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File: Di Gi Charat - Puchiko and Dejiko with purple-white dress.jpg -(278.1 KB, 1743x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
284800 No.44018  
Post whatever is on your mind in this thread, but keep it short.
>> No.44019  
I've never watched DiGi Charat, but it seems cute.
>> No.44039  
Public drunkenness isn't cute.
>> No.44042  
Can't stop thinking about dicks
>> No.44063  
>> No.44078  
I had a heart to heart yesterday. Felt good.
>> No.44080  
I'm really drunk. I Skyped with my friends currently hanging out at an anime con. It was really fun but I started feeling lonely after they hung up.

When drunk, I often think of making a drawing request thread but I don't think bun is active enough for that to be worth anyone's time. I'd probably be sober by the time anyone bothers replying.
>> No.44096  
This is a test of my patience. Time to be an adult!
>> No.44110  
That dead permavirgin is really something else. Maybe I should start a rampage over my tiny penis too.
>> No.44111  
Why do you keep mentioning your tiny penis? It's almost as if you're proud of it.
>> No.44118  
No empathy please
>> No.44121  
I wish I had a dream or some sort of goal in my life.
>> No.44124  
I remember leaving school and thinking I'd find something to care about trying for. And here we are 12 years later!
>> No.44126  
What do you do then?
>> No.44137  
I ate some candy yesterday that was so sour that I couldn't stand it. I looked at my tongue this morning and half my taste buds were melted off.
>> No.44145  
bryan cranston is barely even in the movie you aren't gonna trick me hollywood
>> No.44149  
What is the value of truth?
>> No.44151  
The guy who played the main guy in Godzilla is Quicksilver in the next Avengers and Scarlet Witch is going to be played by the lady who played his wife in Godzilla. I think this means the incest plot line is confirmed.
>> No.44159  

how is a giant lizard supposed to play a human
>> No.44160  
Benedict Cumberbatch
>> No.44178  
As usual, I am drunk in a working day. My friends and I got together to cook and talk about the old days; an old friend who no longer embraces her weeaboo ways came on a whim, and it's been surprisingly easy to talk to her. It's nice, to be able to do that.
>> No.44182  
Thinking of upgrading to a new version of Windows. Which would be better for gaming, 7 or 8?

Linux/Unbuntu/whatever need not apply.
>> No.44184  
That sounds really nice; I'm happy for you. I met someone from my past a couple of days ago, and I wish we could have talked.
>> No.44186  

>an old friend who no longer embraces her weeaboo ways

So what things does she pretend to enjoy for attention these days?
>> No.44188  
7, definitely. Almost all current games are made with 7 in mind, and it has good compatibility with older games (though not as well as XP; if you're coming from Vista, though, it'll be an increase in compatibility). Win8 should work with all very recent games, but once you look a bit further you'll start to run into issues already.
>> No.44191  
Windows 8 interface is so weird, I couldn't even find the calculator because the Start button is missing and I had to look for it the hard way. Why did they remove the Start button?
>> No.44192  
There's no need to be rude, Anon, you fucking weeb.
>> No.44193  
How the hell is /gnfos/ so active? I thought the whole thing was just a joke based on the "Trevor" persona, but people actually post there a lot.
>> No.44195  
you know can just search for stuff on the start screen right
just type what you want
but I don't like W8 interface too
>> No.44201  
I can't sleep and I am very angry about it.
>> No.44204  
Thanks. I wish it was always this easy to communicate.
>> No.44218  
everything is awesome
everything is cool when you're part of a team
>> No.44221  
I wish I was secretly an anime girl...
>> No.44222  
>> No.44224  

Same only not secretly
>> No.44227  
I wish I could have seen that in theaters.
>> No.44234  

I found their animation process to be interesting. It wasn't just taking a Lego-like appearance for the movie, but actually modeling each piece on the computer and basically making a stop-motion film in 3D. A movie worth watching in theaters.
>> No.44249  
Always keep in mind that fapping also takes time.
>> No.44263  
I fell down today.
>> No.44265  
Are you alright???
>> No.44267  
File: 2014-06-01 21.36.33.png -(52.1 KB, 480x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My phone is being a little scary...
>> No.44268  
File: 2014-05-30 22.51.46.png -(44.5 KB, 480x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The plot thickens...
>> No.44269  
File: 2014-05-30 23.01.29.png -(48.5 KB, 480x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't know which thread to put them in, but they're just so good.
>> No.44270  
File: a361984d22f74ed7f1793a549c191db9.jpg -(331.6 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Any reason you're learning german?
>> No.44271  
File: 2014-06-02 19.28.40.png -(61.3 KB, 480x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That is my little secret. Or, as one says in German,
>> No.44274  
That spam keeps appearing on the front page! Do something about it, /bun/ mods!
>> No.44275  
Some guy in Arkansas has a lot of proxies.
>> No.44276  
Not much we can do when there's a determined, mentally ill pedophile (redundant, I know) who wants to keep spamming about his stupid site or whatever.
>> No.44277  
fuck fuck fuck I don't want to fap today, why must it be so hard
>> No.44280  
Because of puberty. Don't worry, you'll grow out of it soon enough.
>> No.44281  
But I'm 23 years old...
>> No.44282  
I'm 29 and still fap at least once a day.
>> No.44283  
I'm 25 though?
>> No.44285  
I thought I was but it seems I fucked up my ankle.
>> No.44286  
Only once? WEIRD.
>> No.44302  
File: modern file sharing sites.png -(59.4 KB, 1004x567) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Modern file sharing sites.
>> No.44304  
I said something in my own way, and I was lauded! Go me!
>> No.44310  
Footjobs are so boring, how is this supposed to be erotic?
>> No.44311  
I felt manly urges two days ago, and I'm still shocked.
>> No.44312  
Nothing quite like vomiting so hard it starts coming out your nose.
>> No.44314  
"23:36" Weak.
>> No.44315  
This happens basically every time I vomit...
>> No.44316  
I think it's a M thing, most footfags are also hard masochist.
Stepping on your dick and all that shit.
>> No.44320  

This post written by a grown man who unironically says "footfags" is totally worth reading.
>> No.44326  
It's probably correct, however you feel about the stupid 4chan -fag slang.
>> No.44332  
I want to give someone a footjob.
>> No.44335  
Sorry for calling you a masochist fag, anon.
>> No.44336  
Would you prefer footfriend?
>> No.44338  
I just got a holiday bonus of $1400. Wow!
>> No.44339  
What holiday happens in June?
>> No.44340  
Father's Day and Memorial Day are the only ones I can think of.
>> No.44345  
Summer holiday!
>> No.44361  
Pentecost, obviously. Ascension Day can also be in June.
I highly doubt he's getting any bonus for these though.
>> No.44368  
Memorial Day is in May, baka.

