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Also feat. Tambourine Slav and Accordion Fuehrer
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>A song about the Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Makhno, who led the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine during the Russian Civil War. Makhno's forces, throughout the course of the war, fought the German/Austro-Hungarian occupiers, nationalist Ukrainian People's Republic (and Ukrainian State), counterrevolutionary White Army, and the Bolshevik Red Army. It was the Bolsheviks who finally betrayed him (after the Whites were defeated), and brutally turned against him and his army. Makhno fled the country, and died in exile in 1934. Some critics of this song contend that it portrays the Makhnovist in a very disrespectful light; it portrays them as causeless pleasure seekers without any coherent ideology. I believe that there is some validity to this criticism; there is much more to anarchy than this. However, this song is still very catchy, and has a nice lighhearted message can be used on some occasions, while paying homage to Makhno. Enjoy!

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Your OP pic is bad and you should feel bad. Not watching any of your videos.
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Every wondered how autism looks like? You can see here.
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why did you bump this
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He wanted to show you autism.
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This reminded me of that one comic that mocked you for reading right to left, then said something like "it's too late" when you read it left to right. Does anyone have that picture?

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