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File: 9b018734963fcb5152370d3e134ff046.jpg -(170.1 KB, 500x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
174186 No.47069  
Where did 2014 go?
>> No.47070  
I had just posted in the last thread.
>> No.47071  
Also, just make yet another 'lol niggas are so dumb' thread if you really have to, stop shitting up the quotes thread.
>> No.47072  
Better yet, fuck off to another corner of the internet.
>> No.47073  
File: 697bfb90885022b972d6ace36ce165f6.jpg -(51.5 KB, 600x584) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's basically like I entered a time portal and ended up near the end of 2014.

I couldn't recall anything notable, it's like one big blur. Like one really like long day where I did the same shit over and over again.
>> No.47074  
That was a typo by the way, I don't overuse "like" like that.

Who hurt you?
>> No.47076  
I feel the same way.
>> No.47078  
Any tips on cooking rice?
>> No.47079  
There are still two full months and 9 days left in 2014, anons. That's 19% of 2014 still to go!
>> No.47080  
File: i would eat her rice balls.png -(2270.7 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Rinse it really good before cooking it. People think you don't have to do this, but this actually makes a really huge difference.

Then just boil some water, put the rice in, then dump out water until it approximately looks like a 2:1 water to rice ratio. Turn flame on as low it can go, cover it up, then wait a while and it's done.
>> No.47081  
I love you, random optimistic bun. I wish I could share your outlook on life.
>> No.47082  
Or spend $20 on a rice cooker and just set and forget.
>> No.47083  
I use a Tupperware rice cooker, myself, and it works like a charm! Saves a lot of time and hassle.
>> No.47084  
Cooking with flames?!
I use the tried and tested "put it on the stove, forget about it, eat mushy rice and cry inside" technique.
>> No.47085  
I am currently jobless, can't motivate myself to find a job or do anything productive (haven't created stuff in ages) and my life is currently going nowhere. But thanks.
>> No.47086  
I just pour instant rice onto a plate to measure it, put it in a pan, add a random amount of water and put it on the stove. Been doing it like that for years, never had a problem with it.
>> No.47088  
File: 6c101c2ddadd2fa060a90882a77b3b49.jpg -(406.2 KB, 588x874) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thread #9 and I see no Cirno in the OP.

Use a rice cooker.
>> No.47089  
Guess I should buy a rice cooker.
>> No.47090  
Girls sure are soft.
>> No.47091  
Not that you would know, right?
>> No.47093  
Not only is it CP, but it's gay shit.
>> No.47097  
File: faries wear boots.jpg -(2243.1 KB, 3340x4723) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Her name is actually Chiruno, like "Chill no".
>> No.47099  
I can't find motivation to do anything or care for anything. I can't focus on anything either.
>> No.47100  
Keep up the good work.
>> No.47102  
I know, you silly nerd. I don't want to look like a total weeb in front of my bun friends like you do.

Oh lord, my head. No more cognac on empty stomach.
>> No.47103  
File: FlowersPrologue03.JPG -(160.5 KB, 1286x749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Shranui as OP image. I'm okay with this.

2014 was an eventful year.

There were multiple shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa today, just 5km from my home. That's fucking scary (ノдヽ)

Translating is decently fun stuff! I guess it's because I'm just doing it for some friends without the pressure of having to make it really good.

Sorry about the thoughts-dump.
>> No.47115  
5km from parliament? Do you live on the good side of gatineau or the bad side of Ottawa?
>> No.47118  
File: Somewhere in Ontario.jpg -(98.5 KB, 612x816) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Trains really are the best way to travel medium distances.

The side with the higher minimum legal drinking age. North-east of Parliament, to be precise.
>> No.47121  
You have two minimum drinking ages in one city? Does Ottawa sit on a state border?
>> No.47123  
Ottawa is in Ontario and across the Ottawa river to the north is the province of Quebec.
>> No.47128  
I've seen Men in Black with all 5 members of my family probably more than a dozen times, we used to watch it all the time for some reason.
The last time I saw it was the last time it was shown on Sky Movies about a decade ago.
>> No.47129  
Just let him suck your dick already.
>> No.47135  
whoah this weblog is great
>> No.47178  
What's a "synthetic girl"?
>> No.47181  
>> No.47182  
File: 1414176281652.jpg -(695.9 KB, 1200x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.47187  
But that's a cat.
>> No.47188  
I think it's a doll in a fursuit.
>> No.47189  
File: 1402777725395.jpg -(44.9 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

a suit implies that the body is fully covered by the suit.
Hence, fursuit, birthday suit, 3-piece suit.
>> No.47190  
I had forgotten how beautiful The Little Prince is.
>> No.47192  
>> No.47196  
Just cleaned my keyboard for the first time ever. God, that was disgusting.
>> No.47230  
And that's why you shouldn't cum on the keyboard.
>> No.47295  
Oh it's Halloween
>> No.47296  
Yeah nice job copying my post.
>> No.47297  
I dislike black people.
>> No.47299  
what post
>> No.47300  
Very original post.
>> No.47309  
Man, when did they give Scooby-Doo an overarching and continuous plot? The new girl kinda cute, though.
>> No.47332  
hats are gone for good
>> No.47428  
So what's with these pregnancy test pictures?
>> No.47429  
i have been wondering that myself
they're not very funny
>> No.47435  
monthly shitty popular meme
I'd rather warosu shit any time
>> No.47438  
Yes, but where did it come from? The hands with the pregnancy test seem consistent; were they ripped from a recent anime or something?
>> No.47443  
Didn't it come from 2chan, like most other Jap memes? I have no idea what anime it is though.
>> No.47444  
I kinda like warosu shitposting
>> No.47448  
Why do people who live in countries full of people hostile to their religion not just pretend to believe the same stuff as everyone else?
>> No.47449  
File: wwww.jpg -(105.5 KB, 550x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.47452  
Someone posted the template on Twitter (just like where every other Jap memes originate from nowadays, grampa) and people started rolling with it.
>> No.47455  
Miss teacher, please don't answer my e-mail with an ;-) at the end.
>> No.47460  
She wants you.
>> No.47472  
>> No.47484  
I hate white people so much that I'm going to kill myself for being white.
>> No.47486  
I hate white people too but it's fine because I identify as a native-american black Ashkenazi Jew.
>> No.47487  
Mocking crazy tumblrites is played out. They're such an easy target, it's like mocking a raving homeless guy.
>> No.47488  
Except unlike homeless people, tumblrites are taken seriously.
>> No.47491  
>I identify as
Pretty sure most tumblrers hate otherkins with the spirit animal stuff or whatever you're trying to make fun of.
>> No.47493  
That kind of crazy was a joke on the Internet way back when the blog site of choice was LiveJournal. Nothing's changed except site interfaces (tumbler's seriously blows).
>> No.47496  
Fun little game http://voar.io/
>> No.47501  
Nice try FBI-san.
>> No.47510  
I don't know why my seat cushion has suddenly started to leak this clear, sticky fluid, but I find it highly disturbing.
>> No.47511  
I bet it's because you keep rubbing your lewd butt all over it.
>> No.47517  
Maria, why is it Monday again. How can ordinary people live like this. Somebody just shoot me, please.
>> No.47518  
That's why you should start a business, find a good location, promote it, make sure it's successful, and then hire employees to do all of the work for you. Then you can be a rich NEET for the rest of your life.
>> No.47521  
Sure that's going to work out. My years as a NEET totally haven't transformed me into a quiet guy, who's awkward around people, rarely talks about his private life and has a healthy lack of self-confidence.
I'm off. See you in 10 hours my buns.
>> No.47531  
File: OhYahSueMe.jpg -(306.5 KB, 853x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Eat a raw shy, bunbun!
>> No.47532  
Don't you hate when you decide to do something but then you get a RAGING BONER all of a sudden and then the next hour is wasted catering to the damn thing?
>> No.47535  
I just rub my penis for a minute or two, then some white stuff comes out and it goes away.
>> No.47554  
Your account has been disabled.

