File: actual penises.png -(33.2 KB, 464x277) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The western video game commentary world has become filled with brain damaged twitter/tumblr people. Also keep in mind no actual human being cares about anything they say because games that cater to those people would sell like garbage and get laughed at, which is why "their games" tend to be low-effort flash turds. Who could forget such classics as "shave a fat man's chest to understand the plight of trannies" or "super mario but with the sprites swapped"
>> No.36718  
Whoah! C84 is this weekend! Better start sifting through C83's releases~
>> No.36728  
Comiket is always a double edged sword for me. On one hand I get more doujins to fiddle my wiener to, on the other hand my pixiv feed gets full of samples and previews from artists instead of real pictures for weeks
>> No.36729  
I always forget to listen to the Comiket music I download. And the stuff I do listen to I forget because I need to listen to stuff several times if it isn't brilliant.
>> No.36739  
I always confuse the short thoughts thread with the random quotes thread.
>> No.36743  
Well, they both even have cuddly round things in OP images.
>> No.36748  
/jp/ has abandoned upload threads because of abuse. Where are /bun/nies planning to get their C84 fix?
>> No.36749  
I only care about the doujinshi, so I'll be keeping my eye out for them on exhentai.
>> No.36750  

I don't think I want to know the person who can only find doujins from 4chan. That's really sad
>> No.36753  
There goes my last reason for ever visiting 4chan.
>> No.36755  

You mean because of these people? What are they even trying to achieve? They lurk /jp/ and warosu all day and just ruin everything /jp/-related. It's like they completely broken down and just want to destroy everything they used to love.
>> No.36756  
I don't think so, petty trolls are pretty easy to ignore in the grand scheme of things, and they usually give up after a while anyway. The major issue /jp/ faces are people reporting their uploads directly to the filehosting services and having them taken down. It was apparently a huge problem during Reitaisai 10 and very few want to risk posting direct download links and spreadsheets again.
>> No.36758  
I like to think the doujin artist I love thinks I'm pretty ok.
>> No.36759  
I have classes starting on Monday, fuckity fuck.
>> No.36760  
Mine start on Tuesday, shit.
>> No.36766  
High five!
>> No.36767  
My summer classes are over on the 23rd. Fall classes start in early September. Really looking forward to that week long break.
>> No.36768  
I don't have any classes or obligations coming up because I'm a piece of shit
>> No.36775  
I like grills.
>> No.36776  
I'm attracted to breasts.
>> No.36777  
Yesterday I felt like dying but not today. Improvement!
>> No.36781  
I wonder what it would be like to beat up a girl.
>> No.36782  
You can only go down from here!
>> No.36783  

Probably like beating up a man only a lot easier
>> No.36784  
I was attracted to breasts when I was about 12-15.
>> No.36785  
What the hell happened when you turned 16?
>> No.36786  

he learned of the beauty of the budding nubs prevalent on girls aged 12-15.
>> No.36787  
I can't tell if Ogre is really easy or I'm just getting better.
>> No.36788  
What game? If it's Tekken 3, Ogre is really easy. (Unless he's controlled by a player, in which case you are allowed to punch the person playing him.)
>> No.36789  
I can't tell anymore if it's ridiculously advanced ironic shitposting or actual idiots flowing in...
>> No.36790  
"Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company."
-Rene Descartes
>> No.36791  
Street Fighter x Tekken, I think it's just that Ogre is really easy since the rest of the game is really easy. But Akuma was a bit of a challenge.
>> No.36794  
>> No.36799  
Not caring about news or politics makes life so much more comfortable.
>> No.36803  
My beloved doujin artist is going to a marriage arrangement party in less than two weeks, noooooo.
>> No.36808  
Brain is having bad thoughts.
>> No.36823  
There isn't going to be another DQN electronics, is there?
>> No.36834  
I wish this board had a tiny bit more activity so refreshing it every five minutes didn't make me feel silly.
>> No.36835  
This isn't /jp/. You're better off refreshing /bun/ only once a day.
>> No.36839  
I know, but I can't help it.
>> No.36847  
I hate how /jp/'s modern userbase has a complete disregard for spoiler tags. I just want to discuss parts of Grisaia without being spoiled, is that really too much to ask?
>> No.36848  
Yes. Why should I type more shit just to accommodate you?
>> No.36849  

You can easily solve this by never going to 4chan again
>> No.36852  
All it takes is ctrl + S these days.
>> No.36853  
Because, as long as you're interested in genuine discussion and not just posting to get some self-satisfaction out of it, you are already writing things for others to read. Why would you want to scare away people that may be interested in your opinion? It takes only a couple letters to put something in a spoiler tag; leave out spoiler tags and you leave only people too lazy to even type out spoiler tags and/or too uninterested in the subject to be bothered by spoilers. I can't see that really raising the quality of discussions.
>> No.36862  
I wonder whatever happened to the super deepthroat flash guy
>> No.36864  
His new "features" were all futa shit so who cares
>> No.36865  
I've honestly been wondering: is there pornography that simulates having a significant relationship? The only thing that comes to my mind is the dating simulator genre, but it's not strictly pornographic and I've personally never been able to get into it.
>> No.36867  
why is lowtax trying to start a feud with some youtube shithead, is he really this starved for attention
>> No.36871  
Let me guess, this has something to do with dangan ronpa
>> No.36873  

nope. He's been doing LPs on youtube with shmorky for a while, and I'm guessing they aren't really taking off as well as he hoped so he picked a random famous youtube guy (who in all fairness does seem to be a huge cunt) to attack in the hopes he will notice and send attention his way.

He's also mad about youtube/google punishing him for copyright violation for seemingly no reason, and I don't think I need to point out the irony of the founder of SA crying about being the victim of shitty moderation and arbitrary punishment.
>> No.36877  

Also, goons are now conspiring to get the guy taken off youtube for hate speech because I guess he makes gay jokes a lot or something? What the fuck happened to something awful
>> No.36879  
Something awful.
>> No.36883  
Phwoaar, tha' was a right fit bird, tha' was!
>> No.36891  
i wonder if they will still be talking about this gunned down australian guy a week from now. probably not
>> No.36892  
I need a tablet
>> No.36896  
No you don't. Nobody needs one.
>> No.36898  
Maybe he means a drawing tablet, not those new tablet computers.
>> No.36899  
You don't really need one of those either.
>> No.36903  
What if his goal in life is to become the greatest digital artist? What if a big client asked him to draw something and anon doesn't have a working tablet at this moment? Doesn't that mean he needs a tablet?
>> No.36904  
You can draw without a tablet.
>> No.36907  
File: kantoku - no taburetto.png -(273.1 KB, 847x1009) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is anyone on /bun/ playing Kan Colle, I wonder?

