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116567 No.46065  
Let's make a list of things we were born too early to do

-exploring space
-fucking intelligent, good looking and affordable sexbots
-experiencing true VR (?)
>> No.46066  
>> No.46067  
Don't be such a pessimist, there's no reason to believe we can't have those experiences before we die.
>> No.46070  
Everyone who wants the future should read William Gibson's "Distrust that particular flavour".
>> No.46072  
but those things are going to happen in less than a few decades. With our life expectancy at like 80+ (or possibly hundreds of years or more), it's unlikely that we won't experience them.
>> No.46074  
Yeah sure.
>exploring space
Maybe if you're a billionaire.

>fucking intelligent, good looking and affordable sexbots
A decent sexbot like the ones we see in our porn comics will require an AI way more advanced than what we have right now.
That + the mechanical parts to make it move like a human and the materials to make it look and feel good and by the time they're affordable we'll be dead or not able to get boners anymore

>-experiencing true VR (?)
I don't know about this one, I guess OP is imagining something SAO like.
I don't think this will be possible any time soon

>> No.46075  
-Experiencing the transformation of our countries into true police states, where none of these things will be allowed (and in the case of sexbots, the very thought will be punished)

-Seeing the collapse of the American Empire and the wars it causes

-Having our minds read and altered for the sake of "justice"

-Suffering unpleasant direct stimulation of the brain as a form of torture

But we should remain optimistic...there's still a decent chance we'll see some of these during our lifetimes!
>> No.46085  
I don't know SAO but prosthetic limbs can have sensory output these days. "True" VR is just around the corner.

Realistically only your space objection has substance. And even then, once we have colonies in space, it won't be prohibitively expensive to launch spacecraft, so who knows?

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