Never heard of 'em, are you sure they're holidays?
>> No.44370  
I hope Scare Tactics doesn't die with Tracy Morgan.
>> No.44378  
This book is pretty cool, but I feel like its inspirational value is lost on me.
>> No.44385  

Why is he speaking Japanese if he's in a Chinese movie.
>> No.44389  
"Who or what is the Slender Man?" - CNN, 2014
>> No.44421  
Without knowing the movie I'd assume it's because he's, you know, Japanese.
Hollywood is actually pretty solitary in its "just make up silly accents so the audience doesn't have to bother with foreign languages and the resulting subtitles" approach.
>> No.44428  
To be honest, I feel like we're drifting apart.
>> No.44435  
Don't forget to unlock your phone again after the latest Android system update, or your ad blocker will stop working.
>> No.44441  
How can some people refrain from fapping for months? I'm only up to a week and my mind is almost broken and my dick is almost asploded.
>> No.44445  

Individual libidos vary.
A monogamous nymphomaniac is ideal partner.
I feel sick. Damn calamari.
>> No.44446  
>A monogamous nymphomaniac is ideal partner.
What if you don't want to have sex all day every day?
>> No.44449  
I had a very rough pooping session yesterday, my asshole is very tender this morning.
>> No.44453  
I have hemorrhoids and possibly prostate cancer but you don't see me bragging about it. Or going to the doctor to get it checked.
>> No.44461  
I'm not bragging, I simply had a thought on the tenderness of my anus. You're bragging. Go to the doctor, dumbass.
>> No.44463  
I hope having Parkinson's won't affect my aspiration of becoming the best Under Night in Birth player in America.
>> No.44465  
An acquaintance of mine has a girlfriend who is so cute I can't even compute it.
>> No.44466  
>> No.44472  
They live in Asia, though, and I don't.
>> No.44474  
Go to hell.
>> No.44490  
Today I debinded a book for the first time by using a hairdryer to loosen the glue. It was interesting to see that the method actually worked.

Please forgive me, book spirit.
>> No.44492  
A good massage is one of the most therapeutic things in the world.
>> No.44493  
I'm afraid to go in because any one of them might actually be a brothel.
>> No.44505  
Today didn't start too well, but it's been really nice so far.
>> No.44506  
Stop asking me to have sex with you, damn bitch. I don't want to fuck you!
>> No.44507  
I mean it this time, I'm going to stop getting drunk. I don't want to go through something like that ever again.
>> No.44528  
On mother's day my nigger neighbors had a huge trash throwing party and I bet my dad 50 bucks that the place was going to be totally dead on father's day. I won and told him he didn't have to pay me as his present.
>> No.44559  
I wish I could live life in third-person mode.
>> No.44563  
You can. All you need is a fishing rod holding a webcam above and behind you and a tablet or smartphone to watch the output held in front of your face.
>> No.44572  
You might be on to something. Once smart glasses or whatever they are start becoming a thing I'll do just that, then maybe I can stop being so sad.
>> No.44576  
/general/ is dead.
>> No.44580  
Isn't it sad?
>> No.44582  
Not especially.
>> No.44591  
There is child porn on /general/ and mods aren't doing anything about it.
>> No.44593  
Fucking Jones.
>> No.44595  
File: 530d7fca28e647e0b8c48732ed0c0e92.jpg -(73.8 KB, 728x90) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
When is Bunbunmaru gonna get with the times and start advertising on 4chan? We could use some fresh blood.
>> No.44596  
File: 1393720255397.gif -(2026.7 KB, 359x346) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>shilling out 20 sheckles worth of bitcoins for an advertisement on /jp/
>> No.44597  
File: c871bc34309041faac3d2e323d9191af.jpg -(34.6 KB, 728x90) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44598  


>lol :p
>> No.44599  
>We could use some fresh blood.
Maybe, but definitely not from any 4chan board in its current state.
>> No.44611  
I would love to touch a girl's butt.
>> No.44614  
Butts are ugly in real life though. They're sweaty, pimply, and hairy. They're nothing like anime butts.
>> No.44615  
That's not true.
>> No.44620  
I have touched a girl's butt, and I can confirm that they are pretty great, and not at all gross.
>> No.44624  
Procrastination. Endless procrastination.
>> No.44626  
Damn, I want a tsundere cleric waifu who'd give up her god for my sake too.
>> No.44638  
I wish I knew why seemingly everyone online worships The Witcher series and CDPR so much. They're probably decent guys but Witcher 2 shipped with DRM and the two Witcher games are shitty.
>> No.44639  
Shitty in what way? Proclaiming your opinion is fine and dandy, but if you don't list examples you're just taking an unjustified dump.
>> No.44646  
The acting in them is so horrendous and the plot so cheesy that I thought the game was a Fable-esque tongue-in-cheek poke at low fantasy, and the combat, despite the (seemingly) popular claim that "it's a lot better in 2" is tediously bad.
I liked the world and have a soft-spot for herbalism in games, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt for a long time, but after about 12-14 hours I'd finally had enough.
>> No.44664  
Every season I think, "that last GoT season was pretty bad, but it can't get any worse than this." And then, of course, it does.
>> No.44667  
How do I save animated pixiv pictures and have them stay animated?
>> No.44673  
I am, in all likelihood, the gayest man that has ever lived.
>> No.44675  
If you fucked some dude in the butt, would that make him the gayest man that ever lived? Based on the logic that only the gayest man that ever lived would let himself be fucked in the butt by the gayest (or second gayest) man that ever lived.
>> No.44681  
File: grass.jpg -(56.2 KB, 575x742) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My stocks only got me 3k yesterday and today took a 1k bite. Fuck!
>> No.44685  
Damn bourgeois, I don't even want to know how much money in the stock market it takes to have a daily change of thousands of dollars in value on an ordinary day. I hope you run out of bread and are forced to eat cake!!
>> No.44695  
Today was a depressing day.
>> No.44703  

I ran out of tea and had to drink root beer 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。
>> No.44710  
I can't browse imageboards anymore if they don't have a Gurochan style available.
>> No.44711  
>> No.44714  
How do you lose a magical duel with 100% in every magic skill, this is bullshit.
>> No.44715  
>> No.44735  
What happened to PayPal?
>> No.44738  
Where the fuck am I supposed to go now that trappyfeet is gone for good?!
>> No.44754  
Why has YouTube become such a shithole? I'm looking for an at most 30 second clip of a notable play from a World Cup match and all I get are slideshows and people talking about it - no footage of the actual event whatsoever.
>> No.44758  
Youtube officially died a while back when the first round of 'copyright claims' started.
>> No.44761  
YouTube has had copyright claims almost since its inception. I quit uploading to YouTube when Google took over (and you were forced to have a Google account), and I got copyright claims before that.
>> No.44764  
I never imagined the WC thread would become the most active thread on /photos/. Didn't know so many /bun/nies were into spicdive.
>> No.44769  
WC is a big event and it's currently happening, so even if there were only two or three bunbuns into refball, it's not surprising that the thread would become so active.
>> No.44770  
I think it's more a statement on how dead /bun/ is.
>> No.44774  
Uhhhh, guys, it's called football.
>> No.44781  
The new season started today and there's still no thread about it. /general/ is dead.
>> No.44782  
Make one.
>> No.44785  

the really funny guy pretends to freak out whenever a new thread is made so I don't blame people for not wanting to do it
>> No.44788  
My head hurts.
>> No.44790  
I'm sleepy.
>> No.44807  

Co-worker: "Can you be guarantor on this loan for me?"
Kaiji: "No, I barely know you."
Co-worker: "Dang."