While some artists choose to not use a tablet for drawing digitally, that's their choice.
Sure you don't need brushes to create physical paintings, but what if the style you're going for calls for it? Then you need one (or a dozen).
The same thing applies to creating digital art and illustration.

Here's one illustrator who doesn't use a tablet, though.
>> No.36908  
>>36892 here
I really really need a tablet.
>> No.36910  
A tablet is not needed to draw, regardless of their choice, so the point still stands.
>> No.36925  
What if their choice was they need it to draw. Then the person needs a tablet to draw.
>> No.36927  
Just let them have their tablet!
>> No.36930  
parents going out, time to jerk
>> No.36932  
Thanks for the update.
>> No.36933  
I HATE coding physics. It never, ever works and wastes a lot of time for something basic. Using a third-party library never works because my protagonist would fall over and knock over the wall instead of adhering to standard platforming physics.
>> No.36935  
So what's so special about Kan Colle and why is it suddenly a big thing everywhere? Is this like the next Touhou or something like that?
>> No.36938  
No idea. I've only heard the name before because Sameda Koban supposedly drew a KanColle doujin for C84, but that's about it.
>> No.36940  
My favorite pixiv users have been drawing tons of that blonde girl with the skirt and thong
>> No.36945  
Whoa /bun/ mods are fast. Too bad they neglect /projects/ as usual.
>> No.36946  
Everybody neglects /projects/.
>> No.36947  
I thought about cleaning /projects/ after reading what you wrote, but then I realized that I had forgotten the admin password for it. Oh well.
>> No.36948  
I don't like greeting people.
It just seems so stupid to have to quickly smile and and wave at someone you know whenever they look at you. And they get offended if you don't do it, like they're scared you don't like them anymore.
Get over it.
>> No.36950  
/bun/ doesn't have an age limit, does it?
>> No.36953  
I wish my father would calm down
>> No.36954  
Both boards have porn, so what do you think?
>> No.36956  
File: Kancore Index v03.jpg -(1808.5 KB, 1880x2020) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I gotta make an updated version of my kan-musu index soon!

>blonde girl with the skirt and thong

>Is this like the next Touhou or something like that?
something like that. 100+ characters with fun designs, all voiced (though many of them, understandably share VAs). It's flavour of the month- err year, but I'll enjoy it while the fun lats.
>> No.36957  
Maybe they're looking forward to greeting you, only to be coldly ignored.
>> No.36958  
That went from euphoric to disgusting really quickly.
>> No.36965  
I don't get why people find Miley Cyrus attractive.
>> No.36970  
It feels like Subterranean Animism came out just recently. Am I getting old?
>> No.36972  

While we're at it, EoSD has been out for eleven years now. How does that make you feel?
>> No.36973  
I spent 10 minutes googling twerk and still have no idea what it is.
>> No.36979  
I hate most of the internet.
>> No.36980  

Me too
>> No.36983  
I h-hate you both too!
>> No.36985  
Yahoo overhauled the interface of their sports sections, and unsurprisingly many people are crying about it.

Change is not an inherently bad thing. People need to give themselves time to become acquainted with new systems before they can properly judge how new systems compare to old ones. Too bad knee-jerkism is highly prevalent.
>> No.36989  
I'm pretty sure my I just got a popup from my ISP, but I closed the browser window just as I noticed it. Now I'm nervous
>> No.36990  
The Berserk OP is quite groovy. I should get around to reading the manga sometime.
>> No.36992  
Put your grasses on, nothing will be wong.
>> No.36993  
A common fertility ritual involving rhythmic movements of the butt.

Little Witch Academia has great sound work.
>> No.37001  
My post wasn't a reason to break the entire board, bun! Someone would have said it sooner or later, anyway!
>> No.37018  
I had a dream that I could slather pizza sauce on TV remotes and eat them, and I can't get the satisfying crunch and taste of sauce out of my head. Maybe I'll get a pizza tomorrow
>> No.37021  
Fuck Arcsys
>> No.37027  
Anzu's birthday this year is on labor day. The irony!
>> No.37035  
Accidentally inhaled diet coke.

I wonder if I have coke in my lungs now.
>> No.37038  

you aren't supposed to snort THAT kind of coke!!!
>> No.37040  
I don't think anyone should snort any kind of coke!
>> No.37041  
Well at least it was diet.
>> No.37042  

At least you won't have rusty lungs.

>> No.37047  
>> No.37078  
why the fuck hasn't he left
>> No.37079  
I was just asked if there were "any bitches going on". No. No, there aren't.
>> No.37177  
I dunno why my neighbors are having such a large labor day party when none of them have jobs. Any excuse to throw trash all over the ground I guess
>> No.37179  
This hip swinging Ichirin is super cute and sexy.
>> No.37189  
Well done, me!
>> No.37192  
The /ota/ is down
>> No.37193  

>> No.37194  
Wow /bun/, sageing the first thread on the page. I wonder why.
>> No.37196  
So tsuntsun.
>> No.37197  
/ota/ is back, but now warosu is raiding them.
>> No.37199  
Now warosu is down! What a day!
>> No.37200  
The thread on /general/ was deleted. I wonder what people posted after my last post...
>> No.37202  

what thread
>> No.37203  
Did the font just change or is it me???
>> No.37204  
I can't tell if it seems different because you said that or not...
>> No.37213  
File: texts.png -(7.3 KB, 653x130) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The lettering seems to change very slightly when I tick "use hardware acceleration" in firefox options, only on this site. How strange
>> No.37214  
what the hell. The Gensokyo portal thread got deleted when the GURO thread has been around since the beginning of time?
>> No.37215  
Didn't you know? No rules on this board!
>> No.37216  
It's too hot to go outside even though it's night already.
>> No.37226  
Did you post it in /general/?

