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File: tumblr_mntf4kc6Ea1qatqh7o1_500.jpg -(64.6 KB, 276x409) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
66186 No.39092  
Because the last one is autosaging.

I can't believe I got this beautiful camera as an early birthday/Christmas present! Time to take some photos and participate in that thread!
>> No.39108  
Whenever I see someone post a file with a name like tumblr_asjf0248gnas0824g.jpg, I assume the poster is a teenaged girl.
>> No.39110  
I'm not a teenaged girl, unfortunately.
>> No.39112  
i wish i was a 2d teenaged girl
>> No.39113  
How does one meet people when a stranger in a strange place?
>> No.39116  
You know, I never knew tumblr was full of teenage girls until I started using it. Why isn't it full of predators?
>> No.39118  
The teenaged girls are the predators.
>> No.39119  
Hey there are plenty of women in their 20's on tumblr!
>> No.39153  
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I'm going to Japan in 20 days, what am I gonna do!?
>> No.39158  
I'm moving in ~7days, what am I gonna do!?
>> No.39160  
Find independent stores close to you, because you'll like shopping there much more than in supers.
>> No.39168  
>> No.39169  
Mom and pop shops instead of the supermarket, are you crazy? Going to two places to shop when you could go to one and pay less while doing it is the very definition of insanity!
>> No.39171  
>> No.39172  
Got a Google Glass invite, but would cost over $2000 to get it and compatible phone, in addition to a more expensive data plan every month.
>> No.39173  
autism butt
>> No.39175  
The BT-2 isn't a light tank, it's a race car disguised as a light tank.

What did they do this time?
>> No.39176  
That must be the first time that masturbating felt good while I was feeling unwell.
>> No.39211  
Is the knockout game an actual thing or is it complete bullshit that the media is running with for whatever reason, like rainbow parties? Like, obviously there are black people running around attacking people for no reason but that's not really news
>> No.39216  

I've heard about that "game" for years.
First as a sort of rumor in high school (10 or so years ago), and even then I thought it was more of a joke than anything (I still thank God to this day that I was able to grow up in a 97%+ white environment).

It's not surprising that it's done almost entirely(95%+) by blacks, and mostly regarded as an unprovoked assault by an unidentified african-american "youth".

That last part, the unprovoked assault part, that's actually quite common (significantly much more so if you sort by black perpetrators), and most likely what this "game" has been reported to police as by their victims. probably.
I guess with facebook being popular, this came to light because FB actively records everthing written/posted there, and that leaves a lot of evidence in the publicly available realm.
>> No.39217  
I'm not sure I want to finish this game, but I'm really close to finishing this other game, so that's okay.
>> No.39218  
As expected of niggs
>> No.39219  
Goddammit now this song is stuck in my head.
>> No.39221  
How much does karaoke even cost. How much does anything cost, really?
>> No.39240  
>Here, we report that surnames can be recovered from personal genomes by profiling short tandem repeats on the Y chromosome (Y-STRs) and querying recreational genetic genealogy databases.
>surnames can be recovered from personal genomes
The future seems to tend more and more toward dystopia than utopia.
>> No.39242  
I want to forget about these coins
>> No.39248  
Whoa, I just had this weird feeling of deja vu.
>> No.39249  
What a depressingly realistic wet dream.
>> No.39250  
I had one tonight too (it was 2 I was able to stop myself first one but couldn't second)
>> No.39251  
I wish I had more wet dreams. They're usually super duper weird and kind of gross, but it feels so good.
>> No.39252  
I don't like them since then I can't use my mouth so now I'm stuck with less cum when I do want to do it.
>> No.39253  
I'm so glad I bought this ice cream; it's really worth the money.
>> No.39255  
Someone please take Steam away from me.
>> No.39256  
thank god thanksgiving is over
>> No.39263  
I thought yukkuri abuse was bad but Jesus, this 'fluffy' stuff goes beyond the pale.
>> No.39268  
time to take my underwear off and masturbate
>> No.39270  
Fluffy stuff?
>> No.39271  

I think that's what they're called. They're the MLP equivalent of the yukkuri; small, hapless, somewhat retarded creatures you'll either think are really cute or disgusting vermin. This is where the similarities end, as the fluffies exhibit none of the more fantastic traits (survivability, regenerative properties, ability to repress/forget trauma) of the sentient manjuu, instead being flesh and blood creatures with all the foibles that go with such a state. They also exhibit few of the shithead traits that yukkuri so commonly display. Despite this they're tortured, maimed, and killed in some rather disturbing ways, for no other reason then they can be. I always knew the MLP fandom were secretly psychopaths.
>> No.39272  
You seem to be quite knowledgeable on the subject.
>> No.39273  

I only found out about them yesterday and, curious, did a little research. Probably more to find out but I'd rather not go back to it. The art is universally shit, and the content just disturbing. I mean, sticking a blender into a pregnant fluffy, mashing up the babies, squeezing the remains into glass, and drinking the concoction in front of the distraught mother? A little much, even for my tastes.
>> No.39274  
Newsflash: Anonymous discovers there are sickos on the internet. More news at 11.
>> No.39278  
worse than this? http://yukkuri.shii.org/pool/show/440
>> No.39279  
Jissouseki are way better than Yukkuri.
>> No.39283  
>> No.39297  
I have a zit right on a mole and I didn't even know that was possible
>> No.39299  
It must feel great destroying yukkuris
>> No.39302  
That's gross. I woke up with not one, but three zits on my back. I almost never get acne on my back, how annoying.
>> No.39306  
I don't get this fascination Australian news has with Ron Burgundy. Does it happen elsewhere in the world?
>> No.39311  

>> No.39315  
Did you buy anything this sale week?
>> No.39316  

>> No.39317  
Finally bought FarCry 3 for a fiver.
Kept missing it on sale for ages.
>> No.39318  
Haha my burglar neighbors got their house robbed. Eat shit morons
>> No.39319  
I hope I don't fall down the stairs carrying boxes and stuff.
>> No.39324  
It keeps happening.
>> No.39330  
I can't help but admire the amount of dedication and craftsmanship this guy puts into his robot booby dolls.
>> No.39334  
America not being able to figure out why their test scores are so low is really funny since the answer is obvious to anyone who has been to a public school in the last decade.
>> No.39336  
I fell whilst carrying the wok upstairs, and hit my face on the steps.
>> No.39339  
Is your face okay?
>> No.39342  
Why do these oreo-like cookies made for dogs taste better than actual Oreos
>> No.39348  
Why do people sage when they contribute to a thread?
>> No.39349  
Is everyone else around me a bad person or am I a bad person?
>> No.39350  
My face is ok, but it knocked my glasses off, and really startled me.
>> No.39351  
My little venus fly trap is growing up so quickly. I'm quite happy.
>> No.39352  
'Bad' is a matter of perspective. In Ancient Greece, having sex with little boys was totally okay, but modern society considers it 'bad'. You may be a good person in one context, yet for the same matter be a 'bad person' in another context.
>> No.39356  
Feeling so organized today. I made a list of things to do, and I got to cross them off one by one!
>> No.39369  
Two people trapped in a room together and become so bored that they have sex to keep the boredom at bay.
>> No.39371  
Damn you, Governor!
>> No.39372  
My dog is too good at knowing when we're going to go for a walk.
>> No.39374  
File: carrier has arrived.jpg -(369.9 KB, 1050x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was going through my images folder.
>> No.39376  
I can't believe I gotta change my password again
>> No.39377  
I just fapped in the bath for the first time since I was a teenager.
>> No.39378  
Why would you fap in the bath?
>> No.39379  
I did one time to see what it would look like to cum underwater.
>> No.39385  
Because lying in a hot bath with an erection at 15 leads to only one possible outcome.
>> No.39409  
But he said he did it again for the first time since he was a teenager, implying he is no longer a teenager.
>> No.39410  

