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170458 No.50849  
Remember kids, don't text image macros to your superiors at work.


>Matthew Blunt, the officer at the center of the latest controversy, reportedly sent the message on his personal phone to the city-owned phone of his supervisor Kristine Pamatian.

>Screenshots of the group message Blunt was said to have sent, while bragging about winning $32 through the lottery, include a cartoon with an expletive and the offensive word.
>> No.50850  
>The text message, reportedly also sent to three other officers, had a version of the N-word that ends in "a."
>"They're there to enforce peace and bring peace to the community, not to be doing that garbage. It shows that they're immature," resident Celeste Lopez said.
>"It's scary because if I need a policeman, now it's like, 'Well, is he a good one or a bad one?' It's like a terrible mindset," Lopez said.

So anyone that is linked with the police force always has to be the super serious little soldier, and can't even make an innocent joke via sms
Funny thing is if this guy will ever have to call the police it will likely because of [n-word ending in s]
>> No.50851  
>Remember kids, don't text image macros to your superiors at work.
This is sound advice, to be honest. This guy deserved his punishment.

>The text message... had a version of the N-word that ends in "a."
The wording here is probably the only interesting thing about this. It reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF1NUposXVQ
>> No.50856  
But...'nigga' isn't even a derogatory term. 'Nigger' is. 'Nigger' is used by racists to describe black people. 'Nigga' is used by black people and people influenced by black culture to describe comrades. I don't think I've ever seen 'nigga' used in a derogatory manner.
>> No.50857  
The funniest thing about all of this is the way they censored "shit".
There are actually people out there who get offended by the word "shit" in print.
>> No.50862  
It's because shit is considered a dirty word
>> No.50873  

Doesn't America have oddly strict laws regarding swearwords?
>> No.50876  
It does, because people who whine about being offended are always catered to. If you say "fuck" on live TV you get fined thousands of dollars.
A bunch of angry soccer moms/grandmas are responsible for that, probably. The equal-but-opposite of the kind of people who whine about things not being PC.

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