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File: router_scamps.jpg -(151.6 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
155225 No.41197  
short thoughts (#6) has been bumped off the front page. Long live short thoughts (#6)!
>> No.41200  
Is there really a possibility for a character limit, or will we have to copy it into twitter first?

I've been eating healthily, and I feel great!
>> No.41202  
Do you remember what happened the last time a frivolous feature was added to Bun?

The Bunocalypse.
>> No.41203  
Don't worry, it was only /general/.
>> No.41204  
It'd be trivial, but I'm too lazy to trigger Bunocalypse II: the search for more features.
Let's use the honor system.
>> No.41205  
That's totally my dog
>> No.41208  
How do I count
>> No.41209  
Nice cat.
>> No.41213  
eins zwei guten morgen
>> No.41215  
The thing that bothers me about Twitter is that some people frequently make extremely exaggerated tweets* that are supposed to be "hilarious", and are highly transparent bids for favorites or retweets.

And those people do get the favorites and RTs they desire. At the very least, this accurately describes one of the people who I follow.

*tweets that aren't replies to others
>> No.41218  
goons and their epicironytweets are the worst thing on twitter
and that's really saying something
>> No.41220  
Twitter looks so complicated
>> No.41222  
RT @Anonymous "The thing that bothers me about Twitter is that some people frequently make extremely exaggerated tweets* that are suppos..."
>> No.41224  
Twitter isn't all that good.
>> No.41226  
File: tweeting.png -(10.1 KB, 250x438) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.41227  
Oh man, disaster averted.
>> No.41228  
I used to really dislike Twitter until I realized I could follow artists I like. Now I am in a stable mutual retweeting and favoriting relationship with my favorite lewd artist and someday I'll marry her.
>> No.41230  
Who is it?
>> No.41232  
I'm really jealous, although I suspect that this is fiction. I want Napata to be female and I want to marry her.
>> No.41233  
>> No.41235  
Why can't you draw porn without people starting rumors that you're female?
>> No.41236  
>> No.41237  
I don't really follow anyone interesting on Twitter. Are you interesting, Anon?
>> No.41239  
Some of my favorite doujin artists are female which is why I can't say that I 100% hate all real women
>> No.41240  
Why would you hate someone based on their gender in the first place?
>> No.41241  

I hate people based on lots of things
>> No.41242  
Hope you're into NTR.
>> No.41243  
Hate's such a strong emotion though.
Even if >>41239-san is a terrible person, would you care enough to hate him?
>> No.41244  
She won't fall for a pig like you!

I am not worried at all, nope.
>> No.41251  
Hello, /bun/. Once more, I am drunk. I think I am drunker than last time. I should clean up my room tomorrow.
>> No.41252  
How long did it take you to type that?
>> No.41253  
Oh man, I'm feeling really smart! Learned so many things!
>> No.41268  
VS2010 is really ugly
>> No.41280  
It didn't take me that long. I did spend a bit thinking before adding that last part.
>> No.41284  
Fucking internet, why have you slowed to dial-up speeds.
>> No.41285  
Isn't there a war thread where you little shits can fap over Hitler and his chumps?
>> No.41286  
I'm going to cook this food, and I'm going to make it the best it can be!
>> No.41287  
But 2013 is free, what are you doing anon
>> No.41288  
Is it normal to masturbate 5 to 9 times a day when you're twenty? I thought that was a puberty thing.
>> No.41289  

late bloomers
>> No.41290  
I hope you don't masturbate with bloomers on, wouldn't that make a mess?
>> No.41291  
I made one some time ago, but it was hijacked by homosexuals.

That said, Hitler fans generally aren't fans because of his abilities for warfare (which were undeniably pretty shit; Germany was successful in the war DESPITE Hitler, not because of him, and if it weren't for Hitler they might've even won it), but because of his domestic policies which do not fall under the scope of war despite the strong association of WWII with the Holocaust.
>> No.41304  
I wish I could be loving when sober
>> No.41324  
The cable guy had to come in my room and now I want to shoot myself
>> No.41325  
File: 1361321936058.jpg -(225.8 KB, 1024x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Let me guess.
>> No.41328  

No. My room is exactly as it was since I was a kid except now there's dust and rubbish all over everything. It's like how a child's room in the 90s would look in a fallout game. Also I just noticed I had a bunch of candy bags on top of my dresser so that just adds to the weird shittiness
>> No.41339  
Clean your fucking room.
>> No.41350  
Make a video
>> No.41370  
Imma try to seduce someone, alcohol or no
>> No.41372  
Please be careful, many have died attempting that.
>> No.41389  
I hope the lighter cover I ordered turns out OK
>> No.41390  
Reading the Pathfinder bestiary has made me wonder how a stegosaurus mated.
>> No.41398  
File: google translate.png -(24.4 KB, 1302x361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No, Google, that's not what I meant.
>> No.41423  
Do you have any fun stories about games you've run or played in?
>> No.41432  
Always have a backup if someone messes up.
>> No.41435  

I have no-one to play P&P games with. I just like to read the pretty manuals.
>> No.41436  
get well soon lowtax
>> No.41437  
Rich "Unfunny" Kyanka. I visited his site once in the early 2000s but the "comedy goldmine" was only digging up comedy bronze.
>> No.41438  

comedy fossilized manure
>> No.41440  
I think I'm going to start going to the gym in the morning, because then all the gross people are sleeping.
>> No.41447  
What do you mean by gross people?
>> No.41449  
why did I just eat all this sodium
>> No.41451  
Grunty, muscly, show-off people.

I prefer grunty, spindly, cowards like myself. Then I don't have to halve the weights.
>> No.41454  
Oh. For some reason I thought they'd be more common in the morning.
>> No.41458  
Going to the gym and complaining about people that are really into their weightlifting and make noise and stuff is like going to /a/ or /jp/ and complaining about people arguing about anime or visual novels.
>> No.41471  
I dropped a couple hundred on a weight bench and weights so I wouldn't have to go to the gym and exercise publicly. I probably would've spent more on a gym membership by now anyways.
>> No.41473  
I don't pay for my gym membership and I also don't spend the whole time I'm there looking at other people
>> No.41489  
I only go to my college's running track at night so I don't see a whole lot of meatheads, at least not as many as I probably would see if I went to a gym. A couple nights ago there was this guy who did some weird going down the grandstand exercise that made him look like the spook from Ringu. He grunted and moved around a lot during and between exercises, it was a bit unsettling.

