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File: VOe71EA.png -(49.8 KB, 624x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
51028 No.41056  
Scratch and Nano.
>> No.41059  
eclipse/visual studio/whatever weird IDE I have to use for strange languages.
>> No.41062  
Mainly Visual C# Express (the free version of Visual Studio). For Java I use NetBeans, and I currently have to work with ActionScript which I use FlashDevelop for.

For Unix file editing, I use nano. Vim is a trap, don't use it.
>> No.41064  
File: [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_09_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][764FB857].mp4-2013-05-20-23h59m47s93.png -(204.4 KB, 480x272) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.41065  
Gedit pretty much. Config files mostly all get edited with nano.

Only thing I know is python and bash.

Emacs/vim are too autistic for me. Although I know how to use both of them to a minimal extent, being opening, editing, and saving a file.
>> No.41066  
MATLAB because I actually have to code for work. The last time I had to compile something in a "real" language I used Code::Blocks and hated it. Visual Studio is the best IDE.
>> No.41070  
I use Visual Studio for class.
When I'm on Linux I use Geany, but I'm still trying out software.

I've tried vimtutor a couple times but couldn't really get into it.
>> No.41071  
I use emacs because it can be worked to act as an internet browser and email application while also being used to code.

and I can show my boss a log that shows timestamps for every application opened/closed on my machine, and it makes me look like I work 3x as much as my peers.
>> No.41074  
I don't know how to code
>> No.41076  
We're aware, Jones.
>> No.41102  
Suck my dick, VDZ, that wasn't me. I only post with nokosage.
>> No.41142  
Would love to.
*grabs Jones's dick*

>> No.41143  
Don't stop there. I said suck it.
>> No.41144  
*starts sucking your dick*
Like this?

>> No.41145  
Yes, now say "Jones knows how to code. Jones is the best programmer."
>> No.41146  
Yes, Jones knows how to code...
Jones is the best... the biggest... hardest... tastiest coder.

>> No.41147  
Please stop talking to yourself Jones, it's creepy.
>> No.41148  
Jesus Christ.
Recchan, is this all one creep?
>> No.41149  

Same person.

Same person.
>> No.41150  
Way to ruin all of the fun, /bun/ mod-san. I will be sure to switch IPs next time.
>> No.41155  
IDing Anonymous posters by request, sasuga #bun.
>> No.41157  
#bun is truly the worst.
>> No.41166  
The samefaggotry was obvious even without looking up IPs.
>> No.41171  
Sorry I made you upset, Jones.
>> No.41172  
Yes, I know, that's why I called it out without literally metaphorically sucking someone's dick to have them confirm it for me. Ageru.
>> No.41174  
File: no-words.jpg -(100.0 KB, 448x408) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.41176  

same person
>> No.41177  
File: 1375678505849.png -(1406.5 KB, 1053x767) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.41246  
>Visual Studio is the best IDE
I'm offended by that.
I took a VB class last year and we used Visual Studio. I got an A-, but I have to say that was the work experience of my life.
>> No.41248  
Your problem lies with VB, not with Visual Studio.

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