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File: neko cats.png -(362.4 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
371140 No.42618  
how come nobody posts on /tc/ anymore?
>> No.42625  
Because your website is shit, and there are better places to visit like /bun/ and /ota/.

Enjoy your 15 dead boards. I told you having so many boards was a bad idea, but you never listened.
>> No.42626  
12 posts in the last 12 hours. That's about as fast as bun I'd say, maybe faster on average. The posts are just spread out.

And fuck ota.
>> No.42629  
No one cares, go back to tohno.
>> No.42631  
The last thing I can remember from before I stopped visiting tohno-chan was tokiko's constant bickering with his other personas.

Any website that allows tokikos to post is a doomed website.
>> No.42632  

These were the same person, weren't they
>> No.42634  
>> No.42635  
I stopped going to TC because there was too many bad posters and an increasingly lazy mod staff. Like >>42631 said, they stopped trying to get rid of tokiko which is pretty much the final nail in any internet community's coffin. Unfortunately the people I hated the most also seem to be here, so my internet life is like an unending nightmare of being chased by ghosts made of diarrhea
>> No.42684  
File: pukingmado.jpg -(86.7 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What's /tc/?
Another 4chan clone populated by the dregs of society?
>> No.42687  
D-do you hate me, onee-chan?
>> No.42693  
Yes, don't bother.
>> No.43538  
>6 out of 36

Fuck, how am I supposed to read that shit when all I can see is eyes?
>> No.43539  
Why did you bump this piece of shit thread?
>> No.43540  
File: Untitled.png -(5.1 KB, 360x146) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Try not being a fuckin' sperglord. You should be able to read emotions from facial expressions, or how will you ever interact with others?
Also is that a misquote or what
>> No.43541  
File: ScoreDistro.png -(27.1 KB, 909x830) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>6 out of 36
That's kind of impressive in its own way. I ended up with a slightly below-average 23/36.
>> No.43542  
I got 28 out of 36.
>> No.43547  
I'm sorry.
>> No.43551  
Same here.
>> No.43555  
25/36. Not too surprised. I'm the guy who when asked his name doesn't ask for their in return.
>> No.43556  
Lack of moderation killed it. Back when posts kept getting deleted the community thrived but the second 'which 2h wud u fug xDDD' tier garbage was left untouched the site died.

I think it had a pretty good run, though. It felt like a really active /bun/ (for a while) and I liked that.
>> No.43557  
>Your score on this test was 24 out of 36.
>The average result for adult population is 26 out of 36.

Surprising, considering that in real life I can't look people in the eyes. (I mean literally, my brain malfunctions in some way and I can't think clearly unless I look away.)
>> No.43558  
Your score on this test was 34 out of 36.

I'm extremely surprised. I've taken a similar test before but it was at least a year or two ago and I can hardly remember it.
>> No.43563  

I have this same problem but I got 26 anyway
>> No.43566  
34 out of 36. I was really confused and unsure through the test so this result is surprising.
>> No.43597  
File: Lines.jpg -(40.1 KB, 819x471) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
25 out of 36. Better than I thought I'd do. I also did some line game. What an interesting website.
>> No.43600  
I had a full 100 on the relative size one and was somewhere between US and JP on the second. I did it quite sloppily, so I'm somewhat surprised. Maybe I have some kind of a super power in estimating relative sizes of things.
>> No.43612  
File: it's_like_i'm_really_japanese.png -(11.4 KB, 794x465) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.43620  
Your score on this test was 26 out of 36.

The average result for adult population is 26 out of 36.
>> No.43932  
how neurotypical

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