This thought is not as short as it should be, I'm sorry.
>> No.41493  
Part of me hopes they never find this plane because the thought of it getting caught in a time portal or abducted by aliens is way more interesting than the truth.
>> No.41507  
File: SoExciting.jpg -(6.7 KB, 245x245) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dark Souls 2 in about 10 hours.
>> No.41512  

I hope I have enough room in my toilet
>> No.41514  
I don't get it.
>> No.41521  
This is totally chat flirting, what am I doing!?
>> No.41524  
You are chat flirting.
>> No.41525  
What's chat flirting?
>> No.41528  
Come see me after class and I'll show you, big boy.
>> No.41565  
I don't know if lowtax's daughter is a funnier person than him or if an 8 year old girl trashing on shitty indie horror games is just funny by itself.
>> No.41567  
She reminds me of the stupid audio cassette recordings my brother and I would make when we were that age.
>> No.41576  
Tsukihime in English on the Vita would be super cool.
>> No.41582  
Since when were tomboyfags so fucking annoying?
>> No.41583  
I think /v/ recently got a hard-on for tomboys for some reason. That might explain it.
>> No.41595  
Perhaps the world we're living in really is Hell.
>> No.41596  
I'd fuck a kpop girl
>> No.41599  
Makes sense. Considering how those people act who go after Whitney.
>> No.41612  
Nah, /v/ liked them way back when I still went there (07-08). Fanbases tend to get more insufferable over time though.
>> No.41623  
A friend sent me Baby Metal, like I hadn't heard about them ages ago. Such a stupid face.
>> No.41625  
Man, I should stop putting pens in my mouth.
>> No.41629  
I read this as 'Man, I should stop putting my penis in my mouth.'
>> No.41632  
Your subconscious is trying to tell you something.
>> No.41633  
...I should stop putting my penis in my mouth?
>> No.41635  
A penis probably tastes a lot like a finger would, only saltier and syrupy
>> No.41637  
Why would a penis taste syrupy? I'm assuming the salt is from sweat that you never wash because you're disgusting, but do you dip it in syrup regularly or something?
>> No.41638  

look at this guy, pretending he doesnt maple up
>> No.41639  
My canaydar is tingling. We don't pour maple syrup on everything here south of the arctic circle!
>> No.41641  
Speculums, specula.
>> No.41646  
I've never even seen CP ads before /bun/ appeared. Why does /bun/ get targeted by CP advertisements so much?
>> No.41647  
Because it's an NSFW board. 4chan's NSFW boards get targeted with CP spam a lot more than 4chan's SFW boards. In the past couple years, though, CP has been posted on /jp/ occasionally by a shitposter ("check out this cp").
>> No.41648  
Sometimes when I see well-drawn loli I wonder if it's traced from CP. Wouldn't you be effectively looking at CP in that case? It'd be illegal under law for many countries, too, even ones where loli is fully legal.
>> No.41649  
crimeas new general prosecutor is a cutie
>> No.41652  
File: 42268115.jpg -(209.8 KB, 700x704) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That she is.
>> No.41653  
Because Wakaba's anti-spam features are laughable and the captcha isn't even enabled here.
>> No.41654  
File: BjARyirCEAAoa-k.jpg medium.jpeg -(27.0 KB, 580x451) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looks like considerable artistic license was taken here. By which I mean the hair and eye color are totally wrong.
>> No.41655  
That's nonsense. All westerners are blondes and they have blue eyes.
>> No.41656  
I just watched Pono player's Kickstarter promo video and watching all these musicians (many of whom I really like) blabbering on about just how good it sounds is very frustrating.

I would love the creators of this hype scheme to attempt at distinguishing CD quality (16bit, 44.1 kHz) and DVD audio quality (24 bit, 192 kHz) in a double-blind testing situation at normal listening volume.
>> No.41658  
>Can I play digital music files I already own on my PonoPlayer?
>Yes, you can and it will probably sound better on the PonoPlayer than you've ever heard it.

It even improves the audio quality of your existing music! How amazing!
>> No.41659  
Well, to be fair, the superior DAC and headphone amp will probably make the music sound better than when the same file is played on an El-Cheapo DAP. I just hate how they're blatantly using high-profile musicians to push a mediocre product with poor design (shitty UI, bad ergonomics) and performance (8 hours of battery life despite going with that pocket-unfriendly tiangular design to fit a cylindrical battery cell).
>> No.41662  
Audiophilia is even worse than pedophila, I hope they lock you up
>> No.41664  
I won't completely defend the project but think it is important to remember that it's not just funding a player. The more important part will be the store, and if it takes off I actually think it will be pretty cool.
>> No.41669  
just noticed there's going to be an Artificial Academy 2 released in June
I hope Illusion doesn't fuck up
>> No.41670  
World War Z was so awful. I got a big laugh at Israel being hailed as the safest and most prepared cool place ever though (until the action scene has to start of course). Pretty blatant there Hollywood
>> No.41671  
I hope they add all of the features from Artifical Girl 3.
>> No.41675  
It's hard to tell from those poorly lit videos, but I think she might actually have blue eyes.
>> No.41709  

>> No.41711  
Just applied for two jobs. Hope they like funny applications!
>> No.41712  
>two jobs

You're supposed to apply for at least 100 if you want an actual chance at getting hired somewhere.
>> No.41714  

It's Illusion. You know they'll fuck it up somehow.
>> No.41719  
Disqus doesn't show the number of downvotes comments received anymore. Lame.
>> No.41727  
sadly true
>> No.41729  
I feel like browsing /photos/ today...
>> No.41730  
/general/ pls go
>> No.41731  
only one way to determine which of the two /general/ posters this is

sakuga is a bad fad
>> No.41733  

Nobody is gonna go for this dude, sorry
>> No.41738  
The author of the book is Jewish.
>> No.41741  

Well duh, his dad is the jew king of Hollywood comedy. But I've never read his books so I don't know if Israel being king of the world was taken from them or if it's just the american entertainment industry being the american entertainment industry.
>> No.41786  
I'm drunk again, woohoo.
>> No.41888  
anti-aliasing academy 2 making brown girls real

the character maker trial has made me very happy
>> No.41890  
Weren't there already brown girls? Not that brown girls or tanlines are particularly cute, but yeah, I distinctly remember there being multiple shades of tanned for skin color.
>> No.41891  
without modding hibiki brown was as good as it got
I'm talking full-on doujin brown
>> No.41900  
I can't believe Bill Cosby is a rapist.
>> No.41902  
What happened?
>> No.41903  
File: Untitled.png -(569.2 KB, 1035x802) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Meh, don't really see the point in going that brown.
Do you know how to make the graphics not shit? Pic related.
>> No.41904  
Play around with your graphics card settings and turn on anti-aliasing.
>> No.41905  
>> No.41906  
File: aa2b.jpg -(24.7 KB, 289x289) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
your loss
>> No.41908  

Bill Cosby raped at least 14 women in the 70s-90s
>> No.41909  
I wonder if I can. The (unsupported, but somehow working) version of Catalyst I have doesn't have any settings other than when to sleep the monitor.
>> No.41910  

Can you turn on AA through the game?
>> No.41911  
You never can in Illusion games. You have to force it yourself.
>> No.41916  
In the first game, anti-aliasing is on during sex scenes and in the character designer by default, just not in the bit where you walk around.
>> No.41920  
it wasn't for me iirc
>> No.41922  
Well, I don't have the game anymore to check my memories, so who knows?
>> No.41926  
/bun/ sure is active today!
>> No.41935  
I guess the two of us opened /photos/ more often than usual this afternoon.
>> No.41976  
Off to work! I haven't worked with this co-worker for five months, so hopefully it'll be fun!
>> No.41987  
How long on average should it take to produce a solid, thought out reply? It took me about half an hour to type and revise 2 good sentences.
>> No.41988  

