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96411 No.59878  
"Russians deleted the last thread."
>> No.59879  
Facebook Research
On January 29, 2019, TechCrunch published a report detailing "Project Atlas"—an internal market research program employed by Facebook since 2016. It invited users between the ages of 13 and 35 to install the Facebook Research app—allegedly a rebranded version of Onavo Protect—on their device, to collect data on their app usage, web browsing history, web search history, location history, personal messages, photos, videos, emails, and Amazon order history. Participants received up to $20 per-month to participate in the program, which was promoted to teenagers via targeted advertising on Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook Research is administered by third-party beta testing services, including Applause and BetaBound, and requires users to install a Facebook root certificate on their phone. On iOS, this is prohibited by Apple's Enterprise Developer License Agreement, as the methods used are intended solely for use by a company's employees (for use cases such as internal software specific to their environment, and internal pre-release versions of apps).[7][30]

Facebook initially responded by claiming that Facebook Research did not violate Apple's developer license agreement, and denied that the program was intended to bypass the rules that banned Onavo Protect from the iOS App Store, nor was intended to replace Onavo. Facebook later announced that it would discontinue the Facebook Research program on iOS. Facebook Research remains available for Android devices.[31][7]

On January 30, Apple revoked Facebook's Enterprise Developer Program certificates, which caused all of the company's internal iOS apps (including beta versions of its public software, as well as internal apps relating to Facebook's workplace) to become inoperable.[32][33] Apple's public relations team stated that "Facebook has been using their membership to distribute a data-collecting app to consumers, which is a clear breach of their agreement with Apple", and that the certificates were revoked "to protect our users and their data".[32] Apple reinstated the certificates on January 31.[34]

Of particular concern was that users as young as 13 were allowed to participate in the program. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal criticized Facebook Research, stating "wiretapping teens is not research, and it should never be permissible. This is yet another astonishing example of Facebook’s complete disregard for data privacy and eagerness to engage in anti-competitive behavior."[35][36] Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey announced that he would introduce a bill to strengthen the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and said that it "is inherently manipulative to offer teens money in exchange for their personal information when younger users don’t have a clear understanding how much data they're handing over and how sensitive it is."[35][36] Virginia Senator Mark Warner published an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, in which he declared that he was "working on legislation to require individualized, informed consent in all instances of behavioral and market research conducted by large platforms on users".[35]

Facebook Study
After discontinuing Onavo Protect and Facebook Research, Facebook released a market research app named Facebook Study (a.k.a. Study or Study from Facebook) on June 11, 2019. Access to Study is restricted to Facebook users who are at least 18 years old and have responded to a targeted advertisement for the app. Addressing concerns with previous incarnations of the research app, Study does not use a VPN or a root certificate to conduct its data collection. Study pays its participants through PayPal.[37][38]
>> No.59901  
Collection of short stories about teenage boys with older, large breasted women.
>> No.59917  
Learn proper tags, folks. This isn't crotch_rub. This is frottage.
>> No.59933  
Been ages since I watched that but she was definitely old enough to not die of cock
>> No.59939  
People were pretty unhygienic in the 50’s and in all likelihood she smelled awful.
Probably had a huge unkempt bush and a shit encrusted asshole.
>> No.59954  
>Company makes cosmetics for rich old people
>Big 'rona rolls into town
>Company changes 3% of it's total production to hand sanitiser
>Can now claim that we are all essential workers
>Office staff get furloughed anyway
>All their work is piled on to me
>Can't keep up with the endless stream of bullshit
>Corporate demanding productivity and making zero compromise for worker safety or the fact that 25% of the workforce is just fucking gone at any given time
>Some dumb faggot in process section comes into work for a week straight while his wife has symptoms, she gets rushed to hospital and confirmed COVID-19, all the other process workers walk except for two
>Everything grinds to a halt
>Everyone starts coming to me for answers
>I have no answers to give, everything is bullshit
>Yearly pay rise halted due to 'market instability', meanwhile company donates 60m to charity as an advertising stunt
>My good boss just went on two week quarantine since his kid has symptoms, leaving me with the boss who doesn't know what the fuck she is doing and avoids all forms of confrontation
I'm on an express elevator straight to hell lads
>> No.59955  
fucking CENSORSHIP this drawing is the ONLY real representation of tifa other than her amazing perfect beautiful low poly ps1 sprite the remake tifa is NOT tifa and i REFUSE to masturbate to it
>> No.59965  
Older skeletons don't last as long but were much sturdier
>> No.59982  
>walking all the way across the house/apartment/hovel to use the porcelain jew when you've got so many free empty plastic bottles lying around
>> No.60001  
Life....dreams...hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go...? Where do they come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe...?
>> No.60018  
Good skin comes from good poops.
>> No.60020  
even if she steals my materia i still love her. I will give her all my materia again in the remake
>> No.60077  
Will I ever be able to tell the sex of elves? I feel like elves can be stripped down to just a loincloth and I still can't always tell what's behind the last curtain.
>> No.60078  
Would that I could, I'd give her every cent of my pathetic wageslave salary just so that I could hear her beautiful voice
>> No.60099  
First time I had a boner in elementary school, I wasn't sure what it was and I thought my penis was acting weird; I wasn't given any sexual information since I live with religious family. Moving on, I watched One Piece and Naruto back then and continued to watch more anime with time until i stumbled upon eechi anime where my penis acted weird while watching it I discorded that there's a relationship between girls and penis but I never had any clear image additionally, I didn't even use google since I don't know what to say exactly and yes, I'm ESL so words containing penis and such are censored in google so I didn't bother. Later on, I watched that incest anime with the twins, the name was Sora something and I thought it was normal anime, not hentai since the regular site I used back then doesn't upload hentai but this one was special. After completing it, I started to have boner every night and I didn't know what to with it. The next part is the greatest shame and something I wish to forget. I used to sleep with my sister in one room, I'm 3 years older and she was in deep sleep. I pulled out my penis and started waving at her and nothing happened so I tried to insert in her mouth but it was never opened so my penis was hitting her teeth. 15~ seconds passed and I gave up and then went to sleep. The following week, my mother asked few question to see if I hit puberty and then we had the talk but I never told her anything about that night or the cartoons I watch where not actually cartoons.
>> No.60100  
From all my decades cleaning offices and houses I've learned that monogamy is a myth and in 3/5ths of households have both husband and wife going from affair to affair and only rarely realizing they are being cheated on just as regularly as they are cheating
>> No.60104  
I heard he slaughtered his entire clan for a Scooby snack
>> No.60112  
Tell us then, oh the oldefege, what should we understand about /jp/?

That any thread made beyond 2014 asking “how long you have been browsing /jp/ for” has the oldest people telling us that they started browsing it in 2012 (which is arguably not even that bad), do you even remember what shit was happening here past 2013? I bet you enjoyed those train threads a lot. I know that you went to convience us that you himabroes are real oldfags!! but you aren't fooling anyone. You are no different from gnfos (teenbro retards), you do nothing but literally post shit like “i ate banana ysterday”, show me one fucking post of this sort that has been made in the pre-2010 /jp/ even once.

If you think /jp/ at any point was a blog for a bunch of retarded children I have bad news for you. You are the cancer, and you convincing yourself that himaturd hangout is le oldfag hangout is the most pathetic shit ever. The actual old timers are just laughing at you or crying at over how pathetic you are. Sure, times change, people change, /jp/ changes too, I can accept that we won't be talking about YMK 24/7 because it's just fucking old and a lot of people don't care. But what you have become is an equivalency of a plague.
>> No.60190  
Anyone got some corona virus ryona
>> No.60191  
Spanking scene was pretty hot, very nice jiggle of her butt from the slaps!

Yuri sex and orgy scene was pretty lewd (///∇///) many erotic positions, transitions into them, and animated well!

Yumi-chan and green haired nurse cried and pleaded in good voices (*˘︶˘*) and their tears and drool and helplessness during the rapes were delicious (っ˘w˘ς)
Good techniques by the rapists!
>> No.60198  
Life of an office lady and her body dysmorphic pet mario. 10/10
>> No.60202  
This is the saddest hentai.
Honoka dies, so shit.

>> No.60207  
wow, really, um get a LIFE beyond being a trollish ASSHOLE on comments. Does it make you feel large and powerful, to imagine your OWN fabrication of superiority? Drop this fantasy that everyone wants t be SCHOOLED by you, you are just NOT that special.
>> No.60216  
Imagine sitting in front of that evilly horrific sculpture week after week conducting ‘religious’ services, with a serpent-looking Christ coming out of a man-made bomb crater carrying sooty souls. Images are important. The scene speaks volumes.
>> No.60221  
I’m no weapons expert : I am a sex toy inventor . That piece is a vibrating cigarette lighter combo that I made in limited editions many , many orgasms ago ...that particular piece belonged to Charles Bukowski :He would light cigars , titillate young wenches ,and scare off the hop head neighbors with it ...ain’t nothing wrong with it . Just change out the flint in the hammer , chamber in a triple a battery , and add a little lighter fluid down the the barrel . Mystery solved . If anyone would like one of these novelty items : I can produce them upon request . Contact Me at :Big O Vibe 69
>> No.60225  
Another act of racism, killing Africanized bees, why can’t there be more tolerance in the world. I bet you wouldn’t do this to a European hive
>> No.60234  
what a fuckin shame max hardcore got taken to court for his content... In the current climate, what he was doing back then is family friendly in comparison. He was a true hardcore pioneer, I can contribute many of my teenage cum crusted items of clothing to this man. Thank you for your service kind angel.
>> No.60248  
Say you're 40, and you're in love with a 10 year old girl. You're 4 times as old as that girl and as a result you can't marry her. So you wait 5 years, now you're 45 and the little girl's 15, now you're only 3 times as old as that girl. So you wait, 15 years more, now the little girl's 30 and you're 60, now you're only 2 times as old as that girl.
The question is, how long would you have to wait until you and the little girl are the same age?
>> No.60265  
It's was written on caterpillars holy book. The head catepillar cotses said the promised land is inside that tomato so It's their right to eat them out and kill the plant.
>> No.60266  
Because they're wankers and paedophiles.
>> No.60273  
After Relentlessly Cumming Inside a Runaway Gyaru, We Started Living Together as Fuck Buddies
>> No.60275  
Labels: canned food, disgusting, do not want
>> No.60286  
1969 Apollo moon landing
The Anti-Earthling Struggle
Lunar Revolution
Rabbit rights
>> No.60299  
For fawks sake ಠ_ೃ. . .demure + (possibly?idk) lonely and depressed teen w/ hime cut = Massive Amounts of Win. I'm, er, going to do some more studies for Scientific Purposes[beginds to grin hugely]
>> No.60310  
The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 1 - Wikisource, the free online library
>> No.60317  
my hat is made of upcycled burlap coffee bags
>> No.60330  
Rider can ride my wheelie bin to a dump site.
>> No.60331  
The Cancel Cannon is ready to fire on your command.
>> No.60333  
OP was almost certainly banned and all his posts deleted.
>> No.60334  
we grew up, we are sexual beasts but this society will not allow us to act on our desires. only way for me to get close to a woman is to create one in a video game and admire her.
>> No.60340  
this is the heart of the matter

>wish fulfillment in 2000
slaying a demon king, piloting a giant robot, banging a hot chick

>wish fulfillment in 2020
having friends, being in a relationship, being happy in the world
>> No.60347  
disdain for the persona audience
>> No.60370  
Are you retarded? Latino means she speaks a latin language, what does that have to do with race? I bet you're American
>> No.60438  
Sad but true. I wish all races were equally attractive, but that's only the case in 2D art.
>> No.60442  
In his letter to a Mr Masson dated 6 March 1956, C.S. Lewis writes: "For me the real evil of masturbation would be that it takes an appetite which, in lawful use, leads the individual out of himself to complete (and correct) his own personality in that of another (and finally in children and even grandchildren) and turns it back; sends the man back into the prison of himself, there to keep a harem of imaginary brides...Masturbation involves this abuse of imagination in erotic matters (which I think bad in itself) and thereby encourages a similar abuse of it in all spheres. After all, almost the main work of life is to come out of our selves, out of the little dark prison we are all born in. Masturbation is to be avoided as all things are to be avoided which retard this process. The danger is that of coming to love the prison."[134][135]
>> No.60445  
I just had a dream of playing volleyball against Gabe Newell except he looked and acted like Newman from Seinfeld. Hitting him in the face with a ball was fun for a while but I eventually just got bored and decided to wake up.
>> No.60447  
I can't wait to get a Baron Harkonen action figure for my 6yo son. it's going to make me a proud father when he rapes someone with it.
>> No.60467  
why the fuck do the spinoff subhuman double niggers keep spamming /qa/ with pepe and basedjak faggotree?
no one cares about spam on /qa/(but you're making this post keep seething) its not even visual pollution anymore considering this schizospam has been going on for over 3 years idonteven why waste the effort/ip's/ranges everyone here knows they make up 85% of the basedjak/pepe schizospam site wide so why bother with /qa/ after all this time inb4 le I win keep seething based based based sneed based chuck etc zoomer low effort niggertry
I should really get around to setting up one of those hash filters god I hate /jp/ thank fuck moot created that ghetto so /a/nons have their own jewish population to blame for literally everything /pol/tards and /v/ermin wish they were as much of blight as /jp/ is on /a/ once again fuck /jp/
>> No.60468  
>can't even call someone a retard in a direct fashion
>has to resort to posting an image of something negative and quoting the original poster's post in a pathetic attempt to wordlessly imply "you = le stupuid gay xd"

