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File: f02f1dfcb7f2ffbd35c4d5275e2a6672.jpg -(254.9 KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
261014 No.38088  
Let us talk about our dreams.
>> No.38089  
I was back in university, enrolled in something like engineering design or something. I had missed a lecture, so it was difficult to get started on the current project, which was to be performed in groups. However, my professor offered me the possibility of passing by performing an odd job: some part of university-owned real estate was acting up, and I was to fix it with my father's help, who was visiting and is pretty tech-savvy.

In front of the building, there were lots of intertwining tracks, like you'd find at large railway stations. The area looked awfully desolate, tracks on dirt, surrounded by mesh wire fence, only occasional patches of grass, and that particular building. We enter, and then the dream gets kind of disjointed. I somehow gain the knowledge (as in, it feels like I'm in a dream and I just know because of that) that the problem is not of a technical nature, but that Alice Margatroid has taken up residence here. However, she can not be seen due to her being supernatural. I have this pen-sized object which is totally not a lightsaber, wich emits red light particles that allow mundane people to see the otherworldly. My father finds an lantern, like old gas lamps, whose light confers clairvoyance while you see it. Unfortunately, the two lamps' effects seem to cancel each other out, but I then find out that meshing the two types of light produces an effect which can not be comprehended by the human mind.

Then I woke up because the phone rang.
>> No.38093  
I had a really interesting dream, but I was too lazy to write it down. Now I can't remember it.
>> No.38097  
I had some fucked up dream about being a girl who had lesbian fling with her mother (my mother in real life) and something about cracking raw eggs in someone's purse, somehow removing the white with just my hands without breaking the yolk and placing them on a printer at a store.

Interacting with my mother the morning after was awkward as hell.
>> No.38100  
I had a dream that Kim Bassinger was in an infomercial selling some shitty product as the expert celebrity testimonial for how great the product was and then it switched over to average people on the streets testimonial about the product and during one there was a person in the background holding a sign that said "Kill Kim". I think the product was some workout DVD.
>> No.38143  
In my last dream, one of my teeth fell out. It's a theme that shows up semi-regularly. According to this online dream dictionary, it's a symbol of fear of becoming an adult, or fear of growing old, unattractive and helpless.
I'd say it's because my teeth are awful and I need to make an appointment with a dentist ASAP.

I find looking for why certain things show up in my dreams fascinating. Like here, >>38089 the whole light thing is probably because I played a lot of Alan Wake, where the lantern is from.
The lightsaber-ish item comes from a certain Youtube Poop I watched that day.
The lights mixing being beyond human understanding may have come from one of the many Lovecraft threads on /tg/.
Touhous sometimes appear in my dreams; I'm not sure why, but the series definitely left an impression on me.
Me being in university may be similar to me often dreaming of being in a school setting, with my old classmates. I take that as a sign that I haven't graduated from that phase yet.
>> No.38150  
In my last dream I played soccer with a couple of arab kids in a street in some big oriental city. On of them kicked the ball up to a plaza and I said I get it, but some other child took the ball and was running away. So I chased him with the intention to stab him for taking our precious ball. I lost him and ran in a bunch of US soldiers and asked them which way the delinquent was fleeing. Seconds later they were attacked by jihads or whatever and only one soldier survived. We bolted out of there and seeked shelter in a building. After an hour we thought they lost us and wanted to get out, but a fucking Khorne Berzerker breaks through a door and smashes his Chainaxe in the soldier. Dream end.
The hell was that. I'm not arab, I don't like soccer, I never stabbed someone and I don't like US soldiers. I looked up some 40K last evening so that explains the Khorne nutjob, but not the other stuff.

>In my last dream, one of my teeth fell out. It's a theme that shows up semi-regularly. According to this online dream dictionary, it's a symbol of fear of becoming an adult, or fear of growing old, unattractive and helpless.
I guess NEETs and Hikikomoris often have this kind of dreams.
>> No.38154  
Must be the government's denpa signals and chemtrails, then.
>> No.38209  
I dreamed about Men In Black.
>> No.38217  
A spider bit me on the back of my hand and wouldn't let go. It even clawed into it with its legs. So I pulled it off with force, ripping my skin with a sound similar to a velcro strip.
>> No.38241  
File: bikini beach.jpg -(209.4 KB, 1000x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was in high school and Iori was in a club I was joining, and I was really looking forward to getting to the clubroom to see her
>> No.38242  
I had a dream where there was a survival horror game called Befallen where you play as a guy who fell down and can't get up.

mite b cool
>> No.38249  
File: befallen12.jpg -(54.3 KB, 476x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.38251  
I had a really stupid asymmetrical moustache
that's all I can remember
>> No.38255  
I almost fucked my cousin. And then for some reason I thought it would be a great idea to wake up.
>> No.38271  
I was cleaning my parent's garage with a vacuum cleaner and I vacuumed up a scorpion. The vacuum cleaner acted as a blender and turned the scorpion into coconut milk.
>> No.38276  
I dreamt of browsing danbooru for consensual tentacle images with Patchouli. What the hell.
>> No.38277  
I'm sure it was from years of playing RO but I was a paladin and was partied with a knight and wizard in a mob of an enemy army. At one point I was overwhelmed and was being choked by something but the knight rescued me and then we rushed to the wizard to continue making our way through the mobs, I remember something along the lines of running toward storm gusts. There was a lot before this all happened but I don't remember any of it, and we made our way through the battle and more stuff happened that I can't remember. But I do remember the feeling of things around my neck and slowly losing consciousness, then not even having time to be grateful or really think much at all once I was saved.
>> No.38278  
I dreamed I saw Kenan from Kenan & Kel buying juice from a vending machine at a nondescript street as the sun went down. I laughed at the view and began to approach him to ask what kind of juice he liked, but two tall, black men who apparently were with him stopped me, and forcefully took me to the place behind the vending machines away from the light to beat me up and rape me for being a minority. I can't remember if Kenan joined or just held me down, but I do remember him throwing his empty can of juice at my face.
>> No.38310  
I had a dream that A black business woman was driving me from A US embassy inside the United States to the airport, and we stopped at her house on the way back. Then I almost had sex with her but my alarm went off.