I do this same thing
>> No.41989  
I don't know. It takes me way too long and then half the time I end up not submitting them (or deleting them after.) That's why I don't really post on boards anymore.
>> No.41992  
I shamefully apologize in advance for this not-so-short thought.
I don't think taking "way too long" is a bad thing; sometimes I like to imagine I'm writing a friendly letter and I want to make sure everything's neat and tidy. It's only a problem in environments where replies come and go by the minute or even by the second. You have to make a trade-off between speed and quality, and it's hard to focus on speed without sometimes making a fool of yourself.
Sometimes it's very easy to write replies, though. This reply I'm writing now, for example, I only had to revise once or twice and make some minor changes. Other times I have to completely rewrite a comment, assuming I don't trash it altogether.
>> No.42006  
Is it weird that despite being here for years I never know who the fuck people are talking about when names get thrown around
>> No.42007  
Does every web site on the internet really need some kind of verification entry to use it?
>> No.42009  
It can be worse. Sometimes I type a reply, search half an hour for that perfect image to go along with my reply, then decide to just not post the reply because I can't find the image.

Not at all. They're idiots from the #bun IRC who insist on "identifying" other posters (though the last 5 or so times someone was me it wasn't me) for their stupid in-jokes.
>> No.42013  
Is that you, Hans?
>> No.42027  
Nope. It's just your typical circle jerking.
>> No.42032  
We miss you, come back to #bunbunmaru
>> No.42034  
I just realized, I don't think I have ever received an internet.
>> No.42035  
*we are all waiting for you
>> No.42037  
When did the practice of giving others cookies over forums and internets over imageboards end? It occurs to me that I haven't taken part in that sort of thing in a long, long time.
>> No.42041  
*gives anon a cookie for his post*
>> No.42051  
Shut up VDZ, I've never once joined #bun.
>> No.42053  
How do you know if it's from IRC if you've never been to the IRC?
Checkmate, atheists.
>> No.42058  
I wasn't on bun all day today. I think I didn't visit yesterday either, how weird.
>> No.42065  
Wait, if that's true... I made all of those posts?!
>> No.42067  
Not feeling too good.maybe I'm sick
>> No.42070  
Stop talking to yourself, me.
>> No.42075  
>> No.42076  
No, me.
>> No.42078  
Only 85% sure that is a man.
>> No.42080  
FBI-san, please don't arrest me for clicking on that image. I hadn't read the preceeding conversation about liking young girls so I didn't realize it was inappropriate material from the thumbnail.
>> No.42081  
Looks like this creep is spamming the same girl on both /bun/ and /ota/ right now.
>> No.42082  
I was away from bun all day today again and missed out on seeing something controversial. Crap!
>> No.42085  

oh no, not that place
>> No.42088  
Nothing really exciting. Just a probably underage ass in underwear.
>> No.42093  
Don't worry, I download lewd junior idol videos all day and I've never been arrested.
>> No.42094  
Why look at dumb snotty 3D children when you can be looking at lolicon manga?
>> No.42105  
Because soon they'll both be equally illegal to have, and only one of them can be gotten in a secure way.

Not that I fap to 3D myself, but soon enough it'll be safer to fap to real children than to fap to imaginary children.
>> No.42119  
Guinness Draught tastes like shit
>> No.42120  
How do you know what shit tastes like?
>> No.42121  

You mean the sweet taste of perfection.

The guiness extra stout is a tad on the stout side though; still good, but not for everybody.
>> No.42122  
I wish I could play that well
>> No.42124  
if you were drinking it anywhere but Ireland or Scotland I can see why you would think this

and even then it varies from pub to pub so you have to take a look around to see if the other people are drinking it
>> No.42138  
another anime season completed
>> No.42149  
I am glad anime is over.
>> No.42169  
I thought my e-fame has completely faded away, but these lunatics keep turning up.
>> No.42278  
Why are so many autistic nerds obsessed with you, Jones? You're not even all that interesting!
>> No.42287  
I wish I knew. It's really not worth it.
>> No.42293  
Confession: I think tanlines are gross.
>> No.42294  
You're gross.
>> No.42296  
I don't understand why you people are so picky about minor appearance details of anime girls.
>> No.42307  
File: spaghetti-chan.gif -(985.4 KB, 1000x760) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Another part of imageboard culture bites the dust. God, I hate April fools.
>> No.42308  
It bit the dust years ago with the fall of archive.easymodo.net and never recovered, those sites listed are all garbage
>> No.42310  
I hate April 1st more with every passing year.
>> No.42311  
Oh fuck, I totally fell for it.
>> No.42313  
Why do you care about some foolz-related site dying?
>> No.42315  
Hmmm I haven't taken my SSRI in a few days. I wonder what these brain zaps are that people talk aboAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
>> No.42327  
Is xhentai's April fools joke that every image is broken? That's not a very good one
>> No.42342  
Why is it okay to complain about the doge meme while allowing reaction image replying culture to exist in this board?
>> No.42345  
Because anything is allowed on /photos/, even reaction images, despite 99% of the userbase not liking them. All we can do is stare at the poster in an angry manner and hope they leave.
>> No.42347  
Tangentially related: It amuses me whenever someone tries to rationalize using reaction faces while arguing against using emoticons. I don't have a problem with either in moderation, but stop pretending they aren't the same thing!
>> No.42361  
I think I might precum too much
>> No.42367  
All is vanity. All.
>> No.42368  
I don't believe in precum
>> No.42369  
Time to start making some money again! Hopefully!
>> No.42370  

It's real, friend. I was reading through the EIEN series for the thousandth time and when I looked at my crotch it looked like I spilled syrup on myself. Please be careful
>> No.42373  
Precum is an evolutionary trait which helps unattractive men who are unable to get their mate wet.
>> No.42374  

I'm pretty dumb and ugly so this makes sense
>> No.42376  
Hurray, that means I must be handsome! Does that make me the tsukkomi to >>42374-san's boke?
>> No.42377  

No, it makes you the uke to his seme.
>> No.42380  
But that's not what he wanted at all!
>> No.42381  
So uke is supposed to be the prettier one in addition to taking it up the butt? Sounds rough.
>> No.42390  
I would rather the uke was the most fab. Isn't that the general idea?
>> No.42400  
The vc did nothing to keep the spam away, how disappointing.
>> No.42408  
it didn't even manage to stop people making new threads
>> No.42409  
You can never know that for sure. We know which threads would be made that were eventually made, but we don't know anything about the threads that would be made that weren't made.
>> No.42411  
But we can infer from posting rates before and after the implementation of the vc that there are the same number of us making the same number of posts, so yeah.
>> No.42415  
Confession: Crimea girl ain't even cute.
>> No.42421  
File: opinionbear.jpg -(116.6 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
you forgot your meme animal bro
>> No.42428  
Nice meme.
>> No.42432  
Thanks for the meme, sir.
>> No.42434  
Thank you
>> No.42437  
Arigatou gozaimasu
>> No.42438  
My real life hasn't started yet. The real me is still asleep, so that's why my life is such garbage.
>> No.42447  
I didn't pay attention to the box when I bought it, so I was surprised when I found marshmallows in my Honeycomb cereal.
>> No.42448  
ざわ‥ ざわ‥
>> No.42449  
File: critique.png -(7.1 KB, 549x291) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looks like we've jumped the shark.
>> No.42451  
File: Untitled.png -(17.2 KB, 808x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looks like we've sharked the jump.
>> No.42453  
People stopped using google? Good.
>> No.42485  
Glad to see .gif is dying out.
>> No.42486  
I'm not sick.
>> No.42487  
You monster.
>> No.42489  
File: 95_off.gif -(268.5 KB, 150x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.42490  
File: 1392436637991.png -(424.1 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

it's been depreciated for over a decade, it's about damn time for the new hotness that should have replaced it some years ago to get *ANY* form of acceptance anywhere.