>> No.44809  
boon boon marrow
>> No.44810  
It's too hot.
>> No.44816  
Man, I am going to have to stop having dreams of domestic bliss.
>> No.44838  
Go left and get killed, go right and get killed. This is bullshit, man. There was never even any hint I needed some piece of shit magic spear.
>> No.44843  
File: 1k.png -(1.4 KB, 312x101) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1,000 views on the site in six days! ヽ(゚∀゚)メ(^o^)/メ(゚∀゚)ノ
>> No.44861  
Is bun that popular?
>> No.44866  
/bun/ is too mainstream now.
>> No.44902  
Time to find a new haven.
>> No.44904  
There are none.
>> No.44916  
Please accept my application. I'm tired of the NEET life.
>> No.44922  
If you knew about them they wouldn't be a haven.
>> No.44929  
>> No.44932  
I learned a new word today-爆乳

Apparently it means enormous breasts,which I guess is above even 巨乳。

It's pretty cool I guess.
>> No.44935  
I spent a couple of hours last night levelling on a private FFXI server, send help.
>> No.44943  
>> No.44978  
I wonder what happend to the gore poster. The thread is on page 2.
>> No.44979  
Maybe he was brutally torn to pieces for another's amusement.
>> No.45013  
Because I'm learning Japanese, now I read translated VNs really slowly. I keep stopping to replay voices over and over to see how what they say matches up to the text.
>> No.45018  
How cute is fuck?
>> No.45025  
cuter than hell at least
>> No.45026  
RIP every person in Gaza
>> No.45031  
And then there was world peace.
>> No.45034  
File: 1394916848654.jpg -(590.7 KB, 994x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>world peace
>while jews still walk the earth

>> No.45036  
Go fuck a camel ;-)
>> No.45040  
Is Jones JIDF too?
>> No.45045  
I love sexualizing little girls. Is there something wrong with me?
>> No.45046  
It's a good thing the Ukraine plane thing happened, or the US media would have had to focus entirely on Israel slaughtering people. More of this >>44925 would have been funny though
>> No.45051  
What does a tiger fuck like?
>> No.45055  
Quite boring it seems.

>> No.45058  

Damn. All that mental imagery of Arche was completely off.
>> No.45075  
Is it just me or are more retards posting than usual.
>> No.45077  
sigh, yeah... remember when /bun/ was good?
Good old days.........
>> No.45078  

it seems that way, yeah
>> No.45083  
Banking, mortgage
>> No.45098  
I hate pedophiles.
>> No.45118  
The quality of /bun/ moderation leaves a lot to be desired.
>> No.45120  
Jump into IRC and demand mod powers. Show 'em how's BOSS!
>> No.45121  
>> No.45127  
Is your problem over-moderation or under-moderation? I don't check /bun/ very much these days to be honest, but if there's a problem feel free to yell about it here. And if you're talking about that thread, well...
>> No.45129  
Wow. Wani published eromanga has finally been removed (or simply cannot be viewed by just about everyone) from exhentai. RIP
>> No.45130  
Which and how much manga is that?
>> No.45131  
I'm confused how is this new owner of fakku claiming copyright on things on exhentai?
>> No.45132  
From what I heard, someone who was paying attention to the gallery count noticed 200,000 galleries disappeared from view within two to three hours.

Basically, everything that had "X-EROS", "Kairakuten" or "Shitsurakuten" disappeared, and actually disappeared this time. If it's hidden behind a new secret club, it's pretty darn secret.
>> No.45133  
*100,000 galleries, my bad.
>> No.45134  
I can still see 2 Shitsurakuten
I think it's the implications that are more serious
>> No.45135  
Oh, damn
>> No.45136  
File: 1406270359569.png -(549.9 KB, 1143x1397) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Jesus Christ.
>> No.45138  
Good thing we conveniently centralized all eromanga on one site, huh? It's like MegaUpload and Mediafire all over again, except MU and MF never forced you to jump through that many hoops to just use the site and they weren't nearly as efficient in removing stuff.

Well, with countless links permanently dead I hope we can go back to having eromanga uploaded to several mirrors and giving source by name instead of by exhentai link.
>> No.45139  
File: ripinpieces.png -(1401.9 KB, 959x1365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45140  
I don't think it's permanently dead, but just hidden from view from everyone but the admin.
>> No.45141  
This list is bull, by the way. They list an artist like kinku, who has never been published by Wani.

And then a lot of names are artists who drew some stuff for them years ago but switched to other publishers. The most extreme case is Shinobu Tanei--one story published in COMIC Kairakuten about 10 years ago, and that's it.
>> No.45142  
Can you name any of those manga, so I can look for them? My account is old and can see some other "secret club" hidden galleries.
>> No.45144  
I didn't have a single thing from my 450+ long favorites list removed
>> No.45145  

Tell me if you can see any of these.
>> No.45146  
All fjorded. Wow.
>> No.45147  
What were they?
And can YOU still see them?
>> No.45148  

>[Napata] Nanako-san
>[saitom] Honban Please!
>[Homunculus] Winter Beast - Fuyu no Kemono
>[locon] Ane no Tomodachi
>[Napata] Vacances
>[Inoue Kiyoshirou] The Job of a Committee Member (Part 2)

And no, I can't see them, except in my favorites.
>> No.45150  
>> No.45151  
I changed my comforter to the reverse side and now it's distracting me while I'm on the computer
>> No.45156  
>[Inoue Kiyoshirou] The Job of a Committee Member (Part 2)
>> No.45176  
Whoa, is /photos/ even more dead than /general/ today?
>> No.45177  
Your post is not helping.
>> No.45180  
File: ImHelpingImHelping.jpg -(44.1 KB, 600x462) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45183  
Case in point.
>> No.45198  
What's the global opinion on the Gaza genocide? Even the US media is having a hard time defending it, so it's gotta be terrible.
>> No.45199  
File: israel news.jpg -(132.9 KB, 720x608) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>> No.45207  
There is no such thing as a 'global opinion'. Everybody has their own opinion, and the prevalent stance on the issue varies widely per region. To put it in a different way: Not only the US is defending Israel.