I remember everything I saw or read about yesterday that caused this dream.
>> No.38333  
About 2 years ago I had a dream in which I kissed Kazami Yuuka. I wish I had more dreams like that.
>> No.38337  
I just had a dream where I was sleeping and someone was pulling my blanket from under my bed and laughing.

>> No.38338  
I had a dream where me and my adventuring team were in the wilderness when suddenly a crazy old man begun throwing apples and clearly trying to kill me with them. So we captured the old man and put him inside some sort of machine that makes noises.

And that's all I remember.
>> No.38521  
I showed Satori my dick. There was this rash around my hip which I had to show to people for some reason, and I was only wearing socks, old shoes I used to wear for sports, and something like a hand-knitted cardigan. I didn't want to show how embarrassed I was, so I didn't keep the cardigan tightly closed, so occasionally my dick flopped out.
>> No.38542  
I somehow accessed a security camera in a stranger's bedroom and was looking at his things, and I could reach through the screen and touch his belongings. Then somehow I reached too far and my "mind" fell through the screen, out of the security camera and into his room. I was then an invisible form and I put on the stranger's jacket and hat so i could be seen. I then played around on his computer and desperately tried to access the security camera in my room to reverse the process, unfortunately the security camera was unplugged. Then the owner of the room came home and was quite startled to see me but after hearing my story he wanted to help. I then realized that my parents would soon notice my lifeless body at home and might panic, so I called them up and told them to keep it on life support for when I return and also to plug in the security camera in my room.

I forgot the rest.
>> No.38563  
In my dream I was Utena. I was in my bedroom from real life with Anthy, we were naked and pleasuring each other. I unfortunately woke up before we tried a rather acrobatic cunnilingus position she suggested.
>> No.40025  
I was again back in school, and I had forgotten to bring some kind of paper with me that I absolutely needed to graduate or something.
Some time ago I had a similar dream where I failed to apply to some course which I absolutely needed to, so I had to repeat a year.
>> No.40060  
I dreamt of a turn based rpg where your characters could get raped by monsters during the fight. Each turn you're grabbed by them you'd roll strength - status vs the monster to try and escape. Then if your pleasure got too high or something you'd have to roll a sanity check or get mindbroken.
>> No.40064  
I hate dreams where I'm in love. I feel like shit after I wake up and often cry.
>> No.40070  
File: sena.jpg -(174.5 KB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I had a dream about Meat. For some reason she wasn't wearing any pants, people were bullying her, and I was standing up for her.
>> No.40155  
File: [Mazui]_Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukunai_NEXT_-_09_[E19E0537].mkv_snapshot_15.49_[2013.10.13_07.31.20].jpg -(94.3 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You are a good man.
>> No.40156  
I stand up for Meat iykwim
>> No.40163  
You're a chubby chaser?
>> No.40169  
Surely you jest.
>> No.40170  
She is kinda chubby. Actual chubby, not "chubby" as in "curvy" as in "more to love" as in fat.

This coming from a Meat fan.
>> No.40175  
File: sena belly.gif -(9322.5 KB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I hope I dream of this tonight
>> No.40177  
File: 38815929_big_p0.jpg -(436.9 KB, 1000x708) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was dreaming of being posted to guarding an island with Imuya. We went swimming together.
>> No.40649  
File: 1351502876968.gif -(703.1 KB, 400x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was Yoshika. Apparently the Neuroi attacked the moon, had their HQ there or something so they were running tests all around the world in every unit to determine the best witches. Those witches would form the new unit the Moon Witches. Naturally I made it trough smoothly, got a new white, skintight suit with light blue neonlights on it and everything. Of course I had to wake up after receiving the new equipment. No Witches in space for me. ;_;
>> No.40661  
I dreamed I lived in a Bunbunmaru apartment, and Jones was the manager of the building. I think this is the first time I have a bun related dream.
>> No.40662  
>Jones was the manager of the building

That sounds like a nightmare.
>> No.40666  
Other people dreaming about me is nightmarish to me, too.
>> No.40700  
I remember dreaming about Jones one night too, and it wasn't pleasant. Plus Eksopl was there too.
>> No.40717  
Please don't do it again.
>> No.40721  
I had a /bun/ dream too the other night!

In my dream, we were having a /bun/ meetup, and I flew halfway across the world to get there. There were less than a dozen of us. Surprisingly the people who turned up looked relatively unassuming.

Apparently /jp/ was also having a meetup in the building (or room, I don't know) next to us, and there were hundreds or so of them, and they were being really loud. Some of us were being very bitter and snide about it, both at the stark contrast in headcount and at the obnoxious music next door. Their crowd looked にわか and trying-too-hard as HELL.

We didn't really do much. We just sat around awkwardly and played cards. Some were drunk or high, others looked uncomfortable with that ``I want to go home, why am I here, the music is too loud'' face. Someone nervously proposed some gay-ass orgy, but I woke up before anything could come from that.