And even then, it's going to take another 5 years before .webm gets enough acceptance to not be a niche format only used on a select few non-google owned websites.

And then another 5 years after that before we get programs and gimp utilities that make creating high quality, low filesize .webm files as easy as current .gif utilities and programs.
>> No.42491  
If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
>> No.42493  
I'd like to see bun implement webm too

and even if that means /general/ gets wiped then so be it
>> No.42495  
>it's been depreciated for over a decade
In what way is gif deprecated in any form? We can do better than gif, but it's not deprecated. .webm is nice, but you've already said it yourself, it's not going to come into common use for years, if ever. I don't really think it's a perfect replacement for gifs at this point anyway either, though it is far better for some stuff.

Prooobably not going to happen. Unless someone else volunteers to do it. To be fair, it'd be trivial to allow people to just upload any .webm file, but I wouldn't want to leave it at that.
>> No.42496  
Well I'm not volunteering, the thought of webm supplanting gif makes me sick to my stomach
>> No.42497  
>In what way is gif deprecated in any form? We can do better than gif, but it's not deprecated

We can do much better than .gif, hence by definition, it is depreciated. There are much better alternatives, and not just .webm, there are .apng and .mpo (animated .jpg equivalent) as well; .webm is the just the newest and the one with the lowest chance of copyright issues coming into play* (.gif only became popular when it's patent expired, after all).

*google owns the rights and at any time could decide to play the FUCK YOU card, but it's a better option than the alternatives. For now, anyway.

> I don't really think it's a perfect replacement for gifs at this point anyway either, though it is far better for some stuff.

Hence why .gif files are still valid filetypes for upload.
The main point of showcasing .webm on /g/ (and then allowing it board wide after that showcase blew up significantly much more than pooleberg expected) was to incite some creative action from the populace (mainly /g/, hence why it was only allowed on /g/ at first) and hopefully get some people to make a github project or two to boost it's use and ease of using.
>> No.42499  
I've noticed most posts here that go over a sentence or two are really boring and bad.
>> No.42500  
Welcome to /bun/.
>> No.42504  
Cute .gif dude.
>> No.42505  
>We can do much better than .gif, hence by definition, it is depreciated.
Well, I'd argue it's not deprecated until we have something that has proper support that can replace it or it's deprecated as part of a standard. But, it's not as if I really disagree that it could use being replaced.
>> No.42509  
So I had sex for the first time the other day, and it was not good. I've barely had worse faps.
>> No.42512  
Sounds like you slept with a random person on craigslist.
>> No.42513  
verb [with object]
1 Express disapproval of
‘he sniffed in a deprecating way’
2 another term for depreciate (sense 2: [with object] Disparage or belittle)
‘he deprecates the value of children’s television’
>> No.42514  
>> No.42521  
The h-image spammer is such an eyesore.
>> No.42526  
Funimation's slogan, 'You should be watching', bothers me. I only see it when I *am* watching, and Funimation does not in fact want me to watch it (so I have to download rips instead).
>> No.42535  
Why can't computer people say that something outdated and replaced is obsolete? Why call it deprecated instead?
>> No.42537  
Because the terms 'outdated' and 'replaced' are ambiguous AND do not cover the full definition of deprecated. Windows XP has been outdated and replaced since Windows Vista, yet it won't be deprecated until tomorrow. Deprecation is the formal declaration that support for certain software will no longer be guaranteed. Old things can go on for ages without being deprecated, even if many people consider them outdated and obsolete, and even if they have been replaced.
>> No.42539  
Then say "unsupported."
Don't go around making up words (or new meanings for words) when you don't have to.
>> No.42543  
File: Basically, this.png -(170.8 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
But 'deprecated' is not necessarily 'unsupported'. Generally speaking, recently deprecated stuff, or frequently even older deprecated stuff works just fine. There will just be no further efforts to support the software by the group declaring it deprecated.

For an example on why this difference matters, take functions from a library in programming. A supported function should work exactly as described and is guaranteed to work as described until at least a major revision of the library occurs. A deprecated function works as described 99% of the time, but it may suddenly break in a future update of the library (because it either broke or was removed entirely); usage is still possible but not recommended. (This treatment generally occurs when a different function with the same purpose has been added to replace the deprecated function.) An unsupported function generally does not work, often just causing an error that needs to be handled by your application and doing nothing more. (This happens, for example, when you inherit from a class but an abstract (or even non-abstract) function in that original class makes no sense in the new class. If you have an 'Input' class handling keyboard and mouse input, and derive a 'JoystickInput' class from it, 'getMouseUp()' wouldn't make sense as there's no mouse to get this data from. One option is to override this function and only throw an exception in that new definition, so the programmer notices if he's making the mistake of using that unsupported function.)
>> No.42558  
moot wants to delete /jp/. Finally.
>> No.42559  
>> No.42561  
File: ss (2014-04-08 at 12.15.05).png -(8.6 KB, 682x133) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.42564  
Damn, big shit going on at 4chan.org lately
>> No.42573  
That kind of looks like bullshit
>> No.42574  
It's not like it takes long to verify.
Spoiler:It isn't. https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S12014966#p12016323
In case you can't tell, this is a good thing.
>> No.42575  
File: Kanako.png -(784.6 KB, 848x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Great. I just came back from the store and realized the old lady gave me 20 bucks change instead of 40.
>> No.42576  
I, for one, am glad w4ch is finally dead and gone.
>> No.42578  
This seems bad.
>> No.42591  

Nothing I use except yahoo is affected so far. Should I change my passwords now or wait until it's fixed?
>> No.42594  
I would suggest just not getting on Yahoo at all, leave it be.
>> No.42597  
Speaking of, is there a good non-temporary email service I can use for unimportant junk? Yahoo was my go-to but they started requiring a phone number for new accounts, and getting security holes uncovered every other week doesn't help either
>> No.42599  

>> No.42601  

That's exactly what I needed, thanks
>> No.42603  
File: epicmemes.png -(4.7 KB, 177x188) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tee hee, so funny.
>> No.42604  

the gf one yeah but I don't think niggers or wanting dicks in your ass is a meme
>> No.42605  
It's not funny, though.
>> No.42607  
I see.