Unfortunately, this is one of those issues where actual reason is generally ignored to support a more important viewpoint. Those supporting the state of Israel refuse to see the horrors going on there; even if they feel it's wrong, coming out and saying it would be 'betraying' Israel. And in a despicable example of combining religion and politics, a lot of Christians have been convinced that the state of Israel is any way related to the Israelites of the Bible, further rooting their viewpoint in the mistaken belief it is their religious obligation to support Israel. Israel knows they can get away with all kinds of bullshit because of this unending support (and if they ever fuck up strategically, they have one of the world's most powerful military countries backing them militarily too).

(The other side tends to have the same problem among people in the Middle East and Central Asia with hating on Israel regardless of what they do, but in this case Israel's actions are very hard to defend indeed.)
>> No.45212  
What the fuck, my pube is longer than my dick, someone please kill me holy shit.
>> No.45215  
Are your pubes really long or?
>> No.45216  

Also jews control the media and no politician in their right mind would want to risk making them angry by implying Israel isn't perfect. It's why they get flustered any time Israel comes up in questions, what's left of the human side of their brain wants to say that murdering children is bad but their other side won't let them violate the prime directive.
>> No.45217  
Don't pubes stop growing after they reach about an inch in length? I trim mine because pubes are gross, but I'm pretty sure this is the case.
>> No.45218  
I think the point >>45212 was trying to make is that he has a tiny pindick and is therefore just a girl with a large clit.
>> No.45219  
Girls are definitely not just men with small dicks, Anon. Maybe you should google "girl" and educate yourself.
>> No.45220  
Sorry, you're not allowed to call yourself a man with that pathetic excuse for a penis.
>> No.45223  
Or you should stop being an anti-semitic fuck and realize that it's not the secretly organizing and scheming Jews controlling the US, but rather the US itself using Israel as a puppet state for military meddling in the Middle East (where until Afghanistan and Iraq they didn't have much influence) and to support its own military industry. This, in turn, is due to lobbying from large corporations which have significant economic interest in the area, such as oil companies and the military industry, to which the area of Israel itself, its positioning, and its influence on the surrounding countries are all relevant.

But I guess that's too complicated for you, so let's just blame the Jews. The people in your government and in pretty much all of your major industries aren't doing anything wrong, they're just being manipulated by the Jews. You can sleep peacefully with the knowledge that all the evils of the world are simply caused by a single enemy, and not at all a giant clusterfuck of conflicting interests.
>> No.45224  
You are taking those silly anti-jew posts way too serious. Jew.
>> No.45226  
It is merely a coincidence that the government of the country with the second-largest Jewish population approves of almost everything Israel does. Obviously religion is not a factor at all
>> No.45230  
File: 1353807918504.jpg -(49.3 KB, 704x441) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45231  

This guy is right. I wish the genuinely stupid people like >>45223-san would leave!
>> No.45239  
I think we're pretty save here to play the silly guy every now and then, but you make a valid point.
>> No.45278  
File: 27342347.png -(1.7 KB, 192x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
After a decade of using them, I finally upgraded a computer myself.
>> No.45349  
Do bun threads have an image or text posting limit?
>> No.45358  
File: KokoroPuppet.png -(187.6 KB, 501x529) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Of course not. This thread is tagged #8 because it's for posting 8-related things. It has nothing to do with some sort of bump limit or logical ordering system.
>> No.45359  
I don't mean a bump limit, but an actual restriction to the posting of images or even text posts.
>> No.45365  
Short Thoughts is already at #8...

Where does the time go?
>> No.45374  
eggs dont even taste like anything
>> No.45376  
You've been eating shitty eggs then. Eggs are love, eggs are life.
>> No.45382  
Egg is disgusting.
>> No.45392  
Stop stuffing your mouth with too much processed shit and maybe your taste buds will grow back.
>> No.45402  

I'm gonna stuff your mouth, with my fist, nerd
>> No.45403  
Why are anime nostalgia losers so much worse than other nostalgia losers?
>> No.45404  
File: GetIn.jpg -(20.9 KB, 480x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>implying anime nostalgia losers are worse than gaming nostalgia losers
>> No.45409  
I want to hug Totori...
>> No.45410  
Bring it!
>> No.45412  
Damn fleshy little growths. So annoying.
>> No.45413  
Are you talking about growing breasts?
>> No.45418  
The old journalism aphorism "Man bites dog" should be updated to "White shoots black"
>> No.45429  
Smokers are awful people.
>> No.45433  
At the very least they are killing themselves so that brings me a bit of happiness.
>> No.45434  
bun is shit
>> No.45435  
They're also killing everyone around them.
>> No.45439  
If you pay a prostitute with counterfeit money, is it rape?
>> No.45455  
If they want to die so badly, they can just hang themselves. Will be less of an annoyance that way. Also what >>45435 said.
>> No.45456  
File: thank you.png -(10.0 KB, 475x129) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Another productive day on the internet.
>> No.45458  

epic trollz bro lol
>> No.45462  
I've been having really good bowel movements lately, but my diet is the same as it's always been. If this keeps up I'm gonna get worried.
>> No.45463  
I want to rail Zelda Williams' shithole.
>> No.45466  
If an anon dies, no one else on the board would realise that. Isn't it sad, anon?
>> No.45467  
Can I eat it?
>> No.45471  
Eat what?
>> No.45472  
Your diet
>> No.45473  
But then Anon would starve. He would die, and no one else on the board would realize.
>> No.45474  

If nobody realized Anon died, he couldn't have been that important, and thus his death is no great loss.
>> No.45475  
If a hikkikomori dies with no one to remember her, was she really alive at all?
>> No.45476  
Schrödinger's Hikikomori
>> No.45477  
Her landlord might remember her after a few weeks of decomposition.
>> No.45480  
Bye foolz archive.
>> No.45481  
Did foolz go die?
>> No.45482  

I can only assume it ended in suicide
>> No.45486  
>> No.45490  
I am shocked, SHOCKED that the dead urban youth had a violent criminal past that all other urbans deny vehemently even in the face of direct evidence. I'm glad the news will be covering this for the next million years instead of one of the dozens of wars or other crises going on right now.
>> No.45495  
Followup: Now I have diarrhea, so maybe that has something to do with it.
>> No.45496  

Hardly surprising. Still doesn't justify some of the shit the cops are doing though.
>> No.45497  
It's basically a happy accident that the shitty thug nig got killed by a shitty cop. Not happy for the people who own businesses in the peaceful neighborhood riot zone, but you know what I mean
>> No.45525  
Stop smoking near me, dammit.
>> No.45546  
I'm a failure and want to die.
>> No.45547  
File: NHK-13.avi_snapshot_18.28_[2014.08.18_21.22.03].png -(209.1 KB, 704x396) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45557  
Do blacks in america automatically become reverends when they make it to 40 or something?
>> No.45558  
I thought it was when they make it to 30, same time when whites become wizards. Explains the natural enmity.
>> No.45560  

The wizard thing is japanese you fruit
>> No.45584  
>Wizardchan is a Japanese-inspired image-based forum (imageboard) for male virgins to share their thoughts and discuss their interests and lifestyle as a virgin.