And that's my /bun/ dream. Am I in the cool kids club now?
>> No.40723  
funny that you should get a 666 post
>> No.40752  
I'd really like a bun meet up to happen.
>> No.40753  

>> No.40756  

It happened two years ago, where were you?
>> No.40757  
What the hell is にわか, you fucking nerd? Anyway, these dreams sure are getting scary.
>> No.40758  
Can you talk about the meet up please? It must have been pretty cool right?
>> No.40760  

A few bunbuns from around the world met up in London and got hammered several nights in a row, there were some photos in one of the old photo recording threads. Argentina, AMERICA, Germany, Finland, and England were represented
>> No.40768  
Can there be a bun meetup at AX?
>> No.40780  
At first I was in our house I think it was new to me (us though I don't remember who or might have been, maybe me and my parents) and my whole family was visiting. Some of my family were identifiable but I think some were just random people. There was some issue at the start of the dream where I had to get dressed or something. A lot of the house wasn't very house-like, one area I remember you climbed up stairs and went through a strange door that looked like a safe door, with the lock being on the other side from the stairs. Once you came out of the door you turned left to a very short hallway and then the hallway split both left and right. It seemed basically like a medical ward. There was another area I think that was significant but I can't remember it well. I ended up giving a tour to a young girl and we ended up getting lost and finding that the house connected to a public mall. We made our way back. At some point later we were out on the deck, my relatives had gotten some things stuck in a tree. My uncle was up on a ladder at the very top to get them, and someone that I think might have been my cousin was on a slightly shorter ladder. I was out on the second story deck and my uncle was basically just out of arm's reach so they were really high. For some reason they ended up deciding to cut the tree down. The tree and deck were actually like they are in my parent's house, but the whole scene in retrospect was very dark and maybe a bit spooky. It might have been a separate dream but I ended up going on something like a journey, and I think I was being chased. I remember getting ready to set off away from an area and I had come across some things it was important for some reason to take with me. One was a suitcase full of things like hatchets, the other I don't remember what it was and the last was a bag full of pottery, just like the really basic red pots you use for plants. The bag of pottery had been dropped and everything was broken, but due to the way I had found it I still felt it was important so I ended up asking my friend who was there to watch over it for me. I was sorting through the suitcase of tools, I remember it seemed maybe to be old and most of the tools were steel or iron with wooden handles, just the one I remember putting into place (the suitcase had indents for the tools to fit into) was a hatchet with a really long blade that maybe curved down a bit. I also think I may have had the or another young girl around from some point in the journey, maybe the whole thing. I wish I remembered more about what was happening but that's it.
>> No.40785  
The things in the tree were blue, if I remember.
>> No.40786  
I didn't go to the medical hall with the girl but I think I had been trying to find it and the other area when we had gotten lost in the mall. I remember when I had gone into there before while exploring by myself that it was really creepy. Like weird things sometimes don't strike you as strange in dreams, and nothing else that was strange during that dream had really had much of an impact on me, but I found it very odd that a place like that was in the house. I didn't panic but I immediately felt this strong but vague kind of fear and just left instead of exploring that area further. It really left an impression on me for some reason so I felt compelled to explain it part more clearly.
>> No.40844  
I had a dream about traveling to a cosplay contest and all the contestants were 2D. In the lineup I remember seeing something that looked like Iori Minase, Satsuki Kiryuin, some Touhou and other stuff I wasn't sure of. They were rendered in different styles from what they normally would have been and were different from each other as well. When asked which I thought was "smoking hot" by my friend, I replied that my standards for smoking hot were a bit high because I didn't feel particularly attracted to any of them.
>> No.41152  
I don't even remember what the dream was about but we dug a ship's mast out of the ground and people were asking me about whether or not I had ever seen a larger one, I think they were calling it a double ship's mast. Apparently I was the expert but I had never seen what they were talking about. I searched around a bit more and found a wooden chain/belt made of slats that fit together kind of like a Jacob's ladder. Each piece was flat with a little strip on one end that would stick out in order to accept the other end of another piece, the strip had indents/holes and the other end had parts that stuck into it. It broke after I took it out of the ground and I spent a lot of time trying to glue it together with peach cobbler. After that we were somewhere inside and there was some confusion about which room was mine. I don't really remember the context for the dream or who the other people were but I do remember that there was a grandma, and I think she made the peach cobbler. It was almost as if we were stranded on an island but I don't think that was quite it.
>> No.41387  
There was something with the Ghostbuster, New York was largely underwater and they where in some kind of rail cart. At the end there was someone in a wheelchair who reminded me of Stephen Hawking.
>> No.41400  
I fell down a bottomless pit, but the dream didn't end. So I just rewound a bit until I was at the top of the pit again.
>> No.41402  
>> No.41403  
were there lengthy pretentious inscriptions with no relation to anything else in your dream
if so, you may have been dreaming about Braid
>> No.41453  
I dreamt that my brother became a great scholar of Chinese and grew a fu man chu. I wonder why.
>> No.41490  
I went backpacking to a nearby city but I couldn't find my way to the place I'd be staying at. Even though I could speak the language, I couldn't ask for directions for some reason.

There was a pug at an intersection that go from having a brindle coat to a beige one when it followed you around. I was certain this dog belonged to Nitta? Mutta? Hi... but I couldn't for the life of me remember its name. I gave up on finding my hotel to instead try to recall the name of the dog and get it to follow me, so it wouldn't look like I was taking it away by force. Some shady looking guys attacked me and a cop came to tell me I needed to go somewhere safe, but I didn't want to leave without the pug, so I pushed him away and somehow he ended up unconscious. A group of five or six men lunged at me, holding my arms and legs in case I resisted and took me away from the area and the dog. I started laughing uncontrollably.

