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808094 No.48289  
What the hell is people's deal with happy endings in fiction? Why do people insist on having happy endings with everything? For some reason, people want to see characters go through all kinds of suffering during the story, yet by the end they want all of the characters to be happy, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

Am I just weird that I want whatever ending fits the story best even if it's not a happy end for the characters?
>> No.48291  
Is this about Yuuki Yuuna? Because that ending was bullshit. They handwaved away every important plot point in the entire show just to shoehorn in a miracle "everyone lives happily ever after" ending.
>> No.48292  
>suffering during the story but it's alright in the end
You can't really be asking why people like this.
>> No.48294  
The ending was shit but I think you give that show more credit than it deserves. It's been a while since I've seen memory loss handled that badly.
>> No.48296  
It was inspired by that, yes (I decided not to make direct reference to it because it's so recent, don't want to spoil the disappointment for those who haven't seen it yet). But what really bothers me isn't the ending itself, but it's the fact that lots of people like it. "Christmas is saved", "I feel healed", "I'm happy because everything turned out well". For a lot of people, perhaps even a majority, it seems that the happiness of the ending is more important than the ending making sense.

It was the same shit with WIXOSS; a complete bullshit ending that leaves tons of things unresolved but a lot of people (fortunately less, since WIXOSS's ending was completely retarded) are just glad everyone's okay. How the fuck is everyone okay? How can people accept this kind of bullshit?
>> No.48298  
Just some quirk of human psychology. Chaika pulled it too and admittedly it made me more a little more forgiving of that ass-pull of an end fight. Guess most people are just dumb like that.
>> No.48301  
I'd hardly call that an ass-pull, just horribly rushed. The end result was what they'd been setting up since the island arc.
>> No.48303  
Why would you expect anything other than trash from Mari Okada and J.C. Staff?
>> No.48304  
When a character struggles but reaches a happy ending, it's uplifting. When they don't, it's not uplifting. Pretty simple.

I don't know what anime you're talking about (or care) but a happy ending does usually leave a better taste in your mouth.
>> No.48306  
I prefer happy endings but if they don't fit with the story or require a massive asspull then yeah, bring on the despair.
>> No.48307  
File: Even the story of 'bullshit convenient wish granting device - the anime' by JC Staff made sense.jpg -(169.7 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I wasn't familiar with Mari Okada before WIXOSS, but yes, I expected better from JC Staff.
>> No.48313  
>I wasn't familiar with Mari Okada before WIXOSS
Oh boy are you in for some bullshit.
>> No.48370  
> Okada
The only Okada anime that I enjoyed was AnoHana not because of the writing, but thanks to the excellent OP and ED.

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