You're on an anonymous imageboard, in which you are the furthest thing from being face-to-face, and yet you still don't have the balls to say "you're a fag". You are literally so pussyshit that you have to pray to god that your Wojak macro gets your pathetically simple message across. I cannot wait to see my message mockingly repeated back at me with yet another of your faggoty basedjaks. You're a paradox. You have the absolute audacity to call someone a testicle-less girlyman through an image macro, despite having a negative value where your balls should be, because you can't bring yourself to call someone names to their face. Let me show you how it's done. Maybe you'll somehow grow a pair in the process of reading this.
You're a faggot. Every single aspect about you is faggy, and I'll be impressed if you can manage to copy-paste my post, greentext it, and solve the captcha, all with your hands full with a pair of dicks.
Fuck you.
>> No.60476  
I saw ST AR-15 in the dorms of a friend's base yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a dork and bother her and ask her for photos or anything. She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and waving her gun around in front of my face. I walked away and continued my battery gathering, and I heard her chuckle as I walked off. When I went to collect the daily quest reward I saw her trying to walk out the armory with like fifteen boxes of Blackout rounds in her arms without paying.

Kalina was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Miss, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending her communications were being jammed, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the boxes and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any Parapluie infection,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After Kalina scanned each box and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting her by firing her guns into the ceiling.
>> No.60478  
You can't spell 'advertisements' without semen between the tits.
>> No.60479  
If caramelldansen isn’t played at my funeral then I’m not going
>> No.60481  

>> No.60491  
>NTR is anti-romance

Its not. NTR is a control fetish, and the people who like NTR are usually closted homosexuals or extreme masochists, i.e. fucking pathetic people.
Romanticism and fetishes aren't opposites. Anti-romance would be someone who is above romance, maybe even a story about an asexual man who does not need romance to fulfill his desires.
NTR on the other hand is still romantic but its romantic only to the fetishist, who gets off to watching people fuck their lovers.

Please kill yourself you NTR loving faggot. No one likes your shitty fetish
>> No.60593  
I like to describe it as a game of cat and mouse where the cat has plot armor and the mice have lobotomies.
>> No.60648  
He has pleaded guilty to the charges.

However, his defense team has argued that the victims had agreed to be killed.
>> No.60656  
This boner for example is the culmination of years of award winning research and a triumph of animal husbandry.
>> No.60670  
I have no idea but my grandson's always on the facebooks and he says people lie all the time on there. Internet must addle the youngsters' brains. I try to get him off the computer but he calls me a boomer?? He sure likes my lasagna though.
- Mary
>> No.60685  
For the young couple, the marriage was initially amiable but distant. Louis-Auguste's shyness and, among other factors, the young age and inexperience of the newlyweds (who were near total strangers to each other: they had met only two days before their wedding) meant that the 15-year-old bridegroom failed to consummate the union with his 14-year-old bride. His fear of being manipulated by her for imperial purposes caused him to behave coldly towards her in public.[10] Over time, the couple became closer, though while their marriage was reportedly consummated in July 1773, it did not actually happen until 1777.[11]

The couple's failure to produce any children for several years placed a strain upon their marriage,[12] exacerbated by the publication of obscene pamphlets (libelles) mocking their infertility. One questioned, "Can the King do it? Can't the King do it?"[13]

The reasons for the couple's initial failure to have children were debated at that time, and they have continued to be debated since. One suggestion is that Louis-Auguste suffered from a physiological dysfunction,[14] most often thought to be phimosis, a suggestion first made in late 1772 by the royal doctors.[15] Historians adhering to this view suggest that he was circumcised[16] (a common treatment for phimosis) to relieve the condition seven years after their marriage. Louis's doctors were not in favour of the surgery – the operation was delicate and traumatic, and capable of doing "as much harm as good" to an adult male. The argument for phimosis and a resulting operation is mostly seen to originate from Stefan Zweig's 1932 biography of Marie Antoinette.

Most modern historians agree that Louis had no surgery[17][18][19] – for instance, as late as 1777, the Prussian envoy, Baron Goltz, reported that the King of France had definitely declined the operation.[20] Louis was frequently declared to be perfectly capable of sexual intercourse, as confirmed by Joseph II, and during the time he was supposed to have had the operation, he went out hunting almost every day, according to his journal. This would not have been possible if he had undergone a circumcision; at the very least, he would have been unable to ride to the hunt for a few weeks afterwards. The couple's sexual problems are now attributed to other factors. Antonia Fraser's biography of the queen discusses Joseph II's letter on the matter to one of his brothers after he visited Versailles in 1777. In the letter, Joseph describes in astonishingly frank detail Louis's inadequate performance in the marriage bed and Antoinette's lack of interest in conjugal activity. Joseph described the couple as "complete fumblers"; however, with his advice, Louis began to apply himself more effectively to his marital duties, and in the third week of March 1778 Marie Antoinette became pregnant.
>> No.60688  
Well, that's all you need to do and God shall bless you. Amen!
>> No.60733  
Personally, I think they should make a board to throw all the vtubers, streamers, and other associated groups into. Call it the Internet Celebrity board, or /incel/
>> No.60734  
The opposite of a small truth is a lie. The opposite of a great truth is another great truth
>> No.60736  
That's honestly kind a kind of interesting and humanizing depiction of the feudal aristocrats we usually only tend to see as charicatures. Also a good reminder of how a cultural values can interfere with our perception of the past.
>> No.60740  
File: hooray none of us will live under a stable government for the rest of our lives.jpg -(2525.5 KB, 5472x3648) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
In history class I was taught that the French Revolution was a good thing because fuck yeah democracy (not even American). The more I learn about it, the more it turns out people were just easily outraged idiots (fueled in part by misinformation) and caused an unnecessary coup when things were actually starting to improve (even if it wasn't immediately noticeable due to the lingering effects of past mismanagement), just resulting in things becoming worse for a very long time (France didn't become stable again until more than a century later).

>how a cultural values can interfere with our perception of the past.

Quoting Wikipedia again,

>Historians until the late 20th century emphasised class conflicts from a largely Marxist perspective as the fundamental driving cause of the Revolution.[249] The central theme of this argument was that the Revolution emerged from the rising bourgeoisie, with support from the sans-culottes, who fought to destroy the aristocracy.[250] However, Western scholars largely abandoned Marxist interpretations in the 1990s. By the year 2000 many historians were saying that the field of the French Revolution was in intellectual disarray. The old model or paradigm focusing on class conflict has been discredited, and no new explanatory model had gained widespread support.[251][252]
>> No.60741  
I will beat your ass with a fucking stick. Leave the country.
>> No.60745  
I have another reason to hate the French, this will go right next to "decapitated ancestors".
>> No.60747  
The lewdest fiend in this universe. Rotten to the core yet incredibly cute, it's very likely she will choke your chicken dry without thinking it twice. Oh, how the people of old spoke of her! Powerful like thunder, seductive like succubi, greedy of semen, blood, pee, you mention it, she's drunk it or inserted it in her mighty butt. He whose dick rests in her for seconds will see devils, then cum; he whose dick rests in her for minutes will touch demons, then cum.
He whose dick rests in her for hours is not yet born, for he will come when the sky is blotted by the symbol of the monster. Let us hope such moments will never be with us; let us shower Iori with our semen, with our soul.
>> No.60765  
Will never forgive microsoft for installing candy crush on my pc
>> No.60769  
who the fuck is asatru, some anime girl?
>> No.60770  
>niche youtuber kills himself
>feel sad whenever i remember his channel
>later revealed he was a rapist and killed himself to escape persecution
>don't feel sad about it anymore
if you are involved in a uber niche hobby and want to kill yourself please rape somebody first so you don't make people sad
>> No.60776  
The women exchanged looks. Elayne sighed. "Men," said Nynaeve, sniffing.
- George R. R. Martin, 2010
>> No.60778  
Men with stable jobs and a high income were found to be more likely to have sex, while low income men were 10 to 20 times more likely to have had no sex experience. Conversely, women with lower income were more likely to have had intercourse.[37][a] Men who were unemployed are 8 times more likely to be virgins and men who are part-time or temporary employed had a 4 times higher virginity rate. This means that money and social status are important for men in the dating market.[38]

According to a 2010 survey, 61% of single Japanese men in their 20s and 70% of single Japanese men in their 30s call themselves "herbivore men", meaning that they are not interested in getting married or having a girlfriend.[39]
>> No.60802  

My hero in the internet armor.

I never use my anime acc for the hentais i download, but i want to say that this is one of my favorite hentais and to see it in this quality, i had to use the main acc.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and i hope you have a wonderful year.
>> No.60803  
The only thing “portable” around here is my oxygen machine that I had specially made so I could leave the hospital at a moment’s notice to come kick your ass, idiot.
>> No.60815  
Don't worry. She found a new calling in life. Not longer a vegetarian, she now has several sausages a day.
>> No.60829  
You got a problem, Jones? Why don't you try fighting crime and get away from the microphone you dumb asshole.
>> No.60843  
no westerners can collect for this system as they would end up on the sex offenders registry, it's just wall to wall rape games with a port of wizardry and a few scrolling space shooters
>> No.60852  

Note: this entry contains an uncensored a racial slur; discretion advised.
>> No.60857  
You're literally a faggot if you haven't coomed to Estelle at least 10 times
>> No.60862  
The art of this book didn't feel particularly great, but I like how its author paired Marisa's huge cock with such a tiny Cirno. Size differences are the best.
>> No.60874  
The proliferation of sex to promote computer games or crap hentai based titles (that don't merit the status of game) is getting so bad that games are losing face. Even Steam has become a depressing nexus for pc gaming. Bring back quality control.
>> No.60882  
Time flies when you are a faggot
>> No.60888  
Why did it have to snow the one day I needed to leave the apartment?
>> No.60891  
The universe could possibly avoid eternal heat death through random quantum tunneling and quantum fluctuations, given the non-zero probability of producing a new Big Bang in roughly 10101056 years.[50]
>> No.60892  
Bitch the penguin pirates were adorable shut the fuck up
>> No.60894  
think outside the box and realize our history has been rewritten for the benefit of those in power, to deceive us, hide the truth of God. We have two cities burned to a crisp Pompeii and herculaneum. The Bible speaks of Sodom and Gomorrah, and if you see the graffiti and art uncovered in Pompeii and herculaneum. All dedicated to strange gods and deities and their phallic obsession + ancient signs claiming their territory. It's up to you to investigate, but if you start to notice academia is lying about one thing..well their definitely lying about more. If you are a believer in the Living God please pray on this. The revelation is there. God bless
>> No.60917  
watch out for forklifts, bro. Those things will fucking kill you. And the ex-convicts that drive them will only say "sheet u aight dawg?" after they impale you with the forks because they were too busy texting their ho.
>> No.60929  
And the tensions caused by that decision eventually lead to the DESTRUCTION OF THE ROUND TABLE.

Though to be accurate it's more the Civil Restructuring Of The Round Table.
>> No.60950  
One of the BIGGEST challenges you face with TL is battling the constant suspicion some readers have. When readers are self-aware that they're consuming a translation they generally get suspicious and hostile. If there's a funny joke their first thought won't be to laugh, it will be to wonder "Did the translator insert that joke?". If a character speaks with some slang their first thought won't be, uh, enjoying the dialogue, it will be "Did the translator insert that slang? Japanese surely doesn't have that slang." etc.