Well, fuck you too.
>> No.47558  
Which account?
>> No.47562  
His account.
>> No.47563  
File: VOB9Mc7.jpg -(4.9 KB, 125x125) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Only takes a minute, huh?
>> No.47566  
I wonder if there are some degenerates out there who actually sing along to anime openings?
>> No.47567  
I sang to cartoon openings as a kid. Songs are made to be sung.
>> No.47569  
Sounds really embarrassing.
>> No.47570  
>> No.47573  
It just does. I guarantee you if I tried to sing along, my cheeks would be red. (Doubly so since it's in another language and I'd be butchering it!)
>> No.47574  
Animebytes. I was downloading Mushishi and then I saw all my torrents from AB suddenly gave me the error message: passkey not found. Then I tried to log in. I'm probably banned due to inactivity or because of hit-and-runs.
>> No.47579  
File: 37a0dbf50ce7924caf633c7aeab35df6.jpg -(49.8 KB, 472x472) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm an expert at speed runs.
>> No.47583  
I really, really like this post
>> No.47611  
I bet you do, >>47449-san.
>> No.47624  
Are you a /bun/ mod? Is this confirmed? I'm scared.
>> No.47625  
No, just somebody with a little common sense. Only the guy who posted that 4/ota/ meme in the first place would appreciate it, right?
>> No.47627  
I really, really like this post
>> No.47632  
I'm fairly certain there is literally no way I can pass this class, by not passing it'll destroy all my plans and I won't be able to graduate. Maybe I should just go die.
>> No.47634  
Nothing is ever the end of the world, and life will go on even if you fuck up every now and then. Accept the inevitable and plan ahead for what comes after.
>> No.47635  
Death is a long-term solution for a short-term problem.
>> No.47648  
This is what people who have never suffered depression actually believe.
>> No.47649  
Cool meme, bro. Are you from 4chan? Do the waifu one.
>> No.47660  
File: i know wai-fu.jpeg -(2278.9 KB, 3048x4479) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The eternal question
>> No.47714  
File: 230ef3638c5d85e00f428167ebd4549c.jpg -(31.7 KB, 550x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No question about it.
>> No.47715  
Why would anyone want a Evangelion-girl. They're all horribly broken.
>> No.47718  
Why wouldn't anyone want a Evangelion-girl. They're all horribly broken.
>> No.47735  
First time a gallery I uploaded got #1 on the daily gallery toplist on exhentai. Thing is, I did neither the translation nor editing for it (was just a quality checker) so I piggy-backed off other people's hard work. Takes away from the accomplishment; oh well.
>> No.47744  
Is it much of an accomplishment to be on a list containing titles like "Tranny Sorcerer" and "Dota2 Ero Gif"?
>> No.47762  
Usually I'm outside from 10:00~21:00 on Tuesdays and Thursday so I don't check /bun/, but I decided to make a brief return home and saw of bunch of spam on /photos/ and /general/, which I then cleaned. Come on other mods, stop being bums.
>> No.47769  
I'm getting really tired of the spam, can't Jones use his expert programmer skills to do something about it?
>> No.47782  
Maybe if these fucking nerd mods would actually use the anti-spam features built into the board and/or ban instead of just deleting /photos/ wouldn't have such a spam problem.
>> No.47811  
Well, I barely moderate anymore because I don't check often anymore so I'm not one to speak, but...
a) Wakaba's anti-spam features are a joke and don't really help against most of the spam we get.
b) Bans don't help because spammers change their IP every other post pretty much.
>> No.47840  
Lock your doors.
>> No.47841  
>> No.47847  
Dat acoustic Fuwa Fuwa Time. Do you still come to /bun/, bunbun?
>> No.47852  
Are you drunk again?
>> No.47857  
>> No.47917  
The last time I talked to spam I got mistakenly permabanned.
>> No.47920  
Sounds dangerous.
>> No.47929  
>Hate speech is not tolerated on Inkstand.
>trigger warning system
>You can use a full styling theme with your personal blog, à la tumblr.
>Users you block will not be able to reblog, like, or view any posts you make on your blog.

This is like SJW heaven. What's going to happen to tumblr once inkstand is launched?
>> No.47930  

it's going to at first be quite popular, then it's going to fail quite hard. All because of womyn's hypocritical nature. They want the ability to block other people, and block them 100% completely. That will draw them, but then there's the fatal flaw:
Femenists can not live while people block them. Every person that blocks them is a source of attention that they desperately need and cannot live without.

If that source of blocking only goes one way, they will be happy, but that is impossible as they will eventually start blocking each other and the system will fail.
>> No.47933  
I clicked on /projects/ by accident today.
>> No.47934  
My condolences
>> No.47940  
This year's SaiDFC sure went by fast.
>> No.47943  
my farts are really bad today
>> No.47944  
At least Ilya's not on it again.
>> No.47951  
File: [HorribleSubs] Engaged to the Unidentified - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.21_[2014.03.07_11.17.01].png -(441.8 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fucking Mashiro-tan? Really? Her whole job in the show was being one insufferable little shit with an unbelievably annoying voice and getting molested by Onee-sama.
>> No.47952  
>> No.47966  
File: 1398770290897.jpg -(698.9 KB, 1536x2928) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm gonna do drugs and go on /bun/ and no ones gonna stop me!
>> No.47977  
i'm really angry right now
>> No.47978  
Me too, drug users are disgusting.
>> No.47981  
Yeah, especially tobacco smokers that smoke near me.
>> No.47985  
Luckily smoking is slowly dying off as it becomes less socially acceptable. I think less than one in five people smoke now.
>> No.47986  
please fuck me
>> No.47987  
Nobody wants to fuck a fat loser nerd.
>> No.47991  
sex is gross
>> No.47992  
File: 1354796097491.jpg -(78.7 KB, 471x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.47999  
S-s-stop st-st-stammering
>> No.48005  
are you a qt, bunbun?
>> No.48022  
File: -.png -(38.5 KB, 335x182) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48044  
ANN's review for Aku no Hana is the funniest thing I've read all week.
>> No.48050  
Please help me /bun/ I woke up with a terrible pain on my lower shoulders and it won't go away please help me oh God I can hardly move my arms
>> No.48051  
My neck hurts too I can't sit straight urgh
>> No.48052  
I'm sorry, it's lethal.
>> No.48053  
That's what you get for overfapping.
>> No.48054  
I haven't masturbated in close to 2 weeks, though. I think I just have a bad sleeping posture.
>> No.48065  
Apply icyhot/bengay/whatever that cream is called to your neck, shoulders, and upper back. It's happened to me a couple times before.

Stretch your joints during a hot shower every morning as a preventative.
>> No.48067  
I had too much sex and now I'm too tired to do anything
>> No.48106  
iBun sounds like a really good name for an app
>> No.48107  
Yeah Jones, where is our mobile /bun/ app for Android/iOS?
>> No.48110  
why make an app that'll get 2 downloads max
>> No.48114  
App programming is too object-oriented for little old me
>> No.48118  
12 13 14

>> No.48124  
How did you know my age?
>> No.48128  
Instead of working on my report, I looked at ero anime pictures and fapped all day.

