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File: 719px-WC-2014-Brasil.svg.png -(132.7 KB, 719x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
135919 No.44464  
Any buns watching the world cup?
>> No.44467  
Dodgy as fuck penalty, but Oscar guaranteed it either way so they can't complain too loudly.
>> No.44470  

Yeah, I'm sure Croats would've left him alone like that if they weren't down 2-1.

Absolutely disgusting display yesterday, makes me wonder if I should even bother today. 2002 South Korea - Italy levels of rigging. They could at least try to conceal it a wee bit.
>> No.44489  
Africans too strong. Better luck next time, Japan.
>> No.44494  
So England play the best I've seen in years and still lose.
Ganbatte, Roy-tan.
>> No.44495  
It's day 3 and Spain Holland is already the game of the tournament.
>> No.44496  
Poor Rooney. I wonder if this match finally killed him off. That assist was beautiful, but I can't imagine how he's regretting about the wasted chance in the 2nd half.
>> No.44511  
Sasuga Portugal, you were absolutely terrible today.
>> No.44516  
Fuck yeah, USA
>> No.44517  
Pepe is a fucking idiot but Muller should have been at least booked for simulation. Cheating cunt does this all the time.
I actually feel bad for CRonaldo at this point.
>> No.44518  

>Pepe is a fucking idiot but Muller should have been at least booked for simulation. Cheating cunt does this all the time.

I would've given both of them a yellow. Pepe deserved a red for chimping out and being a thug but I would've spared him because actually red carding him was obviously rewarding Muller for being a cheating scum. If I had to throw out one of them I'd rather throw out Muller because he keeps proving that diving is a legitimate way to win football games. Which isn't exactly healthy for the sport.

>I actually feel bad for CRonaldo at this point.

Why? He always disappeares in big games. He has never ever delivered in a single important game on club level. This year's CL final was the very definition of who Ronaldo is: disappears, gets carried by Benzema and Ramos, shows up when the game is over and chimps out. He delivers for the NT sometimes but usually he's invisible and/or garbage. What's the point of having a great player if he always shits the bed on the big stage? Being a master chokeartist is hardly praiseworthy.
>> No.44519  
If I had Nani for support in midfield I'd probably fail to shine too. I think his game has matured immensely since his time in England, it's always sad to see such a decent player saddled with a shit nationality.
>> No.44523  
Did you even watch the match? Mueller wasn't simulating anything, Pepe did hit him in the face after all. That alone wouldn't have led to anything, since it was clearly unintentional. Then Pepe gets the brilliant idea to headbutt him.

I really don't see how anyone but Pepe can be blamed here, even if (and that's actually a big if) Mueller was overreacting.
>> No.44526  
>and that's actually a big if
You can't be serious.
Pepe's hand goes up and catches Muller under the chin, who falls to the floor like a sack of shit holding his forehead. If you watch much Bundesliga you'd see this from him a lot, blatant overreactions looking to con a free kick out of the officials.
Like I said, Pepe is a fucking idiot for rising to it, but the 'headbutt' was a touching of heads, not a fucking assault. Sure, you can't do that in a football game, despite how weak the contact was, so he deserved his punishment, but when their heads touch you can see Muller think about falling backwards and play acting for a second. Like the cheating, simulating cunt he is.
Did Pepe deserve his red? Probably.
Is Muller innocent in all this. Fuck no. He deserved a booking as much as Pepe.
>> No.44527  
Belgium-Algeria was on while I was in the gym so I watched the second half. Why is the logo a ball being held by a bunch of hands? Everyone knows you're not supposed to hold the ball with your hands in soccer!
>> No.44530  
Jammy Brazilian bastards.

I think it's supposed to be a palm tree but ALSO the world holding a football. Or something.
That was one of the weakest games if the tournament so far, Belgium failed to live up to the hype in their first game.
>> No.44539  

>it's always sad to see such a decent player saddled with a shit nationality.

Yeah, I agree. Too bad he's garbage on club level (aside from stat padding against relegation sides that is), maybe he'd be good for his NT if he had some supporting cast. Or maybe he'd just ride the other players' coattails like he always does.


>Did you even watch the match? Mueller wasn't simulating anything, Pepe did hit him in the face after all.

Yes, I saw it, Pepe almost tore Muller's face off, is he okay? Will he need a surgery for that? Judging by his reaction I thought Pepe gauged Muller's eyeballs out.

