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File: 584951ea629e477a1ac8383226d25108[1].png -(4987.2 KB, 2048x1535) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
5106886 No.57987  
How many buns play timesink walletdrain geemu?
How's your luck been?
>> No.57990  
I've been playing Princess Connect Re:dive. It's a bit like Granblue Fantasy except with no male characters.
I haven't got any good gacha drops lately.

I also download GFL after it was mentioned in the other thread. I don't really know what's good in it yet,
so I'm not sure if I'm having good or bad luck with it.
>> No.57992  
fgo because nooses are relatively short and painless
>> No.57995  
>I also download GFL after it was mentioned in the other thread. I don't really know what's good in it yet,
so I'm not sure if I'm having good or bad luck with it

Don't worry too much about what's good if you've only just started, whatever 2 & 3 star dolls you have will be fine, they're perfectly capable of clearing stuff. Plus the 4 & 5 star dolls can be expensive in terms of cores for dummy linking early on anyway, so save them for further down the track.
My UID is 361175, you can friend me if you want. My day support echelon is currently lvl 90+, they'll shred anything you might have trouble with.
I also have an RF/MG (with SAT8 as tank) night echelon at lvl 75-80ish and 7 dorms, if anyone else might be looking for friends.
>> No.57996  
I sure hope y'all are all f2p!

For me, only FEH for the last months. At this point I only play it for the gacha, so I'll probably uninstall it sooner or later.

I did download Girls Frontline as well, but it seems to have really cancerous time based mechanics, so I haven't gone back. Any suggestions are welcome, but it has to be a game that can be played on silent. I play mobage in the SEM lab.
>> No.57998  
Thanks, I sent a friend request. My UID is 450007 if anyone wants it, although I don't have much to offer.
>> No.57999  
>I sure hope y'all are all f2p!

I'm not, but I don't whale it up and spend absurd amounts of money on grossly overpriced cosmetic stuff. I usually only spend small amounts on useful stuff, or something I really want that doesn't cost the same or more as a full priced game.
For example, GFL is running a collab event at the moment, where they have a couple of costumes available to buy for the 2 unique reward characters, and the prices on them are fucking obscene. I really want one of the costumes, but there's no way I'm dropping $40AUD just to reskin one character, that's nuts.

>I did download Girls Frontline as well, but it seems to have really cancerous time based mechanics
Nah, it's not that bad, though I guess it depends what you want in a game. GFL is kind of a marathon, as opposed to a sprint (so to speak), but most things that take a while, like repairs, production, and training, are pretty easily bypassed. Quick Repair & Quick Production contracts starting falling like rain if you play for any amount of time, I've been playing since the start of August and I've got several hundred of each sitting around that I'll never get through.

GFL is the only gacha game I play, though I've always wanted to try Kancolle. A shame it hasn't been translated/released outside of glorious Nippon. I did try Azur Lane for a bit, but couldn't get into it.
>> No.58000  
File: 0explodelogo[1].png -(81.9 KB, 300x202) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
GF is a semi-afk game, especially on EN right now. Once you have strong enough echelons and know the optimal route you can just autobattle your way through dailies and check in to pick you logistics rewards on CD. Later events and chapters require actually playing the game, especially if you have some meme unit composition, but a lot of people can find the focus on teambuilding/preparing and lack of 'gameplay' boring. Personally I just fucking love operator girls so the game had me day 1.
As general starting tips, as >>57995 says upgrading your 4/5* dolls is fairly expensive to start out, good girls to look for early on are Skorpion (which the game gives you copies of) as off tank and FNC in the 1 position, with the Anti-Rain (story team) ARs to fill in; AR15 and M4 are very good, and become SSS tier after their digimind upgrade (not out on EN yet but will be soon™.) This leaves you with Sten as yout main tank, who is OK but will tide you over until you pull someone better.
For your tickets, the go to recipe for new players is 430 430 430 230 (manpower, ammo, rations and parts respectively) as this gives you fairly standard odds at a wide range of guns. If you wanted to beeline a replacement for Sten then you could try and get one of the Thot Sisters, the "usual" SMG recipe is ~400 ~400 ~91 ~30 (enjoy your MP5 bro.)
On team composition, the go to standard echelon and the one very highly recommended to build 1-2 of as a new player before anything is 2SMG3AR. If you look at your numpad, you want your main tank on 5 as the middle lane is where the majority of enemies come from, an off tank on 8, your primary DPS AR on 7 so she can receive the most tile buffs, then secondary ARs on 4 and 1. You don't put anything in the front row outside of certian comps as you get valuable free uptime as the enemies have to run towards you.
My ID is 16358 if you want to steal my batteries, feel free to ask any questions.