Translating is thus a constant battle to NOT remind the reader they're consuming a translation. You want to hide all the evidence of it being a translation you can, and if you ever slip up - you're screwed. They're buttmad at your TL and the experience is ruined. I have unironically seen someone remove 1 amazon star from their review of a book I TL'd because they thought I localized "sake" as "vodka" - except actually, the character actually said vodka! I tl'd Vodka as Vodka! But because they were SUSPICIOUS, they thought I had localized away "sake", and thus they got mad at the TL. It's crazy. It's a constant battle. If you let people think for one second they're reading a TL, the experience is destroyed. They'll be unable to see "vodka" and accept that it's "vodka". Their paranoia will make them think it's actually "sake". Etc.
>> No.60961  
File: LolaBunnySpaceJam.png -(114.8 KB, 424x235) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Since her first appearance, Lola quickly became a fan favorite and an iconic character from the Looney Tunes franchise.[20][21][22] She has frequently been regarded as an animated sex symbol.[23][24][25] In 2020, she was named the "most attractive cartoon character across the world" based on global search volume per month.[26][27][28] Shannon Carlin of Bustle.com praised Lola from Space Jam, calling her "confident" and "talented".[29] Dan Kahan of PopDust.com wrote that Lola was meant to be "ogled, both by in-world characters and viewers".[30]


In 2019, after watching Space Jam for the first time, Malcolm D. Lee, the director for Space Jam: A New Legacy, felt off-guard on how Lola was too sexualized in the original, so Lee decided to turn her into a strong woman character saying "This is 2021. It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters." The new personality and look gained controversy, specifically among Twitter.[35][36][37]
>> No.60963  
>be japanese porn artist
>get obsessed with a 28 year old woman pretending to be an anime pirate on youtube
>spend several hundreds trying to get her attention
>one day Cover approaches you asking if you want to draw an official web manga of your her as part of a multimedia project
>sign up immediately
>the initial reception to the project teaser is overwhelmingly positive
>realize there is a lot of money to be made from this
>despite already singing a contract start demanding a higher pay rate and royalties for the entire project
>get told to fuck off
>throw a massive bitchfit on twitter
>immediately start backpedaling when people start calling you an unprofessional manchild
>your chinese translator suddenly makes a guerrilla stream on your bilibili channel saying how Cover wronged you
>all the chinese spammers rally behind you and you now become the public face of Cover hate
>meanwhile on the other side of the world people are digging through your old stuff and find out you are a Nanking Massacre denier and immediately post that shit everywhere
>end up having to make an apology stream on bili saying how it's all a misunderstanding
>you have now burned all the bridges, ended up in every company's blacklist and everyone hates you
>> No.61006  
On my side, I was beginning to experience a fierce desire once more to hold her naked in my arms and revel in the delights of her delicious person, to taste her lips as we mutually spent in each other's clasped embrace, in other words, to fuck her!
>> No.61012  
File: 1489887562567.jpg -(134.3 KB, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Although she had noticed early that something was wrong with Aoba, the socially awkward and timid Hifumi always thought, "Will I give her trouble? Or "I must get up the courage to ask her tomorrow!" Until ......
It was Monday, but Aoba didn't show up for work. Maybe she was sick, and I was a little worried. Let's all go visit her after work. With this intention, Hifumi began to handle the work at hand as usual. She didn't even notice that Senpai Toyama, who had learned the sad news, was in tears in her cubicle.
Aoba had committed suicide. The short statement lingered in Hifumi's mind for a long time.
How could she forget? Even though I was aware of the love I had hidden in my heart, I was still naive enough to think that I didn't need to express my love in a hurry, and that I would be able to express my love naturally one day if I just maintained the present moment.
Obviously, there was no longer that chance.
A few days ago, Aoba looked very sad. But she's the most optimistic and positive girl, she'll be fine!
It was her own fault. Deliberate, fearful and naive to the core ......
The last words left by Aoba were more like love letters than last words. Being missed by her so intensely, yet she looked on coldly when she needed herself most, allowing her clear pupils to be stained with the color of despair. Thinking about this, Hifumi felt that she could no longer face life.
The superiors were blaming themselves. But who knows the real culprit?
Sleeping pills were bought, but they were tucked away, not to be touched. The timid Hifumi tries to continue the daily routine that is already in tatters. She tries to distract herself by working hard, but when she sees something that reminds her of Aoba - like the empty seat behind her - she gets a violent headache.
Sleep is impossible, and she can't eat proper food at all, relying on sugary drinks to keep her alive and doing her best to hide her day from her extra-sensitive co-workers.
"Everyone, let's try my newly discovered snack, this flavor should be green..."
"Ah...Hatsumomo! Don't worry, I'm fine."
What the heck, you're not there anymore.
I couldn't stand it anymore. I found a random excuse to leave the office, went straight home, took out the medicine bottle and poured a lot of it in my hand, swallowing it one by one with warm water.
I hadn't changed my clothes yet. The day Tomi fears that if she hesitates for a moment she will be dissuaded from such thoughts and return to that painful life.
"I don't even have the courage to go with you right away...I'm really not a qualified senpai."
After setting the goodbye message that would be automatically sent to everyone in an hour, I took off my shoes and laid down on the bed, intending to pass away as decently as I thought I would.
However, that was not possible.
A severe headache and stomach cramps soon set in. Tormented by this unbearable pain, Hifumi tossed and rolled in bed, tears and clear vomit (which came out quite clean because she hadn't eaten solid food for a long time) stained everywhere. Her movements became louder and louder, and the pillow and covers fell to the floor, followed by her own roll off the bed. She fell a little dazed, and her weak body no longer had the strength to struggle, so she could only lean on the side of the bed and shrink into a ball covering her stomach in pain, trying her best to keep breathing.
This state went on for ten minutes before her life ceased completely. The pain was frozen in Hifumi's sightless pupils, and her plump body went limp, her panties and skirt soaked with the warm liquid flowing from between her legs. The muscles in her legs, which had been tense, became relaxed, her posture stretched a little, and the right hand pressed against her abdomen slipped to the floor with a "pop" as if to announce her death.
The room was calm again. Poor Sojiro (Hifumi's pet hedgehog), unaware that his master had left, was still munching on the cookie crumbs he had been fed in the morning in his pet box as usual.
>> No.61016  
File: Melty Blood Type Lumina.png -(819.8 KB, 736x948) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
MELTY-BLOOD: Type Lumina

TYPE-MOON x French Bread team up together to make

the long awaited sequel to the MELTY BLOOD series

Release Date: 2021 Planned Released World Wide

Platforms: PS4, XBoxOne, Switch

Publisher: Delight Works [ディライトワークス]

Developer: TYPE-MOON (story, character design)
French Bread [フランスパン]

Website: https://meltyblood.typelumina.com/
Twitter: @MB_LUMINA

The newest addition to the fighting game representing the Tsukihime universe.

What could be called the origin of TYPE-MOON, the legendary Visual Novel Tsukihime. Melty Blood is the game created as 2D Fighting game based on that universe. The game will continue the legacy of Tsukihime and Kagetsu Touya with deep and intriguing characters and story, as well as having great perfection as a fighting tool. The series was reinvented and polished as it went on, and was loved and released on multiple platforms for a long time. And finally, in 2021, with the release of the 20 year wait for the Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-, the newest entry to the series, MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA is born.


Images by @BananaShiki
Translation by @BDtetra

10+ Characters will join the fight!

Playable characters will be based on Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-’s characters. 10 color variation patterns will be available, in addition to freely being able to customize them.

The story written by Nasu Kinoko

In the single player story mode, characters will go through an event story written by Nasu. Other than that, a limited health survival mode, and a mode to where you can compete with completion time will be available.

Exhilarating battles with simple controls

Control your favorite characters and enjoy the deep combat system. A simple control system is implemented that allows you to get enjoyment out of it even if you do not play a lot of fighting games.

Pressing the Attack button rapidly will yield to a combination move “Rapid Beat”. A simple way of doing a powerful combo.


First of all, how and why did you decide to create MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA? Why is it that you chose this timing to create this game?


The reason why is we got a call from TYPE-MOON saying “We should do it (MELTY BLOOD) soon”. It was pretty sudden I must admit lol. We had a ton of requests for a while to do a MELTY BLOOD HD or Remake, and we ourselves had a lot of desires to create a new MELTY BLOOD. We asked TYPE-MOON previously but a lot of issues with the timing of release didn’t work out, but finally because Tsukihime -A piece of Blue Glass Moon- (Tsukihime R) was finished, we were allowed to work on this project.


In this initial information, it was revealed that Tohno, Arcueid, Akiha, and Ciel were available as playable characters. All of them are from Tsukihime R, but will the other characters also be from Tsukihime R?


Yes, that is indeed the case. In general, the characters will be chosen from the new Tsukihime, Tsukihime R.


About this, the cast of characters have thought put in by TYPE-MOON themselves, and I can say that the choice of characters is pretty interesting.


Where does this story fall on the timeline? Is it going to be a story closely related to Tsukihime R?


Yes, the timeline and universe are both based on Tsukihime R. Alike from the way the previous Melty Blood titles were based on the doujin version of Tsukihime, this one will be based on Tsukihime R. Specifically, this will be based on an alternate “if” scenario that takes place right before Tsukihime R starts.

You stated that there will be 10+ characters available. In the previous version (MBAACC), there were 20+ characters, will some characters be missing?

The game will be based on the universe of Tsukihime R, so unlike the previous iterations, there will be a few characters missing. I feel that it is my obligation to talk about this beforehand and with examples, but the previous main character from the series Sion will be missing, as well as the fact that the game is not based on the Tatari story (so Tatari characters will be missing). I would hope that the fans of the series will understand this, and because the previous MELTY BLOOD series was in an after-story like position, considering the story of Tsukihime R, the decision was made that making a new after-story spin off story based on it would be premature. The doujin version of Tsukihime existed, and the previous Melty Blood series was a spin off of that, and in terms of this game it is created in order to make the Tsukihime R experience more enjoyable.


About the Battle System, is there any resemblance to the previous MELTY BLOOD titles? What are the new Systems?


In regards to the battle system, we tried to make something that “feels” Melty Blood like, while creating systems from the ground up. I can’t say that its exactly the same, but Shields, Heats, Aerial Combos are a core to the MELTY BLOOD experience and the game is created around that, so I think I can say that it will feel very familiar. As an example of a brand new system, a new resource and actions that use that resource, as well as many new systems will be introduced. Compared to the previous series, it is likely that the way you move around and play the neutral game will change, so I hope you are interested on new info we release.


What are some of the key points that you want players to focus on?


Like previous titles, we creating characters by inputting 1 pixel at a time, so I hope you like the new pixel art of the characters with much higher resolution. I think you would also enjoy the new outfit designs of the characters and animations that go along with it.


In terms of the battle system, I put an effort in trying to focus on “what makes a MELTY BLOOD game” as much as possible, and designed/tuned the game around that. At the same time, I also feel that you will enjoy it as a brand new MELTY BLOOD experience.


Any large changes compared to the previous titles?


This might be a little bit too detailed, but this game will use an online fighting technology called Rollback Netcode. Compared to the previous titles, you should feel much less lag during online sessions, so I hope you enjoy this experience.


Any final words towards your fans?


I’m sorry we kept you waiting for such a long time. It has been 10 years since I practiced drawing and HD size Pixel Art character lol. Since then, a lot has changed, but I hope that the fans of the doujin Tsukihime & MELTY BLOOD generation, as well as the new Tsukihime R and Fate generation will both be able to enjoy the game.


When Tsukihime R was announced last year, I heard a lot of voices asking for a MELTY BLOOD revival and was extremely happy for it. I originally was a MELTY BLOOD player myself, and the reason I entered this industry was because of the doujin Tsukihime and MELTY BLOOD. I hope the fans of the series enjoy this game and we are working very hard to finish this, so I hope you will be excited for the new MELTY BLOOD!


What is the appeal of this game from a player of Tsukihime R?


