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File: 1379183060776.png -(556.0 KB, 625x607) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
569386 No.37846  
where to we go now that /jp/ doesn't have sage anymore?
>> No.37847  
Take your meta discussions to /photos/ please.
>> No.37848  
ironic metacommentary is ironic

nobody of any interest or value has been on 4chan for half a decade at least
>> No.37849  
>/jp/ doesn't have sage anymore
You gotta be kidding, righ--

>sage is now invisible. [...] sage replies will continue to function as they have in the past, but will no longer be displayed in the e-mail field.
Dude, there's nothing wrong with that. If anything, it's an improvement. Feel free to leave /jp/, though. If there are fewer bad posters, I might be tempted to return there.
>> No.37850  
File: Appeal.jpg -(112.7 KB, 1070x173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We're waiting for you to join us, OP. All two of us.
>> No.37851  
>nobody of any interest or value has been on 4chan for half a decade at least

>> No.37852  
Hipster-san, /bun/ was founded in 2009. That was less than half a decade ago. Most posters here, especially the ones who were here early on, came here from 4chan and have thus been on 4chan less than half a decade ago.
>> No.37853  
/bun/ is elitist as usual.
>> No.37854  

I don't know if you're aware of this, but 4chan and bun are not the only two sites on the internet.
>> No.37855  
I know I know, there is a third site, /ota/.
>> No.37856  
No, but /bun/ originated from 4chan's /jp/. All of the first posters, and most of those who came after, came from 4chan.
>> No.37857  
Jones, I want a thread move feature for the mods so threads like these don't have to be deleted. Get to it.
>> No.37858  
Here you go.
>> No.37859  
>> No.37863  
While we're at it, a thread rename feature would be useful for the seasonal anime threads.
>> No.37864  
Just delete the old one and make a new one.
>> No.37866  
Why are there always one or two people here who get really defensive when 4chan gets called trash?
>> No.37867  
Why are there always one or two people here who need to call 4chan trash whenever it's mentioned?
>> No.37869  
Wait, there are more than two people here?
>> No.37870  
Clearly they're the same one or two people.
>> No.37871  
There are three people here. Remember how we used to say all two of us were waiting for you here?
>> No.37872  

because it is. sorry
>> No.37880  
Just change it directly in the SQL window. Although why you'd bother is beyond me, those threads are the worst threads on /bun/.
>> No.37885  
There are other threads on /bun/?
>> No.37891  
Yeah, the threads here on /photos/.
>> No.37897  
Why do you think they're the worst?
>> No.37900  

Quit asking stupid questions please!
>> No.37901  
What are you going to do if I don't?
>> No.37904  
I'm going to file a formal complaint.
>> No.37909  
File: complaint_F26A_7.jpg -(73.5 KB, 510x773) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thanks. You made me remember this.
>> No.37921  
File: rapidshare.jpg -(40.7 KB, 544x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>F26-B attached: N
into the trash it goes.

and while we're taking a stroll down memory lane...
>> No.37925  
I miss Rapidshare.
>> No.37932  
You're the only one with Stockholm Syndrome.
>> No.37934  
You say that, but it really was fairly hassle-free. Except for the time when they used cats.
Now there are a million file hosts and half of them don't work anymore, so you can't trust links more than six months old or so.
>> No.37935  
Depositfiles is pretty amazing. There's been a fair number of DF links that were 2+ years old which still worked when I tried them. Can't really say the same for other file-hosting services except for maybe Mediafire.
>> No.37936  
No, MediaFire in particular has tons of dead links nowadays. You get a strike per claimed copyright violation, and with three strikes you're banned and all of your files are taken offline. There are lots of automated content scanners analyzing MediaFire, and they submit tons of false positives. I had my account closed after 3 false positive strikes, for example, so all of my hosted files (100 or so) are now dead.
>> No.37939  
Ouch, that sucks. Yeah, I dunno. Haven't downloaded much from MF lately because I don't see people use it much anymore.
>> No.37996  
MEGA is fucking fantastic and kim.com is an internet god
>> No.37999  
Regardless of what you think about his arrest, Schmitz is and always was a fucking cunt.
>> No.38012  
IMO the only downside to the whole affair is all the broken links.
I have no sympathy for a fat man in a million-dollar mansion with a dozen million-dollar cars.
>> No.38024  
And you don't mind the precedent it set of the US completely shutting down a major website BEFORE ANY COURT RULING (meaning there was no proof of the site being 'illegal' at the time it was destroyed)? Uncle Sam snaps his fingers, and a website he doesn't like goes down forever.

Or perhaps the biggest downside is how this shows that the US is fully allowed to play world police, completely handling a case outside of its jurisdiction the American way without anybody interrupting them.

And I can't say I like how this sets a precedent for a website being responsible for the content of its users. Sometimes CP spambots post on this site, should we get the FBI to arrest Aya for hosting CP? That's definitely how some parties want the responsibilities to lie, and the MegaUpload case sets a precedent for that even while the law still says it's not the host's responsibility.

Regardless of what you think of Kim Dotcom, the MegaUpload takedown set several serious precedents.
>> No.38028  
I love being able to steal games, music, and movies, but I don't try to pretend that I have the moral high ground.
>> No.38030  
I'm not him, but he's right. The MegaUpload case was pretty bad regardless of one's opinion on piracy. It represented a broadening of the US government's ability to regulate global information flow.

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