pic related
>> No.58005  
Thanks, Are there any good recipes for ARs? Majority of my good drops have been SMG, so I don't need more tanks.
I'll Probably try to get the MP5 just because shes cute.

Also, my autism knows no bounds, so I have unlocked heavy production already.
>> No.58006  
File: 15391391882681[1].gif -(671.3 KB, 390x219) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeah I saw you had 45 when I friended you, she is one of if not the best SMG MT for general use, so you're good for a while. AR recipe is 97 404 404 97 but I would save off rolling for a couple of weeks, we're due to get RFB on rape up so you can spam for ARs then. Prioritise Ammo and Ration logistics for now and try to stockpile as many production tickets as you can, rate up is a filthy lie. You probably wouldn't have the cores to dummy link a 5* right now anyways.
Also stay the hell away from Heavy Production for a fair old while, that shit's for MG/SGs and eats resources like a motherfucker.

>I'll Probably try to get the MP5 just because shes cute
Oh I'm sure you'll get her, Anon. And again.
>> No.58007  
>Majority of my good drops have been SMG
What do you have?
Also RFB rate up is in 24 hours.
>> No.58009  
I've got an UMP45 and a Suomi on the party I mostly use. I've also got two Type79s, and a PP-90 which I haven't been using that much.

>> No.58010  
File: 15347745812341[1].jpg -(68.7 KB, 524x474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
45 (godlike), 79 (next best and cute as FUCK), Suomi (useless Finn, kinda bad for a 5*) and PP-90 (only use if you REALLY like her) are all designated MTs. You can use two of them alongside each other, but the one sat on 8 will generally be wasted as the main brunt of the enemy forces are tanked on 5. I would suggest Using 45 and Skorpion for your main echelon, then 79 (might as well, second copy is 15 free cores towards linking her) for your second echelon, then keep an eye out for PPS-43 dropping on maps or in production for your second OT. She's a 3* like Skorpion but has a very decent grenade skill.
2 79s is some nice luck, what other 4-5* do you have?
>> No.58012  
I have a P7, MK23 and the story ARs. I also got a MP5 recently. I have no other 5 star characters.
I haven't used the MK23 much. The P7 I use in the main party for her buffs.

My main party setup works well for me, so I'm probably not going to change it.
Usually it's my other echelons that hold me back.
>> No.58014  
File: P7_victory[1].gif -(2638.5 KB, 159x199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Not saying not to use who you like, but having Suomi tank at 8 is going to hurt your DPS when it starts to matter, due to her suboptimal tiles and MT-focused skill. She is cute though so it's fine.
MK23 takes centre stage in a 1SG/1HG/3MG or 1SG/2HG/2MG team later on, and as part of night AR shenanigans; she boosts night performance to obscene levels.
MP5 isn't great, but we now have access to her unique equipment that gives her ungodly evade, so it's not a waste to invest in her if you like her.
P7 is pretty awkward, her evade skill has extremely niche uses and her tiles are very difficult to use, but as you seem to be a Saru fan I'm sure you'll keep using her anyway.
One thing to note, that I'm sure you're already aware of: HGs are the only weapon type whose tiles get stronger as they get dummy linked; most of them provide a pretty paltry benefit until they're at least x3 or x4.
>> No.58018  
I guess I'll join in on this. ID 456972 for mutual battery leeching.


thanks for that. got ahold of NTW-20, and she is amazing.
to look at, anyway.