Note to self: The Space Brothers dog is called Apo.
>> No.41520  
It started out as somewhat of a retelling of Wall-E, except in the beginning there were also robot dinosaurs that used the trash to make new robot dinosaurs.
When the humans somehow came into being, one of the support characters was actually Mao Zedong ni disguise, but the people I watched this with didn't get it.
I was watching a movie in my dream.
>> No.41544  
I had that recurring dream I often have where I'm driving a car and I'm anxious and not very confident in my driving ability and constantly bewildered by things happening around me yet drowsy to the point of drunkenness and falling asleep at the wheel. Interestingly, I had this particular dream while sleeping in the driver's seat of a (parked) car.
>> No.41564  
It means you want to have sex with your mother.
>> No.41602  
Suddenly there was a huge spider in my throat, and I woke up with muffled cries, wildly clawing at my throat.
Whata fuck man.
>> No.42346  
There was some flatchested 2D beauty and we cuddled and kissed. Then I woke up with a massive nosebleed.
>> No.42349  
I dreamed that I was a Japanese prostitute, and I deepthroated a guy. When I woke up my throat was sore.
>> No.42350  
I once had a dream I was at school and a lizard crawled up my leg and into my ass, and when I woke up my butt was sore.
>> No.42354  
You should lock your bedroom doors better...
>> No.42692  
File: a472238b0f64abf11c315c7e92fb5761.jpg -(2066.5 KB, 2300x1421) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Some guys and I were persecuted from the government or some other authority. They had 4 burning mechas we constantly saw at the horizon and we had to escape across multiple countries, rivers, velds and mountains. We reached some sort of greek looking backyard on a little mountain next to the sea when we finally got away and immediately saw guys in black suits and sunglasses coming for us through narrow alleyways. We decided we had enough of running away and laid a little ambush out for them. What followed was some MGS4-esque brawl with Silvester Stallone and Schwarzenegger on our side. It was crazy. That somehow got resolved and the next second I was on a propeller plane for vacation. The plane flew way to slow and looked smaller on the outside than on the inside. We landed on some grassy hill and started to hike the nearby mountain with our luggage. Some people and I chose a different path than the majority of the group and soon we reached a nuclear power plant. We played around on all the pipes for a bit, but then some workers ecorted us to a room and told us to wait. Two teachers (one of them was my former PE teacher)entered and started to taugh us about new reactor types and all that tech stuff. One girl in class, who was there before us, looked at me with lusting eyes and said something like "We rarely get new students here". I rejected her advances, she started to cry and I woke up.
Adventure dreams are pretty cool.
>> No.42700  
I had a dream where I was watching free to play again.
except dondo was somehow also a soviet astronaut who was the first man on the moon.
I searched for it on wikipedia in my dream.
Then before I woke up I started doing the timeline comparisons of when dondo was born and when the moon landing must've happened.
I'm ashamed that "the first man on the moon was a russian" didn't trip off my US support triggers at all.
>> No.42748  
I once had a dream of a sore throat and woke up with a penis in my mouth.
>> No.42854  
I got a job to cancel municipal energy production by destroying some generators. I was then on a tram, which i rigged by accessing a secret button below the button to make it stop at the next station. I then enlisted a few classmates, which I knew were tech-savvy. It was the day to celebrate our graduation, so all of us went out. I led them to take the wrong bus, so we could get to planting special charges on those generators.

There was also a dream that was very similar to Jedi Knight in game play. I can't remember whether those two tied into each other.
>> No.42861  
Reported to Homeland Security.
>> No.42868  
I had a dream that I switched bodies with an Indian man, and then went inside a huge fish through its anus, walked around for a while and then left.

I wonder what this means...
>> No.42874  
It means you want to have sex with your mother.
>> No.42886  
I drowned puppies. And not in the "I throw them in the river and be done with it" way. I took them one by one, held them underwater and squeezed all the air out till they stopped struggling and moving. Afterwards I went to a school for drawing lessons. We had to search for a partner and draw a portrait of each other, but we all sucked badly at it and our teacher went ballistic. We had to cut the skin and flesh from our faces off to study the human anatomy and bone structure so that we can improve our drawings. Some died from blood loss, we laughed. I woke up feeling uneasy and felt the entire day like shit.
>> No.42890  
The hell is wrong with you?
>> No.42892  
At some point in the future, governments will monitor our dreams to detect moral dissidents.
>> No.42893  
I thought my friends here could tell me.
>> No.42912  
I went to prison and was about to be raped by black men, but I woke up before that could happen. Thank goodness.
>> No.43062  
I was hanging out with some former friends and one of them had a gun for some reason. Stupidly playing around with it, he pointed it at my temple. I didn't hear it, but the gun must have gone off, because I fell over backward. I lay on my back with open eyes and could see what was going on around me, but there was no pain. I didn't feel anything at all, I couldn't hear and even my thoughts were numbed. All I could do was watch detachedly. My friends left my field of vision very soon. I had a vague hope that an ambulance would be called. After a while someone came and moved me from the driveway onto the street. We had been close to the house of one of the friends which was at the top of a hill, so the street I was on slopes down quite a bit. Still on my back, I began to slide down the road. I couldn't feel the asphalt I was lying on and so it seemed like I was drifting down the hill as if on ice. But I knew the rough surface would scrape at my back and my head. I thought it better not to lose any blood, but I slid down faster and faster. The asphalt must have been grinding my skin completely down. At that point I accepted that I will die.
>> No.43065  
I was looking at a very poorly printed but very high quality art-wise ichimaro doujin. I was trying to find the american precure pics posted in the precure thread in /general/, as if bunbun were a book, to show them to a friend sitting next to me. We ended up awkwardly and silently reading the doujin together.
>> No.43232  
It was something like a tribe's chief being challenged by a younger guy in a forest. The atmosphere was as if a battle was about to start, a stand-off at maybe ten paces. The tribe's opinion on the matter was divided, some coming to their chief's defense, some supporting the new, radical and probably naive ideas of the youngster, and many unsure of what to do, watching from the side.
Everyone was clad in traditional garb, well-tailored fur and pelts. They looked like a cross between Mongols and native American, but the chief had Caucasian features.
One of them fired an arrow, it must have been the challenger. At that moment, parts of their garments took the color of an intense red that drowned out all other colors. To the chief's side came someone who not everyone could see: the former chieftain's spirit, wearing all the tribe's insignia of honor and truth. Some of the upstart's supporters shrank away in fear, aware of their transgression against the tribe's well-being. Both chieftains' clothes filled with more and more red, changing patterns to look more vibrant, more complex and as if their status had increased manifold. It was obvious that winner of this conflict was on the side of justice.