There was a thread started by some new poster about how much he hates the /jp/ janitor. It turned into a meta-discussion about /bun/ and sage.
>> No.37227  
No, the thread >>37214 is referring to was posted in /photos/. I thought I was the only currently active mod who saw the thread, and I sure wasn't the one who deleted it, so I checked the task log. No activity from the other mods on /photos/ in the past few days, so I believe it was deleted by the OP himself.
>> No.37228  
I'm glad you're still with us, anon! Perhaps ship-waifu might make you feel better if you can get into a server, that is.
I guess helium didn't work.
>> No.37229  
If it was a suicide thread, OP probably just changed his mind and got embarrassed.
>> No.37231  
I can't believe I spend the entire day refreshing bun and the fe moments I step away from the computer, something actually happens. WHY.
>> No.37304  
I'm glad that anon is still with us, even though I was already thinking about all the "/bun/ is dying" jokes I was going to make.
>> No.37325  
My boss forwarded a mail my colleague had sent her, saying how great I was to work with, and how good a job I did. It made me so warm inside~
>> No.37381  
Where is my passport?
>> No.37382  
Holey moley these onion rings are delicious
>> No.37391  
awww, how adorable.
>> No.37411  
Wow 2828 meant ニヤニヤ. It makes so much sense now!
>> No.37422  
>> No.37433  
I think I might stink
>> No.37436  
I'm sorry we left you to die alone. I'm sorry.
>> No.37438  
Do we really need another /jp/ clone?

>> No.37446  
young coconut is a pain to open
>> No.37452  
My friend's leaving for London, and I don't know what I should get him.
>> No.37454  
The Quran
>> No.37471  
if this rash spreads to my dick i'm gonna be so mad
>> No.37478  
build structure wave point
>> No.37483  
Did you sex?
>> No.37486  
Hey! CoreTemp ain't a virus!
>> No.37508  
Whoa! A new Shinkai Makoto (short) movie!
>> No.37511  
I rubbed sandpaper on my nose and now it is sore.
>> No.37514  
christ my stomach hurts from
>> No.37517  
Shinkai's city shots always make me feel warm and fuzzy. Tenmon's piano work helps too.

Looks like another great Shinkai film! Didn't say when it's coming out though...
>> No.37530  
great now my asshole is bleeding
>> No.37533  
You should be more careful when masturbating, anon-kun~
>> No.37538  
File: rejected-5409729317_0cd3bc5946.jpg -(18.6 KB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dance! Everybody dance!
>> No.37539  
I hate this generation of pussies who go around making up or adopting words to shield themselves with while ignoring real problems.
>> No.37540  
NO bully
>> No.37543  
Just now I discovered that an erotic-lit author I had been planning to revisit has purged all his writing from the internet because he felt like he wasn't getting enough attention. I've taken the liberty of uploading what little of his work I had backed up in an effort keep it online (I couldn't find them mirrored anywhere, and there's probably no discussion about this asshole outside of some obscure elit mailing list that I'm not part of). You all probably wouldn't give a shit about this, but I'm keeping the links here for posterity anyhow.

Mermaids (Only Ch.1, unfortunately)
Lost Time
The Void
>> No.37548  
You could just upload them to asstr.org
Instructions are here: http://assm.asstr.org/erotica/assm/faq.html
>> No.37549  
Why can't I dream of Satori? Remilia, Tewi, Yuuka, Super Mario and even MacGyver made appearances, and they were all great dreams.
>> No.37552  
Thanks for the link. The truth is his writing was originally hosted on asstr (among other places) before he took them down. Since I have no experience with those kinds of communities and I can only speculate how much influence this person had, I'm a little worried about how they would react to me reuploading his work against his intentions. Nevertheless, I'll give it a try.
>> No.37562  
Wow. I actually feel dumber after reading that stupid article.
>> No.37563  
Makoto route was better than expected. All that's remaining in this VN is Sora's route now.
>> No.37564  
My friends are all assholes.
>> No.37566  
I got through more of my backlog and focussed more on actual productive work last night than I have for years.
An Internet connection really is a double-edged sword.
>> No.37589  
It really shouldn't come as a surprise when an old person dies, but I guess death never stops being surprising.
>> No.37614  
Today I viewed a recently uploaded doujinshi on ex and thought the art was quite attractive. Hoping to see more, I clicked on the artist's name and Show Tagged Galleries. 95% of the artist's work was Touhou doujinshi. Lameness.
>> No.37621  
Canelo-kun ;_;
>> No.37624  
I hate it when that happens.
>> No.37638  
What are you guys talking about? Touhou girls are damn fine.
>> No.37645  
Why can't I change.
>> No.37646  
Because you don't really want to change.
>> No.37649  
But I have to.
>> No.37656  
As a person who has never played a GTA game, the massive hype for GTA 5 is incomprehensible to me.
>> No.37667  

Rockstar tends to put a huge amount of effort into the games they release, compared to other AAA game releases
>> No.37670  
I've been reading about it, and it does sound like Rockstar outdid itself in creating a virtual world with a great deal of freedom and boundless activities to do.

Cool as it sounds, I've never been interested in open-world/sandbox games so guess it's just not for me.
>> No.37674  
Wow, Nethack really fucks up the rogue level on japanese locale.
>> No.37680  
More and more frequently, I'm seeing slang on the internet that I don't understand. Guess I'm not one of the cool kids anymore.
>> No.37689  
Don't worry, you're not losing anything. The new internet generation is shit. The anime one is surprisingly even worse than other communities this generation. I can't browse a lot of websites if I want to properly enjoy my seasonal anime. Apparently nothing can be funny anymore if it doesn't revolve around a shitty form of "irony" involving weed jokes, misspelling words like an idiot and twitter hashtags.
>> No.37690  
All DOS-console games are fucked up on a Japanese locale.
>> No.37694  
Use DOSBox.
>> No.37733  
There's CP on /projects/. Do something about it, mods.
>> No.37736  
Hehe the poster's name is Obama.
>> No.37741  
There's CP on /general/ and /photos/. Do something about it, mods.
>> No.37743  
The most direct way to get someone to deal with it is to go to #bun and ask.

Admittedly, I'm not sure how many of them would be available at this hour. I was fortunate to check here before heading to bed.
>> No.37747  
>go to #bun

NO WAY. nice try, #bun devs.
>> No.37749  
I'm not sure what you're getting at. Paranoid of being h4x0red? Use a vhost. All you have to do is enter the channel, say "There's spam in (/gen/)/(/photos/)/(/bun/)", then immediately take your leave. No one asked for you to stay.