This time we got a lot of recorded voices for the game. In Granblue Fantasy:Versus there were a lot of unique character dialogue between specific combinations of fights, and we tried to emulate that. For example, in a normal battle a character when hit will say something like “You’re pretty good!”, but when fighting an opponent that is familiar and close to the character, the voice lines will change to something like “you’re pushy!” or “that’s annoying! (uzai)”.
>> No.61028  
Why are you harrassing everyone in this thread? Nintendo is disconnecting the servers of a game, not disconnecting your dad. Chill man.
>> No.61039  
An example of a commonly reposted shitpost originating from the /jp/ (Otaku culture) board of 4chan, featuring Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project
>> No.61045  
An image edit that I made is on Wikipedia, go figure.
>> No.61047  
Congrats dude.
>> No.61048  
You watch your mouth! This woman is a goddess and deserves your respect. She is not a whore and is not a bimbo
>> No.61062  
Yes I'm DTF
>> No.61108  
>> No.61130  
Is this...
>> No.61174  
If you want to listen to this music properly then please use a proper earbud/headphone/soundsystem. DON'T listen to them on Phone or Laptop speakers, those are only good for chillstep, shrimpstep etc.
>> No.61178  
as i gaze upon my monitor through hazy gin sulled eyes i raise my cheeto stained hand triumphently and scream to the heavens FUCK YES!
>> No.61183  
Just like with J. S. Bach and the Baroque, denpa should be declared dead once MOSAIC.WAV ceases to exist.
>> No.61200  
File: a letter to all aliens spying on earth's wireless internet signals.jpg -(464.1 KB, 1079x1092) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.61209  
Just read a few pages of KGB surveillance reports (unrelated) where the most frequent abbreviations were “е.т.м.", “х.." and “б..".
>> No.61211  
,,, NO, just no...
In most cases the issue with rape is that the victim can't retaliate because of SOCIAL reasons. (she is the maid/employee/subordinate/neighbor/from a lower caste etc)
and isapists are more than one, goring one might not stop the others.

I used to work science field inna shotholes such as Mayotte, South africa, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Japan and every rape case was linked to this
That's why RAPEX (a onahole shaped tampon with barbed edges inside) failed. South african ape would check for the device and use it on the victim.

Cooperating is sadly the bast option is these cases, in an "masked rapist in a dark alleyway" scenario the cock crushing still a viable strat yet the bestis still is handgun magdump inna center mass tho

Penise is fragile, if you ever saw someone getting kicked in the groin you'd knew...

a piercing/biting/crushing blow on an erect penis is enough to kill you just because of the sheer shock and bloodloss... even moreso if you are high on uppers such as coke speed meth etc... your heard rate will go crazy and blow in less than a minute.

I personnally got muh dick twisted whan my highschool gf fell of the bed during cowgirl and man; I just passed out
(and I ain't a pussy, got light 2nd degree boiling oil burn on my arm, operated myself on the go with weak hand and drove to the ER)

And back in 77 my mon and her colleague got assaulted by mudslime rapey kitten in an underground parking lot in Paris; her colleague was (illegally) carrying a .25acp and rapey abdul lost one testicle and 1,5m of gut for this.
Today this man would've considered a victim, shame.
>> No.61227  
>> No.61230  
Wrong. Obivously, his post is a bait and he's not an actual tranny. But I have him a (You) and made his brain release dopamine for acting like a troon. After a while his brains going to want more dopamine so he's going to continue acting like a tranny and eventually he will turn into a tranny with humiliation fetish and kill himself. I have outmanipulated him.
>> No.61252  
File: sp007.jpg -(146.8 KB, 350x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I’m not sure what it means when the unaltered mechanics of your videogame can serve as the punchline for a joke, but it probably isn’t a hallmark of success in the area of game design.

Milk is the one substance all mammals can consume immediately after birth. But some madman at Blizzard is either unfamiliar with the stuff or has confused “milk” with “Jack Daniels Old Time Tennessee Whiskey,” because you have to be a seasoned adventurer before you’re allowed a glass of it.

When I call Blizzard out on stuff like this I tend to get fanboys honking at me and jabbering on about game balance. This is like using “my head is cold” as an excuse as to why you’re wearing a diaper as a hat. It does indeed solve the problem, but it isn’t elegant or pretty and I’m not about to pretend not to notice just for the sake of being nice.

Things only get more demented as you go up in level. You need a Ph.D. in Kicking Ass to slurp down a bowl of soup, and you’ll need to be more than halfway to godhood before you’re allowed to face the challenge and responsibility of eating pie.

The fact that animals drop things like longswords and armor doesn’t bother me quite as much. Sure, animals shouldn’t be able to acquire, much less carry all the rummage sale stuff you find on their corpses, but the logic parts of my brain tend to shut down when presented with a bunch of shiny new toys. But even this prize-induced retardation can’t make me accept a vulture with a glass of frosty milk. Aside from questions about where they got it and how it stays cold, I have to wonder how in the name of Arthas’ frozen nipples the vulture managed to avoid spilling the stuff while it was trying to peck my ass off.

I don’t demand stark realism from these games, but if we could move just a little further from this acid-trip logic then I’m sure I’d just find something else trivial to complain about.
>> No.61266  
I too thought this anime would break new ground by bringing up menstruation (and menstruation blood drinking?) But then it turned out to be just some innocent, wholesome piss fetish joke.
>> No.61287  
File: 癖.png -(25.5 KB, 1389x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
[Thanks, DeepL. Very useful.]
>> No.61289  
File: 519_074.jpg -(34.6 KB, 661x289) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
English is kuso language.
>> No.61296  
I didn't give a damn about the score. 1–0 was enough, as long as we could humiliate them. I hate them. They murdered my family. My father, my sister, two of my brothers. Each time I faced Germany I was angst-filled.
>> No.61302  
should be a fucking death penality for loadfags who don't secure their loads.
I saw semi truck assholes in open top trucks driving through Sacramento CA with gravel shit flying out of the top. Should be legal to capture that shit on video tape and stick an AR in their window and smoke their ass.
Also saw faggot ass landscapers with shitty gravel falling out of the cracks in their trailers.
I swear to fuck if we don't take back the world from these capitalist scumbags who have took control away from people, society WILL fall.
>> No.61304  
When you have eliminated the JavaScript, whatever remains must be an empty page. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps.
>> No.61324  
Indonesians are pagans. They only pretend to be muslim to make the dutch and chinese mad.
>> No.61335  
ive lived long enough to see movies written entirely by ai, shilled entirely by ai, and watched by no one
>> No.61354  
kyon kun denpa
>> No.61355  
Wow I found this film amazing. I bought this movie on Amazon and watch it seven times, this work is genius. First off I watch that stupid Red Letter Media Review on this film and I believe those guys didn't really watch the whole movie. If anything they don't have a brain and they wasn't listening to the story. I want to address some things, those dumb movie critics was not paying attention to the story. No where in this film the alien character XR mentioned as Egg Salad,. Where did they get that from? Also the bathroom scene was clearly a different girl from Diamond. She said her name is "Stacy". Listen to the story and people will not be confuse on what's going. Diamond has power. She can change into another person. The alien guy at the end of the movie was the leader over XR. Not sure why people keep saying XR turned into a big iphone. If you listen to the iphone alien, you will hear him say he is the leader from the other planet. Grow some ears people, stop hating on Deuandra Brown. And lastly the June20th BC was clearly done on purpose. The director was trying to show the people of the future that maybe don't understand the BC theory. Even though in those days, months and dates was not listed. The writer wanted the future generation to know that she is representing a wedding in the month of June. This is not a true story therefor the writer may write whatever she would like to reveal. It's her story!! I'm glad she put this in a puzzle to make people wonder. That's true art. Clearly the director knew what she was doing. I can't wait for more movies from this brilliant woman writer/director/producer triple threat. She is amazing and her work is amazing. None of those haters can even compare to the talent of this young woman. I would like to see them try.
>> No.61369  
Ate' pizza
Ate' pasta
Ate' da Pope
Nuffin to live for m8
Let's burn a few pizzerias den hit da pub oi m8
>> No.61379  
I don't think it's bots, it's the merging of human behavior with technology.

Consider that social media is addicting. Consider that humans generally aim to maximize pleasure while minimizing effort. Consider that humans, as social animals, tend to adopt the views of those around them.

The human visits the social media site. It sees content that doesn't require much thought to digest which generally aligns with their beliefs. It parrots the content into the echo chamber. It receives reward in the form of likes and replies. The beliefs are reinforced, the associations with the content strengthened. The human's thoughts become more aligned with the idea, and it continues.

Compare that to the idea that may not align with the human's beliefs. It may require critical thought or deeper understanding to make sense. Even if the human is willing and capable of putting in effort to think about it, most of those around them won't be, and they get little or no interaction when trying to discuss it. They have put in effort and gained nothing, and learned that the idea isn't worthwhile.

What we're seeing is a planetary mind-meld through memetic content, where the broad spectrum of opinions are trending towards common simplified thought patterns through repetition and reinforcement. As the meme grows and more people participate, so does it's influence, and the natural variation diminishes.
>> No.61385  
This one is just malicious. This is literally just a full scale attack on the soul.
>> No.61393  
you failed communist shameless piece of shit ! you communist rubbish are finished in the internet years.
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youtube channel: enragedkimchis Daniel
>> No.61403  
File: gob slayer.jpg -(408.0 KB, 1132x1010) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The thread got deleted so I guess I'll post it here.
It's infuriating. It's exhausting. It makes me want to vomit everytime I see a negro child. I think I hate nigger children even more than nigger adults. And I know just why. When I see one, an internal conflict boils within me. I know it will grow up into thief, mugger, rapist or murderer. I know it's soulless and vile animal. I know I should kill it, grab a babynigger by the foot and smash it's fucking brains out on the curb. All my instincts and the senses yell at me to kill that monstrosity before it's too late. Yet the reason, the threat of consequences hold me back. There is also an element of fear. I am afraid that I would go to jail for killing a human being when in all reality I would have killed a pest.
It is so tiresome, to be right when everyone around me is not.
>> No.61412  
The human brain only operates at 90mhz, any cpu power over that is wasted.
>> No.61420  
British Blogger Zoe Stavri whipped the Internet up into a frothy bread mix frenzy earlier this week, after writing about a sourdough loaf she'd begun to make from scratch, leavened with yeast from a vaginal infection. She sourced the yeast with the help of a dildo, as if baking weren't fun enough already.

Her first tweets on the subject chronicled her yeast making her dough rise — "IT'S ALIVE"! she wrote, in an acceptable use of all caps — and a blog post also documented the criticism she'd received on social media in response. Noting much of the hate came from apparently grossed-out men, Stavri argues that "the vast majority of the utter horror about my sourdough isn't anything to do with ignorance on food hygiene, but more to do with a general mistrust and horror at vag." Also:

In a follow-up post Wednesday, Stavri chronicled the baking and eating of her special sourdough — it's worth noting that the baking process would have killed off any bacteria present in the yeast (and Stavri also says her infection cleared up also, FYI). The bread smelled great while in the oven, she noted, but did worry she had overbaked the loaves a little:

"It tasted like a pretty damn nice sourdough bread. Not the tangiest sourdough I've ever eaten, but solidly tasty...I really, really liked it," Stavri wrote. "After having a little bite, I ate a slice with butter. The bread was still slightly warm and the butter soaked in and it was absolutely heavenly." While acknowledging its very possible the sourdough rose and baked of its own volition (i.e. without her vaginal yeast, of which she only had a very small quantity in the mix) Stavri says she plans to bake more moving forward using her leftover starter, with pizza and/or bagels maybe coming up next. Read more from Stavri's recipe, and related commentary, at her blog, Another Angry Woman; Cosmopolitan.com has also reached out for further comment on the experiment and what her favorite vagina yeast sourdough sandwich fillings are.
>> No.61426  
[in response to the ""frat boy culture of sexism"" lawsuit that the state of commiefornia vs Activision et. al (incl. blizzard and all of the smaller companies/subsidiaries whose vampire grip Activision bought and devoured)

I worked as a dev in gaming from 2009 to 2018. Anon, everybody knows this. But guess what? They hire women and minorities as talismans against jewish lawsuits.
>Oy vey you barely hire any women, and our client Katlyn here applied to your company
>She has a master's degree in computer science and a minor in game design
>the only possible reason you wouldn't hire this amazing woman is because you hate women!!!
>$4.5 million ruling
>lawyer sued the college she got a degree from for not giving enough women degrees, which is why she got the degree in the first place

See, that's the problem. The system is so corrupt at this point that in order to 'win' you need to go 20 layers deep, but you also have to get normies to follow your logic that far so they'll join your side.
You can't get normies, judges, juries, etc, to sit still long enough to explain that we're dealing with 20 layers of social manipulation.
1) manipulating media to make girls look tough and badass and competent
2) manipulating parents to make them mindlessly dump that material on their daughters
3) manipulating schools to make boys afraid of outperforming girls
4) manipulating higher education to think that girls need to be coddled and given extra considerations
5) manipulating higher education so that they forget #4 and think that women just naturally are better
6) manipulating businesses to think that these bullshit degrees women are getting make them viable employees
7) manipulating courts to side with women whenever a company DOESN'T see them as viable employees
8) manipulating corporations to make extra considerations for women, putting women's break rooms for women only into offices, giving PMS days off to women, mental health sabbaticals, etc
20) Creating entire departments of unfireable women and giving them leverage to twist executive arms into hiring more and more of them until the company cannot withstand the dead weight and just dies from overextension

We live in hell
>> No.61438  
A fellow had just been hired as the new CEO of a large high tech corporation. The CEO who was stepping down met with him privately and presented him with three numbered envelopes. "Open these if you run up against a problem you don't think you can solve," he said.