Best erotic amateur I've ever read.
>> No.39411  
I just spent 40 minutes resizing a cheap bracelet that I'm probably never even going to wear.
>> No.39418  
I fucking love shovelling snow; it's so fun!
>> No.39419  
I've never fapped in the bath and I was 15 once. I think there's something wrong with you.
>> No.39426  
If fapping in the bath was the only thing wrong with me I'd do it more often.
>> No.39427  
I feel this way about mowing the lawn and raking leaves. Yard work is satisfying.
>> No.39431  
It is, isn't it! The best thing is shearing and digging. Makes me want to pull up my sleeves.
>> No.39438  
As I usually don't look forward to things very much, looking forward to one thing for a long time is rather peculiar. Last week I was so excited I could barely think, and now I'm all nonchalant. Strange.
>> No.39440  

I also played Starbound
>> No.39444  
La la lai la, la la lai la, la la lai la la~
>> No.39450  
My lord, Prison Architect is really difficult!
>> No.39457  
There is a lot of snowwww
>> No.39458  
I hope that wasn't the thing you were looking forward to
>> No.39459  
'twasn't; my computer can't handle games.
>> No.39461  
i hope sig can make it to agdq next month
>> No.39464  
I wish I could become internet famous like Andrew Hussie or the Penny Arcade guys, but I'm not good at anything.
>> No.39466  
good one
>> No.39475  
Why can I not find the charger cable for my good shaver? It's so good!
>> No.39480  
I have a $20 shaver for my face and a $5 shaver for my body.
>> No.39482  
oh my fucking god firefox are you serious
>> No.39483  
What happened this time?
>> No.39484  

They changed the way downloads work, but this time you can't get around it. I can't even access my download history because there's so much it crashes Firefox
>> No.39485  
I tried using my supershaver on my penis, but that hurt, and I had to stop regularly to pick out hairs.
>> No.39486  
I just epilate, it's always painful there but the pain is manageable now.
>> No.39488  
Why are you using the built in downloader? Use DownThemAll.
>> No.39495  
Isn't that just an interface to the built in downloader?
>> No.39500  
Tomorrow is my first official, practical driving lesson. I hope I don't wreck someones shit, because I had such a dream last night.
>> No.39502  
My driving teacher was pretty cool, but he was old, so that's often the case. Had a young'un once; didn't get along.
>> No.39503  
I haven't driven a car in 8 years
>> No.39508  
I haven't driven a car.
>> No.39515  
I haven't driven a car in two and a half hours
>> No.39536  
i am a car
>> No.39538  
My cardamom pods are gone! Now I have to go buy some new ones.
>> No.39540  
So a tool designed solely for masturbation actually feels good when used for masturbation. Color me surprised.
>> No.39548  
my greatest achievement is breaking a man's spirit by merely voting a few of his youtube videos down every now and then
>> No.39551  
You told us that story already.
>> No.39553  

I'm telling it again, you got a problem punk?!
>> No.39554  
File: Computer Science Dog.jpg -(101.4 KB, 942x743) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
For the record, I'm pretty sure CS Dog is from either /prog/ or /g/.
>> No.39562  
Why remake The Naked Gun? Why god, why!
>> No.39563  

Because Hollywood long ago ran out of what few original ideas it had. Why else do you think they've been remaking children's tales and shit?
>> No.39564  
My headache is terrible but I didn't do anything stupid, hooray!
>> No.39566  
At least I haven't actually commited any crimes.
>> No.39568  

>> No.39571  
nice haiku
>> No.39577  
Help me, /bun/, I'm in Japan!
>> No.39578  
Is it contagious?
>> No.39579  
Note to future self: the stove is on.
>> No.39591  
NTR Anno. I want 4.0 to be the EoE of the new millennium.
>> No.39597  
Nothing ruins my suspension of disbelief like cervix penetration.
>> No.39598  
I want to go to Japan again
>> No.39606  
I'm 28 and don't know what a cervix is.
>> No.39607  
At least the nipple fucking fad seems to be over
>> No.39608  
It's insane how well made the first 2 Home Alone movies are despite being so stupid
>> No.39617  
A fleshy pole entering a fleshy hole.
>> No.39621  
Did you remember Home Alone because of the last Family Guy episode?
>> No.39625  
Maybe I should stop hitting the snooze button of my life.
>> No.39627  
Your real life hasn't started yet; the real you is still asleep.
>> No.39629  

No, because AMC has been playing it like 3 times a night for some reason. Nice job watching Family Guy though
>> No.39630  
Zawa zawa...
>> No.39633  
I'd rather NTR Kojima, but sure, OK.
>> No.39647  
Man, meeting people and talking to them is so fun! They always ask "what are your plans for tomorrow?" FRIENDSHIP
>> No.39648  
"So, anon, what is it that you do all day?"
>> No.39661  
I missed you, /bun/.
>> No.39662  
I get so scared whenever /bun/ is down.
>> No.39663  
Are the two images, one in the last-image-thread and one in the ryona/guro-thread broken for anybody else?
>> No.39664  
>> No.39673  
I'm on vacation, so I could just say I'm a marine biologist or some shit. No one needs know!
>> No.39675  
Man, should I buy that onahole? So scared-
>> No.39681  
What is stopping you?
>> No.39683  
>> No.39688  
I was in your position not too long ago and I went with it. To be honest, I don't think it's all it's cracked up to be, but maybe my experience is just a fluke.
>> No.39689  
How embarrassing it must be to buy something like that.
>> No.39692  

Nah. I bought a fleshlight several years ago and, while it was better than my hand, it wasn't anything super special. You always see these people going on about how masturbation is so great and feels wonderful and they can't a day without it, but I just don't get any of that. It's just somewhat okay at best, and not even worth the effort most of the time. I don't know, maybe I'm just broken in someway.
>> No.39702  
>> No.39704  
Some tree limbs fell in my driveway from the ice yesterday and in the middle of the night someone moved them next to our trash cans by the street. Mysterious
>> No.39705  
The iOS7 jailbreak is contains Chinese botnet.
>> No.39719  
Japan-/bun/, you said you'd hang out with me in Japan, and now I'm here, so take resonsibility!
>> No.39721  
Hi ron, how was the flight?
>> No.39733  
Who set the captcha to hardmode?
>> No.39734  
No hats no life
>> No.39739  
Are you alright now, /bun/? Did Jones touch you in weird places again?
>> No.39758  
What captcha?
>> No.39761  
I think he meant the reCAPTCHA on 4chan, warosu, etc.
It really was almost impossibly hard yesterday.
>> No.39781  
there, I finished cross-checking my doujin collection! I've thrown away anything by anyone who ever went near kancolle.
there's surprisingly only a small amount left, but I did good, right...?
>> No.39785  
I wish all these gay faggots would stop posting gay things on the same internet I'm browsing. There should be a separate internet for gays.
>> No.39786  
One of the sites I regularly browse is dying... ;_;
>> No.39788  

Me too
>> No.39794  
   -‐‐- 、
/     ヽ
!  ! 人|,.iノl_ノ)       Sorry, we're all out of mittens.
i  乂-‐ -! i
\ヽ .ゞ - ノノ
  ``フ i´
    / \ノゝ
  /__i |丱!|
>> No.39795  
Montreal went easy on me today. I was expecting worse from the fabled Montreal winter.