>Then Pepe gets the brilliant idea to headbutt him.

Headbutt, haha. He barely touched him. If Pepe deserved to get thrown out (he did) then he should've been booked for unsportsmanlike conduct. You can't react like that, even after such a disgusting dive. Grit your fucking teeth, you're not a kid.

>I really don't see how anyone but Pepe can be blamed here, even if (and that's actually a big if) Mueller was overreacting.

Muller is not at fault here. What was he supposed to do, wear a bulletproof vest? He got shot by a sniper, everybody would fall down after that. Must've hurt a lot, I'm surprised he didn't cry.

This is why I can't take modern football seriously. Diving is a legit tactic. You risk nothing (Muller didn't get booked even though it was about as blatant as it gets) but there's lots to gain (red cards for other players, pens). I used to dislike butchers like Keane and Vieira who were on the field for the sole purpose of trying to sneakily break somebody's legs but if a player like them would suddenly show up nowadays I'd respect him. They fouled hard but they also got fouled hard and while they would occasionally chimp out after a hard foul they weren't faggots who'd cry to the ref the second they felt some other player touched them.
>> No.44545  
File: cupx[1].jpg -(8.5 KB, 245x149) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
something along this line
>> No.44546  
>> No.44548  
File: 1403121774018.jpg -(167.4 KB, 1154x904) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44550  
Spain has, as the previous world champion, been eliminated (as one of the first two teams this World Cup) with a 5-1 and a 2-0 against teams with a FIFA ranking of 14 and 15. That's got to suck.
>> No.44551  
lol Spain, they didn't deserve it in the slightest.
Given their current form and how surprising Australia have been they might even end the group last.
>> No.44565  
Oh Japan. That was your big chance. Maybe next time.
>> No.44568  
Fucking England
>> No.44583  
You had one job, Iran.
>> No.44602  
I hope TEAM USA loses to Poortugal this evening so I don't have to hear about soccer any more
>> No.44603  
USA today 6:00
The tie yesterday increased the chance of US finishing first in group but decreased chance of getting past group stage.
>> No.44604  
I hope USA wins the World Cup so that everyone in the USA starts talking about soccer.
>> No.44608  
remove bento REMOVE BENTO you are worst coach you are cod smell
>> No.44609  
Team HUE let me down.
Oh well, at least we didn't win outright.
>> No.44643  
File: 1403632846930.jpg -(47.7 KB, 599x517) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
RIP Luis, enjoy never playing in this tournament again.
>> No.44644  
Uruguay High School Drama Club beat Italy, huh. Such acting. I only watched a few minutes before getting bored at all the feigned injuries and checking a different screen.
>> No.44648  
You disappoint me yet again, Nippon.
>> No.44651  
File: 2014 world cup greece ivory coast foul.jpg -(89.3 KB, 800x447) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well, we've got our controversial call of the tournament. In the 92nd minute of the Greece - Ivory Coast match, when the score was 1-1 (meaning Ivory Coast would move to top 16, unless Greece managed to score a goal), a penalty was given for this foul: http://webmup.com/zdmrP

Usually fouls are pretty clear and referees are just shit, but this one definitely is a difficult one. Though not touching the Greek himself, the Ivory Coast player blocks what could be the winning shot by putting his leg in front of the Greek's foot; perhaps intentionally, perhaps unintentionally.

Has there ever been a high-level precedent for something like this?
>> No.44654  
Not difficult at all. It's a penalty.
>> No.44656  
the nigger clearly tripped him by catching his foot on his leg.

Instead of running for the ball like is proper in Soccer, the nigger ran at the shit skinned turk.
It's clearly a foul from Cote d'Ivory.

It's also a bit of a stretch to say the shit skinned turk's kick would have landed a goal, that's just the slimey heeb being full of shit trying to make it look like he's not as lowly as a pack of niggers from africka when he clearly is as evident by the 1-1 score.

In any case, the filthy arab deserved a single penalty kick from the standard distance.
>> No.44660  

What 'controversy'? It's a clear cut pen, absolutely nothing to discuss here.