That may be the case,
and it might also not be the case.
>> No.42608  

it's not meant to be funny.
it's meant to be offensive.

perfect for throwaway forum accounts or other uses of that sort, with an email such as suckmydickyoudirty@nigge.rs

Though, I strongly recommend cock.li over all of the others, as cockmail is the only one that is more or less guaranteed to not pull the plug on the service randomly sometime 6 months from now if the donations for that domain fail to meet the requirements (hell, all of the non-cock.li domains were requested in the /g/ cock.li threads, which first were filled with /r9k/ and /pol/, and then /b/ as the options the other boards requested simply weren't offensive enough on the condition of donations)
>> No.42609  
You sure are passionate about cocks.
>> No.42610  
What's the point, have you never heard of spambox and similar services?
>> No.42611  
But look how OFFENSIVE the names are! We gotta be offensive for the sake of staying true to 4chan culture.
>> No.42612  
>> No.42614  
This ain't 4chan.
>> No.42615  
Tell that to people like this guy: >>42612
>> No.42616  
File: 1393190010855.jpg -(243.7 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Even so, it is a legitimate and valid email address, and relatively stable and secure.

I am very proud of mine and want to share it with everybody. Nothing more, nothing less.
>> No.42619  

It's probably fake, but I really wish I'd gotten to experience something like this.
>> No.42622  
did you mean having sex? you meant having sex didn't you
>> No.42623  
What is a quote doing in the short thoughts thread?
>> No.42624  
I wouldn't. It's written entirely in misquote style? Absolutely disgusting.
>> No.42628  
I dont know why, but I can't wait to read the suite. Really fucking long, though.
>> No.42671  
/bun/ should remove the duplicate image restriction. Not being able to post an image that illustrates your point because you got it from here or posted it here a long time ago (sometimes several years) is bullshit.
>> No.42672  
1. Change a pixel
2. Resave the image
3. ???
>> No.42674  
That's what I do, but

1) It's circumventing a protection. If you're going to let people circumvent it, what's the point of the protection?

2) It's a bother to do that every time.

3) It reduces the quality of resaved JPGs.

4) You can't do it with GIFs (there's probably some tool out there that can do it for you, but you can't do it with general image editing tools).
>> No.42677  
I thought everyone and their mother had Photoshop nowadays, which answers 2 and 4. For 1, read 2. 3 is about the only problem, but no one cares about the quality of reaction images anyways.
>> No.42678  
Just link to the post containing the image. Unless you're an epic reaction image faggot, I don't see the problem.
>> No.42679  

The image duplicate protection was put in place to stop spam bots from reposting the same image 10,000x and flooding the board.

As you are (I hope) not attempting to do that, you fall into the unfortunate victim category, and in order to productively post on the board must go out of your way to bypass that protection.

As such, circumventing that protection isn't a bad thing on your part.

Also, changing one pixel on one frame in a .gif is less noticeable than on a .jpg
You can do it with Gimp and with photoshop, it isn't difficult, it isn't time consuming, you just need to know how to do it.
Hell, you can make a script in Gimp to increment a specific pixel on a specific frame by one RGB color value, and then a script to run the previous script on the output .gif and have 254 unique gifs.
In other words, even the spambots can circumvent the protection; it's obsolete unless the spammer is a fucking moron (luckily, this happens to be the case more often than not).
>> No.42680  
But then why does it reject all images that have been posted, ever? Why not just images posted in the last day, or even the last month?

The problem is that it's generally just to add a subtle bit of nuance to the post; explicitly pointing it out defeats the entire purpose. >>>/general/48554 is the example that inspired my complaint. I could link to the old seasonal anime thread where I posted my initial impressions on the show referred to, but that's completely unrelated to what I was trying to point out and it's a bother for people to have to click a link to a separate thread. At that point, even just writing down 'For example, in episode 1, blah blah blah blah' would be a lot clearer. But why use such roundabout methods when I can instead just post an image of the game they played in episode 1, reminding them of that fact at the very moment they read my post (or earlier), both making my post much clearer and making it take less effort for the reader to understand the point I'm trying to make?

If I had malicious intent in reposting images, I could just copy a dedicated 'shitposting' folder and have Irfanview bulk resize the images by one pixel each or something. This is something that only hurts people wanting to repost an image for proper reasons.
>> No.42682  
Sometimes I'm worried I post boring things nobody cares about, but at least I can say I've never written a thousand word essay about ancient imageboard spam protection.
>> No.42683  
What you're asking for is extra programming work for no real point. It's not going to happen.
If an image has already been posted what's the sense in /bun/ hosting it for you twice? Just link to it.
>> No.42689  
It was less than 250. I've done worse, such as a 1200-word post on why Super Smash Bros. should be considered a legit fighting game and noting its similarities to 'real' fighting games.

I've explained the issue with that in >>42680. Second paragraph.
>> No.42690  
>> No.42691  
Where do people find out when OP/ED singles and OSTs are released? Wikipedia hasn't been listing them anymore for a while now, so I'm always just waiting until one day they suddenly appear...
>> No.42694  
It often says in a cm during or after the episode. I also know that Nipponsei has a calendar list.
>> No.42695  
Oh, the Nipponsei list sure is handy. Thanks for the tip.

Still, no Log Horizon OST listed. Is there not going to be any OST release or something?
>> No.42697  
If there's no separate OST release, the soundtrack is probably bundled with BD volumes.
>> No.42701  
No one loves me but I am OK with that!
>> No.42707  
I love you. NOT!
>> No.42708  
You keep telling yourself that...but is that really alright?
>> No.42711  
I just watched the first hardcore porn I ever watched again. Hard to believe in the not so distant future I would be jerking off almost exclusively to japanese cartoon characters
>> No.42715  
Nicosound is gone? How terrible!
>> No.42717  
I don't think I've ever seen hardcore porn except maybe in thumbnails by accident.
>> No.42719  

Before the internet I had to get by with HBO, until I found my dads porn tape collection. I guess that was the last generation where that's gonna be a thing
>> No.42723  
Why are so many galleries in exhentai suddenly getting deleted? So many of my favorites are now just gone from the site (or maybe hidden).
>> No.42724  
I don't think anything is ever deleted there. If you make a certain number of spam posts, gain a certain number of levels in the hentaiverse game, and your account is over a certain age, hidden stuff is revealed.
>> No.42727  
These days you find a hidden folder in some remote folder nobody looks in. I myself usually found stuff in the Temporary Internet Files, but I think only old IE saved images as obviously as that.

They have almost full control of doujin distribution on internet, so they can pull whatever the fuck they want and you can't do anything about it. I've always been saying centralizing everything on exhentai was a bad idea.
>> No.42728  
Wani Magazine, publisher of COMIC X-EROS, Kairakuten, Kairakuten BEAST, and Shitsurakuten; sent a takedown notice to e-hentai. In response, Tenb hid all that content so it's only visible if you have higher level access.

As for how to get higher level access, it seems to mainly involve posting a certain number of times on the forums (~20), although account age, Hentaiverse level, if you've uploaded galleries, donations, and just plain luck also seem to be involved.
>> No.42729  
I came home from drinking all night and had to clean my fig case before going to bed. How troublesome!
>> No.42732  
>They have almost full control of doujin distribution on internet
This is an exaggeration if not blatantly untrue. You can easily acquire any recently released H-manga from one of the dozen or so active DDL blogs, not to mention torrents and (I presume) Japanese p2p. E-Hentai's only inherent value is in its H@H system (unlimited hosting potential) and its hosting of old and obscure H-manga.
>> No.42733  
Okay, I'll give you the Japanese P2P. But that's so user-unfriendly that barely anybody uses it outside of Japan. You also can't get translated doujins off of it. DDL links work for the first two weeks after release (maybe a bit longer), then they're taken down and never re-uploaded.