What do you have against Kancolle?
>> No.39796  
My mom was choking on her coffee and I was so afraid that she was choking to death that I'm still shaking from it. Why am I such a loser!
>> No.39797  
Nothing wrong with worrying about your mother.
>> No.39798  
I really want to go to Disney World again.
>> No.39799  
It's like Touhou except you don't know the characters
>> No.39801  
Learn them.
>> No.39802  
File: couch.jpg -(664.1 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I know shimakaze and the blonde girl with the fat tits and that's enough for me. I have a whole folder dedicated to shimakaze
>> No.39803  
I refuse. The battleship parts they lug around look stupid.
>> No.39804  
File: 20131228.png -(3049.6 KB, 1858x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
But I do know each and every one of the names of my precious ship daughters
>> No.39805  
The only Kancolle I like is the girl with the jellyfish on her head.
>> No.39806  
It glorifies war. I wish the Japanese would just man up and acknowledge their war crimes instead of pretending it never happened.
>> No.39809  
My new wallpaper
>> No.39811  
I don't understand the argument that Kancolle is a glorification of war that incidentally involves cute girls. It's always seemed to me like a glorification of cute girls that incidentally involves machines of war.
>> No.39814  
Well, I'm not that guy and I haven't played Kantai Collection but that is the sort of thing the Japanese are known to do. Didn't their Prime Minister go to some war criminal shrine the other day? If Angela Merkel was caught saying prayers at a Nazi shrine Germany would probably explode, but the Japanese do this sort of thing all the time.
>> No.39816  
Not that anon, but the assumption that the national leader's view reflect that of the everyday people, or the game devs in this case, should be carefully examined.

Abe got elected with way less than 50% of the popular votes. IIRC, it was between 20~30%.

The game contains nothing in the way of outright denying the war crimes, and the devs have a hard stance on not implementing suicide crafts (Ohka, Kaiten, etc) in the game, which may be an indication of their non-nationalist nature.

Also, I don't mean to portray KanColle as a piece of "high culture" or anything, but one shouldn't make the context of the media a limiting factor when it comes to the enjoyment of it. Band of Brothers for example, IIRC (it's been a while) is more about the hardship and the bonds formed between the paratroopers, than it is about "Murrica!". In the same sense, I enjoy seeing the cute girls with their cute voices dressed in interesting uniforms. As a Korean, I certainly do not approve of the Japanese government's denial of the war crimes, but I don't let that get in the way of my enjoyment of the game.

Sorry, this is definitely not a short thought, but I wanted to point a few things out.
>> No.39823  
File: fuck yeah war is totally awesome.jpg -(342.1 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Waging war is not by itself a crime. War crimes are vile deeds not justified by even war. Pillaging villages and raping their women are war crimes. Torturing POWs and executing them are war crimes. Sending your ships to battle is NOT a crime and it is a basic element of war. Kancolle has nothing to do with Japanese war crimes.

It's kind of odd that in a medium filled with games clearly glorifying war, you point out Kancolle as a game glorifying war. While I can't say it depicts the cruelties of war in a realistic manner, it's nothing compared to the countless WWII shooters, military strategy games and games like World of Tanks, which clearly present war in an awesome manner (while the reality is significantly less awesome).
>> No.39826  
Everything that happens in war (killing people, sinking other people's ships, driving tanks into other people's circles) is a crime. We just forgive it all because they're crimes committed against The Enemy.
>> No.39829  
I am highly erect right now.
>> No.39832  
Crimes are actions forbidden by some sort of legal code (and generally punished by authorities).

War may be immoral, but it's perfectly legal.
>> No.39833  
Waging war against another country is a violation of national sovereignty, which is a crime according to international law. Even U.N. sanctioned interventions may be considered crimes (which is usually the stance of Russia and China).
Of course, by this logic Tony Blair, David Cameron, Bush, Obama, Merkel, Sarkozy and most other European leaders are war criminals, but they will obviously never be tried as such.
>> No.39834  
Some days I feel like bun transforms into something I can't be a part of and that makes me anxious.
>> No.39836  

It transforms into a huge turd, and I hope everyone in the last few posts get shot and left in a ditch
>> No.39837  
>> No.39839  
If anyone has a problem with loli war machines please kill yourself before posting about it.
>> No.39847  
I wonder if marked two will ever learn to draw.
>> No.39850  
Thread hijacking.../bun/ sure hit a new low.
>> No.39851  
Savior of Song is an odd title.

It can't be helped. /photos/ isn't meant to be a discussion board, after all.
>> No.39856  
Is it hijacking when the thread doesn't have a topic?
>> No.39858  
I used to hate Kancolle since I kept failing the lottery, but now that I can get in I'm okay with it.

Does anyone on /bun/ want to talk about the game? The discussions in the usual places are filled with nothing but crossboarders (the bad kind).
>> No.39859  
The purpose of the thread is to be a thread about nothing and they made it a thread about something.
>> No.39860  
Make a Kancolle thread.

I want to try the game to see what all the fuss is about, but I'm too lazy to play the lottery to get in. Oh well.
>> No.39865  
I'm too scared to make a thread, sorry... Could someone else please make it?
>> No.39879  
Every thread has a topic.

I assure you, the rumors of posters being tortured for making bad threads are all completely false.
>> No.39889  
I wonder why my /bun/ style gets reset to Aya all the time?
>> No.39890  
You use Google Chrome? Because that sometimes happens to me too.
>> No.39891  
Yup this is on Chrome. I ought to see if Firefox does it as well.
>> No.39893  
Jeezus, Chinese translators have already finished scanlating Udon-ya's C85 doujinshi. And it has a metric buttload of text, too.
>> No.39894  
File: drunk2.jpg -(403.3 KB, 827x1169) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm gonna drink alcohol (wine) for the first time later, I hope it turns out OK
>> No.39895  
File: serious.jpg -(124.3 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Trip report, wine tastes like trash. At least, "Irony" does.
>> No.39896  
I wonder if they have Chinese CGRascal over there
>> No.39899  
Happy new year bun friends. Except for the 2 of you I don't like
>> No.39902  
Happy new year. I love you all bunbuns.
>> No.39903  
Happy new year.
>> No.39904  
My first doujin download of the year was a Hideyoshi one. 2014 is great so far!
>> No.39905  
My beard genetics are the worst. I wonder if there's something I can do about this other than wait until I'm 30.
>> No.39906  
Happy new year
>> No.39913  
Happy new year! I had a great time, and I hope you did too!
>> No.39927  
I didn't do anything special when the year changed and now I slept through all of New Year's Day.
>> No.39931  
I wish I could get back into looking through unsecured webcams online but they require browser plugins I don't wanna use
>> No.39932  
I spent the first day of the year getting drunk. I hope you're proud, me.
>> No.39933  
I lost a part of a tooth, happy new year.
>> No.39945  
I'm gonna watch this 2 hour norm macdonald compilation someday
>> No.39959  
Ever notice how /bun/ gets reaaal fast when someone posts in a certain thread?
>> No.39963  
Procrastination is the best! I'll never get anything done!
>> No.39964  
I wish I could be so happy about procrastinating.
>> No.39966  
Holy shit, this AI takes longer to complete its turns than most human opponents.
>> No.39970  
Unfuck yourself pixiv! I don't wanna have a ton of recent works to comb through later!
>> No.39971  
Better not have caught a cold.
>> No.39975  
I'm so frustrated right now.
>> No.39978  
File: Legend of Galactic Heroes EP 002-2014-01-04-12h00m19s58.png -(724.4 KB, 960x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.39981  
/jp/ meetup in France.
>> No.39982  
I dunno why I get so excited about AGDQ when I watch maybe an hour total of it every year
>> No.39990  
Sometimes no one emails me for several days and I start to wonder if it's broken.
>> No.39992  
File: 22603289.png -(133.6 KB, 1229x845) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What's your email address bunbun? I'll mail you every day.
>> No.39994  
Is this a real offer? I wish I had a crazy stalker filling up my inbox.
>> No.39997  
I find it hard to believe that a crazy stalker would be able to keep it fresh in the inbox though.
>> No.39998  
Great, I could have slept an hour longer.
>> No.40000  
Consistency is comforting
>> No.40001  
File: shizunasensei.png -(311.7 KB, 1393x916) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The ideal female form.
>> No.40002  
hahaha goons freaking out over a cirno doll
>> No.40004  
Why is the air in my room so humid? I've aired it out 3 hours ago for at least 15 minutes and wiped the windows dry, but noticeable condensation is already building up again.
>> No.40007  
Stop breathing.
>> No.40008  
Man, that wet dream was weird, but it felt amazing! Strange how I was concious during it, though. And even stranger that the entirety of it was in a foreign language.
>> No.40009  
Got any juicy details? Being reminded of my moral superiority over goons really helps my self-esteem.
>> No.40011  
It wasn't a dream.
>> No.40015  
I wish the GTA5 PC port would be announced with specs already so I know if I should upgrade or not. I kinda plan to already but it would be nice to have some solid stuff
>> No.40026  
Man, these vegetables look super healthy!
>> No.40028  
hey cool after all the bitching there is finally a black woman cast member on saturday night live after not having one for 6 years. maybe now the PC police of america can push to get an asian-american cast membhahahahaha
>> No.40029  
As an Asian American I never understood the black people bitching about "underrepresentation" on TV, especially with this recent SNL thing. I feel like if there were no black people on it in general or if that they never used the black people they had it would make sense. But Kenan is used a lot. It just feels stupid.
>> No.40030  