Once again, if there's uncleaned trash on the boards and it bothers you, then letting the mods know is the best course of action. But if you don't care, then feel free not to bother.
>> No.37759  
File: same-character.jpg -(81.6 KB, 578x710) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sometimes Japanese drives me crazy. I was trying to look up a particular kanji character from a book (so I couldn't just copy and paste it). In the book it was written like the character from the bottom half of the picture, but in the kanji lookup website it appeared as in the top half. How are you supposed to know they're the same?!
>> No.37765  
File: 溢.png -(35.5 KB, 990x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The one on the left is the obsolete version. It might be an issue with your encoding or fonts. The left version is still used in Chinese or in pre-2000 versions of Japanese computer characters.
>> No.37766  
Well, shoot. It does display correctly in Firefox, but not Chrome--and the latter is the main Internet browser I use. Well, thanks for helping me figure out what the problem was.
>> No.37770  
Why do you hate freedom?
>> No.37772  
Don't worry, he doesn't hate freedom. He only hates privacy and wants his every move to be tracked online.
>> No.37775  
Because I liked Chrome's minimalist interface and faster page loading speeds compared to FF. There were also a handful of sites I frequently browsed which took forever to load on FF, but didn't have that problem on Chrome. Since I never used extensions and userscripts, I wasn't missing out on much.

Mind you, I made the switch from FF -> Chrome several years ago, and Internet browsers have become increasingly homogenized since then. At this point there's hardly any functional difference between the various browsers available, so why not stick to the one you feel most comfortable with?
>> No.37776  
You can still be tracked via FF.
>> No.37781  
But Firefox was not specifically made to record your browsing behavior nor made by a company that makes a living off trying to find out everything there is to know about you.

I use Ghostery to prevent tracking from external sources.
>> No.37787  

I have a smartphone, I'm pretty sure google already knows everything about me anyway.
>> No.37803  
I use firefox but the way it hangs every 5 minutes is getting pretty shitty
>> No.37886  
>> No.37889  
I wonder if my mom was always this weird and dumb and I just didn't notice when I was younger, or if she's starting to get senile.
>> No.37893  
oh no a civil war is starting in /general/
>> No.37898  
Jesse noooooooooo
>> No.37899  
The clavinet is an interesting sounding keyboard.
>> No.37907  
Mum's gone

Onahole time!
>> No.37908  
Because when your mom is home you don't need the onahole...?
>> No.37910  
My mom has cleaned my onahole.
>> No.37912  
Did she help you dirty it?
>> No.37913  
>> No.37916  
I'm insane, have no friends, and am going to die soon.
>> No.37917  
That's some heavy shit. What happend?
>> No.37918  

I wish I was dying soon
>> No.37920  
We're all going to die sooner or later, no point in rushing things
>> No.37923  
File: 1373922824804.jpg -(312.4 KB, 1024x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.37930  
Will this current, click-baiting fad of inserting feminist/racist bullshit buzzwords in articles ever end?
>> No.37933  
File: [ginseng] Battle Girls - Time Paradox - 02v2 [BDRip_720p_10Bit] [9CAFDB09].mkv_snapshot_12.40_[2013.09.28_15.56.42].jpg -(95.2 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Good anime premise.
>> No.37937  
the kike shit up /jp/ again
>> No.37940  
File: out.png -(238.4 KB, 600x456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
the sad part is that he is the one who added rule 4.

the fucking hypocritical jew.
>> No.37942  
moot has a secret fetish for chaos, I think. During the panel tonight he mentioned fantasizing about deleting 4chan to see how it affects the rest of the internet.

Also, /jp/ is starting to pull through really admirably. At the very least the janitors and mods are doing a good job.
>> No.37943  
Mod just changed it to a 2page, jannitors can't actually do anything anymore against such things since the first full erase incident
>> No.37944  
How did you know?! Are you a janitor?
>> No.37945  
Fuck moot.
>> No.37946  
File: -jp-_Weaponized_-a-_Home_of_``Misunderstood Genuises''.png -(19.3 KB, 855x144) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's official now, /jp/ is the best board.

I knew it in my heart all along.
>> No.37947  
Something dumb and bad is happening on 4chan???? Holy cow!
>> No.37948  
File: ripjp.jpg -(920.2 KB, 502x3379) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.37949  
File: 1380425001278.jpg -(1151.9 KB, 1583x4724) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

past tense.
>> No.37950  
Imagine if Sparky or Saya started posting on /photos/.
>> No.37955  
File: exodus 35-7.png -(20.1 KB, 461x415) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sasuga Bible translators. King James Bible especially seems like the Doki of Bible translation, not even managing to translate 'shittim'. Also, badgers do not exist near Northeast Africa so they even made the worst possible guesslation.
>> No.37957  
The Bible has terrible pacing.
>> No.37958  
An important event has been missed because of sleeping.
>> No.37959  
So what's the skin actually from?
>> No.37960  
Nobody knows for sure. New International Version simply admits when nobody has a clue what the original Hebrew word means (which also happens in some other places). For this line, they put the following note: "Possibly the hides of large aquatic mammals". At least here they had the context to know it's some kind of skin/leather/hide, for some words it's a complete mystery what they mean (for the 'urim' and 'thummin' there's an entire Wikipedia page full of scholars guessing what the hell they are).
>> No.37961  
For those wondering what happened to /jp/, moot held a panel at some anime convention and mentioned /jp/ several times (notably the quotes in >>37951 and >>37941), and /jp/ was invaded by pretty much all 4chan boards at the same time for a short while.
>> No.37962  

Who the fuck cares
>> No.37963  
Well, >>37937 seems to care, as does >>37940, and >>37945, and many others in this thread.
>> No.37964  

Those people seem to already know about whatever it is you're talking about
>> No.37965  
Don't use mean words please.
>> No.37966  
I thought the Breaking Bad series finale was great, it was a bit predictable but that's good. It ended the way it needed to.
>> No.37967  

Yeah it was great. Not as good as the previous two episodes though.
>> No.37969  
>> No.37973  
Tomorrow is GTAO!
>> No.37975  