I woke up before an actual conclusion, but there was music similar to a movie soundtrack.
>> No.43279  
I dreamed a friend fell off a bridge and, while I carried his limp body to a hospital, turned into a cat. Kind of looked like a Maine Coon. It was all very disturbing and cute.
>> No.43357  
There was some girl I was in love with. She had a stalker and of course I had to do something. So I waited till both of them weren't home. I broke into her house, wrecked the place, took her doggy and broke into her stalkers house. I started to punch and kick it, broke some of its bones and didn't stop until there was blood everywhere like in some horror movie. Then I took something from him, which I dropped back at her house again so that the police had a lead. Some days later I started to talk to her and we had some nice talks. I started to sneak more often into her place, enjoyed the atmosphere of her room and the smell of her clothes. Some evening I visited her and wanted to tag along for her dogs walkies. Also I thought it would be a good idea to bring two glasses of juice and a toothbrush with me. So I stood there, in her door and then her fiancé appeared behind me, returning from his business trip. Unfortunately I woke up before I could do something about him.
>> No.43361  
You woke up before you could get to the big twist: You were the stalker all along!
>> No.43364  
My dad and I lived in the woods and there was a bear that lived in a small dirt tunnel/cave thing and my dad kept forgetting the bear was there or something and kept going to the cave for various reasons and narrowly escaping being mauled.
>> No.43365  
Sorry about the run-on sentence.
>> No.43381  
File: [a.f.k.] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - 02.avi_snapshot_20.34_[2012.11.23_23.34.41].png -(188.8 KB, 704x396) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.43585  
So I had a dream where I was carrying a bunch of stuff out of my res in the university I think (not too sure about this detail), it was a tall electric fan, and two other items. I walked along the scenic paths of the university (the university in my dream beared 0 resemblance to the university that I actually attended though I knew the directions somehow, I think my dream was a little confused as to whether the university was in china or north america), then dropped one of them without noticing until a while after. So I backtracked until I found it. Then I decided that the electric fan was getting a bit too cumbersome, so I disassembled the fan part from the stand. I put the fan somewhere, then carried on. I then spent a while standing in the middle of nowhere trying to make the stand fit with something else. That's when I noticed that I wasn't carrying the fan part with me, I paniced a little and reached behind me into my backpack for a good feel of the fan, and it was right in my backpack. I then carried on. Near the exit zone to the university, I met a highschool female classmate. I greeted her, she asked what I was doing there, I said nothing, I graduated, and then I asked her if she was attending there. She kind of dodged the question I think and just ran off somewhere. Oh well.
>> No.43586  
I woke up after this, but I was still sleepy so I went for some more sleep. This time I had a dream where I'd been trapped inside some sort of insane game-like reality. All the people are either non-existent or NPC, there was this big shopping-centre-like complex with commercial offices instead of shops, the inside looked like the place where I worked last semester and the outside looked like a flea market I used to live some distance away from.
I'd explore the perimeter of the mall and the cars would randomly turn on and swerve in a slow manner to try and kill me (they don't home in or anything, there's clearly a predetermined path and a trigger point where you have to step on). I'd explore the inside of the mall too only to find there's no people, so I left and went into the wilderness section and found some white guy with a mexican beard (the sort that goes into your neck) trying to teach me how to cook (barbeque) a brisket (he stood in front of a barbecue stand that was clearly intended for shish-kabobs). After I'd learned everything (I don't even remember what I learned), he told me he had a cow ready to the side and that I could make a few brisket from it. I then promptly left and went back to the shopping mall, to find that it was filled with people. I think I found some guy and asked him for directions, and he led me to the couch in the shopping mall with some girl spreading some sort of chrisitianity-related religion. I thought what the hell I like cute girls, so I lied down flat on the couch and filled out some realy big lettered and empty (plenty of spaces to fill in) forms, and then she asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her "I said I was tired didn't I?" and then she started blowing some sort of gas on my face. It smelled kind of incense like and it tingled on my face, kind of felt nice. I remember thinking "oh yeah that's the stuff". I think I woke up shortly after. I forgot to say thanks orz
>> No.43960  
I was chased by a vampire. He was big and hulking, over 2m tall. At first he talked to me. He seemed to confuse me with someone else, who had escaped him earlier in a chase down that same road, jumping over cars with superhuman agility. At some point in this conversation, Saya no Uta's meat vision came up for a few moment, not sure what that was about; when the vampire raised his cleaver-like sword, some filth flew from it over my face. When I started running in fear, vision was back to normal. I noticed that the vampire took his time "chasing" me, rather just walking down the road behind me. But even though he walked, he was very fast. In front of the door, I struggled getting my keys out of my pocket because it was almost too narrow to fit my hand in - I indeed own such a pair of jeans. I made sure to lock the door behind me, then hurriedly went up to the apartment. My parents were in the kitchen. My mother said something about me still being awake (it was 8am), to which I replied that I of course was awake because I went to bed at 8pm - which doesn't make sense; I was supposed to have visited some friends. If anything, I would have gotten to bed at around midnight, but I do remember the 8am and 8pm times coming up.