Well, things went along pretty smoothly, but six months later, sales took a downturn and he was really catching a lot of heat. About at his wit's end, he remembered the envelopes. He went to his drawer and took out the first envelope. The message read, "Blame your predecessor."

The new CEO called a press conference and tactfully laid the blame at the feet of the previous CEO. Satisfied with his comments, the press -- and Wall Street - responded positively, sales began to pick up and the problem was soon behind him.

About a year later, the company was again experiencing a slight dip in sales, combined with serious product problems. Having learned from his previous experience, the CEO quickly opened the second envelope. The message read, "Reorganize." This he did, and the company quickly rebounded.

After several consecutive profitable quarters, the company once again fell on difficult times. The CEO went to his office, closed the door and opened the third envelope.

The message said, "Prepare three envelopes."
>> No.61446  
I was promised a battle of wits, but what actually happens is this one gigachad of a man goes around raping and torturing all the heroines 10 times a day, showing it to the protag who makes sure to never miss a scene by watching it through the security cameras and is conflicted between wanting to save them and enjoying the sight. But most rapes you can do nothing about, so really this is more of an NTR & torture game. And it's really rough, the girls don't enjoy it either.

After reading quite a lot of this and getting one of the endings, it still didn't feel like a battle of wits. No matter what you do, what awaits you is rape and torture scenes every step of the way.
>> No.61447  
Redl's motives for treason are still unclear. He may have been caught in a compromising position by Russian agents, because he was homosexual
>> No.61455  
The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.

— John Ehrlichman, to Dan Baum[47][48][49] for Harper's Magazine[50] in 1994, about President Richard Nixon's war on drugs, declared in 1971.[51]
>> No.61457  
The microSD card slot has been a staple feature of past Samsung phones. However, like the headphones and even the charger, the times have been changing. In comments to The Verge, a Samsung spokesperson reportedly explained how the inclusion of a microSD card slot is now considered to be unnecessary by the company. This is slightly different to the general smartphone industry move towards removing earbuds and chargers, with that change more often suggested to be an environmentally-friendly decision. After all, many consumers upgrading from one phone to the next likely already have a compatible set of headphones and charging brick.

Undoubtedly, having access to storage options on a phone is a benefit to consumers, but with more people utilizing cloud-based services, there is the argument that there's now less of a need for additional storage beyond what's built in. However, Samsung is offering multiple Galaxy S21 storage options for each model and that is an indicator that greater storage levels remain necessary for some users. Still, with the base model coming with 128GB, and the option to double that storage for an additional $50, Samsung is not leaving Galaxy S21 buyers with no option, even though the decision will need to be made prior to ordering a new phone.
>> No.61462  
File: wheel.png -(112.1 KB, 220x232) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
How the fuck did anyone fell for this piece of shit """""technology""""""? It takes months of work to finish where I can instead spend my time foraging for more food/material for my home. Not to mention it is fucking useless. You think round shapey stuff can just roll on the ground and make trasnport easy? This shit only works on REALLY SMOOTH GROUND. Try using one of these to "roll" my cargo of wheats from my field to the cities. The stops along the trip due to the roller stuck inside mud or you have to lift up the whole thing (seriously why is this thing so fucking heavy??) on the few rocky way you would wish that you were just carrying those wheats on your back since the start of your journey.

WHEELS SUCKS. IT'S NEVER GONNA WORK. Try to find a really smooth ground stretching from my farm to the city, or any farm at all. No you can't do that, nature does not work this way, which is why wheels sucks and any suckers who fell for this is a complete idiot and his whole family should be fed to the wild beasts.
>> No.61479  
I Was Reunited With The Cutest And Baddest Girl In School! She Made Fun Of Me For Being A Cherry Boy, But The Moment I Shoved My Dick Inside Her, She Spasmed And Orgasmed And I Treated Myself To A Creampie!
>> No.61496  
This route goes through pristine Yosemite wilderness, why would you want more people in this area? You know people ruin everything right? Let motivated people find these places by themselves. All Yosemite needs is a bunch more entitled though hikers. Do the right thing, save Yosemite and stop selling this BS route.
>> No.61505  
Yeah, I jerked off to a gun and cummed all over my phone's screen as I stand in my bathroom with my dick hovering over my phone. Why am I typing this? You see, I have never jerked off and cummed this much over an anime girl. Plus I had to wipe the cum off from my phone, which led to it landing on my bathroom floor (That caused a mess). So I had to deadass mop it up.Why am I proud of typing this? It's because I realized after busting that huge nut, I can actually marry that anime girl in the mobile game "Girls' Frontline".Why did I jerk off to this? I rarely have interest in anime girls, and seeing this one with such a fine ass turned me on.My parents were not home and I decided to jerk off in my bathroom due to it being more pleasing to masturbate as my heavy balls hang low.Is this my proudest fap?Yes, as I mentioned earlier: I have never came like this to an anime girl, and maybe have not came like this before at all.How did I find this?I came here to laugh my ass off at some fucked up shit on here, and decided to see if there was AK-12 (My favorite assault rifle) on here 'cuz y not? Search results; resulted this hot anime girl.I regret nothing.
>> No.61509  








>> No.61514  
Gandalf, I see your schwartz is as big as mine
>> No.61535  
You’re probably a really good track and field athlete competing at long jump considering how many hoops you jumped through to reach your conclusion.
>> No.61537  
File: skeleton jelly.jpeg -(638.9 KB, 632x3467) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I could be mistaken, but i believe this is a comic about endochondral ossification. Skeleton jelly is essentially a chondrocyte (cartilage cell) which hypertrophies (drinks the well) and dies (gets eaten). He then cacifies (squirxical jelly) and then drips into ultraviolet city, which looks suspiciously like the trabeculae of ossified bone. I'm pretty sure it's not all a coincidence, it made me chuckle.

>Soo... what's the little guy whose brain is made of animals?

You know, that is the one thing I really couldn't put my finger on. I looked over the comic again after reading your comment and noticed a few other interesting things though. After meeting tiny animals brain dude, Skeleton Jelly says "Am I Skull Town Jelly? No! I am Skeleton Jelly." This line caught my eye not only because of the play on words, but because bones of the skull and general cranial region ossify through Intramembranous Ossification, which is a very different process compared to the Endochondral Ossification that Skeleton Jelly goes through. Hence, his violent reaction against becoming Skull Town Jelly.

The man with many hands and eyes that Skeleton Jelly meets reminds me of the Hypothalamus gland in that it is the main link between the endocrine and nervous system. The hypothalamus receives a lot of information and dictates a lot of developmental instruction, explaining the 360 degree vision and all the hands held like traffic signs.

To me, the well is just a source of ground substance, which helps alter a chondrocyte's chemical makeup to prepare it for apoptosis and ossification.

The guy who chews up Skeleton Jelly represents the mechanism by which chondrocytes perform apoptosis, but we don't exactly know what that mechanism is yet, so I can't say for sure. (Osteoblasts is what I assume, but more research must be done).

The last character our Jelly meets is my favourite. Taking my previous assumptions to be correct, Jelly must be inside a human body, and the squares of all the walls are various cells, right? Well we meet this alien-shaped character who looks almost human - at least in the early developmental stages. My guess is a fetus for that reason, and Jelly must be in a pregnant woman. This makes sense to me as well because the female pelvis expands and gets slightly denser in late term pregnancies to support more weight, correct center of mass, etc...

Of course the comic falls closer to making a commentary about the crises of identity and existentialism, but I couldn't help but notice the parallels between the working human anatomy and Skeleton Jelly's little adventure.
>> No.61541  
I want to kiss ganyu's little foot, I want to smooch my way over her legs to her pussy, i want to kiss her pussy, i want to then move my way from her mound all the way to her neck in kisses, then i want to hold her neck and look deep into her eyes and then kiss her on her lips too
>> No.61544  
Bus full of failure! Just drive it straight to prison mama and all! And please beat the snot out of the person who recorded the video since they don’t know how to hold a camera straight
>> No.61553  
Anime is a result of an unknown party weaponizing autism sometime in the early to mid-20th century. Anime itself is a memetic cognitohazard discouraging procreation and thought, while influencing afflicted individuals to create a cult, often euphemized as a fanbase by the general populace.
>> No.61583  
Do you play Miyako because you're a tier whore or because you're a pedophile?
>> No.61585  
t. has read multiple books on female psychology
>> No.61610  
Wandering Through COVID Japan

Until now, I’d been safely celebrating Fridays at home by enjoying three tall beers and two miniature bags of peanut snacks. Actually, I do that every other day too, but because Ken Seeroi’s the kind of guy who makes a plan and sticks with it, I set out walking, after the three tall beers and two peanut snacks, of course. It didn’t take long to find a tattered yellow paper lantern hanging over a faded, handwritten menu and a sticker in English that said “Locals Only.” Hey, glad I moved here, since that makes me a local. But would it be virus-free? I paused. Mmm, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like a little pandemic’s gonna kill you, right? Hey, don’t look to me for good decisions. I slid open the wooden door and a motley collection of Showa Era drunks squinted, hissed, and shrank from the light. Which was weird, considering it was night.

Eh, nothing to be concerned about—just saunter casually up to the bar and order a beer. So I strode in confidently and promptly smacked into a vinyl sheet. Off balance, I spun left and came face to face with a plexiglass partition. Another left took me into what appeared to be a shower curtain. Everyone stopped talking and stared at the giant white mouse frantically trying to navigate his invisible maze to receive a liquid reward. Probably shouldn’t have had those three beers, all things considered. Then to my right, more plastic. Christ, where was it all coming from? It’s like those dreams where you’re bound in Saran wrap. I assume I’m not the only one who has those. Whoever’s manufacturing see-through sheets and dividers in Japan is making a killing. Centuries of carefully crafted shogi screens, tatami mats, and zen-like atmosphere washed to hell in one quick plastic tsunami.
>> No.61611  
I remember when she was only a little cube... Ahhh how they grow so fast...
>> No.61615  
I drove a car through Kyrgyzstan once. It was a sport utility vehicle, a good-natured mass of steel, glass and plastic, and it did pretty well on the mountain roads with their mudholes and potholes. One time I got it stuck in a ditch though, and it somehow ripped the exhaust pipe, causing the poor thing to become unbearably loud. Heads would turn, making driving a bit of an embarrassment. But it was a good car anyway.
The country felt like a dream. There were long winding roads with panoramic views. There were cows gazing into the distance. Horses and sheep. Blossoms covered with ice.
When I arrived in Arslanbob, the walnut groves were covered in snow. The lake Chatyr-Kul turned out to be behind a border checkpoint that required a special permit and only allowed visits for a limited time, but when you went in you could see China on the other side of a simple fence. Osh felt like a country within a country. Tash Rabat was as old as it was spooky. And Chatyr-Kul was the most beautiful lake of them all.
But Son-Kul was the place where I got the poor car stuck in a ditch. I was driving at night, and the ditch was a gaping hole in the middle of the road. When I saw it, it was already too late.
The night brought coldness and stars.
The next day I ran into a group of fishermen who not only helped pull out my car but also invited me to lunch. They told me they had worked blue-collar jobs in Moscow before, but life was better up here, so eventually they had returned. They would go down to the city once a week to sell their catch. During the rest of the week, they would row their boats around the lake in the mornings, and after that there was apparently not much to do. They had strong arms from all the rowing. The money was good, and they had a power generator for their freezer, but no TV. I found a couple of empty vodka bottles next to their yurta.
So is this a stress-free life? I wanted to know.
"Yes", they said. Just one word: yes.
For lunch, they served fried fish along with onions, bread and caviar. The fish was fresh from the lake, and so was the caviar. They would eat some and sell some. Also, part of the fish eggs would be given to a wildlife conservation project. Someone had introduced large predatory fish to their lake in the past, and now the indigenous species were having a hard time and needed some assistance.
"How much do you think this caviar is worth?" one of the fishermen asked me while we were eating.
I looked at my spoon, at the shiny orange pearls that were fish-eggs. I had no idea how much they were worth.
"Well, down in the city we sell this for 50 dollars for 100 grams."
Oh, I said, wondering how many grams were in my spoon.
He smiled, and it was a sly smile, a smile that said he was going to let me in on a well-kept secret: "You know, up here", he said, "I eat 200 grams every day!"
You are a rich man, I said.
"Rich", he said and took another spoonful, "yes, rich."
>> No.61616  
Humans are interesting bunch. Many of them possess...uh....strange genitalia. My prior research had told me there were two sexes: Male and female. The males possessed inseminating instruments (penis's) and females were to receive the males seed in a receptacle (a vagina). Yet I was exposed to depictions of females possessing inseminating instruments, and vice versa! It was confusing and slightly arousing. The fellows on this site were far more informed than any scholar I had met, and would often, in great detail, discuss these things and post more evidence of their existence.