  ___                             ム  i
 「 ヒ_i〉                            ゝ 〈
 ト ノ                           iニ(()
 i  {              ネ申           |  ヽ
 i  i           /      \           i   }
 |   i         /(●)   ( ● )\       {、  λ
 ト-┤.      /    (__人__)    \    ,ノ  ̄ ,!
 i   ゝ、_     <     ´ ̄`        >,. '´ハ   ,!
. ヽ、    `` 、,__\              /" \  ヽ/
   \ノ ノ   ハ ̄r/:::r―--―/::7   ノ    /
       ヽ.      ヽ::〈; . '::. :' |::/   /   ,. "
        `ー 、    \ヽ::. ;:::|/     r'"
     / ̄二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二ヽ
     |   |      ぬ る ぽ 神        │|
>> No.48130  
Are you my teammate? Fuck you, we were waiting for your part the whole day, ya fucking slimy indian
>> No.48160  
Stop talking to me, I just want to masturbate.
>> No.48162  
Hey buddy.
>> No.48244  
Oh god, I'm really going to Japan for real, aren't I (((( ;°Д°))))

I-is there any Japan bunbun/Comiket-going bunbun who wants to meet up?
>> No.48245  
Good luck, /bun/ny
>> No.48247  
I hate people that sage only to make their name blue.
>> No.48248  
The japanese have got a belief that's more or less "the winner of a war is always right", which is the main reason why all of their cartoon characters are now white
>> No.48249  
Or maybe they realize anything else looks fucking ugly (especially) in cartoons
>> No.48250  
when I wrote this post I was only thinking of whites and asians
>> No.48254  
is there a secret /bun/ plugin that makes this board more user-friendly?
>> No.48255  
>> No.48261  
Who invited the weird Noel guy who just kept saying his name
>> No.48263  
I thought I could use the file side of my nail clipper to round off the broken edges of my toenail so it wouldn't snag on socks, but it was totally ineffective.
What's a nail file even for, then?
>> No.48267  
Perhaps you need to file it more?
>> No.48277  
My room smells like an onahole.
>> No.48283  
Apart from semen, what does an onahole smell like?
>> No.48285  
Wooden floors are strangely satisfying to walk on.
>> No.48286  
I imagine plastic?
>> No.48305  
DFC is overrated
>> No.48310  
Your mom was overrated
>> No.48311  
Why does nicovideo always want a special treatment.
>> No.48316  
My tv is beat boxing and it sounds pretty cool but I was trying to watch something.
>> No.48354  
tfw no train otaku gf
>> No.48358  
File: 0c2765ab21b6d07b60961cf1b64586f9.jpg -(1073.5 KB, 1000x1414) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48360  
Proportions are too comical to be erotic
>> No.48361  
Happy 2015 /bun/
>> No.48362  
Jones please
>> No.48364  
He's entirely right. As cute as the face may look, those tits ruin everything.
>> No.48367  
This doesn't make any sense metaphorically.
>> No.48369  
the first tit is 2014
the second tit is 2015
there's an arrow going from the first tit, 2014, to the second tit, 2015
this represents the passage from 2014 to 2015
>> No.48374  
whoah, that's pretty deep.

Happy New Year bunbuns.
>> No.48378  
Muh dick.
>> No.48381  
But why would you want to go from one tit to the other?
>> No.48384  
What's the point of having 2 tits then
>> No.48402  
File: c640x360_32.jpg -(20.4 KB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Number of tits = 2 × average number of simultaneously birthed offspring (1 in humans)
It's to prevent there being a runt of the litter.
>> No.48411  
>> No.48418  
Do you really think in exhentai links?
>> No.48422  
Yeah I even dream in code
>> No.48427  
It shouldn't hurt this much.
>> No.48429  
Lost your anal virginity?
>> No.48443  
Our photography teacher died. He was a positive man. Always patient, never raised his voice, only saw the good qualities in his students. Very laid back, chatted about all and sundry while we're doing our photo projects. One of those zen guys. Often talked about his philosophical teacher/master and all the good things in life. Our principal came in fifteen minutes before our photography class and informed us about his death. The following gathering in his class room with all students from all semesters from our department and the faculty was awfully quiet and unpleasant. I couldn't stand to look in all the faces.
>> No.48444  
Happy new year, buns.

I'm sorry for your loss.
>> No.48447  
Funny, a photography professor at my school died recently. Who is killing photographers?
>> No.48454  
File: Untitled.png -(15.7 KB, 739x282) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This made me laugh.
>> No.48456  
I've been coughing up bloody phlegm. Is it over?
>> No.48457  
You probably just had a nosebleed in the night.
>> No.48459  
It's been happening for a few days. I had a cold that lasted around a week, but that's over now.
>> No.48464  
From my extensive medical knowledge, I can say with certainity that you're suffering from generic anime terminal illness. If you have a battle with your rival, you're doomed, but if the protagonist confesses his love to you there might be a chance.
>> No.48467  
And don't let rain touch you
>> No.48484  
Why does everybody killed by terrorists get called a hero? Does the word mean nothing anymore?
>> No.48518  
Most people who die of unfortunate causes are remembered that way. Especially if they're young.
>> No.48519  
File: alex-jones.png -(328.9 KB, 550x587) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looks like the disgusting incest thread got bumped after some guys insulted russian rockets. Coincidence?
>> No.48521  
File: 529877b0b2bdd.jpg -(162.9 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48524  
I remember thinking of posting a post like this one but I can't remember if I actually did and if this post is mine.
>> No.48527  
File: Alex-the-lizardman.jpg -(154.0 KB, 1212x864) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There's no way this guy could be broadcasting for so long without being co-opted by our lizard illuminati overlords, the same lizard illuminati who keep bumping that creepy thread
>> No.48560  
Really, Firefox? A share button in the header?
>> No.48568  
Don't you want to tell all your facebook friends about your latest post in Bunbunmaru's butt thread?
>> No.48571  
when I saw it first I thought it was some rogue plugin

luckily it's easily removed
>> No.48574  
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
>> No.48582  
i was thinking it was some kind of malware that found its way to my computer and i was getting a bit desperate, thanks for clearing it up
>> No.48583  
I don't see anything, are you using nightly or something?
>> No.48584  
Have you upgraded to version 35.0?
>> No.48585  
I checked the about page and now it's downloading the update
seems like it's stuck at 294 KB though
what do
>> No.48588  
Sounds like a data decompression error. Have you tried using scandisk to realign your megabytes?
>> No.48608  
Somebody recommend me a seriously good 10/10 manga I haven't read yet please
>> No.48609  
>> No.48610  
>> No.48612  
Those are both shit
>> No.48613  
Waga Tousou
>> No.48614  
I said "good"
>> No.48616  
i dont know alot about mangas, but my freind is like super into the narooto this one time i was eathing beef brisket at his house and his mum makes like the best beef brisket i ever eaten but anywayes he was going too show me the ninja signs but his mum told him no ninja stuff at the table so he stopped
>> No.48619  
It's over, /bun/. I have the anime disease. My mysterious cough has finally turned into spitting up blood. Without a love interest to somehow magically save me I'm doomed.