It's going to be disappointing. You can't make an in-depth MMO style world (like R* seems to envision) when there can only be 16 people on the map, especially on a map this big. Also a good chunk of that 16 will probably be in the invincible passive mode most of the time meaning they might as well not exist.
>> No.37976  
I like her so much but why does she make my balls fill up?
>> No.37980  
rip government
>> No.37987  

I don't understand how something like this could ever happen. Surely one shouldn't be able to kill the public service sector by throwing a tantrum in congress?
>> No.37993  
I never realized just how deep Yotsuba& is.
>> No.37994  
I will save up until the Oculus gets released.
>> No.38009  
rip tom clancy
>> No.38020  
It happened before, when we were kids.
Republican egos vs social spending, part the first.
>> No.38067  
this wikileaks movie looks like the dumbest fucking thing
>> No.38074  
File: LotsOfRageRightNow.jpg -(108.8 KB, 1111x678) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well, great. Something seems to have royally fucked up and corrupted every damn Japanese program on my computer. Even stuff inside .rar and .zip files has been warped. The worst thing is that it seems to be affecting even new stuff I download. And yes, I am in Japanese locale.
>> No.38075  
I've had this happen before, but I don't remember how I fixed it. It might have fixed itself. If I remember I will be back to share.
>> No.38077  
I've had japanese characters randomly start displaying as boxes, but it always fixed itself somehow
>> No.38080  

Yeah, I fixed it. Just changed locale a few times. Weird, but whatever. All is well that ends well.
>> No.38091  
Let's try this fap-free week again.
>> No.38092  
What's the point? You will just be really horny for a whole week.
>> No.38094  
The last time I tried it, I was only horny for 3-4 days, then it just stopped somehow. I also want to find out if not fapping helps my tenosynovitis, or if that's really due to my spending all day in front of the computer.
>> No.38095  
What's the quickest way to ruin your own pleasure and joy? Make it a boring routine. I tried a fap-free month and afterwards a two hour session with one ikuu~ at the end. I literally exploded all over the place. You should definitely try it.
>> No.38099  
My experience with the matter is that if you practice good technique you will be able to cum buckets even when fapping multiple times per day. Sure, it's easier if you're stacked, but not a requirement by any stretch of imagination.
>> No.38107  
Let me hear those good techniques.
>> No.38109  

stimulate your butt with toys of various size
>> No.38112  
Who the hell has hair on their dick? Gross, dude.
Being a hairy dicked premature ejaculator must be a hard life. No pun intended.
>> No.38113  
Can you draw examples for point 4?
>> No.38114  
How would anyone on /bun/ know if they prematurely ejaculate?
>> No.38115  
Sometimes I worry that my writing style on the internet makes me seem like a non-English speaker even though English is my native and only language.
>> No.38117  
That sure is a long short thought. Still, it makes excellent material for discussion (as also evidenced by >>38112, >>38113 and >>38114), so maybe you want to repost it as a separate 'general masturbation discussion' thread or something. I'll refrain from actually asking questions in this thread to not derail it too much.
>> No.38144  
Why am I so attracted to women and the female body in general?
>> No.38145  
you've been brainwashed by the evil conservative christfag media into believing that males are supposed to be attracted to women and not other men. I recommend starting with some trap doujinshi on your way to joining the free, loud, and proud homosexual master race.
>> No.38155  
Cocks are the best.
>> No.38171  
What does it mean if I prefer onee-san instead of imouto but also musume instead of okaa-san? What does it mean if I prefer senpai instead of kouhai but also gakusei instead of sensei?
>> No.38172  
it means you want to be the shota who calls the young musume onee-san.
>> No.38176  
Go climb a wall of dicks
>> No.38180  
>> No.38186  
I can load here but I can't load gen/bun/
>> No.38189  
4/jp/ is down
>> No.38191  
Fucking Cloudflare.
>> No.38192  
Man candy corn is terrible. It's just sugary wax.
>> No.38195  
I love candy corn. It's like sugary wax.
>> No.38196  
It actually is sugary wax. Or high fructose corn syrupy wax, more likely, but yeah. With some food coloring to make it look pretty.
Man, I love those things.
>> No.38197  
The pumpkins are better
>> No.38198  
>> No.38199  
I used to like candy corn, but then I grew up.
>> No.38200  
There was a shootout near my old elementary school, a place where a little over a decade ago I would play and walk home from school. Thanks Mexico!
>> No.38201  
bawww why isn't my life easier than it already is
>> No.38253  
I enjoy looking at cute girls.
>> No.38262  
That'll teach me to trust people on the Internet.
>> No.38264  
You can trust me.
>> No.38270  
My dick is a grower.
>> No.38272  
>> No.38279  
Gardening is hard!
>> No.38305  
RAW PENIS always makes me laugh in eroge.
There must be a less stupid name to infer a lack of a condom.
>> No.38308  
Where is my wire cutter? How am I going to cut those wires now???
>> No.38313  
America avoids suicide

>> No.38316  
They may not like you, but you do it because you must.
You are brave.
You are strong.
You are... a forum moderator.
>> No.38318  
It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.
>> No.38319  
Yeah man, it's tough to resist the power trip, right?
>> No.38327  
You have no idea.
>> No.38329  
where did the noses go

in ten years they won't even have noses anymore
>> No.38330  
File: Pierce the heavens.jpg -(206.7 KB, 448x12880) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
They're right here.
>> No.38341  
Reminds me of my dick
>> No.38367  
Jones is this you?
>> No.38378  
Winning feels so good.
>> No.38386  
Fuck Australia.
>> No.38387  
File: 46e47c096c69cab6ab35076c052afe94.jpg -(1163.1 KB, 1103x1573) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I want to have sex with Satori.
>> No.38390  
Whenever I see this picture I get an irresistible urge to masturbate.
>> No.38408  
Me too, except this is my first time seeing it.
>> No.38409  
Just two more years until wizard status.
>> No.38412  
wow, that's the first time I've ever been accused of hacking in a console game. will probably be the last, too
>> No.38427  



>> No.38428  
Happy birthday.
>> No.38429  

when you become one please cast a spell that sends me to the anime dimension as a cute little girl so i can finally be happy, thanks
>> No.38430  
i cant believe one of the worst mods on SA was a child rapist. well, i kinda can
>> No.38432  
>> No.38434  

i think you might need an account to read these but here you go


>> No.38436  
Yeah, can't access those.
>> No.38437  
Could you take screenshots?
>> No.38438  
>> No.38441  
Paying money to join a forum is the online equivalent of child rape
>> No.38442  
Okay, so let me get this straight:

-In the late 1999s, this guy, who back then was either as young as 14 years old or as old as 17 years old, allegedly molested a girl as young 8-10 years old. (Allegedly because you just can't prove this kind of stuff years down the line and it's just their word against yours.)