It looks like T-doll storage will the first priority for gems, followed by one echelons for maximum semi-afk rewards.
>> No.58019  
You want at least 7 echelons ASAP and preferably 8, having 4 teams running logistics at all times is the most important thing. Use 2 more for levelling routes, and the 7th to auto-battle Map 1-2 for fodder drops; can't remember how clear the game makes it but your dolls stats don't increase when they level up, only their MAXIMUM stats. You need to feed them in the Factory menu to actually make them stronger.
>> No.58021  
File: peak performance smg.png -(1368.0 KB, 1100x1513) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
couple useful GFL things for this active thread
https://gfeasdf.github.io/gf/ (dps calculator is v good but won't factor in durability)
http://gfdb.baka.pw/statistician.html (recommended recipes based on scraped data, just remember to sort by percentage and ignore heavy production for the most part)
https://en.gfwiki.com/wiki/T-Doll_Production (your usual go-to for checking timers)
https://en.gfwiki.com/wiki/Equipment_Production (same but equips)
http://dmesse.egloos.com/3569599 (quick rundowns on equipment)
https://gfshikikan.blogspot.com (usually the first place I see point event guides go up)

and if any bunbuntachis want to steal my batteries or borrow my echelons, just shoot an invite to 58473 and drop your id in thread if you haven't already
>> No.58023  
File: totallyreliabletierlist.jpg -(1075.3 KB, 3000x1688) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.58024  
File: analgun.jpg -(60.6 KB, 640x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
https://gfl.matsuda.tips/ (Hugely useful database for newbies and veterans, covers quite a lot and is focused on EN server)
https://gf.underseaworld.net/en/maps (Complete database of enemy stats, to better help plan your Acc needs and team comps)
https://waa.ai/oo6F (Drive with a load of English translated shit, like artbook and the manga)
https://pastebin.com/ihjAcfgw (Uncensor patch and guide, courtesy of /gfg/. Yes, it's breaking the EUL, no you will NOT get banned for it)
http://gfl.zzzzz.kr/dolls.php?lang=en (Another index, with higher res sprites and voice lines)
https://waa.ai/oo69 (WIP EN doll analysis)
>> No.58025  
this is unnecessarily cruel
thanks for adding to the list, and I hadn't realised they got the uncen working again
>> No.58031  
File: Screenshot_2018-12-06-08-48-54.png -(378.7 KB, 1024x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wow, surprised to see a semiactive thread on bun, especially since I'm really big on GF. I'm 9977 on EN. Already sent invites to all UIDs I saw on here, but if I missed you, feel free to send me a request. Just put bun on your intro, 'cause I usually ignore requests.

She's not on EN yet, but I just got K31 on CN today. This Swiss is really cute!
>> No.58032  
in case people missed the joke, this is the "logistics tier list", aka the non-esports dolls.
>> No.58035  
Astolfo (Equipped)
>> No.58036  
File: 8a7634611c46ad18e91022a0c52d9421[1].png -(8195.9 KB, 3600x2700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What do you notice that isn't quite right about this image?
>> No.58037  
File: Screenshot_2018-12-07-13-35-48.png -(565.5 KB, 1024x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There's no way that Kalina would spill gems everywhere.

I would do obscene things do riflestofo.
>> No.58040  
File: 1544243919424[1].png -(320.2 KB, 743x892) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tell me of your pain, friends.
>> No.58041  
310 contracts spent on JP and did not get any of the rateup dolls. What do I win?
>> No.58042  
I feel like I've had worse luck today with the rate up than normal.
>> No.58043  
I got a Zas dupe
haven't 5x'd her yet so I guess it could be worse
>> No.58047  
File: c13fa21b77[1].jpg -(1714.4 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
~150 contracts, and also got another G11, 2 meidos, another G41 and more Rib-eyes than I could ever use.
>> No.58049  
About 60 contracts, only picked up T-5000 so far.
Got a dupe each of Wa-2000 & M99, plus a Ribeye and a G41, both of which I didn't have.
>> No.58050  
aaaaaaaand I just got PKP while for rolling for Ameli too
>> No.58051  
Has the singularity event happened on the english version already?
>> No.58052  
Nope, we're waiting on AW at the moment, I think they said in the recent FAQ's that AW should be out by Feb/March, and Singularity will be later in the year
>> No.58053  
File: AkjFRFh4rToRi6n7xC9rE_wYx8SjMd9paBp7dsaMwNE.png -(1452.4 KB, 1200x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I need more MGs for AW I think, but mostly I need gold equips. I only have 4 scopes.
>> No.58055  
File: Capture.PNG -(66.7 KB, 993x726) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The latest Q&A this week mentioned that AW could be late January as well. Personally, I've been leveling up all of my echelons since day 1 aiming for ranking placement in AW, so I hope it's sooner rather than later.