>and its hosting of old and obscure H-manga.
'old and obscure' as in several years ago. Exhentai has become the only place most stuff gets uploaded to beyond the initial filesharing sites. So if you want to get anything for which the DDL links expired, prepare to suck exhentai's cock for it.
>> No.42734  
I can find full doujins for about half the stuff that gets posted in the porn thread through reverse image searching. There's a ton of sites out there that host these things.
>> No.42759  
it's very rarely that I can't find something either through google reverse image search or sadpanda's own reverse image search

you overlook that they've done a pretty good job of incentivising uploads/translations for non-financial rewards
>> No.42760  
This Amazing Spiderman movie may not be so good, but that blonde chick certainly has some nice ZR.
>> No.42767  
I haven't seen the new Spiderman films but isn't Spiderman's GF a redhead?
>> No.42768  
He's had two or three, I'm not sure. This one's Gwen Stacy.
>> No.42778  
This dumb network here took 4 days to give me internet access. I missed you bun.
>> No.42782  
I missed you too, Larry.
>> No.42783  
That's steve you dumbass
>> No.42784  
Shut up, Bob
>> No.42793  
Hey Frankie, can you ID the above 3 posts for me please?
>> No.42800  
Don't call me Frankie.
>> No.42803  
Terrible news everyone, 3 jewish people died. Oh also ukraine is on fire whatever
>> No.42810  

oh god it's another halocaust!
>> No.42815  
Sorry, Frank.
>> No.42819  
why am i here
>> No.42820  
Why are any of us here? Why do we exist?
>> No.42821  
My dog was behaving strangely, but he's good now. Luckily.
>> No.42850  
Anonymous needs food
>> No.42851  
>> No.42852  
>> No.42860  
I don't know why I bother going to work anymore.
>> No.42867  
It's hard, living the shitposter life.
>> No.42880  
What was your biggest shitposting achievement?
>> No.42905  
Been fatigued lately, everything feels insipid.
>> No.42968  
/bun/ is so dead this Friday night. Are you all out partying?
>> No.42969  
/bun/ is always dead
>> No.42973  
Nah, I went out for pizza. Was some good pizza too.
>> No.42974  
I ran out of places to go on the interweb. halp
>> No.42976  
File: 1364578998956.png -(467.7 KB, 807x701) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.42979  
I was busy packing for my Asia trip.
>> No.42986  
I was, yeah. ┐(゚~゚)┌
>> No.43005  
This guy is doing such a shitty job lmao
>> No.43007  
I can't believe he failed to get dubs 4 times on a dead board.
>> No.43014  
Hire me already, you fuck.
>> No.43031  
Not quite sure how I got what looks like a pimple on my eyelid.
>> No.43032  
Now I'm beginning to get a sense of what loneliness feels like. It sucks, but I'll learn to live with it, I suppose.
>> No.43036  
Are you 13
>> No.43044  
Seventy-Five, my wife of fifty years just died.
>> No.43045  
Foot otaku disgust me.
>> No.43046  

i wish this was true
>> No.43048  
Don't wish the death of a long time partner to anyone.
>> No.43056  
All words that aren't onomatopoeia are ultimately arbitrary.
>> No.43060  
Onomatopoeia are arbitrary as well. I've never heard a ニコニコ sound when someone smiles, and depending on who you ask, a dog barking can sound like ワン, arf, woef, and countless other sounds.
>> No.43089  
To think that I've been in the presence of the great jannyshit all this time, and here of all place! How exciting!
>> No.43096  
moot got hacked.
>> No.43097  

Whaddya mean
>> No.43099  
File: 1398257621842.png -(564.9 KB, 943x815) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>> No.43100  

I don't know what the fuck any of this means, could you please try again?
>> No.43102  
Some nerd used some exploit to gain moot's credentials and stir up some shit. What's interesting was warosu getting all riled up when a list of active janitors was leaked, with one possibly being the /jp/ janitor. Said person goes to #bun, among other things. Probably posts in /general/ as well.
>> No.43112  
Is /bun/ okay?
And why did the posts about #bun and Saegrimr disappear?
>> No.43113  
To save people's time looking it up: According to warosu, some guy named Saegrimr is the /jp/ janitor. Haven't seen the general list of janitors.
>> No.43114  
Yeah, and apparently he also goes to #bun.
Does he get along with other #bun users?
>> No.43115  
File: janitor list.jpg -(292.8 KB, 1208x844) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The full list doesn't seem to have been distributed, only a screenshot of part of the list. Rumor has it that Kazisho is also a /jp/ janitor. Some people are saying this is a list of mods, not janitors.
>> No.43116  
It's happening again right now.
>> No.43126  
Please take the /jp/ talk back to /jp/ where it belongs.
>> No.43128  
But we always talk about /jp/ here when something big happens.
>> No.43131  

damn....THE Kazisho???
>> No.43135  
Yeah, this guy
(Warning: 3D porn and ponies)
You know him?
>> No.43136  
I wish that anyone that has actually used the term 'janny' would just end themselves
>> No.43138  

Of course I don't know him, I was being sarcastic. Who the fuck cares
>> No.43140  
Why? I think janny is a really cute name.
Demonizing and harassing authority figures, or anyone, is stupid. It causes more problems than it solves.
>> No.43141  
I like janny because it makes me think Danny which makes me think of that Elton John song Daniel.
>> No.43142  
You guys are okay. Just that some horrible sub humans use this word alot.
>> No.43143  
>I think janny is a really cute name.

Not as cute as you.
>> No.43144  
I want /jp/ and /jp/ people to go.
>> No.43145  
Come on, don't be like that. I'm sure even you still have a bit of a "/jp/ person" left in you.
>> No.43146  
>> No.43147  

Most people probably don't care very much about the moderation staff on a site they don't even visit anymore. It's not even entertaining drama, like on SA where the mods get killed in benghazi or get outed as child molestors. Like, what the fuck is >>43115 supposed to be telling me? What is supposed to be interesting about it? Why am I supposed to care?
>> No.43149  
Someone please confirm that /bun/ was just rolled back and lost some posts and that they weren't deleted.
>> No.43150  
It's interesting to me because 4chan's moderation is very opaque and has been for a long time. A peek into how it works is like finding the Second Foundation.
One interesting piece of trivia that was leaked is the total number of 4chan passes sold. Other than that it's terribly boring, which is a little reassuring. 4chan wouldn't work if its staff were significantly more interesting than its userbase.
>> No.43151  
>SA where the mods get killed in benghaz
That's pretty funny! I hadn't heard that one.
>> No.43152  
I want SA and SA people to leave.
>> No.43154  
I want /jp/ to go away
>> No.43156  
how many did they sell? 100,000?
>> No.43158  
12,740 passes.
>> No.43159  
If we assume that most of these are repeat buyers (people who bought pass and renewed it a year later) then there are a little more than 6000 individual pass users on 4chan. Frankly that's a lot more than I expected.
>> No.43161  
>I just fucked my cousin tonight and...
>> No.43165  
Yeah, I wish the guy who hacked moot actually did something useful like maybe posting all of the conversations from /j/.
>> No.43170  
He only did it to get what little information was stored on the 4chan servers about this tripcode user 'FWG'. After that he just used it to impersonate moot and shitpost.