It's mostly liberal white people bitching about it, I don't think there's many black people who care about SNL. Which is why there isn't much bitching about there not being Asians, because liberal whites pretend they don't exist
>> No.40032  
The only Asian American comic I can think of is the guy from that stoner movie who played Sulu in the Star Trek reboot.
>> No.40035  

There's probably lots of unknown Asian talent in NYC that could be on SNL, but the scouts aren't looking for them because they don't care and the liberal white bloggers who pressure them don't either.

None of this really matters though because SNL fucking sucks and everyone knows it.
>> No.40038  
So even a dog is more useful than me. Well, that feels somewhat bad.
>> No.40039  
At least an inanimate carbon rod isn't more useful than you.
>> No.40041  
I wish she was my imouto.
>> No.40043  
why is there a gap between the first and second results on pixiv now
>> No.40048  
It's so difficult to really get going on a VN. When I do, I get reading for hours on end, but most of the time, I don't get further than 30 minutes.
>> No.40053  
The Hey Arnold movie fucking sucks
>> No.40056  
I wish I worked as a network executive at NBC or CBS so that next time I see a show and think to myself "Who the fuck approved this?" I can either fire the guy who did or look in the mirror and say "You did, you approved this you piece of shit."
>> No.40057  
I finally got around to watching the movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby. I thought the movie was a good adaptation, but little things annoyed me like the Jay Z music.
>> No.40059  

Haha what
>> No.40061  
Exactly. It's so out of place and just doesn't belong. There are a couple other modern pop songs in the movie as well.
>> No.40062  
They did the same thing in Marie Antoinette; she dances to Adam & the Ants, and has converse shoes in her collection. It was intended to show that she was just a normal teenage girl, which Sofia Coppola thought might be hard to show because she had to also behave historically correct.

Of course, she did behave like a teenager in real life, and was terribly fed up with all the silly gloominess of Versailles, but that's life.
>> No.40074  
Why are all anonymous imageboards either shit or dead?
>> No.40077  
Because they don't have forced anonymous.
>> No.40079  
I love Krautchan
>> No.40083  
CWC's house burned down
>> No.40085  
File: CWC_Fire_FB_01.png -(52.5 KB, 786x532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I thought he departed like a hero, saving all his valuable treasures. Doesn't this belong in the world news thread?
>> No.40086  
People who follow the goings-on of his life are even weirder than the guy himself.
>> No.40087  
File: cwc coffee.png -(15.3 KB, 633x179) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
He was making coffee in the bathroom

>> No.40090  
He was making coffee in the bathroom?
>> No.40091  
File: seinfield sez.jpg -(128.4 KB, 576x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Making coffee in the bathroom!
>> No.40093  
It has been entirely too long since the last time that I experienced this warm, happy feeling from playing a visual novel.
>> No.40094  
I just looked up his article on encyclopedia dramatica(yeah, I know) after I read the news.
>> No.40095  

There's an entire wiki about him, but with the increase in traffic it's been down all day
>> No.40099  
So what's the VN?
>> No.40100  
Suck my dick or die
>> No.40105  
It's been 17 years and Goldeneye still has better gunfire/death sounds than any other game.
>> No.40106  
I was annoyed at the check-out girl at the grocery store for being short with a black guy with a beard, but somehow that ended when she was all smiles and super cute towards me. How strange the world.
>> No.40107  
Kara no Shoujo. I was putting VNs with more difficult language off for a while and played only moege. Now I'm progressing at a snails pace, but it's very much worth it.
>> No.40108  
You're reading it in Japanese?
>> No.40109  
>Kara no Shoujo
>warm, happy feeling
Well... okay. Enjoy that feeling while it lasts.

Even though I consider it one of the best VNs I've read, I think Kara no Shoujo is a bit overrated. It stands out just because there aren't many film noir VNs.
>> No.40112  
How would you call it "overrated", VDZ? How many people have even read it to rate it?
I liked it a lot, but Kara no Shoujo is definitely not uplifting heartwarmy material, in any case.
>> No.40114  
Stop calling people by names on a board with forced anon. This time it wasn't even me. (I never finished Kara no Shoujo, but I acknowledge that it's a high-quality title that, if anything, doesn't get the attention it deserves.)
>> No.40115  
I'm not far into it yet, so my opinion might still change. But what I was referring to might be more related to my enjoyment of the game, rather than the setting. I'm struck by that I seem to have forgotten what it is about VNs that is so captivating. It's hard to pin down, but I'm reminded of what it was like to play Tsukihime or Umineko (or YMK, as my first VN); in a kind of comfortable immersion, where even (or maybe especially) the small things like descriptions of waking up every morning add to the experience. For most of the games I picked up since some time ago, and subsequently dropped or stalled, I now realize that I felt a certain distance to them which entirely undercuts the medium's strong point.
>> No.40121  
AGDQ was cool this year. I hope the tranny doesn't show up next time though, he apparently can't stand not being the center of attention so he wears stupid outfits to compensate and it's really distracting sometimes
>> No.40123  
Chill out, real VDZ. And finish it, I'd say it was the only game I read last year that had any emotional impact. I highly recommend it, for all that means coming from an anonymous coward posting on a board without names enabled.
>> No.40130  
I should've stayed home yesterday.
>> No.40131  
I finally saw someone drunker than I!
>> No.40136  
Don't you just love it when sci-fi tells stories of the far future of the year 2020 or something?
>> No.40159  
Is there a more obnoxious and condescending way of informing someone of something than "YOU DO REALIZE THAT X"?
>> No.40161  
Prepend it with "ummm..."
>> No.40162  
Or "Look,"
>> No.40174  
I've been reading through the Goldeneye and Perfect Dark wikis and it really makes me wish there was a PC version with online multiplayer. Microsoft owns Rare so they could easily make a port of the XBLA version of PD happen, charge 15 bucks for it, and watch it be a Steam top seller for months. It'll never happen though
>> No.40183  

Those games were the bomb back in the day. Campaign mode that was both fun and challenging, and multiplayer was a blast. Not quite sure how well they've stood the test of time but you could always emulate them, or try the Goldeneye Source mod.
>> No.40190  
I was surprised to see a rare item stocked on Amiami (a preowned figure) this morning but had to leave for classes. I resolved to order it when I got home.