-7 to 10 years later, she sues him for having molested her all the way back then. She gets a lot of money from him and he gets one to two years in prison.

-In 2013, which is at the very least 13 years after the crime (basically half of his life has passed since then), after he's already suffered his proper legal punishment, people harass him for a crime he allegedly committed as a teen even though he has done nothing criminal since.

Even assuming he fully raped her back then, that was half a life ago and he's learned his lesson now. Can we stop burning the witch already?
>> No.38443  

It used to be funny until everyone clever or original was driven away and slowly got replaced with SJWs. Now you're not allowed to laugh at the expense of anyone who isn't a straight white male or japanese.
>> No.38477  

- the law allowed his prosecution as an adult because the girl didn't make her accusations to authorities until he was an adult.

This can't be right, can it?
>> No.38479  

Yeah he's still a piece of shit and everything but it's bullshit that something like that is allowed in the legal system.
>> No.38481  
He pleaded guilty. It's no longer "allegedly." Legally, and reasonably, speaking.

Also she didn't sue him and seven thousand dollars isn't really that much money.

But I agree with the rest of your post. No reason to continue harassing a guy who has gone through his legal punishment, unless you're the type of pathetic person who gets off on self-righteousness and vigilantism. SA has done worse, since they're always demonizing people who have never harmed anyone else but happen to be abnormal, but this is still stupid.
>> No.38482  
>He pleaded guilty. It's no longer "allegedly." Legally, and reasonably, speaking.
Pleading guilty is never so much an admission of guilt as it is conceding that you would never win that case, regardless of whether you are guilty or not. A guilty person will plead not guilty if he can get away with his crimes, and a non-guilty person will plead guilty if he's going to be convicted despite being innocent. Men accused of groping on a train in Japan, for example, are often advised by their lawyers to just plead guilty since the chance of acquittal is like 5% even if you're innocent and the sentence with a guilty plea is WAY less harsh than if you let it get to court.

The idea is that 'pleading guilty' should be the same as 'admitting guilt', but in practice it just doesn't work that way.

>Also she didn't sue him
From the article, emphasis mine:
>Records show she didn't accuse Nadler of abusing her until last summer.
>Nadler was a teenager when the incidents occurred. Peck said the law allowed his prosecution as an adult because the girl didn't make her accusations to authorities until he was an adult.

>and seven thousand dollars isn't really that much money.
It may not be much money for a court case, but in practice suddenly getting seven thousand dollars is quite a lot; normally, that would be several months of wages, and you get it all as disposable income (normally you'd still have to pay rent, food, etc, from your monthly wage). In practice, normally saving up $7000 through work would require saving up for years unless you have a high-paying job.

It's a lot more than $7000, though.
>Besides requiring Nadler to pay for counseling for the girl
Trust me, counseling is expensive, so it screws him over hard even if it barely benefits the girl.
>Bayley ordered him to pay more than $7,000 in other restitution for the harm caused to her.
More than $7000. That could be $7200, or it could be $14000. $7000 is the minimum amount he had to pay her in addition to her counseling costs.
>> No.38483  
Why does he hit the keys, so hard, I can't make out what notes he's playing!
>> No.38484  
Because you have to punch the keys, for god's sake!
>> No.38485  

>unless you're the type of pathetic person who gets off on self-righteousness and vigilantism

>> No.38486  
I just had two cups of tea, and it was very pleasant!
Also working on something for the first time. Excited!
>> No.38487  
Like this? Certainly fits how I feel about it sometimes.
>> No.38488  
what type of tea was it?
>> No.38489  
This "how to make yourself feel better" video sure made me feel like shit. Good job, internet.
>> No.38494  
Milky chai. So good.
>> No.38495  
Sure it's possible he pleaded guilty despite being innocent, but it's unlikely. I think it's even less likely in a sex-related case since being branded a sex offender ruins your life even if you plead guilty (as we have a prime example of right here).

>in Japan, for example
This was in America not Japan. Japan's legal system is notoriously fucked up, even by American standards.

You could refer to every convicted criminal as an "alleged" criminal since there's always a chance, however small, that they're actually innocent. But it doesn't make sense to do that (hence our standard of a "reasonable doubt"). But thanks to MRA bullshit a rapist is never a proven rapist and we're supposed to think that it's always equally or more likely that the female victim was lying for one reason or another (money, consenter's remorse, evilness inherent in the female sex, etc.).

Suing refers to bringing a civil suit against someone. This was a criminal case. This is an important distinction because it means she didn't bring him to court asking for a specific amount of money, and in fact she didn't bring him to court at all, the authorities she went to did. The $7000 restitution was something the judge decided to impose. You can't claim the girl did this for the cash.

>More than $7000. That could be $7200, or it could be $14000.
If it was $14,000 they would have said $14,000. Journalists say things like "more than $7000" because that's easier on the eyes than $7135 and people don't care about the exact amount.

I have a low paying but not minimum-wage job, about $2k a month, and I could save up $7k in half a year (my cost of living is somewhere short of half my paycheck). This girl isn't going to be buying a Ferrari with dat rape money or anything. She could get an old used car, or pay tuition for a term of college.

This is kind of pointless to argue about and I know I'm not going to change your opinion but I just get tired of the insidious MRA influence that's so prevalent in our circles of the internet. It's turning a generation of young males into borderline rapist-apologists and many of them aren't even aware of it. It doesn't help that the only alternative presented (more like strawmanned) is tumblr-level SJW, who are just as bad. The truth is you can have a just and civil attitude toward alleged and convicted rapists, instead of going full retard in one direction or the other.
>> No.38496  
And of course we've long left the realm of short thoughts.
>> No.38497  
Girls are cute.
>> No.38498  
Thank you for the brilliant womanly insight.
>> No.38501  
Women are gross dude.
>> No.38503  
It was alleged molestation (not even rape, just molestation; not even temporary DNA evidence was left) from at least 7 years ago. There is no evidence of the crime ever happening except for her witness testimony. Regardless of what happened and how much it should be punished, it's a crime you cannot prove. If it happened a month ago, there could still be some discussion about what happened based on both people's testimonies and those around them, but nobody remembers exactly what happened 7 years ago, and memories are easily shaped by being told what happened back then ('yeah, she was totally acting weird back then, she must really have been molested!').