R.I.P me.
>> No.48620  
;_; you should really go see a doctor.
>> No.48621  
are you cute ~uguu
>> No.48622  
>> No.48623  
Please don't kick the bucket, bun. I wouldn't even know if I should mourn the loss of that one bun who got the anime disease or not, because I'd never find out if you're okay or not.
>> No.48628  
If there were 2 pics less itt there would be 222 replies and 22 images
>> No.48629  
hehehehe bunbun lololOLOLOLO
>> No.48635  
Aaaand it's furrybait. Big surprise.
>> No.48640  
What is?
>> No.48642  
Today was a good day
>> No.48643  
The Endless Forest.
>> No.48647  
Wow, really? I remember playing this years ago. It was neat at the time, but there wasn't much to do.
>> No.48649  
There is still not much to do, besides the rudimentary interacting between players and hopping through the forest. It's kinda sad. There are obviously some dedicated users who play this "game" everyday.
>> No.48676  
File: question mark.png -(85.9 KB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yesterday my mouse wheel started double clicking, sometimes even quadruple clicking
So every time I middle click a link or an image it opens 2-4 tabs
>> No.48681  
I had one that did that a long time ago.
I think it was fixable but can't remember how.
Please enjoy this very helpful post instead.
>> No.48682  
I also had this problem. It goes away after some time. Fucking tech-demons.
>> No.48688  
Back in the day you could fix mouse problems by taking the ball out and cleaning the little wheels. A simpler, better time :(
>> No.48689  
I was so angry that my head hurts now.
>> No.48690  
I had a similar issue with my mouse, but it was the left click, not mouse wheel. The problem went away after I blasted my mouse with compressed air for a minute or two.
>> No.48696  
File: angry_sun.jpg -(7.1 KB, 229x226) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fuck you, you stupid fucking gamebook holy shit.
>> No.48697  
Calm down bunbun.
Maybe I can help you relieve all that stress you got there?
>> No.48698  
How do you plan on doing that?
>> No.48700  
Hang on let me find an anime for it!
>> No.48701  
What the fuck I meant image and then I was going to not post any image
oh god this is getting really embarrassing
>> No.48702  
File: 9eecfa98fd1c043a3b546b7e58266d75.png -(1227.6 KB, 960x1700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Found it!
>> No.48705  
Are you pretending to be me
>> No.48706  
>> No.48707  
Please don't post yaois here.
>> No.48708  
Sorry, I thought it would make you feel better.
>> No.48709  
I'm not the bun who was feeling down but all I can think of looking at that picture is "that's gotta be painful."
>> No.48830  
Things like this make me upset. It's very selfish of you. Not everyone is a homosexual but you're so self absorbed and vain that you naturally think everyone is and wants to see that.
>> No.48831  
Why do you assume there is anything homosexual going in that image?
Are you a faggot?
>> No.48832  
Please go back to moots place.
>> No.48833  
Go back to fucking 4Chan kiddo.
>> No.48834  
I wonder this guy is trying to accomplish with this epic memeposting.
>> No.48835  
Posters like that tend to want acknowledgement, especially in the form of (negative [or affirming (in the sense of "I'm also a shitposter and you're doing a good job")]) responses.

It's basically like a normal troll, but with less effort (no creativity required, just stick to established tactics). I wish shitposters would just discard their repetitive established tactics (which in the first place only work if people are REALLY dumb or are shitposters themselves pretending to be really dumb) and go back to old-fashioned trolling; that way it's amusing to more people than just the person posting it. But as long as trolling is an art and shitposting is just a matter of doing the same thing over and over again without having to put in any effort I'm not optimistic about that possibility.
>> No.48866  
RIP North East buns
>> No.48933  
God, I fucking hate ammonia.
>> No.48936  
It could be worse, it could be nitric acid (the worst smelling chemical in the world)
>> No.48947  
File: BOfight.jpg -(80.9 KB, 717x739) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It could be worse, it could be Demonbane's farts (the worst smelling chemical in the multiverse)
>> No.48973  
I miss playing mahjong with /jp/
>> No.48976  
Note to self: make sure the toes are not in the way when closing the room door.
>> No.49006  
I never have a good last image saved when I see the last image saved thread.
>> No.49008  
Post your second last image saved, or third last image saved, or further down. There's gotta be some image you can post.
>> No.49014  
That would be cheating, aniki.
>> No.49016  
No one knows, unless you post something with a dated filename.
>> No.49070  
Even if you're only cheating yourself, it's still wrong.
>> No.49091  
If an astronaut dies in space, will he become a skeleton eventually?
>> No.49092  
Good question. The bacteria will eat away at his insides, but I'm not sure the skin will be consumed.
>> No.49093  
probably depends on what the anaerobic bacteria can manage and if they can function with all the cosmic and solar radiation etc
>> No.49094  
Dark Souls is actually quite a good game. Color me surprised.
>> No.49095  
The first one is one of the best games made in recent years. It had its problems, but they were vastly out-shined by all the good.
2 is painfully mediocre and only looks even worse than it is when you look at the two next to each other (and why wouldn't you?)
>> No.49096  
Beta for the new battlefield is out. It will probably be shit like the last one and the last beta.
>> No.49097  
Doesn't surprise me. A new copy of DS2 costs 10 bucks here and the used copy of DS I bought costs around 25.
>> No.49098  
They're making a battlefield 5?
>> No.49101  
Hardline. By the secondary studio so that EA can jew yearly with BF.
>> No.49111  
I keep refreshing /bun/ but there are no new posts
>> No.49116  
File: 1422078903591.png -(184.8 KB, 929x670) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
nice trips
are you happy now, bunbun?
>> No.49121  
Are you me?
>> No.49136  
File: I-will-fucking-kill-you-desu~.jpg -(40.9 KB, 423x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This fucking piece of shit Dragon. Try to melee his balls, get roasted with instantkill AoE flames, which ignore any fire resistence and breaks through your ÜBERshield, because one gust of flames somehow hits 5 times in rapid succession and every hit fucking eats your stamina. Try to pierce him with arrows, the jew just heals himself back to full health after getting down to 1/4 of his healthbar. Everytime. Try baiting and hitting him in the face, he just flies and spews his my-niggerfire-goes-five-metres-through-walls-unless-you-stand-on-the-very-exact-corner-of-this-very-platform-and-hope-I'm-coming-from-the-right-way-because-you-don't-have-the-time-to-change-corners everywhere across the bridge all the time, giving no time to do anything. If any flames hit, he does the exact same move again and your ass is stunlocked. There's only a brief second to chug a health potion before you're getting knocked back again. The only chance to survive the lock is to get knocked around a corner or hope his AI shows mercy and backs off or does something different. Which it never does. No magic, because fuck magic, that shit's for nerds. I swear to god. It is impossible to defeat him in NG+, unless he bugs out and does nothing for 30 seconds. I want to strangle the lead developer for this boss. Holy fuck.
>> No.49144  
That puzzle seemed to be missing the on fire part that was mentioned in the clue.
>> No.49152  
I ain't scared of no ghosts
>> No.49154  
This was anything but short.
>> No.49169  
I wonder if there's an alternate universe doujin with the line "small dicks are a status symbol"
>> No.49185  
Did I really neglect my language studies for 5 whole moths? Now I have to deal with my app telling me there's 1000+ flash cards lined up and I feel even less motivated.
>> No.49186  
After 7 years of using it, I finally cleaned my keyboard.

  ___                            ム  i
 「 ヒ_i〉                           ゝ 〈
 ト ノ                           iニ(()
 i  {               ネ申            |  ヽ
 i  i           /      \           i   }
 |   i         /(●)   ( ● )\       {、  λ
 ト-┤.      /    (__人__)    \    ,ノ  ̄ ,!
 i   ゝ、_     <     ´ ̄`        >,. '´ハ   ,!
. ヽ、    `` 、,__\              /" \  ヽ/
   \ノ ノ   ハ ̄r/:::r―--―/::7   ノ    /
       ヽ.      ヽ::〈; . '::. :' |::/   /   ,. "
        `ー 、    \ヽ::. ;:::|/     r'"
     / ̄二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二ヽ
     |   |      ぬ る ぽ 神        │|
>> No.49195  
I've yet to clean mine even once.
>> No.49199  
A 'my waifu > your waifu' discussion. /bun/ sure has fallen a long way.
>> No.49200  
There isn't really much to talk about generic-harem#5226, besides waifu wars.
>> No.49203  
woa new SDP album
>> No.49204  
File: the-more-you-know-o.gif -(546.5 KB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
We had this same discussion two years ago when the show first aired. /bun/ hasn't fallen at all!
>> No.49205  
File: work.png -(107.4 KB, 540x409) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.49213  
I have burned my bread.
>> No.49214  
Can't believe it didn't work
>> No.49215  
I cleaned my keyboard recently, too. It was, uh, gross.
>> No.49217  
Yeah, I spilled some apple juice on my numpad years ago and just wiped over the keys that day. Couldn't be arsed to thoroughly clean it. Man, that stuff was hard to get out.
>> No.49222  
I tried doing some pushups and now my head hurts.
>> No.49225  
Why are you doing pushups with your head bunbun you're supposed to do it with your hands
>> No.49228  
what am i doing with my life
>> No.49231  
Probably nothing worthwhile.
>> No.49251  
Way more hyped about the update for this Neptunia qt clicker app than for new Monster Hunter.
>> No.49257  
Now it's ghost spam, what the fuck
>> No.49278  
Time to bump all those hat threads off page 1
>> No.49302  
Shit, now my ass smells like guitar strings
>> No.49307  
Shit, now my guitar strings smell like ass
>> No.49314  
Were either of you doing this?
>> No.49315  
>> No.49326  
I'd be pretty impressed if she could actually make music that way.