But when I got back, it had already been snapped up. Just my luck.
>> No.40193  
amiami pre-owned stuff goes really fast (assuming it's a remotely popular figure), you'd have had better luck if it had been one of the other pre-owned stores
>> No.40194  
It's weird because when there were pre-owned figures for other (more popular) characters in the same series, they were up for at least a month before they got purchased.

So I didn't expect this one to go in hours, otherwise I would have ordered immediately and gone to my class slightly late. Oh well. At least I saved 50 bucks, I guess.
>> No.40200  
Goddamn tooth ache.
>> No.40201  
My pee smelled like coffee.
>> No.40207  
Every time I sneeze I smell fried rice.
>> No.40208  
My pee smells like B vitamins.
>> No.40210  
I don't want to get into spoiler-y territory, so in general what bothered me were the various ideas raised by the story that were abandoned or went nowhere, or the characters who served little purpose.

In other words it rapes and urinates on Chekhov's gun.
>> No.40212  
Unrelated to Kara no Shoujo, but I always find Chekhov's Gun to be a bit retarded. While I understand it can be interesting to discover everything there is to discover about a story, should it really be required? Does everything within a story have to have meaning within that story? There's a world the story takes place in, and not everything that has meaning in that world should necessarily have meaning in the story, in my opinion. People exist and things happen, even if it has nothing to do with you.
>> No.40216  
Thank you.
>> No.40219  
Danganronpa is fucking amazing. I urge everyone to check it out.
>> No.40220  
I drink four cups of coffee in the morning and then wonder the rest of the afternoon why I feel so restless. God, I'm an idiot.
>> No.40221  
Depends on the focus/goal of the writer. If the point is to vividly portray a setting, then perhaps one doesn't need to rigidly adhere to such rules.

But in general, I think inundating the reader with pointless and irrelevant information is just poor writing. That's like padding or filler in a video game. Even worse is creating potentially interesting leads that simply meander and die.
>> No.40222  
I wish I still wanted to play it, but the garbage fandom quickly turned me off.
>> No.40223  
Play it. You don't have to discuss it, you don't have to admit to being a fan after playing it, just play it. You really are missing out.
>> No.40224  
It makes a setting more real. Shouldn't be happening at the expense of a plot, but I don't see anything wrong with red (or other colored) herrings.

Not that guy, but I couldn't get it to emulate without audio glitches and I lost interest in the anime after 2-3 eps. Is it really worth the effort? Honestly, the anime was painful to watch because (I assume) it was overly faithful to the game, with the painfully slow Phoenix Wright style deductions.
>> No.40225  
Second opinion. Danganronpa 1 is maybe above average, but that's about it. In terms of logical deduction it's extremely easy. "Who" is obvious in every trial, and "how" is usually simple to see during the investigation too.

So what that leaves is the annoying "shoot the right word with the right evidence" mini-game (the difficulty comes entirely from trying to shoot the right word, not figuring out what to shoot), a simple anagram mini-game, and an absurd rhythm mini-game. None of them are particularly fun.

About the only thing Danganronpa has going for it is how much you like the characters and its music. But in terms of how the cases are constructed and the overall story, the Phoenix Wright games are way better.

I think you aren't missing much. Heard Danganronpa 2 is a lot better, so wait for that instead.
>> No.40226  
The only cool thing about Danganronpa is how angry goons get about it. Also the brown track jacket girl with fat tits
>> No.40229  
File: pic_0062.png -(149.0 KB, 480x272) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I haven't seen the anime, and I played it on an actual PSP, so I can't say much about that.

As a mystery, it is indeed very easy, and the MTB and Anagram sequences don't really add anything to either the story or the gameplay. But the story as a whole is just amazing. The way the plot evolves over the course of the story is very interesting, and the character interactions are great.

If you want to solve mysteries, play Phoenix Wright. If you want to see high school students grow close and betray and murder each other, play Danganronpa.
>> No.40231  
Oh god the guy from the famous jet jackson killed himself months ago and I didn't even know
>> No.40234  
could you post a suitably ecchi picture of her, I have no desire to actually look into danganronpa
>> No.40235  
File: brown5.jpg -(1021.6 KB, 1748x2728) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.40236  
could be nicer with spats but yeah that's a good design, thanks
>> No.40246  
But you're missing out on the fact that she's voiced by Chiwa Saitō!

I forgot to mention this earlier; Miyuki Sawashiro and Chiwa Saitō both deliver excellent performances.
>> No.40247  
>> No.40248  
>But the story as a whole is just amazing
I beg to differ, the ending is some of the dumbest shit I've ever read. It's pretty good until the last chapter, but oh boy, does it go downhill from there. I can tolerate a lot of shounen-y nonsense but all those Hope vs Despair tirades made even me cringe.
>> No.40249  
Girls are super cute!
>> No.40251  
Despairers gonna despair.
>> No.40254  
Asahina was the most boring Dangan Ronpa
>> No.40257  
> Thread 8242 Hidden.

Oh someone must've bumped the guro thread again.
>> No.40258  
this torrent stopped with .3% left and now I wanna stab myself
>> No.40259  
I gotta find out who killed my dad.
>> No.40260  

It was me
>> No.40261  
>> No.40266  
fuck you Dio
>> No.40283  
Fate/Zero is pretty neat. Lancers really do have the worst luck.
>> No.40286  
>> No.40307  
Why do people like Catcher in the Rye? This book is awful.
>> No.40310  
"Candy" is a copyrighted word now, someone please kill me
>> No.40315  
It's not just copyrighted, the company that got the copyright has been sending C&Ds since copyrighting it, to any game which uses the word 'candy' in its name (such as 'All Candy Casino Slots – Jewel Craze Connect: Big Blast Mania Land').

Also, they also trademarked the word 'saga'. Indie game 'The Banner Saga' has been C&Ded by them already. They also apparently registered 82 other trademarks, but I'm not sure what else they trademarked.
>> No.40316  
That would never happen in The Land of the Free™.
>> No.40317  
that was surprisingly cute for a [freudia] release
>> No.40318  

When are they gonna send some C&Ds to Hershey? They've been profiting off of their IP since before they even existed! That's gotta be death penalty territory these days
>> No.40319  
It happened in The Land of the Free, the EU and Mexico.
>> No.40320  
They only own the copyright in the sections of video games and clothing. Candy advertising itself as candy is still safe.

For now.
>> No.40322  
File: 13897425539.png -(246.6 KB, 707x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I made this picture of Parsee my wallpaper and now I can't stop tabbing to desktop to look at her.
>> No.40323  

So hasbro is in trouble then
>> No.40392  
I'm starting to think all this social-justice/cis-scum/check-your-privilege is some godly trolling. No one could be this stupid.
>> No.40396  
Yeah, how dare people get upset about being discriminated against their whole life
>> No.40399  
File: microaggression.jpg -(74.3 KB, 648x579) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.40401  
File: 1390319505505.jpg -(55.8 KB, 703x463) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>our noble Mexican ancestors

human sacrifice HYPE
>> No.40402  
File: ss (2014-01-23 at 07.01.28).png -(41.6 KB, 662x365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That was obviously a joke, and you must be pretty dumb if you think that person was serious.

>you've been trolled dorks
>> No.40407  
If that's what you seriously believe you're really clueless.
>> No.40408  
File: it's-a-boy.png -(578.1 KB, 1401x1827) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.40409  
It's a parody of people who say that for real.
>> No.40413  
Okay, if we're talking about these people, then I agree, they're batshit insane.

