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File: QpjaRDB.jpg -(207.2 KB, 2048x1152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
212182 No.48269  
I couldn't find the old thread in the first few pages.

Here is some rye bread I made
>> No.48274  
Nice buns, bro.
>> No.48333  
I really like that bread
>> No.48335  
It is some very nice bread.
>> No.48336  
toasting in epic bread
>> No.48338  
File: c9TDGrZ.jpg -(135.9 KB, 2048x1152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You bunnies need to get cooking
>> No.48342  
Please teach me
>> No.48344  
step 1
buy a cast iron pan (the heavy black kind)
step 2
cure it with oil
step 3
buy marbled steak, if the muscle strands look like they're about to fall apart all the better, just nothing too tense/tightly bunched
step 4
oil in dry pan, heat to max, wait until smoke comes out
step 5
steak in, heat off (or whatever setting below half if you're experienced)
step 6
wait a minute
step 7
heat to max, wait 30 seconds
step 8
flip, heat off, wait a minute
step 9: repeat step 7~8 until desired thoroughness (general guide is 2 loops total for rare, 4 loops total for medium rare, 6 loops for medium~medium well) (note: just fucking poke it with a spatula and feel for yourself you're an american fatass anyhow you'll probably eat more than enough steak to know how long to cook it in time)
step 10: add spices to the side you're on, black pepper, onions, paprika, cumin and salt are good starters
step 11: flip and add spices
step 12: flip again and wait 30 seconds
step 13: get meat out, wait 5 minutes
step 14: knife it like you're handling a heart incision
>> No.48346  
That is really beautiful bread.
>> No.48347  
I'm waiting for the next batch of bread (and maybe some bread making tips).
>> No.48348  
>step 10: add spices to the side you're on, black pepper, onions, paprika, cumin and salt are good starters
I always add spices before putting it in the pan. Is there any specific reason to add spices at a later point instead?
>> No.48350  
I make raisin bread sometimes but I never thought it was that photogenic. It looks ordinary like OP's bread, except with raisins in it. And I only make one loaf because my cooking stone thingamajig is small.

The only tip I have is, it's better to overcook than undercook bread. Bread that hasn't reached the "just right" time by even just a minute is gooey and gross inside, whereas when you go over by the same amount all you get is a harder crust.
>> No.48355  
yeah, so you dont fucking burn it
you think onions will last between a hot plate and hot meat for fucking 5~7 minutes? with oil hot enough to sizzle steak you really don't want your grated onions (yes use grated onions it makes a world of difference) in with the meatunless you're doing blue rare or something
>> No.48356  
Tips huh? Sourdough is awesome, you should have a starter going and use it as a base for most breads. The longer you let something proof, the more the flavor develops. I do most of my baking over two days - mix on the first day and let it sit in the fridge overnight then bake the next morning. Get yourself a baking stone, put a pan of water in the oven while it's preheating, periodically spritz with water during the bake.

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