>The lady got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby guitar
God bless.
>> No.49342  
Goats are cute.
>> No.49343  
I masturbated to cuck/cheating husband fiction last night. It was weird.
>> No.49344  
It's too late for you.
>> No.49349  
If you commit suicide now, it might not be too late to save your immortal soul from an eternity of damnation.
>> No.49351  
Suicide is a sin and his soul will go in Hell.
>> No.49359  
If he's going to jerk it to cuckshit for the rest of his life, a little sin right now preventing a whole lot of sin later is really like a massively good deed.
>> No.49362  
Haven't you been listening in church, anon? Sin is sin, whether it's big or small doesn't matter. He must repent.
>> No.49368  
It was just that one time! I just focused on the act anyway, not on the cheating part. Reverse cuck is really weird.
>> No.49369  
Making excuses and denying guilt, huh. Enjoy your eternal damnation.
>> No.49394  
So is there no way to post on 4chan without bumping threads anymore?
>> No.49398  
sage in the Option field still works, it just isn't public anymore.
>> No.49408  
That was the scariest dream I've ever had.
>> No.49417  
File: -.png -(332.9 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's been raining hard the whole night!
It's really cold but I also kinda like it. When it rains like this there is usually no noise except for the rain falling on the streets and the occasional cars running on the wet asphalt.
It's very relaxing combined to a warm light in your room while using the pc.
>> No.49421  
Why did I waste so much time reading 400 pages of a shitty r9k greentext story.
>> No.49424  
That's probably a sign to end it all.
>> No.49431  
Yeah, probably. Worst girl won. Not gonna bother with the second story.
>> No.49433  
I want to bully a girl.
>> No.49437  
I'm jealous, the only weather here for the last two weeks has been snow. Snow doesn't really make any sort of noise at all and you have to scrape it off your car in the morning. Plus I have to take a sharp turn at the bottom of a hill that's shaded all day so the ice never melts and it's like I'm in Initial D or something, DORIFTO every day.
>> No.49438  
File: USA USA USA.jpg -(805.8 KB, 1500x677) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I wonder how Kantai Collection deals with the fact that the IJN got totally shrekt to pieces?
>> No.49449  
File: Essex-class.gif -(4081.5 KB, 228x128) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Try playing during an event and you'll understand.
>> No.49458  
I certainly didn't expect to see a picture of Diddy Kong going balls deep on Samus today
>> No.49520  
That was faster than I'd expected. Spam usually stays on the board for several hours.
>> No.49522  
Just now I was looking for a particular manga page and I didn't know what chapter it was from but I guessed it on my first try. That probably used up at least a lifetime's worth of luck.
>> No.49531  
I think I just made my penis fall asleep.
>> No.49551  
Probably better odds than winning the lottery.
>> No.49565  
please delete the spam faster, i don't want my boss to see it and fire me
>> No.49566  
Can you enable https on bunbun?
At least that way those cheesy thumbnails will be encryptes
>> No.49568  
フレームアウト is used for both flame out and frame out. How confusing!
>> No.49574  
This dress meme is stupid.
>> No.49575  
>> No.49577  
I wish somebody would explain it to me.
>> No.49579  
sorry I was gone for the weekend
>> No.49580  
Seeing people talking about the dress meme like 3 days after it trended on twitter sure is awkward
>> No.49589  
Is it normal for the dentist lady to smush her breasts in your face?
>> No.49601  
'less they are humongous, no.
>> No.49704  
Anesthetics wore off in the middle of root canal, thought i was gonna die.
>> No.49718  
Jones, start coding a de-bump function to preserve bump order whenever some stupid spambot posts in a thread.
>> No.49723  
I'm pretty sure there's a "rebuild pages" option somewhere in there already.
>> No.49732  
If i tilt my head at a certain angle when i lay down, yellowish liquid gushes out of my left nose. This happens the day after the root canal, is it normal?
>> No.49733  
RIP Topgear.
>> No.49736  
What happened?
>> No.49737  
From what I can see on Wikipedia:
>On 10 March 2015 Jeremy Clarkson was suspended by the BBC following an allegation that he punched producer Oisin Tymon. An investigation is ongoing and the future of the show is unclear.[27][1]
>> No.49738  
is that what rebuild cache does?
I'd try it out but what if it nuked the entire board
>> No.49739  
Make a prayer to Aya-chan, close your eyes and hit the button.
>> No.49740  
You can always try it out on /general/ where nobody would notice
>> No.49742  
Don't do it, Jones! /photos/ is innocent! If you must let out your destructive urges on something, pick /general/!
>> No.49743  
File: 1375832324519.jpg -(158.6 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
But /general/ got wiped last time. Isn't it /photos/ turn now?
>> No.49744  
Or dig up the password for /projects/. I'm sure no one would care if something happend to that swamp.
>> No.49745  
I'm not Jones
unless everything gets wiped at some point in which case I am

projects is different though, being kareha instead of wakaba
so who knows if it'd be the same
>> No.49746  
It's not like there's anything worthwhile to lose on /general/. Oh no all the BD sales threads have been lost, woe is me.
>> No.49747  
No, Jones! No!
>> No.49748  
File: Arinochan.png -(235.5 KB, 586x476) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>49742 >>49747
Jeez, man, I'm the one who said to use /general/ instead first
>> No.49753  
>> No.49758  
Spambots are bumping threads far faster than actual users on /general/. It's only a matter of time until the order of the threads on /general/ is completely randomized.
>> No.49764  
We need better anti-spam features.

Soon we'll be buying Bunbunmaru Passes (after Jones has wiped both boards implementing it, of course).
>> No.49772  
File: christopher poole.jpg -(337.7 KB, 1035x1075) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Aya just needs to turn on captcha for replies instead of just new thread posts
>> No.49789  
The new Captcha works pretty decently at just letting me select the check box most of the times. I wouldn't mind if that were implemented here.
>> No.49790  
Not everyone is brainwashed to accept that nonsense, please don't invite it here.
>> No.49793  
It has been two weeks. Why won't you respond to my ticket, Steam Support?
>> No.49794  
File: 1424880202927.jpg -(209.4 KB, 800x798) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Your ticket, number 264159981, is currently in queue position 263543.
The estimated time until your ticket is serviced is 03 Months, 22 days, 16 hours, 01 minutes, 12 seconds.
Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the high quality service provided to you by Valve(r)
>> No.49795  
Steam support: basically the same as someone tugging on your nipple from offscreen.

In my experience it's been pretty good. That said I don't make many 4chan posts. I assume with increasing post frequency comes increasing captcha complexity.
>> No.49797  
>I assume with increasing post frequency comes increasing captcha complexity.

Unfortunately, it's the opposite - with increased lurking comes increased captcha complexity. And by 'lurking' I mean 'lurking on any site with Recaptcha'.

Simply put, Google keeps count of how many captchas you have been given and how many captchas you have solved. The lower your solved:given ratio, the harder your captcha gets. Until 4chan's new system, captchas were continuously given as long as you had 4chan open in a tab, causing you to receive tons of captchas you obviously aren't solving. The result was that people like me ended up getting hard-mode captchas, often having to re-enter it several times before being allowed to post.

With 4chan's new captcha system (only giving the captcha after you click a checkbox), the difficulty has dropped like a brick, and I usually only have to enter one, usually readable, word nowadays. But even so, I still have to enter it every single time, and it's pretty annoying.