Not all transsexuals who fight for their rights are this crazy though.
>> No.40415  
If the only complaints about our society come from tumblr types, we must be doing something right.
>> No.40419  
person takes a lot of shit and then says they were only pretending to be retarded
>> No.40420  
File: anna anthropy.jpg -(69.0 KB, 800x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This is totally a woman, and NOT a mentally ill attention seeking man. free your minds
>> No.40421  
Oh, my, god, I can not believe the genderism going on in this thread.

To all trans people: Stay resilient, watch this
>> No.40422  

I dunno why people disable ratings since that makes me think their video is shit way more than a huge dislike total would
>> No.40436  
Tumblr is the world.
>> No.40439  
Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots is eventually overrun by actual idiots who think they're in good company.
>> No.40440  
I'm not sure why knowing its sex matters. Surely nobody wants to have sex with something that fat and ugly.
>> No.40441  
You forgot redditors and twitterers.
>> No.40442  

he actually has a girlfriend, who is also really fat and ugly. I think its an actual woman though. hopefully he gets his dick chopped off before they can have kids
>> No.40443  
Again, why does it matter? If fat-n-uglies pop out fat-n-ugly children, you still won't care what sex they have.
>> No.40445  

Because a kid raised by him would probably grow up to be an insane serial killer
>> No.40446  
Why is my left arm sore? That isn't even my masturbation arm.
>> No.40448  
Mine is too. Could it be a conspiracy?!
(I probably hurt it at the gym)
>> No.40451  

Do you have any strange marks or bruises? Maybe you've been chosen as Masters!
>> No.40452  
I feel sort of sad when I come back to /photos/ and there are hardly any new posts.
>> No.40453  
I feel sort of sad when I come back to /photos/ and there are lots of new posts.
>> No.40454  
i feel sad
>> No.40455  
Well, I am working on a Masters thesis!
>> No.40457  
I wish there was a TV channel that just played COPS 24/7
>> No.40464  
I made a fake girl OKCupid using a (rather cute) crossdressing guy as the profile picture, and I'm getting so many views and messages from dudes it's insane. I'm not really sure where to go from here
>> No.40465  
$70 down the drain.
>> No.40466  
My cat has gone missing. I hope she is okay.
>> No.40467  
which trappyfeet slut did you use
>> No.40469  
File: trapdress.jpg -(25.5 KB, 488x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My hope was curious guys would reverse GIS it to see if it was legit and find out from the results that it's a man (forever ruining their confidence in their sexuality), but either nobody cares or nobody is smart enough to do it in the first place
>> No.40470  
the socks are probably the most interesting thing about this pic
>> No.40471  
After reading this thread, I have come to the conclusion that short thoughts threads should, in fact, continue to be banned.

Thank you and good night /bun/
>> No.40472  
I think most of the ones that responded are depraved and don't even have the mental capacity to care if it was a guy. It's pretty revolting. Reminds me of this http://youtu.be/CiWk8VCGBOY
anyway, whew I don't feel so bad about my own trapping ability
>> No.40473  

I didn't know they were ever banned
>> No.40474  
I read "ones" as "orcs" and the meaning of the sentence did not change. But you better be ashamed, that's disgusting.
>> No.40475  
On second thought your youtube video is pretty hilarious. People really do have no shame huh?
>> No.40476  

If you wanna test your trapping ability, post a TfM craigslist casual encounters ad with a (face concealed) pic of yourself. You'll dozens if not hundreds of replies and a big ego boost. Even if you look like shit!
>> No.40479  
How is it a test of ability if you are saying up front that you are not a girl?
Post in W4M instead. If they don't call you out, I guess you succeeded.
>> No.40488  

Because then they can give you trap-specific compliments, like "wow I'm not really into dudes but I want to put my wiener in your asshole", that sort of thing
>> No.40489  
If they are browsing a men for men hookup site, they are into dudes though...
>> No.40490  
There aren't enough Anzu Futaba doujins
>> No.40494  
But there are too many Cinderella Girls doujins.
>> No.40495  
I only read the ones with the big tit cow girl
>> No.40496  
Big tit cow girls are the worst eromanga invention since the nipple fuck
>> No.40497  
Are we talking about "moo moo" cowgirls or "yeehaw" cowgirls?
>> No.40499  
Moo moo. Honestly don't think I've read any "classic" cowgirl mangas.
>> No.40500  
File: baller.jpg -(90.6 KB, 576x353) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm seriously considering buying an AMT Hardballer someday because of Hitman.
>> No.40502  
Using "they" to indicate a person of unknown gender should be banned.
>> No.40503  
Then how should we refer to people of unknown gender? English lacks words for referring to people without implying their gender.
>> No.40504  
Qe, rhyming with he, she and we.
>> No.40506  
It's easy on the Internet: just assume everyone is a guy.
Actually, it's probably best to do that in real life too.
>> No.40512  
Is that some SJW bullshit, or what? Not only that, there is no indication of pronunciation, because of the q not being followed by a u, which is bullshit of the highest order. English pronunciation is opaque enough as it is, there is no need to make it any worse.
>> No.40513  
Posts on the internet aren't the only place we use English, you know. Say you have a murder mystery story where the murderer may be either male or female. Does it have to keep skirting around the pronoun issue using 'the murderer' and 'the murderer's' continuously (or even worse, 'he or she'/'his or her') instead of just using singular 'they' when appropriate?

SJWs aside, there are benefits to having a word denoting a person of unknown gender.
>> No.40517  
I don't understand this post. Do you prefer "he or she"?
>> No.40518  
and yet you don't have a problem with you (singular) or you (plural)? really?

they is perfectly fine for referring to a person of indeterminate gender
>> No.40521  
No, I hate 'he or she' with a passion. It flows terribly and is only used because there's a lack of words for people of unknown gender. That's why 'they' should be more often.

Basically, compare:
The murderer didn't know that the murderer's keys had been stolen the day before.
He or she didn't know that his or her keys had been stolen the day before.
They didn't know that their keys had been stolen the day before.

The first two sentences are clumsy because you can't just specify the perpetrator's gender, so you have to use wording that doesn't flow well. The third sentence both flows well and doesn't imply anything about the perpetrator's gender.

The alternative is, of course, to just use 'he' and 'his' everywhere (blah blah sexism blah blah), but that has the narrative effect of making the reader think the perpetrator is male, which might not be what the writer wants.
>> No.40522  
I also do have a problem with plural use of "you", but I've long accepted it as fine, as the usage was dictionary defined, whereas singular "they" was not. However, I realized that

"the use of they, their, them, and themselves as pronouns of indefinite gender and indefinite number is well established in speech and writing, even in literary and formal contexts." (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/they)

Silly me. I just didn't notice the use in literary and formal contexts before.

>> No.40523  
well I guess that settles that then, grudging acceptance works for me
>> No.40524  
>> No.40529  
Yeah that's been an accepted use of "they" for awhile now.

While we're at it, figurative use of "literally" is also accepted. Since that's something else many people are misguidedly anal about.
>> No.40530  
This makes me feel like I'm in 8th grade English class. I don't care if they is plural, Mr. Smith, I'm going to use colloquial speech outside your classroom and you can't stop me!
>> No.40533  

Detention for month.
>> No.40537  
>figurative use of "literally" is also accepted.
Accepted by you, maybe.
>> No.40539  
What's next? Misusing the word "ironic?" Saying "troll" in real life instead of "harass" or "provoke?" Misspelling "whoa" as "woah?" What has this world come to?
>> No.40554  
Damn those people treating language as something that naturally evolves over time!
>> No.40561  
I had a friend who put zero effort into spelling words correctly. His justification? "Language evolves!" So yeah, in my opinion that's a lazy bum's excuse.
>> No.40563  

I hope I'm dead before our society reaches the point where everyone speaks like niggers
>> No.40565  
Me again. This time a preowned figure I wanted (more than the other one) from that series showed up on Amiami and I was able to order it.