Not sure if anyone is planning on going all out, but here are my AW ranking echelons for reference. I need to update it since I've gotten Ribey, RFB, Zas, and other useful dolls since I put together the echelons.

Definitely do focus on equipment crafting if you have enough decent dolls for ~4 echelons (7 if you want to rank high on AW ranking).
>> No.58056  

I got one of the gift things from the token drop. So when I went to look up who the fuck the gift was for:
>A really shitty aura, average armor for a shotty. Prolly the worst shotgun currently available on EN
>With the release of SAT8 & company, she's even less useful, but hey, if you dont have anything else, she'll still do.

and then I unlocked heavy production, looked up the cost for getting shotguns, and learned that the gift will not get used for a long, long time.
>> No.58057  
Someone told me I need 4 MG/SG and 2-3 AR/SMG teams minimum to rank, which is not happening in ~6 weeks.
>> No.58058  
File: 4-1_Down the Rabbit Hole (edit).png -(2295.2 KB, 1184x1052) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
MG echelons are definitely useful, but they are not necessary. Damage self-buff ARs with ~40% damage tile buffs on them can handle armoured mobs too, and RFs, of course, can handle armoured mobs. 7's the number of echelons needed to cover all the spawns, but I bet you could easily place top 10% with just 5~6 echelons as long as they're prepared, with reasonable team comp, high skill level and good equipment. Also, AK-47's skin is given to anyone in the top 50%, and you can probably do that with 3~4 echelons. It's an interesting experience, so it'd be a shame to just give up on it.
>> No.58059  

Why would somebody want a skin for an AR whose only use is for cores, and even then she's still pretty bad at even that?
>> No.58061  
It's a collection game. Just because you only care about esports-tier dolls doesn't mean everyone else does as well.
>> No.58063  
>Actually using Micro-Brain and VAL
Absolute madman.
>> No.58065  
Is G11 no good for this?
>> No.58066  
File: Screenshot_2018-12-11 https gfeasdf github io.png -(122.6 KB, 1056x1040) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
She's good, but you'll want to avoid fighting any armoured mobs unless you've got like 3 +DMG tiles on her. Her base damage is way too low to punch through amours (graph shows G11 vs 72 armour mobs).
>> No.58070  
File: f2b913dda6[1].jpg -(1201.0 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
221 attempts, I'm finally free.

I should bench this second Shrimp for now then too I guess.
Is 76 the number I should be using for enemy armour in AW?
>> No.58072  
File: Screenshot_2018-12-12 Girls' Frontline Database.png -(94.8 KB, 1289x2508) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
JFC, bunbun. Grats. I'm at 80 attempts and counting for Hayha Memory Chip. Hopefully I can get it soon.

As for the armour value, check underseaworld link posted in the thread. Set the "current turn" to 5 or greater: the feature is there for Deep Dive ranking where the mobs get stronger as the turn count increases, but I'm pretty sure AW didn't have that, and it seems like setting current turn to 5 or greater matches what I'm seeing on old AW videos.

SR-3 is not the worst choice for AW, since with enough +DMG buffs on her (e.g. G36, HK416, DMG HGs, etc), she can tear through armoured enemies as well.

Get the armour value from underseaworld, plug it into the DPS calculator posted in the tread with your echelon setup selected and see how they fare. 20k or more damage at 8s vs 72 armour should be enough to handle AW ranking.
>> No.58075  
File: f6c6d8b98c[1].jpg -(410.5 KB, 1576x658) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh yeah, her dogshit accuracy isn't an issue against evasion-less armour enemies huh.
Also time for the good old intermediate data bottleneck.
>> No.58076  
np2 quetz!
>> No.58077  
File: b71f535573[1].jpg -(135.5 KB, 1262x686) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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