While it likely wouldn't stop most people from posting, it does subtly discourage posting, and I'm pretty sure that I would at least stop imagedumping (as I do in >>35357, for example), and I would probably post less in the 'last image saved' thread and similar trivial threads.
>> No.49799  
Oh, I didn't know that.
When I go to post, I only have to check the box. It's not that the captcha discourages me from posting so much as I discourage myself from posting though. I tend to visit "here are some pretty pictures" boards and I rarely post any of my own because image dumping is unfeasible and has been every since the posting timer was added, captcha or no captcha. Nobody wants to spend an hour uploading images to a thread.
>> No.49809  
looks like it won't be long til /photos/ has more posts than /general/
>> No.49812  
/photos/ already has tons more posts than /general/. (It helps a lot that /photos/ has never been wiped.)
>> No.49817  
That one shitty thread is on the front page again. Sigh...
>> No.49821  
would there really be any objections to deleting it?
>> No.49822  
That's morally wrong. Just post in the other front page threads and it'll disappear.
>> No.49834  
It sets a precedent and the slippery slope argument applies. Once we start deleting stuff because people dislike it, where do we stop? Practically everyone dislikes that thread, but what about other questionable threads like the guro thread? I'm sure there's plenty of people who want that gone. Then we'll start deleting stuff like meme/social network fad threads, and before we know it /photos/ will have turned into /general/.

It's better to endure some bad posts than to create a culture in which potentially good posts may never be made in the first place.
>> No.49844  
traffic planning is hard work
>> No.49845  
I know, why do those hat threads have to exist?
>> No.49846  

>> No.49850  
Bloodborne is looking pretty good.
>> No.49854  
What is the occasion this time? Irish hat day??
>> No.49857  
These hats make it hard to read filenames. Or see the actual images.

You don't know about the world-famous Irish Hat Day?! It's celebrated all over the world!
>> No.49862  
I know /photos/ has no rules, but I wish people would at least refrain from posting unmarked spoilers. I won't go into specifics because that would make it more spoilery, but you know who you are. Please don't be an ass and delete your post (if possible) and use spoiler tags next time.
>> No.49869  
whoah, what happened, ze? I didn't even notice.
>> No.49873  
I spent the entire day looking at cute/lewd DBZ fanart.
>> No.49876  
Why is commercial for beans calling itself a vegetable? They are legumes and the producers of them should be the most concerned party. Also false advertising. I hope they get sued.
>> No.49883  
Beans are a fruit, but their being a legume has nothing to do with it. If you ate bean roots, that would be a vegetable. Nerd.
>> No.49884  
Beans are a fruit, but their being a legume has nothing to do with it. If you ate bean roots, that would be a vegetable. Nerd.
>> No.49886  
>> No.49899  
Where will Kojipro go now?
>> No.49900  
My cat caught a bird. Pretty impressive, given she isn't much of a hunter.
>> No.49914  
File: hunting cat.gif -(1781.7 KB, 184x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.49918  
It's interesting to see what lasting impact a simple mistranslation can have. 400 years ago, the King James version translated Ecclesiastes 4:4 as
>Again, I considered all travail, and every right work, that for this a man is envied of his neighbour. This is also vanity and vexation of spirit.
but every non-KJV-based translation other than ISV fixes the minor error, changing the meaning completely: (example is NIV)
>And I saw that all toil and all achievement spring from one person's envy of another. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Yet if you look for commentary on Ecclesiastes 4:4 (on the internet, 400 years after the KJV was published), almost all of it is based on the KJV misinterpretation. Which is a damn shame, because it's something very interesting for someone to say in a non-modern society.
>> No.49922  
I wonder if 400 years from now, we'll have vast societal impacts stemming from Eva mistranslations.
>> No.49924  
File: RIP euro.png -(60.9 KB, 1081x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just look at this shit. Just a couple months ago, my $45 order would've cost me 35 euros, yet now I had to pay 43 euros. This is crazy.
>> No.49926  
I just got back from a long weekend in Amsterdam and will soon be going to a few more places in Europe. Greece is saving me a bundle.
>> No.49982  
I finally got a girlfriend for the first time and now she's pregnant.
Fuck fuck my life is fucking over.
I cannot ever fucking win in life.
>> No.49985  
File: e_kyo1013.png -(855.0 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Enjoy the lactation and preggo sex while it lasts.
>> No.50023  
Hah. Nice.
>> No.50103  
Someone deleted my thread, but I wasn't banned.
If you're deleting what you think is spam, shouldn't you be banning spammers? And if you aren't, fuck you with a rake.
>> No.50105  
what was the thread about and on which board?
>> No.50106  
File: posting on bunbunmaru.png -(39.5 KB, 638x491) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.50107  
File: Untitled.png -(5216.0 KB, 3520x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This board, of course (does anyone make threads on the other one?). I posted a trace of my mouse movements yesterday evening.
>> No.50108  
Oh, you're right, it's gone. There was one reply that implied it was stealth marketing (you being the maker of the program and pretending to be a user stumbling upon the program) and the mod probably assumed it was spam because of that. The mods are pretty trigger-happy sometimes.
>> No.50111  
But then he should have banned me for spam. Worthless nerd!
>> No.50112  
didn't see that thread so I'm going to blame det
>> No.50114  
File: Untitled.png -(4686.8 KB, 3520x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
fucking det!!!
>> No.50129  
Why does BakaBT look so much like NyaaTorrents now?
>> No.50130  
I literally just posted about this on /gnfos/
>> No.50131  
File: Untitled.png -(404.9 KB, 1506x1092) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You appear to have been rused.
>> No.50133  
>BakaBT sold to Nyaa owners
>Posted by Duki3003 at 23:57 pm on March 31st 2015
>WEABO Media Group acquires BakaBT!

>WEABO Media Group, the company behind Nyaa, has yesterday acquired BakaBT. We had an interview with Frank Simmons, director of operations at WEABO Media Group. "With anime and manga gaining more popularity in the west we see an opportunity for a strong delivery platform. The market is currently heavily fragmented with many small communities. We believe that merging the communities is the right way forward".
>For now, the design of the site will shift to Nyaa's design for simplicity and overall consolidation. Descriptions' requirements will be phased out at a later date because we will automatically scrape the required info from AniDB, MAL and similar databases.

>Previously anime websites were relying on relatively uncertain methods such as donations. We're currently exploring new opportunities for monetization for a more reliable and steady income.
>Over the next few weeks, BakaBT's torrent pool and all its users will be consolidated into Nyaa's existing infrastructure.

>Additionally, we will be switching to Nyaa's anime acceptance policy. This includes a global ban on Doki and we will also refrain from accepting anything not from the so-called 'cartel'. Thank you for your understanding.

>More updates will be forthcoming.
>> No.50136  
Great, now go back there.
>> No.50138  
Why? And why doesn't it load the favicon
>> No.50161  
/bun/ mods, I know you love CP, but it's been several hours now. Get your shit together.
>> No.50162  
Seriously mods. It's still there.
>> No.50188  
Does anyone use a VPN to torrent safely? Does anyone even think the risk is high enough that a VPN is necessary?
>> No.50191  
File: kibou no uta.jpg -(154.4 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Are guitar and bass anons still around?
>> No.50192  
I find it useful. SlickDeals is running a promo with PIA if you are looking for one.
>> No.50193  
I use a seedbox, but mainly for other reasons though. They don't seem to be going after individuals quite so much anymore.
>> No.50194  
I find VPNs too slow for big downloads. I've been using a seedbox instead, from which I can download at blazing fast speed on the school network.
>> No.50198  
I just preordered Splatoon and I don't even own a WiiU.
>> No.50201  
Thanks. Perhaps I'm getting more paranoid but yeah, guess I'll try this stuff out.
>> No.50202  
Get AirVPN
>> No.50206  
You paranoid nerds, I've been using p2p filesharing since I was a kid and I've never even gotten so much as a letter sent to my ISP over it
>> No.50210  
I think maybe Kirari is just a kawaii Ned Flanders
>> No.50211  

I am! On a long hiatus from music production though, these days I mostly play acoustic and sing!
>> No.50212  
Oh god. You're right.
>> No.50213  
Yup, still here. I'm writing an EP for June and a full album for C88. Kind of motivated since my C87 ``release'' hit 500 downloads.