I agree rape is terrible, but it's no reason to screw up the justice system for. There needs to be solid evidence before someone can be convicted for a crime, and a case like this couldn't possibly have that. Yet, he had to plead guilty because he did not expect to be acquitted. Sex crime cases are too often 'guilty until proven innocent'.

>If it was $14,000 they would have said $14,000. Journalists say things like "more than $7000" because that's easier on the eyes than $7135 and people don't care about the exact amount.
I'm pretty sure the journalist just didn't have complete information, which is also why the perpetrator and victim are '14-17' and '8-10' years old.

>I have a low paying but not minimum-wage job, about $2k a month, and I could save up $7k in half a year (my cost of living is somewhere short of half my paycheck).
If you have well over a thousand dollars of disposable income a month that can be saved up, either you don't have a low paying job, especially not in the USA, or you still live with your parents.
>> No.38506  
I sleep better between two pillows.
>> No.38509  

I do too. I like to have a leg up on a pillow, and with one on either side I always have one no matter which way I roll! ( ´∀`)
>> No.38510  
I sleep without any pillows.
>> No.38513  
I hate napping because I get a funny taste in my mouth when I wake up.
>> No.38514  
You don't get funny taste in your mouth after sleeping normally for 8 hours?
>> No.38515  
I love napping because lying on the bed turns me on.
>> No.38517  

No. Only after napping.
>> No.38518  
>> No.38590  
Isabelle changed outfits! And asked me where I've been. I'm so sorry
>> No.38624  
Why have phones when you never take a call? I am so pissed right now.
>> No.38626  
Because it's like a mobile computer.
>> No.38648  
Offices don't take calls via cell phone.
>> No.38649  
I look at pictures of cute anime girls in the bathroom stall.
>> No.38651  

so you can make new youtube accounts
>> No.38661  
File: Houses are machines that turn water and food into poop and pee.png -(14.2 KB, 791x361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.38662  
that's a strange spelling of "people"
>> No.38664  
That is a very ego centric way to look at it. People are like the CPUs in the case. The computer is the machine. You can still make something run by wiring parts together on the floor and putting power to them, but the entire structure is made to keep things safe and operating smoothly.
>> No.38671  
Seriously, fuck KanColle
>> No.38680  
Condense your shit, hatfags!
>> No.38684  
I don't wanna wake up early tomorrow! Or at all!
>> No.38686  
Aw, I'm going to miss Dan Kims all-request drawstream coming Saturday.
>> No.38687  
So am I. Voluntarily.
>> No.38689  
An Xbox ToS change, huh? Well I'm registered with throwaway accounts and will only be using it until the PC version of GTA5 gets announced, so whatever!
>> No.38693  
rip swapnote
>> No.38695  
I used Swapnote for the first time ever yesterday (even though I've had my 3DS XL for a year)...

Well, at least I got to try it once.
>> No.38696  
Bye bye hats.
>> No.38697  
I've had a 3DS since launch and I don't think I've ever used swapnote.
>> No.38699  
I've never had a 3DS.
>> No.38701  
So apparently there was outrage over the fact that CoD Ghosts will "only" run at 720p on the Xbone.

...720p is... considered bad? Man, I feel old.
>> No.38702  

It is when you consider that these consoles will be the standard for the next decade. At least I probably won't have to upgrade too much, I'll probably get a new card and more memory and I'll be good to go for a long time
>> No.38705  
Hilariously, gamers have only recently started to care that their games have been running in 30 FPS. I stopped caring about graphical upgrades after the GameCube era, I'd rather they put all of that extra power into a decent frame rate.
>> No.38706  
If they really cared about graphics that much they wouldn't be buying consoles anyway, unless they were stupid. Oh...
>> No.38707  
Is it just me or are the images also slightly transparent if the Aya style + Wakaba extension is active.
>> No.38737  
Why is nobody posting on /photos/ today?
>> No.38738  
>>38737 I had some stuff to do.
>> No.38739  
Busy /bun/nie.
>> No.38740  
I'm also busy doing stuff all day, but that doesn't stop me from refreshing /bun/ every 15 minutes and making the occasional post.
>> No.38742  
watching modern goons try to be edgy and funny is really embarrassing
>> No.38743  
It was fun the first few times but I'm getting pretty tired of being forced to shower in the backyard.
>> No.38744  
What would be a good graphics card upgrade from a 5850? I'm thinking of getting a 7950, but maybe I should wait until the new consoles launch since I'm sure there will be sales
>> No.38745  
High budget should be 290X until we see how 780TI does. Otherwise should be 770 which just got price dropped.
>> No.38746  
You should get an EGA card. It's a huge upgrade from CGA.
>> No.38748  
I guess when your wallpaper starts moving is a good time to go to bed.
>> No.38750  
Is http://nazr.in/8yH your wallpaper?
>> No.38757  
This was a pleasant surprise.
>> No.38759  
Well I guess it's more interesting than watching arrogant pieces of shit stream bad pvp.
>> No.38763  
I just spent the past 10 minutes trying to further articulate a vague parallel I felt between internet memes and religious values in society at large, especially in regards to their evolution and the evolution of the cultures surrounding them. The comparison quickly fell apart upon further deliberation.