>> No.40576  
And by the dictionary. And by literary use since at least the 1800's. And of course common colloquial use, but fuck the plebs.

There's no reason that literally should be the one word that can't be used in a figurative or hyperbolic sense.
>> No.40580  
Lowtax says he may need to do a donation drive eventually because SA has been losing money for ages, and I can't stop laughing at the idea of a site that already charges for everything possible begging for even more money. How the hell is that pitch going to look
>> No.40588  
"The murderer did not want to leave their fingerprints, and so they wore gloves on the day of the crime."

Mixing the singular subject with an ordinarily-plural pronoun looks strange in most cases. And if you use only the pronoun, it can easily create confusion about how many people you're talking about.
>> No.40589  
It loses all meaning when used ironically.
>> No.40592  
Where did all this dead skin sludge on my headphones come from, it's not even on a part that I touch very much!
>> No.40593  
Just use s/he. I don't know why this still hasn't caught on in writing.
>> No.40594  
It's ugly as sin.
>> No.40595  
You're ugly as sin.
>> No.40596  
I'm ugly, and stupid
>> No.40600  
>Misspelling "whoa" as "woah?"

Oh shit, it's you again.
>> No.40601  
No need to brag.

You do realize he was being sarcastic, right?
>> No.40602  
You misplaced your comma.
>> No.40603  
/bun/ -- faggots & grammar nazis
>> No.40604  

Stop that, you have no right to use that word unless you're gay yourself.
>> No.40608  
Shut up, fagmo.
>> No.40610  
How rude.
>> No.40611  

He is
>> No.40612  
Kyaa~, please don't check my posting history, mod-san, it's embarrassing.
>> No.40613  
Gross, you really are? Are you the guy who keeps posting traps?
>> No.40614  

No, that's me and at least 3 other guys
>> No.40615  
Don't steal my posts, asshole.
>> No.40619  
Maybe I wouldn't if your post had a semicolon between its independent clauses, fagstorm.
>> No.40620  
I love being edgy
>> No.40625  
I hate semicolons, they trigger some unpleasant memories for me that I don't want to talk about. Please understand.
>> No.40626  
>> No.40627  
RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman, I don't think I've ever seen anything you have done
>> No.40641  
File: image.jpg -(61.8 KB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl.
>> No.40644  
How does Sonico take a shower with those headphones on? Does she ever take them off? I Should watch the anime to find out...

That must've been boring.
>> No.40665  

I have this exact fantasy except it doesn't involve other /bun/ people specifically and also it's a small present-day Japanese suburb instead of a mansion. None of the original residents of the 2D world question why or how they are neighbors with a bunch of parentless little girls/teenagers
>> No.40669  
Do you have "our young master's sperm" also?
>> No.40671  
Unfortunately not.
>> No.40685  
I wonder how Criss Angel does those things.
>> No.40686  
File: spermsong.jpg -(157.0 KB, 650x919) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have come to save the day.
>> No.40690  
I wonder what the various anti virus things in commercials (my clean pc, finally fast, etc) actually do
>> No.40694  
It's always wires.
>> No.40705  
I hate the Valley of Defilement swamp area so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of 5 as well!


I thought it was smoke and mirrors.
>> No.40707  
The swamp is difficult, but that's the only hard part of World 5.
>> No.40710  
I like the smell of new clothes.
>> No.40718  
Thinkin' about peeing.
>> No.40720  
I wish my pee-pee wasn't so small and bent
>> No.40725  
Sounds cute.
>> No.40732  
sleeping on the chair's a bad idea, especially when one's prone to getting haemorrhoids.
>> No.40734  
This robocop thing was usually pretty funny but god damn some of these college kids really know how to strangle a joke
>> No.40741  
I don't know what to do when my friend becomes suicidal. I did something I thought would be helpful and now they hate me and want me to leave them alone. I don't know what to do, and I don't understand why they prefer the company of people bring them a lot of pain to mine. It's not like I think I'm better than those people, or anyone for that matter, but I at least think I'm okay, at least in the sense that I would never try to hurt them. I just wanted to be of use.
>> No.40744  
Stop trying to fix shitty people.
>> No.40746  
Friends are bad
>> No.40747  
Kill yourself, that'll teach him
>> No.40759  
tortilla pringles are so good damn
>> No.40762  
I don't know how they would work. Tortilla chips are for dipping, but Pringles has no structural integrity since they are flakes.
>> No.40763  
File: yum.jpg -(243.6 KB, 600x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you don't gotta dip when the chip already has a zesty salsa powder covering
>> No.40767  
they still make those?
>> No.40769  
Do most people here go on both boards or just /photos/? I've only been to /general/ once when I accidentally clicked it.
>> No.40770  

There's not really a point in having board allegiances on a site as slow as this.
>> No.40772  
I'm just curious is all.
>> No.40775  

Are all waiters this entitled or is it mostly America?
>> No.40776  
I go to both.

But your post reminds me of a dream I had recently, where /bun/ had a /history/ board. I don't remember what it was supposed to be about.
>> No.40778  
I only really go here because nothing on /general/ particularly interests me
>> No.40779  
I thought like you, but I did some research, and apparently it's legal in America to only pay service people like 2 dollars, because they get tips
>> No.40783  
Somehow in the US it became standard to pay waiters and such an impossibly low amount and it's "OK" because they are expected to make it up in tips. Why they can't just be paid a living wage in the first place I don't know (I'm sure it has to do with saving rich people a few bucks somewhere), but then again America isn't known for making sense
>> No.40784  
People simply accept jobs at low wages because they know that they will make it up in tips. There is nothing mysterious about it.
A problem is that by now this practice has been coded into law so that in many states it's illegal for the employer to collect or split the tips in exchange for a higher wage.
>> No.40787  
I go to /general/ very rarely because I'm not kViN and I don't give a fuck about anime sales.
>> No.40788  
People accept jobs with low wages because they don't have high wage alternatives, don't be stupid. Also, how is the illegality of tip confiscation a problem? Redistribution of tips by managers is a massive dick move.
>> No.40789  
If you want to be paid a respectable wage instead of relying on tips, then not being free to negotiate such a contract is a problem.
>> No.40791  
You are not going to make a respectable wage as a waiter, period, end of discussion. Tips at least soften the blow by making pay merit-based.
>> No.40792  
>There is nothing mysterious about it.
Why don't they just get paid a higher set wage without tips? Like pretty much every other kind of job.
>> No.40793  
I didn't mean to suggest waiters will earn more that way.
For one it's the strong tipping-culture in the US, for another it's, as said, the law.

Here's an interesting article about a restaurant owner who got around the law by adding a service charge and actively refusing tips. He argues that not-tipping results in better service and a nicer work environment:
>> No.40797  
I decided that I'd try to get a high score at least over 50 for Flappy Bird, but a good run carried me all the way to 103.
>> No.40798  
I don't think I have downs syndrome.
>> No.40800  
This yoghurt is really growing on me!
>> No.40813  
I can see you're a man of culture
>> No.40818  
I'm going to start wearing briefs after wearing boxers my whole life
>> No.40820  
Why not boxer briefs?
>> No.40822  
>For one it's the strong tipping-culture in the US, for another it's, as said, the law.
Well yeah, my question was more about the ultimate origin of the culture and the laws.

An article linked in the article you link gives a very brief history of the problem. It basically boils down to America being dumb like always.