The real controversy is Croatia getting completely fucked over by the refs in their match again Brazil (should've ended 1-2 for Croatia, really), Dzeko's perfectly legit goal being disallowed, kicking Bosnia out of the tournament, Suarez biting people and getting away with it etc. etc. Refs have been garbage in this tournament. The ref in yesterday's Greece game was pretty good, really.
>> No.44679  
America wins!
>> No.44683  
File: b361cec4bd0e429552cfc707fe41d30a.png -(2169.8 KB, 1060x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Good thing Portugal pulled through.
>> No.44684  
Good-for-nothing Germans, they can wipe Portugal 4-0 but they don't bother to eliminate America the same way because they were going to advance regardless of the score? That kind of behavior shouldn't be allowed.
>> No.44686  
All teams do that, though.
>> No.44688  
Does that make it not shit?
>> No.44689  
They didn't field a weakened team, they just played worse. It happens.
>> No.44718  
If BR's get knocked out at home by Chile, will there be riots?
>> No.44719  
Never mind that.
>> No.44731  
Holy shit Columbia just won goal of the tournament. If they play like that against Brazil I can see them winning the whole thing.
>> No.44741  
Sorry Greece, you were too boring for this world cup.
Fuck you, Holland.
>> No.44744  
Not this shit again. It was a penalty, you weren't robbed, have some humility in defeat.

I swear, Mexicans are the sorest losers. Even worse than Brazilians.
>> No.44745  
I'm English, we wrote the book on humility AND defeat.
I just wanted to see Mexico go through.
>> No.44746  
I thought English people liked the Dutch?
>> No.44747  
File: DutchMountDramaticRallyWithTheatricalFall.jpg -(104.5 KB, 675x493) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44748  
>> No.44749  
I am glad all the irrelevant non-white nations are being removed from this WC.
>> No.44750  
I'm Dutch, and this is not the way I wanted my country to advance to the quarter-finals. We would've easily beat Mexico in the extra time, they completely lost it in the last 25 minutes of the game; diving for a penalty was not just cheating, it was even unnecessary.
>> No.44751  
It wasn't a dive.
>> No.44752  
Then what do you call falling to the ground despite not being touched in hopes of getting a free kick or penalty from the referee?
>> No.44753  

It was a dive depending on your definition.


However it was also an obvious pen. Nothing to discuss here. It's a foul in the box. What else could it have been?

You can complain about Robben pretending he was shot by an invisible sniper all you want. You can make fun of him for doing his best to make it look like Marquez wanted to break his legs. But no matter how much you'll talk about it the facts won't change. A pen is a pen, no matter how the player who got fouled acts.
>> No.44755  
>A pen is a pen, no matter how the player who got fouled acts.
But it was never a foul in the first place. Robben lost control of the ball and the opponent was in his way (so he couldn't get to the ball before an opponent), so he fell to the ground because otherwise Mexico would gain control of the ball and the Netherlands wouldn't be able to score.

If he just exaggerated then I might even have been okay with it. But the opponent didn't do anything that was against the rules.
>> No.44756  
File: 1404161166573.jpg -(39.7 KB, 530x298) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>But the opponent didn't do anything that was against the rules.
>> No.44757  
You guys need to stop applying everyday logic to divegrass.
If there is contact in the box and you go down convincingly enough it is a penalty, end of story. It doesn't matter that a drunk 5yo could have remained on his feet because the contact was so light, what matters is that contact was made. Robben knows he went down looking for it, the Dutch and the Mexicans know it, the coaches, commentators and the tens of millions of people watching the match know it.
Was it the right tactical decision to go down? Yes.
Is it fucking embarrassing that this is the state of football these days? Yes.
Was the referee right to award a penalty. Yes.
>> No.44760  
Try a different angle. The opponent's foot was not in front of Robben's, only close to it.
>> No.44763  
What >>44757 said. Get over it. Besides, Mexico was already playing like shit at this point, it was inevitable they would suffer another goal.