What a waste of time.
>> No.43245  
What would you do if you had access to moot's login for one day?
>> No.43247  

Delete everything
>> No.43249  
Okay, let's do it. If some /int/ guy can hack moot then we can do it too. Where is Jones and his group of hackers?
>> No.43253  
Nobody capable of haxing moot's anus wants to do something as childish as deleting everything. That's a script kiddie thing and you get bored of plain destruction very quickly.
>> No.43256  
File: 1398292569460.gif -(1392.6 KB, 300x215) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.43258  
How about replacing everything with images of Aya and maple leaves?
>> No.43260  
Then we'd get an epick raid (ecks dee) on /bun/. Nobody wants that.
>> No.43269  
Sometimes I see a couple, and I think "I wish I had a girlfriend like that", but then they're super awkward, and I think "nah, I'm good".
>> No.43271  
Sometimes I see a woman, and I think "I wish I had a girlfriend like that", but then I fap, and then I think "nah, I'm good."
>> No.43275  
Sometimes I see a woman, and I think "I wish I had a girlfriend like that", and then I fap, but nothing changes.
>> No.43277  
Sometimes I see a woman, but I never think "I wish I had a girlfriend like that". I don't like being around other people, why would I want to get into a relationship forcing me to spend a lot of time with another person?

Then I fap, and all is good.
>> No.43278  
Last week I went to a rally against something and a female gave me a very enthusiastic hug from behind. I thought it was a certain friend and got really happy and dokidoki but then I turned back and saw it was someone else. It was really disappointing.
>> No.43280  

I'd like to give you a very enthusiastic hug from behind, with a garrote
>> No.43304  
I can't tell if this is a lewd joke or just a regular violence joke.

Either way, thank you but no thank you.
>> No.43309  
How is strangling someone lewd, Anon?
>> No.43332  
Some people are really into strangling. Like David Carradine, for example.
>> No.43353  
Is looking through peoples' private unlocked webcams online still a thing? I used to love seeing what I could find
>> No.43354  
Private investigators are professional stalkers.
>> No.43386  
Namedropping on an anonymous board should be grounds for public humiliation, if not outright banishment.
>> No.43394  
I'm pretty sure Jones enjoys people mentioning his name though. Otherwise he wouldn't be posting his madoka puke picture in every thread.
>> No.43396  
>> No.43397  

What's the easiest way to do it, I don't have a list of google search stuff anymore
>> No.43440  
I wonder what would happen if we started using hashtags for thread tags instead of square brackets.
>> No.43441  
#StuffBecomesLessReadable #HappensWhenYouUseNoSpaces
>> No.43443  
the people at firefox deserve some sort of medal for consistently making their product worse with every release
>> No.43444  
We could call it the utorrent award~
>> No.43450  
What changed for the worse? I haven't really noticed anything made worse in awhile.
>> No.43452  
uTorrent is far from the first to become shittier over time. It happens with any product that becomes popular enough to be commercialized to the point of destruction.

Firefox becomes more and more 'user-friendly' with each release. The status bar was removed because apparently it's too difficult to just fucking toggle it off in the menu, and a couple releases ago they also broke the extension that brought it back for you. I've also recently noticed that Firefox will no longer allow me to permanently accept a certificate it deems too sketchy, even if I am 100% sure it's the right certificate and the people responsible for it are in the same room with me. But Firefox knows better, of course, because I am a user, and users are dumb.

By 2019 Firefox will be Chrome at the rate this is going.
>> No.43453  
Firefox has been hanging a lot for me the last few months, sometimes several minutes at a time a few times an hour, and the only reason I don't use something else is that I fear change.
>> No.43454  
Don't worry. If you depend on extensions or any other form of customizability, the alternatives are still worse.
>> No.43455  
Huh, I never noticed the extension that restored the status bar break at any point, but maybe I somehow missed it. That was definitely a bad change though, and the only one I could really think of when you said that. The certificate issue sounds annoying but it's not one that has really affected me.
>> No.43456  
Have you tried running Firefox in safe mode (Help->Restart with Add-ons Disabled...) to see if it still happens? If it's only happening with Firefox it sounds like an issue with extensions, a bad install, or just something wrong with the Firefox profile.
>> No.43458  
My dream is to have 2 >20" IPS panels oriented vertically and placed side by side for the purpose of reading manga.
>> No.43464  
lmao why is fyad getting "closed" a news story on buzzfeed
>> No.43492  
I scrubbed the kitchen fans for an hour, and it's still not clean. And I almost made murder gas before I realised what I was about to mix.
>> No.43554  
This lemongrass tea is pretty good!
>> No.43569  
what does this do
and this
>> No.43571  
>> No.43582  
File: kairakuten.png -(27.4 KB, 649x213) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What's with this shit?
>> No.43583  
Related to >>42728

Not only were galleries with "Kairakuten" and "X-EROS" hidden from view for people without higher access, "Kairakuten" and "X-EROS" were blacklisted from search.

If you want to search for Kairakuten, simply drop off a letter or two e.g. "Kairakute" or "Kairakut".
>> No.43584  
its amazing shimakaze was able to keep his true gender a secret for so long when he dresses like a slut all the time
>> No.43602  
After so many disappointing faps, I'm looking forward to a week's break.
>> No.43627  
Why is /bun/ so slow?
>> No.43637  
Because you don't post enough.
>> No.43661  
I meant 'slow' as in 'it takes two minutes for my post to be posted'.
>> No.43663  
File: gateway time-out.png -(5.0 KB, 568x94) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh, the irony. Got this when posting >>43661.
>> No.43666  
How's it hangin?
>> No.43673  
It's a good thing I'm not actually on the edge of suicide because this suicide help chat thing is taking forever
>> No.43677  
Why are you on a suicide help chat line? Do you need help killing yourself?
>> No.43680  
Don't offer to help. Assisted suicide counts as murder and the feds are watching!
>> No.43690  
God, why the micropenis? Did mum offended You in the past? Dammit, I can't even please my onahole with this thing.
>> No.43705  
Did you mistake this thread for the quotes thread again or are you just schizophrenic?
>> No.43706  
I had to re-read it at first as well, but it seems it's an original statement wherein the poster asks why God has cursed him with having a tiny penis.
>> No.43709  
Det being Det.
>> No.43713  
>>43706 is correct. Sorry for the confusion, blame God.