Is this ironic or real?
>> No.45586  
Ten years ago, MLP didn't exist, tumblr wasn't around, gays were humorous and campy, trannies were a niche pornographic interest, social justice was a term to describe Latin American politics during the Cold War, cis- related only to chemistry and territories of the Roman Empire, and furfags were yiffing in hell.
>> No.45588  
File: FurriesDesu.jpg -(219.9 KB, 800x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And -desu was still cool.
>> No.45592  
It's interesting how whenever there's a spike in interest in Depression Quest, someone somewhere inevitably compares it to Hikikomori Manager and it gets a couple more hits.
>> No.45642  
One of my favorite hentai manga artists just followed me back on Twitter.
ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ
>> No.45655  
File: PrismaIlyaGroupSmall.jpg -(379.3 KB, 1000x1501) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Which Ilya would you prisma?
>> No.45657  
too bad she only likes shirou
damn shirou
>> No.45658  
Ilya since she's the cutest then maybe Miyu
>> No.45659  
None because that's illegal ^^;;
>> No.45660  
If only I had invested in a good motherboard four years ago I wouldn't be in this conundrum now.
Remember kids: never skimp on your motherboard!
>> No.45662  
File: 1398566237635.jpg -(173.9 KB, 635x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nigga Illya is about 10 years older than Shirou.
Kuro is merely a few months old, and not even human so those laws don't apply.
And Miyu is a trafficked child whore from Tibet, so no problems there.
>> No.45664  
>> No.45665  
She's actually only like a year older than Shirou. You're no true TM fan.
>> No.45667  
Oh lord. In have an interview in less than twelve hours which will decide my life. I keep pacing around my room for the last hours, cramming history about the instution in my head. Please cross your fingers for me bun. I'm so anxious.
>> No.45668  
Good luck!
>> No.45669  

My wine collection got destroyed
>> No.45670  
>> No.45673  
It's more about the brand than the price when it comes to motherboards.
Unless you need specific features like VT-x for virtual machines (which does happen as it happened to me already), but it's impossible to have the foresight for that sort of stuff. Don't knock yourself over for that.
>> No.45683  
I did it. My NEET life is over. I will probably miss it after one week, but the fun times are over. Thanks for believing in me bun.
>> No.45684  
how long did it last
>> No.45685  
4-5 years.

>> No.45688  
Taking zoloft cured my asthma wtf
>> No.45695  
Congo rats
>> No.45712  
Dammit Amuro, stop being so whiny and just pilot the damn robot.
>> No.45719  
I really really hate the sisters. Even if some are kinda cute overall they're horrible characters and felt forced in.
>> No.45726  
My friend from high school is a self-proclaimed "non-binary pansexual otherkin". I still remember years ago when he told me he was gay.
I hope he's doing well, but it's obvious he doesn't get out very much.
>> No.45729  
Cool, what kind of animal (or object) is he?
>> No.45732  
I'm not sure. Dragon, I think.
>> No.45734  
Have you told him that he's full of shit?
>> No.45735  
Should I join reddit? I feel like I've been missing out on a big part of internet culture by ignoring everything related to reddit.
>> No.45737  
I tried reddit and I didn't like it very much. If you don't want to miss out on circlejerks where mods delete your posts for not agreeing with you, then by all means go ahead.
>> No.45738  
The culture sucks, the posting system sucks and the upvote system sucks. Would not recommend.

Use it as content agglomeration and nothing else if you truly must.
>> No.45740  
Should you 'join 4chan'? Like 4chan, Reddit is composed of various radically different boards (far more than 4chan - on Reddit, you can just create a new subreddit (board) for whatever subject you want, IRC style). The real question to ask is, do you want to join <any specific subreddit>? I'd say if you're interested in one, just lurk there for a bit and if you feel the urge to make a post yourself, register an account and post there.

However, both >>45737 and >>45738 provide valid points. 4chan's boards are radically different, but they still share a certain amount of board culture - the anonymity, negativity, tolerance of rude or politically incorrect opinions and remarks, etc. Reddit is no different in that it has its own site culture that also applies to every subreddit to varying degrees. Reddit is much more like a forum than an imageboard/textboard; your identity matters, calling someone a fuckwad because he's talking shit (and you point it out like that) is not tolerated, and there's the upvote/downvote system which means your post gets less exposure if people dislike it. Like in IRC, because anyone can create a subreddit, a lot of subreddits have completely unfit moderators who will abuse their power to silence people they dislike.

(Myself, I don't like Reddit much, but I don't hesitate to go there for discussion I can't find elsewhere. I don't really care about the 'epick' 4chan/Reddit rivalry.)
>> No.45752  
This Shakespeare guy could really write a sentence!
>> No.45764  
rip nyaatorrents
>> No.45765  
joan rivers dying almost makes up for robin williams
>> No.45766  
Is the person that just hacked MAL the same one that is DDoS'ing Nyaa.
>> No.45768  
Any doctors in here that can tell me the risks of too much poop holding?
>> No.45770  
Just look up constipation. Why are you asking?
>> No.45771  
I feel like I'd enjoy these celebrity nude leaks more if I actually knew who any of them were.
>> No.45775  
What is actually happening anyway?
>> No.45776  
File: s4p9UEm.jpg -(502.0 KB, 2448x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>45771 >>45775
A bunch of low quality selfies from a bunch of actresses were leaked. They're even lower than "amateur" porn quality so I think they're only great if you've got an obsession with that actress or something.

This is one of the girls featured. Apparently she's "an American actress and singer-songwriter"[citation needed].
>> No.45777  
Who gives a shit? I'd rather see a famous mangaka's secret lewd drawings.
>> No.45778  
Yeah, I want my NEET life back.
>> No.45779  
Just think of all the figures, or other hobbies that you can now finance! Ganbatte bunbun.
>> No.45780  
Is happiness owning things?
>> No.45781  
Normalfriends are weird.
>> No.45782  
I know, I know.
>> No.45784  
I'd rather just have the basics to leave and my PC.
>> No.45785  
I'd rather just have the basics to live and my PC.
>> No.45786  
I even have cookies enabled this time, why can't I delete my posts? Jesus.
>> No.45787  
There was a particular set of a couple fucking that had pretty great photos. Good lightning, good perspective, very professional looking. I don't know who it was though, I only recognized three girls.
>> No.45788  
File: t1-620x.jpg -(58.5 KB, 620x465) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Like this?
>> No.45789  
I will never be able to draw that good.
>> No.45790  
>I will never be able to draw that *well.