Also, are you forgetting the foul in the first half where the ref didn't even award a penalty for the Netherlands?
>> No.44765  
Thank goodness the Americans are about to win this world cup, and embarrass the yuropoors at their own pathetic sport.
>> No.44766  
>Also, are you forgetting the foul in the first half where the ref didn't even award a penalty for the Netherlands?
Two wrongs don't make a right. Netherlands deserved a penalty back then, but they didn't at the decisive moment, regardless of any injustice done to them before.
>> No.44768  
Gosh, I hope not. FREEDOM is not about feigning fouls for points.
>> No.44771  
File: bd73e67bdcf5be0e8fdc5ad95d9c8aba.png -(2176.3 KB, 1060x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No freedom this year. Guess I have to cheer for the last North American team now.
>> No.44772  
Team White still can win.
>> No.44773  
File: UJ75m1c.jpg -(148.0 KB, 850x566) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44775  
If only every person on the US team was as great as Tim Howard.
>> No.44780  
Better than Wondo!
>> No.44786  
I'd pay more attention to soccer if it was a game of cute girls posing with a ball
>> No.44826  
The top cheater on team cheaters broke his back lol
>> No.44828  
Fellaini is such a piece of shit, all he does is foul constantly.
>> No.44833  
File: GAME OVER.JPG -(147.8 KB, 960x532) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I never expected to see Netherlands win an important game via penalties. We have been eliminated via penalties four times in the past (one World Cup, three European Cups), having survived only one penalty shootout in our football team's history (Euro 2004 against Sweden, and only just barely, 5-4 after 12 penalties). I'm pretty sure almost every Dutchman expected Costa Rica to win once it came to penalties. Yet, somehow, Netherlands won the penalty shootout against Costa Rica.

Mad props to Costa Rica for managing to defend against Netherlands for 120 minutes. Many feel playing a practically 10-0-0 formation was lame, but Costa Rica would have won if it weren't for the miracle that happened at the end.
>> No.44834  
Saving two penalties hardly qualifies as a miracle.
>> No.44835  
Netherlands winning a penalty shootout is a miracle. We've lost three semi-finals and a quarter-final to penalties before, every time doing well enough to have a shot at winning the tournament until encountering the tournament-ending penalty shootouts. Most of the times Netherlands has been doing well at FIFA or Euro, they've been stopped by penalty shootouts. A draw in a knockout round has always been equivalent to a loss to the Netherlands.
>> No.44836  
To expand on this a bit, the times we advanced to the knockout stage yet were not eliminated in a penalty shootout it resulted in:
FIFA - 3 finals, 1 quarter final, 2 rounds of 16
Euro - 1 tournament win, 2 semi-finals, 1 quarter final
Out of 14 major tournaments where we got to the knockout stage, 4 were lost to penalty shootouts; over half of the remaining ones got us to semi-finals or higher (that is, 4th place in tournament or higher) [not to mention 3 of those 4 shootouts were at that level]. Penalty shootouts have been possibly the most important factor in Netherlands only once winning Euro, never winning FIFA and only playing in FIFA finals thrice.
>> No.44867  
Brazil, what the fuck.
>> No.44868  
Germany scores five times in first 30 minutes
>> No.44869  
Is this real life.
>> No.44870  
So that little storm here are just fireworks?
>> No.44872  
File: 1404851262251.jpg -(323.5 KB, 1094x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44873  
File: 1404851767623.gif -(3029.2 KB, 460x252) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Raping Portugal wasn't enough, so now the Germans are going after their son.
>> No.44874  
File: 1404852459979.png -(540.8 KB, 696x369) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44875  
Nothing short of the Germans lying down and falling asleep will turn this match around.

What the fuck is wrong with this Brazil? Do T.Silva and Neymar make this much of a difference?
>> No.44876  
It keeps happening!
>> No.44877  
>> No.44878  
File: 1404853364126.jpg -(3842.0 KB, 4128x3096) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Good job BRA7-1L.

>> No.44879  
File: 1404856140681.jpg -(20.7 KB, 480x286) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44880  
File: pwnt.jpg -(277.4 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44881  
>scrolling scoresheet

top hue
>> No.44882  

Deutschland ├╝ber alles
>> No.44897  
Karma yo
>> No.44905  
Argentina barely advances yet again.
>> No.44906  
Eliminated via penalties again. Not even a miracle can save Netherlands from the inevitable loss to penalty shootout.

Euro 1992
Euro 1996
FIFA 1998
Euro 2000
FIFA 2014
>> No.44908  
Better luck next time.

You'll never win a WC.
>> No.44923  
It's too bad, really, I would have loved seeing you in the finals. Germany - Argentina is also a classic though, so I can't complain too much.
>> No.44965  
It's happening again
>> No.44967  
I feel so sorry for them. I wanted them out but not like this.
>> No.44980  
Ordnung und Fortschritt will prevail.
>> No.44983  
1-0 USA world champ.
>> No.44984  
File: 1405286953297.png -(250.6 KB, 800x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Told you.
>> No.44987  
Why USA?
>> No.44991  
USA always wins, commie.
>> No.44995  
Woooo, world champions! Now it's back to not caring about football for the next 2 years.

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