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File: who are you quoting.png -(112.8 KB, 854x402) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
115556 No.57484  
Random fun fact about modern /jp/: greentexting is now highly encouraged by the janitor/mods and asking "who are you quoting" is a bannable offense.
>> No.57485  
File: japaniggers.jpg -(141.2 KB, 827x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i remember when they started that up as a test board. i still haven't gotten around to looking at it, but i heard it was really popular amongst the newer users. are yall still posting that picture of the parakeet in a miniature kitchen?
>> No.57486  
all they do is post about idols, it's pretty sad
>> No.57489  
random fun fact about modern /bun/: sage is no longer mandatory in the link field and their moderation team can't be bothered to fix /general/ (literally half their site!)
>> No.57491  
what a massively outsized sense of entitlement you have.
barely anybody posts here and nobody ever posts anything good.
you're willing to go to the trouble to demand that it be improved as if someone owes you, but you're either not willing to or not able to make doing the fixes worthwhile because you're so bad a posting.
improvements will come if and when this board earns them. if you're not intelligent enough to make yourselves interesting you can try financial appeals.
>> No.57493  
Not him, but
>demand that it be improved
There's no 'improvement' here; it's about fixing something that used to work but is now broken.
>> No.57494  
Is Aya still too busy being rich and living in a mansion to care about /bun/?
>> No.57496  
He went to Mexico to live in the imageboard mansion with the other famous site owners. Finally achieved his goal.

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