It's interesting to note that the house I ran to is the home of my childhood. I moved about 9 years ago, and my parents too have moved to a different city since then.
>> No.43974  
I woke up and saw some unreadable messages I tried to Skype in my sleep, then I woke up for real.
>> No.44043  
Some bunbuns, I think a mod, doxed me for whatever reason, and everyone here started bullying me and calling me names and saying mean things and stuff. I woke up unable to breathe and it all seemed so real that I cried.

Please don't be mean to me, /bun/ is the only friend I have...
>> No.44074  
You shouldn't have said that, one of the mods is probably going to look you up out of curiosity now!
>> No.44076  
I'm not even worried about mods looking up my posts. I just hope they don't show my samefagging and contradicting posts to everyone on #bun or something.
>> No.44077  
This was pretty confusing. A friend and me were hunting after some evil lord. We infiltrated his mansion in the forests, killed his minions in secret and set up an ambush in his curtilage. I dressed up as one of his minions and stood there wide in the open to draw his attention away from my friend, who waited with an bow and some arrows behind me hidden on some beams under a roof. He finally shows up on his balcony to speak to his goons and only sees me. He was a pretty good leader, since he immediately knew I wasn't one of him. He asked who I was and then my friend thought it would be a good idea to shoot every single arrow in a clock behind him. The lord disappears and my friend comes down. Then two ping pong balls shoot out of nowhere and hit my buddy in his eyes. The lord probably wanted to show how easily he could kill us. Anyway we go after him and find ourselves in another yard. In there was a massive pile with all kind of weapons for hacking, slashing, stabbing and shmashing neatly stacked together. Our target stood in front of this pile in his cliched black armor with a spiked helmet and burning sword, let out a giggle and went through a gate behind him. We only had light equipment for assassination and hit-and-run tactics and he obviously gave us the chance to pick a good weapon for our final fight. So we go over to the pile and start searching for something nice. My friend picks the first Zweihänder he sees and immediately storms off, sword held high over his head. He didn't came far. His sword shattered at the arch. My friend looked at the lord, both just shrugged and he came back to me looking for another weapon. We played around with some hilariously oversized warhammers till we saw some books in this pile. We started reading, lined our pockets with some nice books and soon forgot about our original goal. We hear a sigh behind us and see our big evil guy dropping his sword, changing from his armor into shorts and a hawaiishirt printed with palmleaves. He left the helmet on though. We turn our heads and realize the location changed into a tropical island. Spend the rest of the dream with our target grilling sausages around a campfire.
>> No.44510  
File: 1382072315825.jpg -(555.7 KB, 800x1067) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I had a dream that I almost raped Ryuuko. She kept taunting me and egging me on, but in the end I couldn't do it.
>> No.44531  
I was blasting through arabian deserts on the back of a truck with other turban wearing, gun wielding arabs. We were going at around 250 km/h down a abandoned road, squealing and cheering, jumped off at our designated location and started collecting trash.
Damn idiots, the desert is not a landfill.
>> No.44533  

If only those fanatics were dedicated to something that useful.
>> No.45196  
I was riding a rather empty train and lay down on a bench, listening to music. Some guy was pestered by Azusa from Idolmaster, but he made his excuses and quickly left to a different train compartment. She walked over to me and sat down next to my head. Think of a imminent lappillow position. She bend over my face and we exchanged some pleasantries. Then she started to rub her forehead on my chin and kissed me. I kept my mouth shut tight and she grinded her tounge all over my front teeth. Moments later she looked at me confused since I was not into it and tried again with the same outcome. I realized she probably got dumped and was needy or looked for some comfort. The other guy who left came probably to the same conclusion. She was still kissing me and by god it felt amazing, even though I sill kept my mouth closed and did nothing. Some time later she stopped and only said "thank you".
I'm wide awake at goddamn 5 AM with a massive erection.
>> No.46306  
From above, I could see three beds, of which is knew from an ongoing conversation that they were designed for a certain purpose. The pillows looked as if there was a face painted on, slightly to the side, so that if you were lying on your back, its mouth would be next to your ear. It also looked as if there was a hole painted on each bed's foot end. I lay down on one of them, and as soon as I started getting comfortable, a hand came out of the hole and grabbed my leg.
>> No.46374  
I had a nightmare about going to class. I didn't have any classes today and I don't know why I dreaded it so much in my dream.
>> No.48458  
Cybernetic attack dogs charged at me in some kind of tunnel. I grabbed them by the neck and slammed them into the wall, the floor, or each other. I also managed to rip one apart.
>> No.48463  
I stole $300,000 and escaped to Mexico.
>> No.48465  
>> No.48469  
Were you playing Metal Gear Revengeance during the day
>> No.49594  
God told me to kill everyone who came close to discover the secret of the universe, the big why, the reason of life and all that jazz. And I did it without asking. Should I call Hollywood or start a religion?
>> No.49599  
Religion for sure.
>> No.49703  
Fucking awful dream about being held at gunpoint outside a supermarket and begging for my family's life.
>> No.49705  
I wish i could remember my dreams long enough for me to post them here.
>> No.49785  
Had another dream like this, except the people with the gun were angry drivers that happened to be druglords.
>> No.50044  
I had PE when, I think demons invaded. They could change their forms to huge insects and animals. They obviously wanted all of us dead, but they turned human and somehow a conversation started. I can't remember what we talked about, only the last bit. One of them grabbed his bag searching for something and dropped one AK magazine. I picked it up and gave them a confused look and asked them why they would just plain shoot us. Wouldn't eating us or some other demonic thing make more sense. The one who dropped the mag only said "No. Who wants to be the first one?". I stepped up and said "Might as well, since we're all gonna die." I didn't believe them. One raised his gun and I asked him if I can have last words. "No". I turned my head to look at the others to say something. And then he shoot me right in the side of my head. This was one of the realistic dreams. One of these where the thought "it's all a dream" doesn't occur. I staggered and held the right side of my head. I felt an unbelievable huge pressure in my head and something wet on my hand. I turned around to the others and raised my other hand towards them and wanted to say something, but I couldn't speak anymore. I slowly dropped to my knees still holding my head. I could feel how the blood flow changed inside my head. Blood started to gush out my nose and I could feel how my legs started to get wet from the puddle of blood beneath me. I was completely on the ground now. I heard another shot and another one dropping. My vision started to get blurry and I saw the guy on the ground, also with a puddle of blood slowly forming under him. I thought I was really going to die. Then I could only see in black and white and thinking became really hard. The others didn't even try to run away. They just stood there. Everything started to freeze. And then nothing. Then I heard voices, spurring on "Come on, faster. We probably have 5 minutes left." and an image of a doctor operating in someone's brain flashed up. Right after that I was walking down a street not knowing how I got there.
Dying in dreams really is something amazing.
>> No.50046  
A couple weeks ago I had a dream about a foursome with people I know IRL and it still makes me feel awkward.
>> No.50047  
Were the other three all males? That would be pretty awkward, all right.
>> No.50050  
They're people I know IRL and none of them were my mom. What do you think?
>> No.50052  
Foul misery, I offer thee no last rites. The sweet redemption of our lord is forbidden to the likes of thee. Thou hast no home now but the eternal torments of hell!
>> No.50064  
I was a girl in the dream, but I didn't want to fuck the guys, just the other girl.
>> No.51402  
Homoerotic dream involving Miller and Big Boss during a mission in the middle of nowhere where Kaz's lack of control over his emotions fuels the sexual tension and Big Boss's lack of normal display of emotions leads to hot jungle sex.