Time wore on, as did my desire to learn. Leaving my chambers was no longer an option. Food was brought to me by the ship hand, and I made use of whatever containers I had at my reach to dispose of bodily waste. Oh what a feeling it was to be in love! There are humans who are young, with great big eyes and oddly shaped faces. They are called “waifu's”, and are treasured among the human race for their beauty and purity. Their hair would twist and turn and go every which way imaginable, with all sorts of colors. I fell in love with a human, though I dare not speak her name here. My friends I cannot even describe the anger I felt when one of my human friends insinuated my waifu was waste. One day I will travel to earth, and I shall court with my waifu, and I shall learn that she is NOT WASTE.
>> No.61628  
For those who don't get the joke, "Truth" (Pravda) was the name of one of the Soviet era newspapers. Pravda still exists, and in an English version, if you can stand it.
The other Soviet newspaper was Izvestiya (News) and the Soviet era joke was "Nyet pravdy v'Izvestiyakh i nyet izvestii v'Pravde - there is no truth in "News" and no news in "Truth".
>> No.61629  
Like Alice, more than 90 percent of deaf children in the United States have hearing parents. Most parents then opt to fit their child for a cochlear implant, a device through which electrical stimulation of the ear replicates sound, rather than to embrace their child’s deafness and to learn American Sign Language at home. While this may seem like an easy decision, it is a complex one; by portraying cochlear implants as a foolproof “remedy” for deafness, parents might not only keep the child from finding their place in the Deaf community, but also tend to skew their self-image by making them measure themselves by the standards of the hearing world and thus setting them up for disappointment.

The increasing pressure for members of the Deaf community to adapt to the hearing world disregards the richness and history of their culture, and the value of their perspective. We should expand our understanding of deafness not as a disability, but as a difference, as a unifying factor for a community with its own history and culture.
>> No.61635  
>> No.61636  
Whether you're passive or active, if you're sleeping with your own gender, you're gay. Point! You are a troll who doesn't understand what to say. I thought you were a troll as a hobby, but I think you have adopted acting as a profession. We beg you, we say go, whatever you are, in vain. You are a waste of time. You do not need to answer, I will not read. See what you have.
>> No.61642  
Robots have no gender. You can't be straight or gay with them, but you can still feel just the right amount of shame.
>> No.61651  

Robosexual here. I can confirm.
            /~""''' ‐- ...,,_
            / Revolution /
           ./         ./
          /   ☭   /
          /~""''' ‐- ...,,__/
     ∧,,∧    ハ_ハ    彡⌒ミ   ζζζ
    (´ん` )   (´ん` )  (´ん` )   (´ん` )
    _( ⊂ i    ( ⊂ i   ( ⊂ i    ( ⊂ i  ≡3
.   └ ー-J   └ ー-J  └ ー-J   └ ー-J

>> No.61654  
When you get to know someone (in real life) you construct your idea of their personality in your head. They might have a physical brain full of stuff but you can only hope to know a fraction of what really goes on in there. Your idea of that person is partially based on your own imagination.

Loving your waifu, a personality constructed in your mind based on an anime series, is no different than loving a girl in real life. Not to mention how you can still love people after they die, even if they don't really exist anymore.

Social relationships are intangible, just as many other components of our societies. There are different existences, of different ontogical nature. The things we decide as real is nothing more than an agreement of what we consider real and what don't.
>> No.61670  
File: 1617632641979.png -(517.7 KB, 677x707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You will never be fully vaccinated. You will never be on the correct formulation, you will never have the correct dose, you will never be on the correct manufacturer. You may have gotten a booster shot but all of that can change on a political whim and now you are a plague rat and crude mockery of nature’s perfection. All the “validation” you get for your Fauci Ouchie on social media is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you and take bets on how soon you’re going to die. Your employer has taken a million-dollar life insurance policy out on you and implores you to get one more booster. And even when you do, you will still never be fully vaccinated. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your sickly appearance, your clammy pale greasy skin, and your coal black glassy meth addict looking vaccine eyes behind closed doors. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved at the six-figure settlement they’re offered in return for telling everyone you died of natural causes or covid-19. And that it was your fault because you were not fully vaccinated. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your false cause of death, and even though you took the vaccine, and you took the booster shots, every passer-by for the rest of eternity will know that it was your fault for not being vaccinated. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably unvaccinated. This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.
>> No.61672  
Please keep this politically charged conspiracy bullshit out of /bun/. (And all other conspiracy theories aside, having vaccines kill people makes zero sense. You don't kill the people you're oppressing, you exploit them. It costs a fortune to grow people to a point where they can fulfill their role as a cog in society; there is no benefit in killing random people at peak productivity (as opposed to killing them young, before they cost society anything, or old, when the expenses start outweighing what you can extract from them). At least come up with some tangible benefit to whoever is supposedly orchestrating this worldwide conspiracy.)
>> No.61673  
You know you are responding to a copy pasta, right?
>> No.61675  
It's a quote someone found worthwhile to share. It's no different from retweeting on social media. The thread for silly copypasta is over here: >>7889
>> No.61676  
No, it's a variation on the you will never be a real woman copy pasta. The original is even in the copy pasta thread.
See: >>60657

Also, I have no idea what purpose retweeting has. I barely use Twitter and half the things on it are completely alien to me.
>> No.61677  
File: wots this den.png -(9.1 KB, 316x89) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
what do you think this means?
>> No.61678  
"It's just a joke bro, don't get so worked up about it!" Yeah, it's a 'joke' about a (in the USA) politically charged subject that's a primary theme in ongoing information warfare, with its only humor value being that it resembles a copypaste insult used in the same culture war (by people who are 'on the same side'), posted alongside a 100% genuine non-joking fearmongering image that's been making the rounds in anti-vaxxer communities with the intent of discouraging people from getting vaccinated. I'm sure it was posted in good faith because of its sheer comedic value, and not because it pushed some viewpoint of the poster's.

As someone who caught COVID-19 himself (I survived it just fine, just could barely do anything but sleep for a week) and nearly had a relative die to COVID-19 (bedridden for weeks), both before vaccines were available, and who currently has a coworker over in Canada who has been waiting for a heart surgery for months now (non-urgent, but he's essentially crippled until he gets it) which he's not getting due to COVID-19 patients straining their health care system: Fuck you. I get that this culture war defines your identities now, and I get that you want to 'btfo the lefties' at any cost including perpetuating a disease that's killing and incapacitating tons of people, and I fully understand you don't trust your government (I wouldn't trust your government one bit either), and I could tolerate it if you guys would just stay in your own country and just destroy yourselves, but you fuckers spread the disease and your stupid information warfare to the rest of the world as well. Everyone I care about is fully vaccinated by now (all in good health, by the way) so the biggest threat has passed, but your bullshit is still causing problems everywhere (primarily causing extra strain on our health care system).

Despite all of that, I have not once touched this subject in any of my posts here; many times I have considered posting something in this very thread but refrained because I don't want /bun/ to become yet another battleground in the culture war (threads on basically every 4chan board get derailed for this frequently nowadays). What do you expect to happen when you post a genuine fearmongering image alongside meme propaganda? I'm not going to sit still while you encourage people to spread a disease that's causing problems around the globe. Either you keep this shit off /bun/, or /bun/ becomes a place where people can no longer take it easy.

Being the poster who started both the first 'Random quotes from random places' thread and this specific iteration: It was never intended as a vehicle to bring real-life drama and politics to /bun/. It was intended to share poignant quotes you come across throughout the internet, whether comedic or insightful, and I have to frankly admit it was inspired by retweeting and reposting interesting stuff on Twitter, which I was growing disillusioned with at the time (I have since abandoned Twitter entirely); I liked how it let people share interesting stuff they come across, but hated how it increasingly became just a tool to reinforce groupthink inside an echo chamber (in a process we now call 'virtue signaling', though I don't think the term was in use back then yet). I realize I'm partly at fault here for starting this basically-twitter-for-anons thread myself, but please, don't actually turn this into Twitter.
>> No.61679  
> I get that this culture war defines your identities now, and I get that you want to 'btfo the lefties' at any cost including perpetuating a disease that's killing and incapacitating tons of people
I'm fully vaccinated, I haven't ever commented on the vaccine and I don't even vote. Your making tons of assumption about both me and the person who originally posted the copy pasta that set this off. I know saying people are projecting is a meme response, but I cannot see a sperg out over culture war shit while claiming my identity is defined by the culture war as anything but projection.

>I'm sure it was posted in good faith because of its sheer comedic value
I viewed it as him posting something to laugh at, not with.

If this shit sets you off this much maybe you should turn off the internet for a while and play a video game or something. No comment online should upset you this much.
>> No.61680  
I was primarily talking about >>61670 and using plural 'you' to refer to people like him who keep spreading FUD about vaccination, an act that while frequently passed off as 'just memeing' actually harms people.

>I viewed it as him posting something to laugh at, not with.
If it was just the copypasta itself I could've accepted that, and I probably wouldn't have commented. But what's the point of the image? Where is the comedy value? All it says is 'look, you're going to die if you get the vaccine!'. It's not a parody of anti-vaxxers. It's not a parody of anti-anti-vaxxers. It's an image that's circulating to unironically discourage people from getting vaccinated. What is the point of posting that, other than to perpetuate the FUD?

>No comment online should upset you this much.
I'll be less upset once posts like >>61670 stop directly harming people I know.
>> No.61681  
File: 1627501102257.png -(312.7 KB, 500x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Maybe you should join Majestic 12 in a BODY BAG.

>> No.61685  
>>61679 >>61680
Chill out, dickwads, the unwashed masses don't turn to /photos/ for their propaganda. It isn't doing any harm to laugh at the alt-vaxx movement here. They've been funny in a very black humor sense ever since their autism was about vaccine autism. Where I live, it was these same people who were super-spreading and dropping like flies last spring.
>> No.61686  
>Being the poster who started both the first 'Random quotes from random places' thread and this specific iteration: It was never intended
possibility A: you are full of shit and never started this thread
possibility B: you are incompetent and are angry that you lacked foresight
Truly, neither potentials change the fact that you remain a fool.
>> No.61692  
File: 1628402395264.jpg -(139.0 KB, 905x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I'll be less upset once posts like >>61670 stop directly harming people I know.

wait, what? harming people you know?

Are you or your friends young, impressionable children? At what point are these "people you know" going to grow up enough to be responsible for their own actions, or learn how to critically think on their own?

How do you know that the entire sections of vaccine deaths aren't bot accounts made with AI generated pictures of random facial and body features to create people that don't exist (such as https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ )? ....similar to the bot accounts using similar methods to push the "pro-covid/vax" agenda such as in pic related?