Hooray for pointless mental aerobics.
>> No.38794  
my wifi signal has the exclamation point sign it normally has when there's no internet access, but it's working just fine. hmm
>> No.38795  
How do you even eat your hat?
>> No.38800  
Make sure you're always wearing an edible hat.
>> No.38801  
i think it involves putting it in your mouth and chewing on it
>> No.38802  
I wanna play some TRPGs so badly. I wish I have friends to play with...!
>> No.38803  
Set up some stuffed animals or dolls around a table and play with them.
>> No.38804  
I like pretending I'm a little girl on the internet. It makes me feel happy.
>> No.38807  
But my fumos aren't that good at roleplaying. They're more of the cheating rollplayer disposition.
>> No.38809  
File: bechdel test passed, clearly non-sexist.png -(1749.0 KB, 1440x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sengoku Rance passes the Bechdel test. Narcissu doesn't. Clearly Sengoku Rance is a shining example for feminism while Narcissu is sexist.
>> No.38836  
People who hike for fun must surely be utterly insane.
>> No.38844  
Beethoven is so good.
>> No.38847  
Hiking is just exercise, but outside. Exercise makes you feel good. You'd have to be insane to not enjoy hiking.
>> No.38848  
Try asking on #bun, there are a few RPG nerds there.
>> No.38849  
Bun feels slower than usual.
>> No.38851  
oh great the gov is back, i thought the show was getting a little too decent
>> No.38853  
But #bun is #bun.
>> No.38854  
I heard #bun is a scary place. Aren't they going to bully me and make fun of me? I don't wanna be bullied. Getting bullied hurts.
>> No.38855  
Why am I eating this bag of sodium again...
>> No.38856  
#bun only bullies people that use that daft bullying meme
>> No.38858  
File: adlernebel.jpg -(2308.6 KB, 2268x1121) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've started on a tulpa. Hope everything will be fine.
>> No.38862  
/general/ is dead.
>> No.38864  
well excuse me
>> No.38870  
>> No.38875  
Thank you.
>> No.38887  
It's kind of in poor taste for CNN to use The Walking Dead theme for their Philippines coverage intro music
>> No.38895  
/bun/ just got fast
>> No.38906  
Wow, the PS Vita panorama camera is surprisingly fun.
>> No.38910  
For fucks sake Microsoft. Stop breaking my shit with your updates. Now my everything looks like ass again.
>> No.38915  
File: On a blindingly bright day...on that very day of winter....JPG -(15.2 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Narcissu is #19 on Steam's greenlight. Crazy.
>> No.38917  
#11 now...
>> No.38918  
Why are people trying so hard to green light such an amateurishly written visual novel?
>> No.38929  
It's a cultural representation/appropriation campaign for weeaboos.
>> No.38931  
>> No.38933  
Did you read it in Japanese? I've heard the translation has writing problems.
>> No.38938  
No, but it wouldn't change much. The major issue I have with the writing has to do with the way the plot is constructed, not the writing style.
>> No.38940  
I keep getting in arguments with my mother. I don't like this.
>> No.38941  
Other than the fact that I have a bit of difficulty telling apart ぱぴぷぺぽ and ばびぶべぼfor the ruby characters (they're pretty small), beta.jisho.org is pretty darn nice, quite an upgrade to jisho.org
>> No.38942  
Places I browse are dying...
>> No.38959  
What about the search by radicals?
>> No.38960  
Never tried that function before because I use http://kanji.sljfaq.org/mr.html to look up kanji by radicals before plugging them into jisho.
>> No.38967  
Not bad, I'm surprised the karaoke place near my house have all these doujin songs.

Of course I had put up a front and put "entry-level" groups beneath me like everyone else did. But man, I had such a fun time singing the likes of IOSYS and COOL&CREATE there.
>> No.38969  
My parents gave my puppy ice cream and now I'm worried it will kill her ( ´Д`)
>> No.38974  

I thought it was chocolate that was bad for dogs, not ice cream?
>> No.38975  

Some ice cream has artificial ingredients that can be toxic to them, and ice cream in general is bad for them anyway because of all the sugar
>> No.38976  
Maybe it's chocolate ice cream
>> No.38993  
Pretty sure dogs don't have lactase persistency.
>> No.38995  
I am perfectly content with doing nothing.
>> No.39007  
I dunno if this porn vid is fucked up because of the upload or if it's something on my end. bummer
>> No.39009  
It- it's not like I'm going to Japan to completely embarass myself in front of nobody or anything, you- you stupid /bun/! But really, where is this place?
>> No.39011  
Oh my gooood when will I learn that using google translate to communicate with Japanese people is no good.
>> No.39015  
Learning Japanese, silly.
>> No.39019  

Whenever I communicate with Japanese people on the internet anymore I just use english. At least that way when they translate they can assume any weird bits are from the translation and not from me being retarded
>> No.39020  
Not him, but I saw someone getting a Japanese lesson from a cute girl at the library today. He was so bad, but she was really patient. They were probably using the same textbook as me, because I could recognize the sets of words they practiced. It gave me more confidence in my Japanese, but it also made me scared of ever talking to Japanese people. I hate this middle stage of not terribad, but not good.
>> No.39048  
Somewhere in New South Wales, please don't stalk me, /bun/!

I think any place running Joysound system should have doujin songs, so you could try looking for a place like that. The place I went to seem to have an outdated version though, they don't even have popular circles like 幽閉サテライト or りすとら. But the 2hu classics are all there(the pre-2009 big name circles), same goes for Vocaloid songs as my friend informed me. I think we'll go again sometimes, who would've thought having friends could actually be fun.
>> No.39049  
Australia!? Then you're safe, /bun/. Although, if a place in Australia has cool doujin music, then Japan probably has a lot.

So happy to hear you're having fun with people! Be sure to sing lots and enjoy yourselves!
>> No.39050  
I'm high right now for the first time, it's nice?
>> No.39051  
What did you take?
>> No.39053  
Wow. Never would've thought something so large would fit into a vagina.
>> No.39054  
Should I do this or no?
So scary! What if someone I know see me?
>> No.39056  
It's officially gotten too cold to sleep naked. This sucks.
>> No.39072  
File: Sleeping_bag_with_arms_and_legs[1].jpg -(627.3 KB, 3007x3543) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Do it like I do.
>> No.39076  
That's beautiful.
>> No.39077  
You'll be so cute they won't even recognize you.
>> No.39080  
How does one meet strangers in foreign places?
>> No.39081  
I feel so spoiled at my mom's place.

For me, it is chance.
>> No.39083  
I saw an amazingly cute girl today. I had an urge to follow her home, but I decided to follow my better judgement instead.
>> No.39084  
You raped her on the spot?
>> No.39086  
Why are thighs so fucking sexual?
I mean damn.
>> No.39088  
Wow, Miki fans are nuts.
>> No.39090  
My head hurts. Drinking is terrible.
>> No.39091  
Even worse is when you did something bad, but everyone expected it, so no one really cares.
>> No.39093  
That happened. I hugged a girl too hard and fell over her in the middle of a street.
>> No.39103  
>> No.39105  
I'm not fat!
>> No.39182  
I like this one better.

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