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87507 No.59677  
Sooner or later you're going to notice that most JAV actress names are puns or innuendo. Please post your favorites because I find them disproportionately hilarious.

Kimino Yume (your dream)
Monbu Ran (montblanc)
Maehara Ikuko (cum-on-belly girl)
Momoi Nozomi (ass-y desire)
Oomomo Yui (bigass yui)
>> No.59679  
I can't believe my EOP nature has caused me to miss out on pun porn names. If only I had studied Japanese 15 years ago when I was into anime.
>> No.59682  
I don't really watch JAV, let alone bother to remember the names of the whores that are in it.
>> No.59686  
No need to be upset. I'm just looking for a few whore-endously cheap laughs.

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