Waiting for the game is driving me nuts.
>> No.51826  
File: wtf1406503008944.jpg -(931.9 KB, 806x4999) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It starts off with something in anime style. Looks like a large, old library, reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist. People looking like military officers depart from the scene, walking up stairs; one of them makes something like a thumbs up as a farewell gesture. This is seen through a mirror. For some reason, it is important. I rewind, and re-watch, maybe multiple times, I can't remember. On the other side of the stairs from which I'm watching, a double door opens and people leave. It is apparently summer, and hot. There was some kind of session in that room. People are wearing suits, it reminds me of politicians. One of them is so exhausted, that he falls down, moaning. I look inside that room. It looks like a classroom. Few people are still inside.

The style changes to a maybe 70s asian live action movie. In the hallway, two teachers, a man and a woman, talk about something. She is concerned that he's in danger. I think he got into a fight with some hoodlum, and beat him with superior kung fu. She clearly wants him. There is more that hints at later events, but I can't remember details. Something about him having a wound with teeth? He says not to worry, and enters the room. The principal awaits him there. They talk about this fight; the principal is concerned. The man says not to worry, (memory starts to get fuzzy here) and takes off his shirt. Underneath, he's wearing plate, arm and leg guards. He strips off the armor by taking a certain position, and the pieces slowly glide down. The principal asks him to work overtime, even though it is summer vacation. The man takes a sip from the blue-colored drink he's holding, and answers that he can't do it. He already has made plans for the day.

My memory gets really vague here. I'm at my grandparents apartment, I maybe just woke up, took a shower and am now watching this on television. The man is at his mansion. He was actually a vampire all along. The style has yet again changed into a 50s black and white movie. The man and his sister are in the mansions hall. They have an argument about something. She is the more powerful one, while he tries to deny his monstrous nature. She wants him to do something, he declines. My mother joins me in watching this movie. There was a disturbing scene ending with a close-up of the aforementioned wound he has, a deep hole around his collarbones, and the camera goes deep into it. The man and a little girl are in some kind of medieval kitchen in the basement, a large piece of meat, about a meter across, writhing in front of the stove. They try to make it stop by throwing tar on it. It looks really disturbing. Rats are gnawing at the meat. My mother leaves to prepare dinner. The movie changes into a nightmarish chaos of dis-jumbled images and garbled screams. I am very uncomfortable and reach for the remote. I debate whether I should change the channel or turn it off. My other grandparents enter the room, and berate me about how it feels being taken advantage off, because I had left the computer turned on. I look at the remote in my hand and wake up.
>> No.51886  
the other week I dreamt I put a password on a beer in the fridge but it fucked up and my brother couldn't take anything out of there

last night I dreamt I'd ordered a figurine but it never arrived
then I found a letter that was a couple weeks old saying it was held in customs because it had been packaged with a sheet of gold coins and I'd have to make a declaration for those

also there was another more substantial dream I had some day between these two but I've forgotten it
>> No.51960  
I still can't remember my dreams.
>> No.52814  
There was this girl again I fucked in an earlier dream. This time we just pressed our faces on each others bellies and made farting noises by blowing. Afterwards Putin showed me his new bullet train and then pushed me back home on a sled.
>> No.52825  
I dreamed I was defending some place from monster things with a bunch of slightly monstrous girls. They were originally with the enemy but defected for some reason. They were really good at fighting and I didn't do much but watch. Then Master Miller showed up and started torturing one to prepare her for what the enemy would do to her if she got captured. He did this by staking her to the ground and opening a box that contained a dog-sized crocodile, only it could unhinge its jaw and swallow things whole like a snake. He let it swallow her up to her chest before standing on its tail so it couldn't swallow any further.