That may be true, but you WILL learn to use proper grammar.
>> No.45791  
Your not my mom.
>> No.45793  
But you actually have to do stuff now! Think about how that will feel in 20, or even 10 years! So good!
>> No.45795  
Cooper is really trying my patience.
>> No.45796  
Society says so. Why aren't you being a good capitalist? If you're unhappy, clearly that means you're not spending enough money.
>> No.45800  

>> No.45801  
I'm so glad that I have you /bun/.
>> No.45802  
Now that Nyaa is dead I have no idea where to download my animes and I don't know how to use IRC to download stuff. I guess that's what happens when you completely rely on one thing.
>> No.45806  
If bun gets as big as 4chan it'll be the same..
>> No.45807  
That's never ever going to happen, so don't worry.
>> No.45809  
You better not be trying to bully that cute bunbun that you are looking for certain mister!
>> No.45813  
Damn kids these day never even used xdcc in their life, probably never owned a VHS player either.
>> No.45815  
Please don't bully me.
>> No.45816  
I'm 26 and I never owned a VHS player.
>> No.45818  
Why didn't they just loop the video tape film so that you never had to rewind if you watched all the way through?
>> No.45820  
File: Memorex_Compact_Cassette_opened.jpg -(478.1 KB, 2416x1660) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Because then it wouldn't be nearly as compact.
>> No.45822  
Is it possible to give yourself autism?
>> No.45824  
How is that possible? I'm 29 and still regularly used one well into my teenage years.
>> No.45826  
I need to find a torrent of Frozen in Japanese, but it's kinda really hard so far.
>> No.45833  
Why can't I stop farting?
>> No.45857  
I think I'm going to have to stop reading Twitter if I value my sanity.
>> No.45861  
I actually quit Twitter two weeks ago. I figured I wasted way too much time reading up on stuff that has nothing to do with me and arguing with people who derive their opinion from the groups they associate with rather than from logical arguments. (The trigger that really caused me to reconsider was a conversation in which a person simply asked for a source to back up a claim and was immediately rebuked/insulted for even doubting the veracity of the claim.)

That, and since Twitter's IPO back in September 2013 it's been going downhill rather rapidly. They're really trying to turn it into Facebook 2.0. Just two days ago, I got an e-mail from Twitter, '<account you follow> retweeted a video from <account I don't follow> on Twitter!' Why the hell would I care enough about that to receive an e-mail about it? It's in my timeline if I really wanted to see it.
>> No.45864  
File: 1409499941272.jpg -(340.8 KB, 1146x850) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Nothing interesting happens in my life, so I have nothing to tweet about.

You were supposed to disable email notifications.
>> No.45865  
Twitter is for gaylords
>> No.45866  
What's your Twitter handle then? ;-)
>> No.45869  
Is poutine culture?
>> No.45871  
Dammit me, stop being so lazy. You'll never lose weight and get fit at this rate!
>> No.45883  
It's not the fact that I get e-mails that bothers me (they were actually very convenient to see when somebody sent a direct tweet to me), it's that they're now about inane stuff, reflecting the direction Twitter is going in. It's now entirely Facebook-style 'your friends are doing this!' rather than a way to gather information from various feeds. (People have been using it for inane stuff since its inception, but Twitter has never been pushing it as hard as this.)
>> No.45894  

Shut the fuck up
>> No.45931  
Fuck you, I agree with him on that. It's annoying. Twitter has a tab for "Rekirin favorited this picture of guys in swimsuits" and it's not Home. (It's Activity.)
>> No.45935  
Stop namedropping other /bun/nies.
>> No.45952  
I was about to post that, too.

On the one hand, /bun/ mods insist on forced anon. On the other hand, they keep calling people by their IRC names. So which is it?!
>> No.45953  
>>45935 >>45952
He doesn't visit /bun/ so I don't see the problem.
>> No.45956  
Thanks for the birthday cp, /bun/ spammers.
>> No.45961  
kill irc
>> No.45984  
I come to /bun/ to watch J*nes namedrop D*t on every possible occasion. They're my OTP!
>> No.45995  
So why is posting and deleting so much slower than loading the board anyways? Is there something wrong with the database or something?
>> No.45996  
I wish I knew Japanese so I could find out if commissions is a thing with Japanese artists.
>> No.45997  
Shinya Ohira and Shintaro Kago do commissions
>> No.46015  
The "thirty years old soon" are starting to creep in.
>> No.46017  
Understandable. There's so many things you can do with wizard powers, it's like browsing the internet for the first time!
>> No.46028  
>There's so many things you can do with wizard powers
Like browsing the internet while having wizard powers for the first time
>> No.46046  
Polite internet arguments, also known as: "Suppressing your Butthurt" competitions.
>> No.46073  
The black cock of ill omen.
>> No.46092  
He's so fragile, I don't know how to act. I just want to give him a hug and tell him there's no need to feel the way he does, but I know that's not going to be any good in the long run.

I don't know, I've never thought of myself as insensitive but every time we talk I feel like a brute. It's cute, but also incredibly saddening.
>> No.46141  
Getting paid for commissions feels really amazing!
>> No.46143  
You should ravage his boypussy.
>> No.46145  
I don't know what's worse, the fact people get bored of me after a couple of days or getting blatantly lied to about it
>> No.46147  
Are you a boring person?
>> No.46151  
mirai kuriyama is cute
>> No.46158  
I've been dizzy all day and I don't know why.
>> No.46164  
>> No.46169  
What the fuck is gamergate, why should i care
>> No.46170  
Does it surprise you that games journalists are arrogant assholes? Do you like to engage in pointless Twitter arguments? Do you think the video game industry is remotely salvageable? Do you think that most people won't forget about this before the end of the year, until the next big scandal happens? If your answer to any or all of these questions is "no", you have nothing to gain by getting involved. It's just the latest "PR Gone Horribly Wrong" story that we're all familiar with and it won't be the last.
>> No.46171  
File: 1295503620798.jpg -(83.3 KB, 569x587) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
gaymer gayte
huh huh huh
>> No.46172  
/bun/ moves too fast.
>> No.46173  
>> No.46176  
I really, really want to pet a Bald Eagle and tell it stories about how America used to be.
>> No.46177  
Yeah sure
As if the Bald Eagle won't know more about America than a filthy commie like you.
>> No.46178  
Basically, complaints about questionable practices in gaming journalism have reached the mainstream and are starting to actually affect gaming journalism. That, and a hate mob against anything remotely related to video game journalism.
>> No.46185  
Please don't bully me, dude. I really just want to pet him. He looks really soft.
>> No.46186  
You can pet me.
>> No.46191  
Are you >>46092's friend?
>> No.46202  
He's not.
>> No.46204  
damn scotland you really blew it
>> No.46205  
It's weekend, yaaayyy...
>> No.46209  
55.3% No, eh. How disappointing.
>> No.46230  
Why is 4chan so SJW nowadays?
>> No.46232  
Yeah, those damn Tumblr SJW are ruining 4chan and taking away our FREEDOM. Where am I supposed to post my nigger nigger nigger memes now?
>> No.46233  
I have textboards for that.
>> No.46234  
That's what /bun/ is for, of course.
>> No.46236  
You disgust me.
>> No.46237  
While I dislike retarded racists as much as the next guy, 4chan used to be a place where you could say anything regardless of how politically incorrect it is. Moderation existed solely to keep the CP off the boards. Over time, it's grown more and more towards 'ensuring the quality of the boards', and it's starting to approach the level of regular forums. That just isn't what 4chan is supposed to be. Yes, it's a shithole, but by accepting everything, even though you'll get 90% shit, you'll still have the 10% of good discussion that would be impossible elsewhere.