We should start a band.
>> No.50223  

>> No.50224  
File: YuiOnFloor.gif -(491.5 KB, 350x260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Can I join? I can't play any instruments, but I like eating cake.
>> No.50225  
File: 1249475855963.gif -(942.5 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Whenever I see a bad edit, I have to post the original.
>> No.50227  
So, the name of the band? The Bun & Maru?
>> No.50229  
What's so mysterious about these photographs?
>> No.50231  
Imagine, in the year 3015, archeologists discover this site and try to comprehend it. Mysterious things are only mysterious to outsiders.
>> No.50242  
In the year 3015 there probably won't be any HTML interpreters. They'll be very confused.
>> No.50244  
Or anything that can read data stored with current techniques.
>> No.50246  
It's not like the past.
Computing is something extremely popular right now and we're keeping things and history of everything, if in 3000 we will not have anything that can read our current hard drives we will have documents on how to recreate them
>> No.50247  
Or we can just submit anime girl butts to the memory of mankind project.
>> No.50258  
That's assuming today's information will be considered valuable enough to keep around. Libraries have been burned before.
>> No.50259  
File: plakette.png -(84.5 KB, 400x211) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You say that, but I bet there's a lot of data types that can no longer be read except on a handful of specialized machines already.

This would be a good idea except they charge you 300 euros to etch a single anime butt to a stone tablet. And realistically nobody from the future will find their archive (pic related, it's their "map")
>> No.50281  
That's pretty awesome how you're still working at it. I'd love to hear some recent works. I have one of your SoundClouds, with Fuwa Fuwa Time being the latest upload, but that one doesn't seem that up to date.
>> No.50314  
goddamn fucking shit this must be the hundredth time I downloaded thumbnails of illegal content thanks to this shitty place fuck you I'm leaving this board fucking sucks anyway it's dead as a grave and 1/2 (ie 2 guys) of the userbase are fucking tryhard retards might as well browse /a/
>> No.50315  
I was wondering where this quote could be from until I noticed this is the short thoughts thread, not the quotes thread.
>> No.50316  
I still think about that tiny earthworm I burned.
>> No.50318  
I'm reminded of a child holding the doorhandle and stuttering "I'm gonna run away! I'm really gonna do it!" for around 30 minutes before silently sneaking back to his room.
>> No.50320  
Huh. I did not know there was a Supernatural anime.
>> No.50329  
Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?
>> No.50334  
Oh look, one of the tryhards
>> No.50335  
You made >>50324 and >>50333, didn't you? Stop advertising, it's shameful and you're not going to get any hits.
>> No.50336  
Excuse me?
>> No.50338  
There's no excuse for your actions.
>> No.50347  
a melody driving a sponge squid driving a meat machine
>> No.50349  
Managed to cramp both my arms while masturbating and now I can't finish. This sucks.
>> No.50350  
Maybe it's time to cut back a little?
>> No.50351  
move on
>> No.50353  
It's not that I masturbate very often so much that I was contorting myself to enhance sexual pleasure. I think it would be prudent of me to practice proper warmups before attempting in the future.
>> No.50354  
Or maybe just masturbate normally.
>> No.50355  
I sometimes get an ache my right wrist when masturbating in bed (it's the one that holds up the phone screen). If I keep at it, will my wrist get stronger?
>> No.50359  
More likely you'll develop chronic joint pain.
>> No.50363  
That's a risk I'm willing to accept
>> No.50366  
RIP doddler.
>> No.50367  
What happened? Looking at Doddler's Twitter, it sounds like someone is going to the slammer.
>> No.50368  
Are you guys referencing deleted tweets?
>> No.50372  
Doddler said he was going to meet with CBLDF/CLLDF, that should make it obvious what he's dealing with. According to an anon in the VNTS thread it's "more bullshit" than being busted for importing loli.
>> No.50373  

Doddles is in trouble with the Canadian police for... something. Nobody knows what, but the prevailing theory is that he imported something loli and caught by customs. Somebody said the real reason was a lot more bullshit than that, and I like the idea that they found out what he did for a living and decided to charge him with producing/distributing CP, but who knows?
>> No.50374  
Is CLLDF the Canadian FBI?
And why are people so dumb as to actually import loli?
Even if it's in a legal gray area, that's just plain stupid. Don't invite trouble.
>> No.50380  
He's one of the best reverse engineer-ers in the Western VN fan translation scene.
Some of this stuff is only available in physical copies.
>> No.50387  
>Dina (@PetiteMistress) is no longer Community Manager of Mighty No. 9 as of today.
Talk about looooong overdue.
>> No.50388  
did she actually do anything worth mentioning (good or bad)
>> No.50390  
I gotta say, at petite mistress is not a very endearing handle
>> No.50393  
Some insight.
>> No.50394  
Please add a warning that you are linking to a "gamergater" video. I don't want this stuff shitting up my youtube recommended videos.
>> No.50395  
Delete your cookies then. Why do you care about gamergate anyway. Pathetic.
>> No.50396  
Why don't you guys grow up and stop caring so much about videogames?
>> No.50400  
>>50395 >>50396
I don't care, which is why it's annoying to have them show up, imbecile. And afaik the recommendations on youtube videos are tied to your Google account.
>> No.50401  
Yeah, only children have hobbies.
>> No.50402  
Only children throw tantrums over hobbies.
>> No.50403  
Your fault for having a google account then.
>> No.50404  
Do you seriously not have one in this day and age?
>> No.50405  
File: DESAbigbrother.jpg -(342.4 KB, 1124x1504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Do you seriously stay logged in to your google account all day?
>> No.50406  
Not him, but I do. I like to think some NSA dude is assigned to go through my whole youtube and google search history and mine alone.
>> No.50407  
File: 1386772479.1926779_.jpg -(201.6 KB, 1436x674) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You can't stop it other than not using any Google services at all AND using something like Ghostery (to block Google's omnipresent content elsewhere). And you'd be locked out of anything with ReCaptcha if you choose to do so (without sacrificing your privacy to make an exception for ReCaptcha).

The order of priority for Google's identity-associated information:
1. Your Google account.
2. Your cookies.
3. Your IP address.
Unless you get a brand new IP address every visit, Google WILL track and remember you.

Beyond most of GamerGate being retarded, social pressure can be a good reason. If someone sees your screen (for example if you want to show them a YouTube video) or take a screenshot in which YouTube is visible, and there's a bunch of GamerGate video recommendations, some people will think less of you for it (because of the 'us vs them' mentality where you're 'them' in their minds).

Can't say 'children' is the right word here. Adults are more likely to have activities they consider 'hobbies' and are more invested in them (i.e. capable of throwing tantrums). Calling someone a child over that is no different from just saying 'you're bad and you should feel bad'.

I don't have one (even abandoned my YouTube account when we were forced to merge accounts). Locks me out of some stuff on my phone, but I'm not sacrificing that much privacy for a tiny bit of convenience.

Logging out is entirely futile. Google remembers you've logged in from that device and will keep associating all of your information with your account and your device.
>> No.50408  
They use algorithms for that. For example, they could just count how many times you've visited videos with 'loli' in their title or description. Then, once laws are passed making loli equivalent to CP, they'll check their list for the people most likely to own loli and put them on a watchlist so the cops have someone to make an example out of when they're bored and need to reassure society they're doing their work.
>> No.50409  
My current browser thumbnail for /photos/ contains cp.
>> No.50410  
Join the club.
>> No.50411  
I'm not concerned about privacy! There's too many people in the nation for the government to care about every single one of them. If I win the indictment lottery in a decade and have to go to prison for my old internet browsing habits then so be it!
>> No.50412  
You're totally right. People keep complaining about how Stalin killed almost 10 million people, but if you look at it realistically he only killed less than 3.4% of the Soviet Union's population! The overwhelming majority were unharmed, so what's the problem?
>> No.50413  
Does it negatively affect you in any way when some nameless stranger (or more accurately, some nameless computer program) goes through a log of websites you've visited? Is it even embarrassing? You'd never even know if you were randomly selected for screening, provided you weren't visiting jihadist child porn sites or something.