It was very confusing.
>> No.52868  
I was a Diamond Dog soldier and Kazuhira Miller gave me a hug to congratulate me on my birthday. I have never felt so much for a male character as I did during that three second hug. He was warm and strong and I had to fight the urge to make the hug more intimate.
>> No.52871  
There's something inherently unsatisfying about one-armed hugs, though.
>> No.52872  
That's how I thought I'd feel before it happened, but it did not disappoint. His lack of arm was more than made up for by the strength his one arm circling me emanated. 10/10 hug.
>> No.52887  
I was in some kind of orphanage that had a rude old lady as some kind of authority figure, for some reason "fun things" (toys, magazines, pictures, ect...) were not allowed, so the children hide all of their goodies in hidden places. For some reason I helped a pink guy who had a lewd magazine in his chest since he was about to get caught with it, and I spent the rest of my time in a bathroom enjoying pornographic images I gotten, I turned on the facet in the bath to make people think I was taking a bath.
>> No.52888  
It was actually a flashback to a traumatic past you've forgotten.
>> No.52893  
Eh, not really an orphan though? I forgot to include some details: the place felt like a tower, even though I never quite saw the outside of it, and when I mention hidden places to hide the toys alot of them were hidden drawers in places like support beams and electrical sockets and what not.
>> No.52895  
You were adopted.
>> No.52914  
Whatever you say, mister anon.
>> No.54419  
I was back in my final year of school, literature class. There was some new teacher I'd never seen before, talking about some kind of "important" story telling device. I couldn't focus well enough, and he was too fast for me to keep up with writing down notes. He then mentioned that he would collect our collection of notes to be graded, the final grade for the year. Mine were full of gaps, and at some point I felt that I was about to fail and have to repeat the year anyway.
The scene shifts to another class, different composition of students and teacher. Apparently we had to prepare some kind of story in advance over summer break or something. I had completely forgotten about it, uneasily looking around and catching glimpses at other people's stuff. Then some kind of audio book starts playing, and I realize it's another student's story. It begins with music; a friend of mine grins at me, briefly looking at that student, then saying it's some anime song. The narration begins, and the recording quality is professional, his voice sounds fantastic. It is somewhat stream-of-consciousness, in a space setting. The ramblings, musings and feelings of the protagonist as his starship is approaching his destination, either a station or small planet, draw me in. I sit there, and I have nothing. I hope that maybe I can score a good grade by giving a well-phrased review of the thing, as the class is supposed to, and that this can be drawn out long enough that I will be skipped.
>> No.54898  
File: Saori is delicious.png -(804.0 KB, 1000x1139) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I somehow ended up with Saori in a room. After a while we ran out of things to talk about and then she leaned back, gave me smug smile and asked what we could do now. I stood up, went over to her and kissed her right on her mouth. She went awawawawa and said "I only want Mako under my skirt".

Fuck you Mako you cockblock.
>> No.58088  
I had a dream that ZUN had a live debate with someone and got absolutely smashed with him.
>> No.58406  
In my last dream i got a virus on my phone that disabled it turning off and constantly played CP.
>> No.58407  
File: 43de81fcb3[1].jpg -(212.7 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I had a vivid dream that the sensei from Domestic Kanojo was hanging out on my bed and saying I should just fuck her, so I kissed her and played with her tits a lot, then for some reason I said I needed a piss and went to my toilet. She said she'd have a surprise for me when I got back, so I just sat on my toilet for a while until I woke up.
Can't even bang a cartoon in my own dreams.

She actually wore pic related but it was a week before this episode aired
>> No.58511  
File: demo-sama pls.png -(594.4 KB, 701x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
After a long train ride I entered an onsen and saw a cute girl also entering it at the same time. After I arrived the cute girl changed into some hag, similarly to abubu's fox mom from that one comic and we fucked. It literally faded to black just as I entered her and then I woke up and needed a change of my underpants. The following day my female roommate schlicked.
>> No.59551  
I had a dream where i was in bed with one of my co-workers, she cuddling up in my lap, but I couldn't stop listening to my idiosyncratic music and it completely weirded her out.

The hell am I supposed to make of that?
>> No.59913  
I was at some kind of ATV racing/action event inside a big arena. At the end of the day there was a fireworks display and George W. Bush danced under them. Afterwards, he and myself excused ourselves to his private quarters, where we drank some whisky and discussed the most moral action one should take if your beloved one has been zombified. He was in the "let him/her bite you" and I was in the "bash/blow their brains out" camp.
>> No.59922  
> The following day my female roommate schlicked.

how do you know she did that?
>> No.59964  
File: MesotheliomaCT.jpg -(163.3 KB, 1024x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I had a dream that upon viewing a certain image I found on a certain imageboard I began to jump forward in time several months each time I blinked. Every time I would end up in a different place sometimes surrounded by different people with no knowledge of how I got there. After a few times I noticed my body felt and looked older, and the people changed as well. I was terrified and tried to keep my eyes open but that only scared anyone I was around and I never had time to explain before I would blink again and jump further into the future. After what felt like only a few minutes subjectively and many jumps later I could tell I was now an elderly man. Another blink and I was in a hospital bed and knew that death was near. I thought about the strange life I had just witnessed snippets of as everything faded away. When I blinked again I found myself back in front of my computer where I had started.

The certain image was abstract and reminded me of this one.
>> No.59983  
The smell.
>> No.60486  
I was in what felt like a cell, even though it was a room that was barred on one end. It felt as if the walls, ceiling and floor where made out of some dark wood. Everything looked like from a video game.
Somebody invisible was there, maybe a mysterious but benevolent contact from an organisation that wanted me free. I could only recognize him by the golden outline around him that popped up in my vision occasionally.
Others came to persuade me towards one end or another. Most of them where filled with a mist of the same color as my "contact's" outline, reminding me of the Dust from the Endless series. It was the power behind their abilities.
I barely listened, because I was so focused on my invisible visitor and constantly hoping that he wouldn't be discovered.

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