I don't really have a strong opinion on GamerGate, but I can't believe even discussing it has become a bannable offense on 4chan. Apparently they even went so far that the abbreviation 'GG' resulted in an auto-ban at some point, causing unexpected bans for Guilty Gear fans.
>> No.46238  
The internet has changed, man.
The one place. The one fucking place where men could be men rather than slaves to collectives, and they fucking ruined it.
People STILL trick one another into beliefs, into cliques, into agendas, and they then abuse their position to enforce demands onto others.
Gamergate is no different. It should've been nothing more than a boycott, a revelatory collection of evidence, yet people instinctively fall back into attempting to start organizations and center around personalities, slogans and what have you - because they want a response from the "clique" that they're demanding things from and I assume this is the only way they can think of to get taken seriously.
I guess this is just how people are now.
>> No.46239  
File: Pachycondyla_berthoudi_sam-hym-c007394a_profile_1.jpg -(117.4 KB, 1030x808) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4chan boards move too fast nowadays to even pluck that single gem from 10 pages of shit threads. It can't be helped, that's what happens when you have such a gigantic user base.

Anyways, stop talking about ants. It's bad enough seeing that stuff on Twitter.
>> No.46241  
That is one scary ant!
>> No.46242  
That's no ant, that's Satan himself.
>> No.46244  
File: 1411237592383.jpg -(233.6 KB, 996x1128) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
With the stupid volunteering to remove itself from 4chan, there's a slim chance that it might be good again, however briefly.
>> No.46245  
File: 1393319040444.png -(34.2 KB, 389x257) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Wouldn't get my hopes up about that.
>> No.46246  
Who is cow tits? I like cowtits.
>> No.46247  

are you retarded
>> No.46250  
Oh look one of those retards who think /pol/ is the reason for everything bad on 4chan.
>> No.46251  
More like the stupid is leaving and the retarded is staying
>> No.46297  
I can't seem to take it easy on /bun/ anymore. There isn't a single place on the internet where I feel at ease.
>> No.46304  
Just hide the thread and give it a week. Things will go back to normal.
>> No.46313  
But it's invading all the threads.
>> No.46314  
/bun/ is over
>> No.46317  
Not even Jones could kill /bun/, and boy did he try.
>> No.46319  
Only robotmetal.net can save us now.
>> No.46323  
Dead imageboards depress me.
>> No.46326  
Who's making you nervous on /bun/? Just link them to me.
I can make them all go away.
>> No.46328  
Your post makes me nervous.
>> No.46329  
>> No.46330  
Well, it's just an overall atmosphere thing. I wonder if it's just my nostalgia goggles are rose tinting my memories of early-days /bun/.
>> No.46333  
It's not just you, I think /bun/ changed too. More shitposters? I dunno.
>> No.46335  
Do you feel like crying when you visit iichan? I do.
>> No.46336  
That's exactly the one I was thinking about when I posted >>46323, yeah.
>> No.46365  
I'm getting real sick of watching Muramasa's end credits.
>> No.46413  
I guess it was just a matter of time till the shitheads infiltrate /bun/.
>> No.46442  
If I don't know enough Japanese to play the Pokemon games by October 1st, 2016 I'm going to kill myself.
>> No.46461  
I wish spammer-kun would at least bump different threads. It is tiring to always see the same threads on top.
>> No.46469  
that teenjbs guy sure is dedicated, he always posts here and /jp/ at the same time
>> No.46474  
I was wondering why that same thread was always on top even though it had no new posts and then I remembered 90% of the posts here are just spam.
>> No.46484  
At least it's not a gore spammer.
>> No.46487  
CP is worse than gore
>> No.46492  
Well, this Slegger/Mirai romance came out of freakin' nowhere. No sir, I don't like it.
>> No.46494  
I intensely disagree. If cp were legal it would be welcome here.
>> No.46497  
>>46494 endorses sexual abuse of real children, but at least he doesn't go so far as to condone torture of fictional children.
>> No.46500  
Explain to me how fapping to a picture encourages monstrously criminal behavior of people you don't know, who don't get money from you and who you've never been in contact with.
>> No.46501  
Freely viewing and distributing indecent images of children strengthens the child pornography industry, just like pirating games and movies strengthens the video games and film industries.
>> No.46502  
>Explain to me how fapping to a picture encourages monstrously criminal behavior of people you don't know, who don't get money from you and who you've never been in contact with.

The worst forms of child porn come from people who aren't in it for the money but create it specifically for other pedophiles to enjoy (in a similar but far more twisted way like how many artists create art not for money, but because it will please the people that enjoy the art, even if they do not have any contact with those people).

See http://wikileaks.org/wiki/My_life_in_child_porn, an insider perspective on child porn production.
>Specifically zealous fathers began even to abuse their own children and to share the pictures with others. This was nothing commercial - it was on grounds of seeking approval - these people wanted to be the biggest and got plenty of encouragement from lurkers (people that use the material in newsgroups without contributing anything themselves).
>Most are fathers with incestuous tendencies who meet in forums and chats. One begins to make and distribute images, perhaps initially only depicting the naked child - Then, the masturbating child, then the child being raped, and perhaps the child in a forced Sadomaso game. Each parent goes always a little further because he/she always has to offer a little more than the predecessor. In other words, the violent abuse takes place almost always in the family. By publication of these pictures they end up in the Internet. Again the Russians collect the material and publish it on commercial websites.
>> No.46503  
It's always the Russians. As a wise Japanese man once said: "Russia people is like black but wrong color by accident."
>> No.46504  
That and they play dota.
>> No.46517  
Somehow, I get the feeling that following that link would add some unfortunate lines to your NSA file.
>> No.46524  
Do you really care at this point?
>> No.46526  
To the NSA agent(s) reading this post:

Don't you have anything more important to do than reading what some lonely weaboos post on the internet? Why don't you stop wasting your time like this and go spying on those terrorists, the chinks or the commies?
Maybe you could even find some "proof" that ebola is being spread by those people so you can go drop hell on them.
It would make all of us happier. That is unless you enjoying reading neckbeards erping as underage boys on /ota/.
And stop posting that honeypot site on every /jp/ spinoff, it's getting pretty annoying.
>> No.46549  
det do your fucking job onegaiiiii
>> No.46550  
I think it's time for a IP whitelist.
>> No.46600  
I think that would be really stupid.
>> No.46602  
Oh I'm sure you think so, spammer-kun~
>> No.46603  
It is a bad idea, though. Most residential IPs are dynamic, including mine (and that's fully 50% of all two of us right there).
>> No.46604  
File: Twin.Peaks.S01E03.Zen.or.the.Skill.to.Catch.a.Kill.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.h.264-S3Y.mkv_snapshot_35.26_[2013.05.19_15.18.32].jpg -(76.2 KB, 942x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Can Frost and Lynch really make me like this show again in just two episodes?
>> No.46607  
Twin Peaks sucked because it put disproportionate focus on the insipid subplots and characters--an obvious try for broader appeal--rather than on the weird stuff that was actually interesting. If they're going to produce new episodes sans the intervention of corporate TV fatcats who were partly to blame for the show's lack of focus then I'm looking forward to it.
Then again, Twin Peaks is a bit overdue for a renewal with 90s nostalgia being in vogue. I wouldn't put it past Netflix or whoever's going to fund it to try and massively capitalize on it.
>> No.46610  
"Twin Peaks" sounds like a mom and pop knockoff Hooters.
>> No.46612  
So I started listening to Soul'd Out today, and my jaw dropped to the floor during the entirety of Magenta Magenta.
>> No.46613  
What kinda retard do you have to be to think that is a good idea? Did you start using computers yesterday^
>> No.46614  
I can't enjoy music anymore.
It almost all sounds like shit to me, even tracks I used to like. I only play music to liven up the place when it's dead night and I'm kinda scared
>> No.46618  
That's called clinical depression, bunbun
>> No.46620  
/bun/ mods, I understand you like CP, but please do your work. I don't want to be arrested and tortured by the FBI today.
>> No.46623  
I wonder if they just gave up?
>> No.46626  
Those girls were older than me.
>> No.46637  
File: UiAutism.jpg -(19.6 KB, 464x464) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What's an nsg male?

I wasn't even being sarcastic though.
>> No.46638  
>Then again, Twin Peaks is a bit overdue for a renewal
Can you see the future?
>> No.46641  
What kind of shitty clairvoyant would I be if I could only make broad claims like "x is overdue for renewal"? Isn't that more like something a librarian would say!
>> No.46657  
File: why yes thats exactly what i wanted thats why i entered it dumbfuck.png -(4.8 KB, 522x84) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Search engine auto-correction is so helpful.
>> No.46658  
Maybe it's trying to tell you something
>> No.46659  
nsg = Non straight gay
>> No.46665  
File: 41108621.jpg -(182.4 KB, 853x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Okay, that finale destroyed me. Good job Lynch.

I don't know what I hope for the new season. I'm scared.
>> No.46666  
I wonder what it would be like to have a cute stalkersecret admirer who works at the NSA.
>> No.46667  
Homosexuality is not cute.
>> No.46670  
Men aren't cute, so it's a girl by definition. FUCK YOU, DET
>> No.46673  
It seems that thread finally hit the bump limit.
>> No.46674  
I saw someone else that uses utorrent 2.2.1 in my peerlist.
I want to give them a silent nod.
>> No.46676  
Yeah us people who use old outdated p2p software full of security holes to download stuff from the internet, am I right
>> No.46686  
Better to have security holes than backdoors.
>> No.46687  
File: 1410961978797.gif -(2496.6 KB, 530x742) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>silent nod
>> No.46690  
So, how is your first week on /bun/?
>> No.46691  
I don't get this post.
>> No.46692  
I don't get this nodding man meme, I've seen it in some places but I just don't get it.
>> No.46695  
File: IDontGetIt.jpg -(164.8 KB, 846x477) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I couldn't help but read your comment in Shirou's voice.
>> No.46697  
The cat thread guy sure is pathetic.
>> No.46700  
Maybe it's just me, but it feels like shitposting, spam, and all around bad quality posts have increased considerably in the last few years, not on /bun/ specifically but on most imageboards and textboards. Like there is an organized effort to bring down the quality of all these places. I'm probably just being paranoid, though.
>> No.46701  
More people = lower quality. It's pretty simple.
>> No.46703  
Shirou probably wouldn't be goo with memes either.
>> No.46711  
As ridiculous as it is, there are actually Steam groups (plural) dedicated to organizing the shitposting effort to ruin /jp/. I'm not sure how active those places still are, though, and I don't know if those people shitpost outside of /jp/.
>> No.46739  
I just found out that some people actually post on /general/
>> No.46740  
File: janny is a cat.jpg -(215.4 KB, 792x1053) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Excuse me? Are you talking about the undersigned?

>> No.46743  
>Feel free to donate to aya@bunbunmaru.com via paypal if you feel contributing, it'd let me eat something more than tuna and rice for the next few months.

I wonder if anyone ever donated
>> No.46797  
Man, I feel bad for the Blockheads. All that work for such a little payout.
>> No.46858  
Just kill all pedos
>> No.46864  
Futari wa Milky Holmes is an under appreciated masterpiece, I think give it a couple decades and people will finally understand how groundbreaking and great it is.
>> No.46865  
File: IsThisBait.png -(371.4 KB, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.46871  
Can't you go spam 4/gnfos/ or something instead, spambot-san?
>> No.46965  
Doesn't look like the captcha is helping. Can't it be replaced by the kind of captcha asking an obvious question ("what game series is the character Aya Shameimaru from? (one word)")? Bots tend to have a hard time with those for non-notable sites.
>> No.46968  
There's no captcha for posting in current threads, so the text spam wouldn't be affected.
>> No.46975  
I was referring to the CP.
>> No.46983  
I seem to have missed that particular spam. Would you happen to have a screenshot available so I'll know what to look out for in the future?
>> No.46988  
Sorry, FBI-san, I try to ignore it whenever possible. If you're lucky, if you arrest me right now, I might still have the thumbnail in my browser cache.
>> No.46989  
Oh wait, you're in luck. There's some on /projects/ right now. Don't miss it!
>> No.47004  
You made me go to that horrible pointless board. Good job.
>> No.47026  
Spambot-kun is now the most active poster on /bun/.
>> No.47036  
I wonder how many times Araki said to himself "I'm making a stand" when writing Jojo then chuckled to himself.
>> No.47068  
Getting tired of seeing the same two threads on top every day.

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