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File: cd4cfe9b8ebad7021e9aeebd1f17ed5330532c71.jpg -(179.0 KB, 520x515) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
183316 No.38283  
Deleted the other thread because it was spam, but an actual SoundCloud thread isn't a bad idea.

I'll start with this certified hood classic
This time in the right place.
>> No.38284  
>Deleted the other thread because it was spam, but an actual SoundCloud thread isn't a bad idea.
Wait, what?
>> No.38285  
The guy was going around pimping his own soundcloud account on random boards.
>> No.38286  
But what about the replies to that thread? Weren't those from legitimate /bun/s?
>> No.38287  
I'm not reposting the same shit.
>> No.38288  
Yeah, so? It wasn't deleted because of them it was deleted because it was spam and it was no different from the deletion of any spam thread. The fact that people replied is irrelevant, I don't even know why you're making an issue of it.
Additionally there weren't many replies and they were pretty much just links, it's not like there were lengthy substantial posts lost there.
>> No.38289  
People went to the trouble of finding and posting those links; even if the resulting content is minimal, that doesn't mean no effort was made in posting it. I sometimes find myself searching for a specific image or link for nearly 30 minutes.

The people replied not knowing that it was a spam thread; they just contributed to it and made it a good thread. Now you just erased it all without reposting their posts.
>> No.38290  
Guys, filling this one with complaints will not make anything better. VDZ, I'm talking to you.
>> No.38291  
Yes it will.
it will get all the soundcloud shit deleted.
That will make the board a better place, if just by a little.
>> No.38292  
I'm sorry if you spent a lot of time searching for something to post in that thread (honestly!), but you really need to accept the risk that it will be deleted if you're posting in something that is really obviously a spam thread (or one that violates the rules in any other way), which it was. I recreated this thread because I thought it was something worth having around, normally I wouldn't have done that at all, though it seems like it was a bad idea to. Oh well.

I'll keep this thread around for >>38291-kun's sake though.
>> No.38293  
much appreciated.
>> No.38294  
File: b3a5eeb78c6c062432215b2417b62856.jpg -(109.9 KB, 600x826) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm reposting the links I have from the other thread (Probably including the spammer because I don't remember which link was the OP). Please remember to take it easy!

These two have low follower counts so I'm assuming it as one of these two?

A couple others dug up from my history that seem interesting:
>> No.38296  
Let me see what others I can find in my history too.

Here's another jakazid track that I keep coming back and listening to that I wish he'd release:

ky-mera is the spammer, yep.
>> No.38297  
if electronic music is a thing that buns enjoyee, these mixes are usually pretty good
>> No.38298  
the latest wouldn't be the best introduction to these though
>> No.38299  
>Image dump and general randomness board. Quality doesn't matter.
>Anything that's legal is allowed.
How is self promotion in a single thread spam? His music wasn't even that bad. This is rhetorical.
>> No.38300  
The thread that was deleted was on /general/.

That said, automated spam of any kind is summarily deleted on all boards.

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