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>> No.42522  
rest in peace whatever that was
>> No.42523  
It was a wasteland anyway.
>> No.42524  
prog pls no
>> No.42525  
When will /bun/ support webm?
>> No.42528  

tehahah, too interesting + funny :)
>> No.42529  
>> No.42530  
Fuck you
>> No.42542  
holy shit why r u so maaaaaaaad ??? like seriously lol
>> No.42547  
>> No.42548  
Shut up.
>> No.42549  
File: 1395005835092.jpg -(96.4 KB, 540x560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
why pooleberg, why?

I visited /prog/ at least twice a week, and /VIP/ once every other week, and /sjis/ once every 3rd month when they aren't raided by the cp spambots.

They are great places for finding the most robust and unique fizzbuzz compilations, jew pasta, and ASCII lolis spreading their vaginas, as well as other beautiful gems that only get reposted once a year or so after they get pushed off the end of the page list.

The /sjis/ thread on /photos/ simply doesn't compare.

Also, the last remaining board allowed for meta discussions about the imageboard being deleted.

Also #2, the last bastion of non-captcha required 4ch segments are going away, for real this time.

This is truly a sad day.

Hopefully pooleberg will change his mind on this decision, as he did when he removed /new/ and /r9k/.

But hope is not something to wish for, it is not something to place all of your dreams upon, for doing so will shatter them among the cruel cliff face that is reality; when reality is the only thing that must be faced, when the beautiful face of hope is ripped apart by the rocky outcropping tens of meters below on the rocks to die and be disemboweled by the ocean waves.
>> No.42550  
moot put captcha on world4ch a few months ago. My guess is pass sales didn't increase accordingly, so he axed the site in his jewish rage.
>> No.42552  
lol JEWS xD
>> No.42553  
/prog/ will live on in our heart.
Actually is it even dead yet?
>> No.42554  
What the fuck are you queers even talking about
>> No.42555  
Some super secret VIP website for pedo hackers died.
>> No.42557  
>le pedophile sage
>> No.42572  
/prog/'s backup-board is http://bbs.progrider.org/prog/
>> No.42577  
There's also a backup lounge hosted by a Tablecat. Judging by their response, there really were only 5 or so people in the end.
>> No.42600  
For those who make use of this thread
Now you are in the habitat of >>42520.
>>42520 sometimes reveal his brutality.
Keep out to >>42520 and never let >>42520 near you.
Follow the cautions below to avoid >>42520's hazard.
To keep off from >>42520, you are ought to follow this:
1.Obey watchman's instructions.
2.Always be with your group. Independent action is very dangerous
3.Don't walk around in early morning, dawn, naight, and fog.
  It's a time for >>42520 to get active.
4.Be sure to have a whistle, a horn or a bell with you.
5.Don't leave your leftover foods.
In case of encounting with >>42520, you have to know that:
1.Don't run away from >>42520 alone. Glare against >>42520 with all of your group members.
  Running away from >>42520 is equal to suicide.
2.If you get chased by >>42520, drop your belongings one after another to >>42520 as you run.
3.Don't try to take back your things which >>42520 get from you.
  Or else you are going to be killed.
4.Don't use firecracker. It will frighten >>42520 and make things worse.
If you need to be close to >>42520 for researches or taking pictures,
watch >>42520 from the promnade. Don't feed him to call.
                         The Environment Agency of Hokkaido

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