If you are visiting jihadist child porn sites, I hope you get caught. Fuck you.
>> No.50414  
Yes. Even if there's only a 1:100,000 chance it will affect me, that's still too big a chance for me to accept. Chance dictates I probably won't be the victim but instead some poor sod I don't know, but I will not support such things. If all people went with that attitude, we'd be living in an Orwellian dystopia by now. (In fact, acceptance of privacy invasion via social media and the like has already accelerated legal acceptance of privacy-invading laws and government measures.)

>You'd never even know if you were randomly selected for screening, provided you weren't visiting jihadist child porn sites or something.
Don't underestimate how rapidly society can change. Actual child porn was still legal in the late 70s, just over 35 years ago. Loli is already technically illegal in many places (including the US), just not enforced; don't be surprised if in 20 years or so it'll be treated the same as CP. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be registered as likely to own loli at that point.

Going by average life expectancy, I still have 55 years to live. That's enough time for something entirely unexpected to become controversial, illegal and strictly enforced. Who knows, maybe we'll be at war with some East Asian alliance in 40 years and we'll all be traitors for being into Japanese cartoons. The most unexpected things can become illegal - Nazi supporters in the 30s didn't know they'd be considered the most evil people in history 20 years later.
>> No.50415  
There's a 1:3000 chance of being struck by lightning over the course of your life. Will you spend the rest of your life indoors?
>> No.50417  
Just knowing that such things happen is enough reason to invest in prevention.
>> No.50418  
There's a 1:3000 chance of being struck by lightning over the course of your life. Would you go golfing or boating during a thunderstorm?
>> No.50419  
Not to mention that virtually every human can be hit by lightning, but only a tiny percent have to worry about cops kicking their door down because of imaginary children. Great comparison.
>> No.50420  
Actually, the chance of being struck (or harmed by the direct consequences, such as falling trees or fires) is roughly 1:6,000, and the chance of dying to it is roughly 10%. So yes, to avoid that 1:60,000 chance I will stay inside during thunderstorms unless I really have to be outside, in which case I will try to stay away from trees and high places.
>> No.50421  
Two in every hundred people will be killed in some form of auto accident. Obviously, you can reduce this from 2% to 0% by never going on a road or near any automobile, but your quality of life will take a significant hit. You'll never be able to do anything beyond walking distance of your house, and in many cases you'd need to cross a road (a risk!) even for places nearby.
Driving is an acceptable risk that is outweighed by the rewards. So is going outside despite the chance of lightning strikes. Isn't using the Internet the same?
>> No.50422  
File: 73856dc9a899cdf0f5709391d7c31ea1.jpg -(2574.3 KB, 1753x2480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>You'll never be able to do anything beyond walking distance of your house
Public transport and non-motor vehicles such as bicycles both reduce the odds tremendously. You probably live in the US and I heard public transport over there is horrible, but as more people start to use it it becomes more profitable and companies will invest more in it, improving its quality. If everybody would start using public transport instead of cars, it would improve to the point where we'd barely need cars anymore. Unfortunately its often low quality is a self-reinforcing problem; if public transport sucks, people don't use it, and if people don't use it, it remains shitty. Public transport in the village I grew up in still sucks horribly to this day because of this. (Meanwhile, public transport in the city I live in now is excellent, as is nation-wide long-distance public transport (mainly trains).)

Also, I'm 25 and I don't have a driver's license (mainly due to it practically costing ~2000 EUR to get one here). Getting a driver's license and a car would do so little to improve my quality of life that I'm choosing not to do so if only for financial reasons (because car ownership is expensive).

>and in many cases you'd need to cross a road (a risk!) even for places nearby.
My tax money was used to place traffic lights at every road with enough traffic to be dangerous, allowing me to cross roads without issue. Tax money well spent.

>Driving is an acceptable risk that is outweighed by the rewards.
Perhaps if it were free. But at its financial costs combined with the risks, as well as the availability of alternatives, I don't find it worth it at all.

>So is going outside despite the chance of lightning strikes.
Rarely. When lightning strikes happen the weather is almost always shitty enough to not go outside for that reason - if there's also lightning close by, you'd really need to be in a hurry to go outside rather than just waiting a bit for the storm to pass.

>Isn't using the Internet the same?
Indeed, using the internet is definitely worth it. But you're shifting the goalposts quite a bit there. We were originally talking about having a Google account. No, the tiny benefits brought by having a Google account are not worth the huge sacrifice of privacy. Even for using Google services without an account, stuff like Ghostery significantly reduces the amount of privacy sacrificed.
>> No.50423  
Buses and bicycles get hit by cars. Drunk drivers run stoplights and hit pedestrians on crosswalks (someone died at the university I attend like this not long ago). Read the post, I wasn't just talking about sitting behind the wheel.

I have a Google email account and have for like a decade. I have an Android phone, which requires a Google account to use. And yes, I watch a lot of videos on YouTube. It's worth it to me.
>> No.50425  
I heard years ago Ghostery was a scam. Why does everyone suggest it these days? Did it get better?
>> No.50426  
Are you confusing it with Adblock Plus? Adblock Plus extorts advertisers; if an advertiser pays ABP a fee their ads get whitelisted (not blocked by ABP), if they don't it blocks (as is ABP's functionality).

The only controversy I could find regarding Ghostery is that if you allow (anonymous) statistics sharing (off by default) they'll sell their findings to advertisers so they know how often their ads get blocked and why. (Which I don't mind, really - I have nothing against ads, just as long as they don't track me.)
>> No.50427  
the "non-intrusive" ad whitelist thing is optional for ABP users though
>> No.50428  
That's awesome. I hate ads, so it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that not only are the ads still blocked, the advertiser had to pay for the privilege of me maybe checking the "show ads" button.
>> No.50429  
It's an even better feeling when you use an ad blocker that actually blocks ads, so you don't have to see them at all.
>> No.50432  
Ghostery is run by an advertising company.
AdBlock implemented an "acceptable ads" thing where you can apply to if you meet certain reqs.
>> No.50433  
I don't see them at all. Man, your reading comprehension is zero.
See >>50427 since you've obviously never used ABP.
>> No.50434  
I've used AdBlock-Edge because of this whitelist thing in the AdBlock-Plus version. Or you can just jump straight to µBlock, which blocks ads and harmfull scripts and outperforms the other popular blockers.
>> No.50437  
fucking valve
>> No.50439  
What did they do?
>> No.50441  
they're trying to monetise modding
>> No.50449  
Modding is already monetized. I blame Minecraft more than Valve.
>> No.50453  
I wonder how much /bun/ mods make.
>> No.50454  
please do not modify your fellow /bun/s
except maybe det
>> No.50461  
Last night I dreamt that Rin Tohsaka was ironing my shirts wearing nothing but an apron and thighhighs. She was really embarrassed about it and dropped the iron twice.
Why can't this happen in real life? sob, sob
>> No.50462  
You could probably hire an escort to wear a wig and reenact it for you.
>> No.50463  
Not the same, no way a hooker would be embarrassed by ironing a shirt half naked.
>> No.50464  
Just like the real Rin.
>> No.50467  
I guess you didn't read F/sn
>> No.50468  
File: 1429026635214.png -(334.7 KB, 500x651) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Too busy fucking you're waifu to be reading teenage fiction.
>> No.50475  
File: the egg and i.png -(1721.3 KB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Joke's on you, I'm not marriedu
>> No.50483  
Man, fuck those asshole horses in the frigid outskirts.
>> No.50501  
/projects/ sure is depressing.
>> No.50506  
Life sure is depressing.
>> No.50531  
I sure wish the spambots would stop trying to sell me nikes

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