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File: magic dress.jpg -(60.6 KB, 600x911) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
62043 No.49466  
Answer this for me, /bun/: What color is this dress?
>> No.49469  
File: 0227-roman-dress-1.jpg -(40.0 KB, 700x564) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Here's the answer (spoiler image). Should surprise nobody with eyes.
>> No.49470  
Blue and black.
>> No.49471  
I know. But I just can't understand how anyone sees the blue as white. The black as gold I can see why people may think that, but the blue as white confuses me. All discussions I've seen are only about how to see it as blue/black.
>> No.49472  
I don't get it
>> No.49473  
File: 1424918469279.jpg -(3800.8 KB, 6408x3040) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's some 4chan joke; I didn't get the story behind it, but a bunch of people are posting this dress today.
>> No.49474  
Well I googled it and apparently it's a tumblr/buzzfeed joke, which is even worse.
>> No.49475  
I thought it was a facebook/twitter joke
>> No.49476  
It's apparently an optical illusion where the dress appears white/gold for some and blue/black (the real colors) for others. But I'm not seeing it at all. If it's a joke, there's a hell of a lot of people playing along.

As for where it originated, it originally came from tumblr and has spread everywhere since.
>> No.49477  
This is a twitter meme. It was trending yesterday while I was at work.

If you imagine a white and gold dress viewed through a tinted blue filter, it would be something like that. So it's understandable. It would never work in person, only through a crappy camera.
>> No.49478  
File: 1425096730651.jpg -(34.9 KB, 189x238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
if dubs, the dress is officially white/gold
>> No.49479  
Well so much for that. Never thought I'd be ninja'd on /bun/.
>> No.49480  
>> No.49481  
Yeah, I've never posted at the same time as anyone else here either. A historic moment!
>> No.49484  
You didn't post at the same time, one of you posted at 20:22 and the other at 20:23
>> No.49485  
So does anybody on here view the OP picture as white/gold?
>> No.49488  
It's either some color blind people or it's the jews trying to divert our attention from something way more important.
I'm more inclined to believe it's the latter, this fucking dress made it to the news yesterday.
>> No.49493  
Of all places, I have to see this stupid shit on bun? Please delete this thread.
>> No.49521  
Damn, calm down, nerd. It's just a dress.
>> No.49553  
But is it a blue dress or a white dress?
>> No.49559  
it's yellowish brown and baby blue. what the hell is all this shit about
>> No.49561  
It honestly looks white+gold to me, but that's because my external monitor's color settings are kinda messed up. When I view it on my laptop monitor, it looks blue+brown.
>> No.49567  
How the fuck anyone mistakes tan/brown/ugly-gold as black is beyond me. You need new eyes.
>> No.49569  
The question was 'what color is this dress', not 'what color is this picture'. The color on the dress is, in fact, black.
>> No.49578  
Using Futaba or another warm theme makes the image appear cooler and makes the blue stand out. Using a cool theme does the opposite and makes it easier how someone would see it as a shaded white. It's not that complicated and color illusions aren't new.

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