I made the switch from boxers to boxer briefs last year and I could not be happier.
>> No.40823  
Are boxer briefs just tight boxers?
>> No.40829  

Sort of, except instead of having a big seam and button fly on the crotch they have the same structure as regular underwear
>> No.40830  
I did this last summer, going from briefs to boxer briefs. For a while it made me feel perverted.
>> No.40833  
If I wear boxer briefs its going to make me feel like I'm wearing spats and then I'll get boners
>> No.40834  
Who in their right mind would wear underwear?
>> No.40835  
God should have specified when he said that thing about not spilling your seed on the ground that spilling seed on faces is also not very sexy. Inside or bust!
>> No.40836  
What made you want to change? The support the briefs provide annoys me. I don't really need any unless I'm running or something, and usually running shorts is lined with an inner brief.

>> No.40841  

I like titjobs too.
>> No.40845  
>when he said that thing about not spilling your seed on the ground
He never said that. He told a guy to impregnate a woman and he spilled his seed on the ground instead, and was punished for that.
>> No.40846  
fuck your dead brother's wife and knock her up - God
>> No.40852  
Putting on boxers feels good because they're snug, but masturbating gets much better with slack boxers, for some reason
>> No.40853  
File: Untitled.png -(289.3 KB, 618x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Please call me by my correct pronouns, bun/buns/bunself
>> No.40854  
Fuck America and Canada
>> No.40855  
I think I'll stick to calling you you, Anon.
>> No.40858  
Sometimes I like to wear boyshorts.
>> No.40862  
Pretty much, yeah. Lineage was a big deal in that culture. If your brother died childless, it was your duty as a brother to create a child in his stead, which would then be considered his child despite not being blood-related.
>> No.40864  
wait, what do you have against Canada?
>> No.40865  
I wish I had a boyfriend
>> No.40884  
Who would've thought crocodiles could climb trees?
>> No.40895  
That felt really bad.
>> No.40904  
This is agonizing. I want to sleep and I want to eat, but I can't do both.
>> No.40910  
Wow, I really thought I was going to die.
>> No.40917  
I got done looking through my cute 2D girl resources quicker than usual today and now I'm bored
>> No.40922  
Now I'll have to fap to NTR again.
>> No.40930  
Rather than doing that, you should take the honorable alternative and disembowel yourself with the nearest sword.
>> No.40933  
There was no sword nearby so I just fapped to NTR instead.
>> No.40936  
File: Bfufe8gCYAAm8_3.jpg -(122.1 KB, 1024x1110) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched Bill Nye the science guy's debate against Ken Ham about the viability of Young Earth Creationism.

Don't watch it because it's a waste of your time. The attached picture truly does sum up each side's arguments.
>> No.40939  
Then I guess you'll go to Hell :(
I tried to save your soul, Anon!
>> No.40940  
That's unfortunate.
>> No.40945  
I wish the ID system came back, following arguments in a thread gets confusing sometimes.
>> No.40947  
I wish it didn't. I can't take it easy when my posts are not anonymous.
>> No.40948  
It only took /ota/ a year to reach 40000 posts. Why are you so slow, /bun/?
>> No.40949  

I seriously forgot that shithole existed
>> No.40950  
Because our posts have at least some kind of thought put into them.
>> No.40953  
They're still anonymous, you big baby. You just want to throw poop around like a monkey without being identified, don't you?
>> No.40955  
It's pseudonymous. Especially with /bun/'s long-running threads, it's no different from actually having a name. This thread has been going for almost three months now, and I don't want my opinion on something posted now disregarded because 'never mind >>postnumber, he likes Danganronpa' or some shit like that. Anonymity exists precisely to allow people to judge posts by the value of the arguments contained within, not the reputation of the poster.

If posts were judged by the poster's reputation, people would be much more careful with what they post and stop posting things people are likely to disagree with, stifling discussion.
>> No.40957  

/ota/ is bad, but not that bad.
>> No.40962  
I've never been there but doesn't it glorify the pathetic?
>> No.40974  
I don't know how IDs exactly work, but if they are based on cookies or IPs, it's not like those last a long time. If it's anything like the auto-generated post passwords, I can't delete a single post that I've created.
>> No.40978  
the thread is sinking!
>> No.40979  
File: original.0.jpeg -(138.8 KB, 561x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The IDs in this board software are based on IP addresses, if I remember right. They'll change whenever your IP address does.
I don't remember what was used to generate passwords, but those are stored in cookies, so they only change when you wipe your cookies.
>> No.40980  
>>40978 >>40979
Whoa, two simultaneous posts. That's probably the first time in the history of /bun/ such a thing has happened.

>> No.40981  
I don't advocate bringing back IDs, but this is a strange argument to make in a community so small that you can identify certain people by the style and content of their posts.
>> No.40983  

Who am I?
>> No.40984  
Your cognition (thought) makes up only about 10% of the activity in your brain. Are you saying /ota/ is posting from the other 90% and asserting that they post more because they use a larger, more effective portion of their brain?
>> No.40986  
Wasn't old /ota/ at like 30k posts? So 70k total?
>> No.40987  
Funny. Only a couple hours ago somebody in another thread accused someone of being me. Of the times my name is called out, at least half of those times the poster is someone else.

Both IPs and cookies can last for years, you know.
>> No.40989  
wasn't it created to cater to people that were too shitpost for /jp/ itself
>> No.40991  
that fyr when no self-clone daughter maids
>> No.40994  
Note to self: check out what this /ota/ is when I have absolutely nothing else to do.

Sure they can. Static IPs are rare, and I doubt that many keep the same cookies "for years", though.
>> No.40996  
I've had a practically static IP for a long time (using a desktop that was always on, and after that using the same connection as my server which is always online, and thus sharing the same unchanging IP). Even when you are assigned a dynamic IP, it can last for a very long time.

I never clear my cookies. My cookies are as old as my Windows install, which is currently about 2 years old.
>> No.40997  
I drove a car for a really long time today, and it went well. Good job, me!
>> No.40998  
Do you want ants? because that's how you get ants.
>> No.41000  
As long as they're in an airtight container there shouldn't be any problem with ants.
>> No.41002  
I believe my HDD is airtight, but I found an Apache Ant on it earlier. Should I encrypt my cookies just to be safe?
>> No.41005  
Is Gilligan wearing fucking earbuds? Am I going insane?
>> No.41026  
I'm drunk right now, everyone.
>> No.41030  
What a coincidence, me too!
>> No.41038  
Lets continue to post in this thread forever, even after the new thread is made. It will be our secret place, a special place
>> No.41039  
I already have a secret thread.
>> No.41072  
I'm drunk again, everyone.
>> No.41077  
Ten Desires will turn three years old this year.
This year will also mark a decade since Imperishable Night's release.
>> No.41135  
I've been stuck on level 6 songs in beatmania for a while now. I can beat a few 7s but I making very very slow progress if any.
>> No.41156  
I have to shit really bad but one of my dad's friends are here and I don't want to leave my room
>> No.41159  

You sound like my cat. She always finds somewhere to hide whenever someone comes over.
>> No.41160  
That's cute. One of my friends has a scaredy cat like that, too. The poor guy is absolutely terrified of me and hides under the bed. Sometimes you can catch him off guard in the open and he will race out of the room as quickly as his little cat paws can carry him.
>> No.41165  
I want to go on a cycling tour in Japan this May.
>> No.41167  
I also know someone who has such a cat. She would hide from everyone except her owners, but now she's old, doesn't give a fuck and lazes around like she owns the place.
>> No.41168  

A shame some of the articles are lost in time.
>> No.41173  
She's a cat. She DOES own the place.
>> No.41198  
the new short thoughts thread sucks already
>> No.41231  

I wish so many of the people here weren't bad posters
>> No.41281  
What is a bad poster?
>> No.41296  
I feel old
>> No.41422  
Thank god they're home
>> No.56070  
The word you want is "sequential", not "simultaneous".
>> No.57456  
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>> No.57500  
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