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8562 No.47677  
why is it that when I go to /photos/ from bunbunmaru.com then I click wakaba then photos I get the normal yotsuba colored theme but when I just directly go to http://bunbunmaru.com/wakaba/photos/ I get some shitty pink theme
>> No.47679  
have you tried switching to the tewi white stylesheet?
>> No.47682  
I guess your browser sucks and can't remember style preferences or something
>> No.47685  
I didn't change anything so there isn't anything to remember
>> No.50725  
It's not happening anymore but I can't remember what I did to make it stop
>> No.50729  
Gurochan used to be my favorite stylesheet and I used it whenever possible, but lately I've been using only dark stylesheets. The problem is the darkest style available on /bun/ is the shitty Marisa Black theme. /bun/ always did leave a lot to be desired in stylesheets, at least get some paisley or something.
>> No.50731  
I use Futaba because it reminds me of the good old days
>> No.50733  
I use Burichan because it reminds me of /jp/. Even though I hate /jp/.
>> No.50740  
>not using Spooky Suwako
I'm quoting the calendar and your thoughts, >>50733, >>50731, and >>50729-san-tachi-senpais
>> No.50746  
But some of Burichan's sizes are off from /jp/'s old css styling. It'd annoy me to death, personally.

I love the gradients and the contrast, it's very Geocities. But it's hard to read and it gives me a headache. Futaba uber alles.
>> No.50751  
Gurochan is the best stylesheet.
>> No.50754  
There are really people who don't use Marisa Black? I sometimes forget there even are other styles.
>> No.50764  
My niggas.

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