If I instead posted the classic "/b/'s guide on how to make crystals at home in a jar with bleach, ammonia, a few pennies, and a straw" would they kill themselves with it?
>> No.61693  
Did you even read my post? As long as the government in my country doesn't pass new laws to make it legal for hospitals to refuse treatment to unvaccinated people (and convince said hospitals to actually go through with that), the anti-vaxxers will continue clogging up hospitals, delaying non-urgent treatment for everyone. Delayed treatment kills just as hard as COVID-19, because every so often things turn out to be worse than expected and with hospitals being busy chances are it won't be noticed until it's already too late.
>> No.61694  
>But what's the point of the image?
It was probably carried over from the original post that that he was quoting, like almost every other image posted in this thread. There is nothing to suggest that a quote equals an endorsement of what is being said.
>> No.61697  
Considering the same poster has since also posted >>61692 (again without sage, even though the post was off-topic and this was already one of the topmost threads) which was not a quote and also pushes a 'vaccination is bullshit' agenda with an image, it's only seeming less and less likely to me. Moreover, the filename format implies it was saved from a 4chan board, and its timestamp is from April 5th. Either anon was digging deep through some archive where he happened to find that post, or the image was specifically chosen to complement the post. I also somewhat often post a fitting image alongside a quote even though it wasn't present in the original source, if it adds to the quote somehow. (For example, I added Skeleton Jelly to >>61537 so people didn't have to look it up in case they forgot about the details, and I even specifically searched for the image in >>60961 to illustrate Lola's design in the original Space Jam for reference.)
>> No.61698  
File: M16 on couch, superimposed.jpg -(182.4 KB, 1200x1165) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
is this really /bun/
>> No.61700  
I think the glowies followed me here
>> No.61710  
I neither know nor care what a "clitoris" is.
>> No.61712  
To anyone with a working brain this shows how China is preparing for war with the US but I realize how your handlers don't allow you to acknowledge that and instead force you to still claim that China's intentions are completely peaceful.
>> No.61713  
We live in a timeline where pride month is a half year long and men cut their dicks off and proclaim they are women but incest is the line where normalfags stop to call me degenerate.
>> No.61714  
Incest is as normie as it gets, though. Tell the person you're quoting I said that.
>> No.61715  
I don't care about lolis. However, women who are attracted to lolis make me hard. You may call me a lolicon-con.
>> No.61726  
the perpetrators have all been korean and / or chinese
>> No.61729  
In the sudden 45416, our relationship gorilla played a drumming of delight 🦍
>> No.61734  
Phonefags ruined the inretnet for evetuyone.
>> No.61737  
Eromanga is a small town and locality in the Shire of Quilpie in South West Queensland, Australia.[2][3] At the 2016 census, the locality of Eromanga had a population of 119.[1] However, the town of Eromanga has a population averaging from 30-40.[4]
>> No.61738  
So what you're saying is that there are loli years, sort of like dog years?
>> No.61740  
mfw i will never carress her cunnus and culus with my mentula after sharing an amphora of wine and wake up to share ientaculum in the mane
>> No.61743  
>This game is made by Taiwan independence activists.
>Playing this game means you are accepting the fact that Taiwan is an independent country and will never be a part of China.
>CCP and KMT have no human right to play this game.
>> No.61745  
Not appropriate in public but some humans are fascinated by what comes out of a beautiful female body. In cave man days males could tell how healthy a female was by her bathroom habits and therefore could determine how suitable she was to produce offspring.
>> No.61751  
What are you talking about? This film is sexist towards men. If you haven't noticed all of the men fail in this movie. Rich Evans can't even pour a glass of wine without completely failing at it. But did you see any women failing in the movie? No, because it's feminist propaganda!
>> No.61754  

I love this, but I'm reminded of Kernighan's law: “Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.”
>> No.61755  
As a reverse engineer, the latter part of that law seems like a load of shit to me. I can debug anything. That would imply I am at least twice as smart as every single coder whose code I've debugged, which I highly doubt.
>> No.61757  
The cleverest code in the world still needs to be implemented by the basic building blocks of machine instructions and should therefore be debuggable by a monkey at a typewriter with sufficient patience (i.e. someone far more skilled than I)
>> No.61764  
In a letter to his physician John Simon on 15 May 1886, Ruskin wrote:

"I like my girls from ten to sixteen—allowing of 17 or 18 as long as they're not in love with anybody but me.—I've got some darlings of 8—12—14—just now, and my Pigwiggina here—12—who fetches my wood and is learning to play my bells."[232][233]

Ruskin's biographers disagree about the allegation of "paedophilia". Tim Hilton, in his two-volume biography, asserts that Ruskin "was a paedophile" but leaves the claim unexplained, while John Batchelor argues that the term is inappropriate because Ruskin's behaviour does not "fit the profile".[234] Others point to a definite pattern of "nympholeptic" behaviour with regard to his interactions with girls at a Winnington school.[235] However, there is no evidence that Ruskin ever engaged in any sexual activity with anyone at all. According to one interpretation, what Ruskin valued most in pre-pubescent girls was their innocence; the fact that they were not (yet) fully developed sexual beings is what attracted him.[236] An exploration of this topic by James L. Spates declares that "whatever idiosyncratic qualities his erotic expressions may have possessed, when it comes to matters of sexual capability and interest, there is every reason to conclude that John Ruskin was physically and emotionally normal."[237]
>> No.61783  

>Ruskin told his lawyer during the annulment proceedings:
> It may be thought strange that I could abstain from a woman who to most people was so attractive. But though her face was beautiful, her person was not formed to excite passion. On the contrary, there were certain circumstances in her person which completely checked it.[224]
>The cause of Ruskin's "disgust" has led to much conjecture. Mary Lutyens speculated that he rejected Effie because he was horrified by the sight of her pubic hair. Lutyens argued that Ruskin must have known the female form only through Greek statues and paintings of nudes which lacked pubic hair.[225] However, Peter Fuller wrote, "It has been said that he was frightened on the wedding night by the sight of his wife's pubic hair; more probably, he was perturbed by her menstrual blood."[226] Ruskin's biographers Tim Hilton and John Batchelor also took the view that menstruation was the more likely explanation, though Batchelor also suggests that body-odour may have been the problem.
>> No.61800  
Mixed Content: The page at 'https://bunbunmaru.com/wakaba/photos/res/59878.html' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure favicon 'http://www.bunbunmaru.com/wakaba/leaf.ico'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.
>> No.61807  
there's nothing notable about being attracted to females who could pass for 21
>> No.61811  
The bottom line is the patriarchy Men can define themselves without women but women can't define themselves without men. Women are a man's accesory. That's surface level because then there's Confucianism stating a woman's place is the private sphere while a man's place is the public sphere (doing shit). And then there's Japan's long proud history of men loving boys, introduced first by Buddhist monks at the 8th century but entusiastically adopted by samurais. The wakashu (passive boy) was the ancestor of the bishounen and Japan's obsession with youthful beauty. Women were just too inferior to matter. They were just baby factories. The real love was between two men. And then there was the homoerotic fascism promoted by the Japanese empire with roots on the samurai tradition. Women were a nuissance for manly men looking for manly activities at the service of the emperor (Class S was a by-product of the mindset because Japanese teen girls wanted to live the romantic escapades from western romantic novels but teen boys were too busy working for the empire). And then there was Japan adopting the rough masculinity of the west because western colonialism and especially the great defeat left them unprotected and westerners mocked japs for being half-men, and still do, so the only solution was to overcompensate by being a macho like Toshiro Mifune. Women only existed to be slapped or raped. This environment facilitates the birth of yaoi as an erotic genre for women while men endlessly jerk-off with fatsos raping schoolgirls. Yuri just didn't have a place. It didn't reaffirm Japanese men's masculinity and Japanese women already see themselves as second banana compared to men. See shoujo
>> No.61813  
Ms. Gadsby, who has a degree in art history, recounted how Picasso justified the relationship by claiming that he and the girl, Marie-Thérèse Walter, were both in their prime. Seething, Ms. Gadsby said: “A 17-year-old girl is never in her prime. Ever! I am in my prime.” She is 40.
>> No.61817  
CW: Rape, torture, death, sexual slavery, misogyny, racism, emotional abuse, gaslighting, grooming, brain washing, and dehumanization. I can not even begin to list every potential trigger in this game. If you have no triggers, you will after reading DeadΩAegis.
>> No.61826  
VNDB tags it with bukkake which is way more gross than everything that guy listed tbqh
>> No.61828  
EDITORS' PICK | Dec 20, 2021,01:00pm EST

Google Scans Gmail And Drive For Cartoons Of Child Sexual Abuse

Over the last two decades, tech giants have had to deal with an ever-growing deluge of videos and images of child sexual abuse on their platforms. As Apple recently found out, it’s a difficult problem to solve, where scanning people’s devices and online accounts for illegal content can lead to concerns about privacy.

But it isn’t just explicit photos and videos of underage children that Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are trying to find and erase from their servers. They’re also looking for cartoons depicting graphic acts involving children, as revealed by a recent search warrant asking Google to provide information on a suspect who allegedly owned such animations.

That kind of content is potentially illegal to own under U.S. law and can be detected by Google's anti-child sexual material (CSAM) systems, a fact not previously discussed in the public domain, the warrant reveals. Google has long acknowledged that its code can look out for child abuse using two technologies. The first uses YouTube-designed software that looks out for "hashes" of previously-known illegal content. Such hashes are alphanumeric representations of a file, meaning a computer can scan files within, for instance, a Gmail email and it'll raise a flag if there's a file with the same hash as the illicit photo or video. Google also uses machine learning tools to look at files and analyze them for any sign they're of abused children.

It's not clear which of those two technologies were used in late 2020 in Kansas, when Google detected “digital art or cartoons depicting children engaged in sexually explicit conduct or engaged in sexual intercourse” within a Drive account, according to the warrant. It goes on to detail the graphic images, which included what appeared to be sexually explicit cartoons of underage boys. As per its legal requirements, Google handed information on what it found, as well as the IP addresses used to access the images, to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), which then passed on the findings to the DHS Homeland Security Investigations unit. Investigators used the IP addresses provided by Google to identify the suspect as the alleged owner of the cartoons, and searched his Google account, receiving back information on emails to and from the defendant.

It appears the suspect may actually be a known artist. As no charges have been filed, Forbes isn’t publishing his name, but the man identified in the warrant had won several small Midwest art competitions, and one artwork from the 1990s had been mentioned in a major West Coast newspaper.

This may concern some artists who draw or depict nudes. But the law around cartoon imagery is worded so as to provide some protection for anyone sharing animations of children engaging in sexual conduct for the sake of art or science. A prosecutor trying to convict anyone possessing such material would have to prove that the relevant images were “obscene” or lacked “serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.”

Google, meanwhile, has in recent years released transparency reports showing how many times it reports issues to NCMEC. The figures reveal a disturbing trend. In the first six months of 2021, it found more than 3.4 million pieces of potentially illegal content in 410,000 separate reports. That was up from 2.9 million in 365,000 reports in the last six months of 2020, and well over double that from January to June 2020, when 1.5 million pieces of CSAM material were discovered and reported to NCMEC in 180,000 reports.

Google didn’t provide comment but pointed to a previous blog where it described how it searches for CSAM. The Department of Justice in Kansas declined to comment. Attempts to email the addresses listed for the defendant in the warrant were unsuccessful, the Gmail account appearing to be disabled.

Given the recent furore over how Apple planned to scan iPhone images for CSAM, a move it ended up delaying after criticism that it was compromising user privacy, the spotlight has been turned on how other tech giants deal with the issue. As Google doesn't end-to-end encrypt its communications tools like Gmail or its file storage tech like Drive, it's still possible for the tech company to scan for illegal content. And as it has no plans to introduce those features, law enforcement can still rely on Google to warn NCMEC when abuse happens on its servers.

Whether the majority of users will want Google to scan people's accounts so it can help find child abusers, or have improved privacy with end-to-end encryption instead, the Mountain View, California-based business will have to struggle with that balance in perpetuity. The same goes for any one of its rivals.
>> No.61859  
I think you need to get your mind out the gutter my dude. You're taking a scene of a girl clipping her nails and making it seem sexual. It was to portrayed to show that she's weird. Not to sexualize her. And the scene with her dressing wasn't sexualized whatsoever they didn't show anything. That scene was actually very important because that's the first time she put on her sailors uniform. Which was a uniform the girl always wanted to wear. If it was sexualized we would've saw breast butt cheeks anything of the sort. Instead it was extremely tame and it was just a normal scene a scene that was very important to the character. You're thinking way too deep about it. Pulling of the lips is an animation flex the same way her running through the fields in the beginning and her running through the cherry blossoms towards the end is an animation flex. Not many anime can portray something as simple as lips pulling like that. Some anime can't do it at all because they aren't talented enough. And since when socks were sexual? Seriously ya need to get ya heads out the gutter lmao
>> No.61868  
Great video, when I worked at the mall I used to take massive dumps at the Sears there, then I discovered Nordstroms had a bathroom and I started to punish the porcelain in there soo much that they had to change the bathroom into another changing room. I was so angry that i started taking dumps in the dressing rooms, i didn't care, I got so mad at one point I was $hitting in the old navy and marshalls dressing room. Johnny law finally got involved started investigating the phantom poops. They added extra cameras and security did more rounds. I almost got caught when I started $hittin in the security office sink, but I was able to pin it on a pregnant co-worker, she was abruptly fired. I eventually graduated community college and left that job and went on to fufill my true passion. This is my story...
>> No.61872  
The Ark of Taste is an international catalogue of endangered heritage foods which is maintained by the global Slow Food movement. The Ark is designed to preserve at-risk foods that are sustainably produced, unique in taste, and part of a distinct ecoregion. Contrary to the most literal definition of plant and animal conservation, the Ark of Taste aims to maintain edibles in its purview by actively encouraging their cultivation for consumption.[1] By doing so, Slow Food hopes to promote the growing and eating of foods which are sustainable and preserve biodiversity in the human food chain.