Wrong again. If I had a nickel for each time someone mistook me for a famous internet nobody, I'd have a bunch of nickels.
>> No.43746  
So hot outside, yeah!
>> No.43753  
1. Det has a micropenis
2. Det goes to /bun/
3. You have a micropenis
4. You posted on /bun/
5. Ergo you are Det
>> No.43759  
While looks can help a great deal, cuteness comes down to the ways people act and carry themselves.
>> No.43763  
Stop namedropping people, Jones.
>> No.43765  
But you have a micropenis and post on /bun/ as well, sooo.....

>> No.43766  
My penis is also very small.
>> No.43767  
My penis is big, but I don't like it because I don't know how to hide it when it gets hard in public. ;_;
>> No.43771  
I think my penis is 100% average, but it looks so pathetic when flacid.
>> No.43773  
Attention! This thread has been replaced with the following:

[Board Culture] Short Penises #7 [140 Millimeter Limit] Anonymous 14/05/13(Tue)05:20 No.43773 [Reply]
short penises (#6) has been bumped off the front page. Long live short penises (#6)!
>> No.43774  
Are you a professional bbcoder?
>> No.43775  
It wasn't me, though. I don't have a short penis. I'm a grill.
>> No.43785  
Big dicks are scary and gross, don't worry about your microdicks.
>> No.43788  
If that's what helps you sleep at night.
>> No.43823  
Shit, I forgot to do a thing.
>> No.43824  
I deleted all my Youtube subscriptions save for /bun/ and BBCFood. Shit.
>> No.43828  
I have to throw away my only pair of white boxers. Where do these skidmarks come from?
>> No.43830  
There's still remnants left inside your rectum that come out with sweat.
>> No.43831  
This is why you should shower and rinse your butt holes after every poop. Using toilet paper is never enough.
>> No.43834  
Sometimes I wish there was a thing that let people make characters and hang out in a virtual clubhouse all day. Like second life but not shitty and furry sex filled.
>> No.43835  
File: aispace-opening.png -(539.9 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
We can always try some free MMO again. Just gotta pick a good one.
>> No.43836  
Is Jones a JoJo?
>> No.43837  
File: nicoinaispace.PNG -(584.0 KB, 1021x786) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was about to mention ai sp@ce, as >>43835 already subtly did. It's basically just a virtual world where you chat and watch Nico Nico Douga all day.

There's other virtual world games as well. Active Worlds is another example, the only thing to do there other than chatting is building stuff (and even that is not possible in all worlds).
>> No.43838  
Well done, America. You made a decent Godzilla film.
>> No.43844  
No, he is just a Jo. Completely useless.
>> No.43856  
Vic2 is arguably the best Paradox game.
>> No.43858  
It's slower paced. I find that I spend more time at peace in V2 than in EU3/4 and CK2. And the unwillingness of the AI to contain you once you hit #1 military score means the late game is way too easy.
>> No.43861  
First exam, done!
>> No.43867  
>> No.43872  
How nice. I just graduated so I have no more excuse to stay unemployed and laze around the house all day.

Also, I rode the cab on my own for the first time, whoopee.
>> No.43875  
That is a very peculiar moment, isn't it? Like going to a hotel on your own for the first time.
>> No.43876  
Are there any webm porn sites yet?
>> No.43878  
Why would you want webm porn?
>> No.43880  

If I became a doctor,I just might be able to actually buy a genuine Nihontou from him.
>> No.43881  
Why don't you just use /gif/?
>> No.43882  
Webm is hip and trendy these days. All the up-and-coming hipsters use webm instead of gif.
>> No.43883  
For good reason, though. WebM is to .gif as what H.264 is to DivX.
>> No.43884  
Isn't webm just another video format that's being supported by a popular image board?
>> No.43885  
Yes. This should tell you a lot about webm users.
>> No.43886  
Webm is basically like sharing youtube videos but without the need to buffer or avoid copyright protection bots.
>> No.43889  
You say that as if avoiding youtube isn't a benefit in itself
>> No.43891  
Buffering on webms is way worse than on youtube videos because 4chan's internet infrastructure is worse than Google's, what are you saying?
>> No.43892  

I don't care about 4chan
>> No.43905  
There is no other website that uses webm
>> No.43906  

>> No.43907  
Wow, slow down there cowboy, I haven't leveled up that far yet!
>> No.43909  
Whatever even-worse-than-4chan message boards you visit, they don't count.
>> No.43911  
WebM wasn't just made for imageboards, you know.
I don't even know why people are comparing it to .gif files when it's actually closer to .mp4, .ogg, etc.
>> No.43912  
"only 4chan uses webm"

"Actually, there are sites that are not 4chan that use it as well"

"buuuh yea they dont count tho lol and are probably bad also, i am good debater man"
>> No.43917  
Youtube's HTML5 player uses webm videos.
>> No.43918  
I've never been to your /ota/ and I don't care if it uses .webm or not, Mr. Debater Man.
>> No.43919  

>> No.43920  

no only 4chan does
>> No.43922  
Are you just pretending to be stupid?
>> No.43924  
File: b972a6e2a8f4d23a69f135929ccec37c[1].jpg -(973.0 KB, 1900x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My ears hurt, my calves are twitching and my skull is pulsing from running and pull-ups, but damn, some sport was really overdue.
>> No.43928  
``My ears hurt, my calves are twitching and my skull is pulsing from running and pull-ups, but damn, some sport was really overdue. Also, going to hit the club tonight.''
-average /bun/ poster, 2014
>> No.43929  
File: 1376354986235.jpg -(407.2 KB, 657x850) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Quotes belong in the quotes thread.
>> No.43930  
File: come on and slam.png -(301.5 KB, 364x439) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Who died and made you a moderator?
>> No.43933  
>> No.43934  
Super normie~ He needs to go fast!
Super normie~ Gonna have a blast!

Watch out! [dun dun~]
He's a wageslave to the jews
Watch out! [dun dun~]
He's a better man than you

'cuz he's got the cash
And he's gonna get some ass
He's gonna work out real hard
Stay sharp, gotta look the part
Watch out! [Watch ou~t]
He's a he's a he's a~
Super normiemaaaaan!
>> No.43935  
I'm flying abroad alone for the first time tomorrow.
I hope I don't get thrown off for being too drunk.
>> No.43939  
File: Marisa-sad.png -(438.0 KB, 661x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Are useless NEETs not allowed to do sports?
>> No.43942  
>> No.43947  
Ha, I just got a job 2 days ago, so you can't make me leave now!
>> No.43950  
Good. One less filthy NEET in the world.
>> No.43951  
I am really drunk. Tonight I talked with my friends about abortion. They told me a really disgusting and terrible story.
>> No.43954  
Don't worry, I'm a useless NEET and I exercise regularly. I try to stay fit to make my faps more satisfying. I also need to stay strong in case some nerd starts having funny thoughts about my waifu.
>> No.43957  
I overslept on my 4th day of work. ;_;
>> No.43997  
Firefox crashes every time I click on quick reply, it's really annoying.

Do you still have your job?
>> No.44014  
Yes. I guess they didn't mind me being late too much since it was still just training. But starting Tuesday I will be on my own and in charge of the whole store, so definitely can't be late anymore.
>> No.44066  

So strange to actually find one of those ad girls.
>> No.49652  
Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks
>> No.49669  
Hi! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Many thanks!
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>> No.50473  
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