Foods included in the list are intended to be "culturally or historically linked to a specific region, locality, ethnicity or traditional production practice",[2] in addition to being rare. Which foods meet these criteria is decided by an adjudicating committee made up of members of the Slow Food nonprofit organization; all candidates go through a formal nomination process which includes tastings and identification of producers within the region.[3]

Since the foundation of the Ark in 1996, 5312 products (September 2021) from over 130 countries have been included and growing daily.[4] The list includes not only prepared foods and food products, but also a great many livestock breeds, as well as vegetable and fruit cultivars. All foods in the catalogue are accompanied by a list of resources for those wishing to grow or buy them.
>> No.61884  
>i have to live here
False. There's two ways around that. One involves moving.
>> No.61887  
episode 1 was so fucking terrible. i can't believe turning the MC into a cute little girl actually made this show watchable
>> No.61904  
They didn't show the full body shot of the girl pooping this week and that made me wonder if it was a female director
>> No.61909  
"Phase" is a term people who lack individuality use against those who do or at least appear to. I can tell by the fact that you use a Deadpool meme as your avatar that you are one of those collectivists who can't think for themselves and relies on herd mentality. Do you use Reddit by any chance?
>> No.61910  
I'm perplexed, why does a harmless looking show have so many questionable red flags on it? I literally see no point in the excessive barefoot fanservice nor in the questionable Akebi's classmates that seems like they want to lewd her or something and Akebi isn't extent of this either

"Can I look up your skirt, your legs are beautiful"

Like, fucking excuse me? and then you see the same girl that Akebi teased taking pictures of herself half naked and her mom doesn't even question this, not just that, somehow this ended up on that girl joining the photography club.

>> No.61922  
File: 2022-02-11_05-23-07.png -(1.9 KB, 101x56) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.61929  
File: 2022-02-14_23-41-22.png -(138.5 KB, 757x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.61935  
Hello Anonymous, I study psychology and sexual health at a world class university. I've actually run studies on this phenomenon and have found that straight CIS males find breasts more attractive in a bra if there is more than a ~40% drop in height as measured from the nipple line (there are a lot of variances for different breast shapes, this was the average though). We found that men who found breasts more attractive in the bra when the height drop was less than ~10% (such as in that case) there was a significant likelihood that they were subconsciously projecting themselves as the woman and preferring to wear the bra as a sign of femininity, as opposed to seeing the breasts as a sign of femininity. The study spanned approximately 4 years and over 30% of the males in that latter group were diagnosed as transgender, and an additional 10% were regularly crossdressing.
I suggest you speak to a medical professional and discuss transitioning into a woman, mostly in order to get your balls chopped off so you don't contribute your broken genes to our gene pool. Faggot.
>> No.61950  
Ignore the masses. They are TV zombies because they have no faith. This will be all over soon, but not in the way you imagine. The world will circle the toilet until the end of days, Friday the 13, April 2029. Armageddon will be the warm up. That’s supposed to be Gog and Magog. (You.)
>> No.61994  
Part of the reason this song seems to "go" with the UH-1 is pretty subtle. Main rotor speed of these birds is ~320 RPM. Tempo of Fortunate Son is 128 BPM. This means the main rotor rotates 2.5 times for every beat of the music. In other words, you get 5 "slaps" for every beat.
>> No.62008  
This anime is the answer to the question: "What would you get if you let a high schooler who read Machiavelli's Il Principe for the first time in his life write an uninspired harem isekai that is peppered with banal Japanese nationalism and an inexplicable adulation of bureaucrats?"

Just like the first season of the show, "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" has little to do with realism or Machiavelli's work that it so frequently and cringefully cites. It is a generic harem isekai, where our protagonist's superpower is to be a high schooler from Japan who read Il Principe. He dazzles everyone in the setting by fixing the lack of common sense in this fantasy world, which exists only due to writer fiat.

For instance, he teaches the people in this fantasy world -- who are supposed to be starving -- to try out eating animals and plants which were previously not considered. One would surmise starvation would be a particularly strong motivator for people to have done this on their own, but we are expected to believe that only our protagonist could share this deep insight and fix centuries of thickheadedness, all thanks to his superpower of having received high school education in Japan.

The "realism" references are equally cringeworthy. From the title, one would guess that the anime would be full of intrigue and political backstabbing; backroom deals and alliances of convenience. Nah, nearly every person of power in the setting adores (literally, in the case of females) our hero, and provide their unquestioning and complete support and loyalty in return for a pat on the head, and a chance to join the ever-expanding harem. These are not self-interested agents playing politics, mindful of some balance of power, trying to retain and extend their influence. They are unquestioning members of the harem. Even the top leadership of the setting's superpower fall immediately in love with the despot of the weak country which stands against their national interests (an all-female team, obviously). An offer of marriage is voiced upon the first meeting, foreshadowing an international, all-encompassing harem. The only characters that seem to directly oppose the protagonist are thickheaded males who did not fall under the influence of our hero's virility. Truly, this must be what peak realism looks like.

The sound and art are serviceable. Nothing to write home about.

I would recommend this anime only to those who want to watch a harem isekai and can tolerate the cringy scenes where the author goes out of his way to drop Machiavelli quotes while the plot betrays zero understanding of the referenced work. I cannot even call it pretentious, given how blatant the plot makes this. I would also recommend it to fellow train-wreck enthusiasts who just enjoy watching shows that are "so bad it's good". It isn't really good, but it sure is a train-wreck.
>> No.62019  
The megahits will be remembered for decades, but 90% of shows will fall into obscurity. It's incredibly eerie to me to look at all the merchandise made for some old franchise no one today talks about. At some point that was someone's obsession. It was the artist's heart and soul. In was in every store window. And now it's nothing. As will happen to 99% of us.
>> No.62036  
I had a raging boner the whole episode and even ejaculation during the crane game scene didn't help.
What the hell, this is literally porn.
>> No.62041  
He has no disorder. It's just that his audience has developed a habit and is already acting poorly, the dose needs to be increased. There, the brain receptors that perceive propaganda are so worn out that you have to hysteria like that to make it work.
>> No.62046  
Anyone who answers the question "what should the first scene of our anime be?" with "detailed rape" should be in therapy, not a director's chair.
>> No.62050  
That is the face of a broken man right there... Really hope Will takes some time out of the spotlight to seek some help.
>> No.62060  
"One of the main causes of the fall of the Roman Empire was that, lacking zero, they had no way to indicate successful termination of their C programs." -- Robert Firth
>> No.62067  
Chino isn't a specific character anymore, more like a concept. Anyone could be Chino, even you.
>> No.62091  
You want to talk about shame in the sex work industry? Talk about all the women that deny that that's what they do. Talk about all the women who use masks on cam. Talk about the heavy use of pseudonyms or usernames. Talk about all the footage or pictures made without faces visible. Talk about the P.O. Boxes instead of street addresses. Talk about the absolute army of janitors, moderators, and admins simping and white knighting for every thot. Talk about all the ways women want the fame and attention and money of sex work, but don't want any of it being public or common knowledge. Talk about all the outed thots that nuke their socials when someone they know in real life finds out how they ACTUALLY make their money.

If it's actual work and it's real work, be proud of it, whores. Don't hide that you do what you do.
>> No.62102  
Pedophila OCD (POCD) is a term to describe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in which the person’s obsessions are unwanted intrusive thoughts, images, or urges about pedophilia that trigger immense anxiety and fear.

The person feels the urge to perform compulsions, or safety behaviors, to alleviate anxiety, prevent something bad from happening, seek certainty that they are not a pedophile, etc. For example, a mother might experience unwanted sexually intrusive thoughts about her toddler (obsession) and thus avoid (compulsion) holding or playing with her child because of how terrified she is of the thoughts.
>> No.62109  
1) try to win the game
2) try not to lose the game
3) try to make it impossible for your opponent to win the game
4) try to make it impossible for you to lose the game.
5) seek to prevent your opponent from making it impossible for you to win the game
6) seek to prevent your opponent from making it impossible from him to lose the game
7) Search for a beautiful game once you see the edges of the beauty for which a game can be the canvas and, in the finding, recur.
>> No.62122  
A guy can only fuck his Daenerys Targaryen sex doll so many times before completely going to pieces.
>> No.62140  
This much truth can't be legal.
>> No.62144  
Tried playing That Life ~The Rural Survival RPG~. It was shit, literally. Too much unavoidable focus on scat. I was going to overlook it, thinking I'd only have to deal with it everytime she uses the bathroom, but even that is too fucking much. She won't shit in the hole at the house at first, or use a Japanese toilet, so you have to run all the way into town and find a western toilet, then pray to RNGesus that's it's not already filled with too much shit for her to flush away. Then, once I finally found one, she did the most retarded shit and and squatted standing on top of the toilet to avoid touching the seat with her butt, resulting in her shitting all over the place, and making that toilet unusuable. This struggle to satisfy her fucking toilet autism was somewhat enjoyable, running around town as the clock ticked down to find a toilet to use so she could shit, so she could eat more without shitting herself, so she wouldn't starve. But the systems build around this are fucking agonizing. The second largest meal at the mock burger, looks like a fucking triple quarterpounder, barely fills a third of the hunger gauge, while filling nearly half the shit gauge. And her hunger gauge is constantly fucking dropping. This bitch needs something like 10 full meals and 15 shits a day to avoid beginning to die of hunger. Meanwhile, the thirst gauge drops really slowly compared to the hunger gauge, even though it's far easier to refill. The opposite of how it ought to work. This shit was too fucking unbearable. I don't give a rat's ass if the game looks promising in its detail and has some good exhibitionist play in it. I'm not going to enjoy a moment of it when I have to run around eating and shitting three times as much as the average person while doing anything else. Fuck this literal shit game. 1/10
>> No.62150  
File: 1652832545143.jpg -(246.2 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've been playing Ichigo Mashimaro on the PS2. I was motivated to do so after hearing that it's... strange. Conceptually.

So, you play as this twenty-year-old man and childhood friend of Nobue (also twenty) and have come back to your hometown for your summer holiday and want to see Nobue while you're at it. Nobue spends her time hanging out with her twelve-year-old sister and her friends, whom are swiftly introduced to you.

And so we have the goal of the game- to first befriend and later go on a date with one or more of these children (Nobue is not an option, only the kids).

It's the realistic quality to the interactions with the kids which makes it weird I think. These aren't your typical precocious dating sim lolis, the mashimaros are very innocent (this is an All Ages game, incidentally) and your interactions with them are mostly awkward, if nothing else. You build up the courage to go to little Miu's house after having bumped into her in the park a few times and mumble an 'Uh... I was wondering if... uh... you'd be interested in hanging out or something i-if you're not too busy...?' over the intercom, both character and player acutely aware of the wrongness of a twenty year old man asking a little girl to hang out with him and asking themselves what they are doing- and so comes the response:
'Sorry onii-san, actually I am a little busy right now...'
'O-oh... okay... maybe some other time...'

Anyway, I called Miu on her phone last night and have arranged to take her to the pool tomorrow. She didn't seem very keen on the idea though...
>> No.62151  
imagine being such an insecure cuck you have to pretend you are turned on by anal hymroids and pock marked faces. blurry porn > hd porn for the simple reason that most attractive women would not be caught dead doing porn. And you know this is true, everyman does. Whats more attractive, a short skirt that just barely covers everything, or some dumb naked cunt just strutting about? Voyerism is considered a niche fetish for this reason. What the mind cant see, it imagines, and what it imagines is something 99% of the time better than the real thing.
>> No.62152  
Is it set 4 years after the manga then?
>> No.62153  
Unfortunately I am allergic to both and Muslim so this sausage would kill me and send me straight to hell, but well done all the same!
>> No.62154  
Sometimes i dont shower and take a load of adderall to get into the mindset of a skaven
>> No.62158  
that cat is a female woman you stupid fucking sodomite niggerfaggot

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