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96411 No.59878  
"Russians deleted the last thread."
>> No.59879  
Facebook Research
On January 29, 2019, TechCrunch published a report detailing "Project Atlas"—an internal market research program employed by Facebook since 2016. It invited users between the ages of 13 and 35 to install the Facebook Research app—allegedly a rebranded version of Onavo Protect—on their device, to collect data on their app usage, web browsing history, web search history, location history, personal messages, photos, videos, emails, and Amazon order history. Participants received up to $20 per-month to participate in the program, which was promoted to teenagers via targeted advertising on Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook Research is administered by third-party beta testing services, including Applause and BetaBound, and requires users to install a Facebook root certificate on their phone. On iOS, this is prohibited by Apple's Enterprise Developer License Agreement, as the methods used are intended solely for use by a company's employees (for use cases such as internal software specific to their environment, and internal pre-release versions of apps).[7][30]

Facebook initially responded by claiming that Facebook Research did not violate Apple's developer license agreement, and denied that the program was intended to bypass the rules that banned Onavo Protect from the iOS App Store, nor was intended to replace Onavo. Facebook later announced that it would discontinue the Facebook Research program on iOS. Facebook Research remains available for Android devices.[31][7]

On January 30, Apple revoked Facebook's Enterprise Developer Program certificates, which caused all of the company's internal iOS apps (including beta versions of its public software, as well as internal apps relating to Facebook's workplace) to become inoperable.[32][33] Apple's public relations team stated that "Facebook has been using their membership to distribute a data-collecting app to consumers, which is a clear breach of their agreement with Apple", and that the certificates were revoked "to protect our users and their data".[32] Apple reinstated the certificates on January 31.[34]

Of particular concern was that users as young as 13 were allowed to participate in the program. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal criticized Facebook Research, stating "wiretapping teens is not research, and it should never be permissible. This is yet another astonishing example of Facebook’s complete disregard for data privacy and eagerness to engage in anti-competitive behavior."[35][36] Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey announced that he would introduce a bill to strengthen the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and said that it "is inherently manipulative to offer teens money in exchange for their personal information when younger users don’t have a clear understanding how much data they're handing over and how sensitive it is."[35][36] Virginia Senator Mark Warner published an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, in which he declared that he was "working on legislation to require individualized, informed consent in all instances of behavioral and market research conducted by large platforms on users".[35]

Facebook Study
After discontinuing Onavo Protect and Facebook Research, Facebook released a market research app named Facebook Study (a.k.a. Study or Study from Facebook) on June 11, 2019. Access to Study is restricted to Facebook users who are at least 18 years old and have responded to a targeted advertisement for the app. Addressing concerns with previous incarnations of the research app, Study does not use a VPN or a root certificate to conduct its data collection. Study pays its participants through PayPal.[37][38]
>> No.59901  
Collection of short stories about teenage boys with older, large breasted women.
>> No.59917  
Learn proper tags, folks. This isn't crotch_rub. This is frottage.
>> No.59933  
Been ages since I watched that but she was definitely old enough to not die of cock
>> No.59939  
People were pretty unhygienic in the 50’s and in all likelihood she smelled awful.
Probably had a huge unkempt bush and a shit encrusted asshole.
>> No.59954  
>Company makes cosmetics for rich old people
>Big 'rona rolls into town
>Company changes 3% of it's total production to hand sanitiser
>Can now claim that we are all essential workers
>Office staff get furloughed anyway
>All their work is piled on to me
>Can't keep up with the endless stream of bullshit
>Corporate demanding productivity and making zero compromise for worker safety or the fact that 25% of the workforce is just fucking gone at any given time
>Some dumb faggot in process section comes into work for a week straight while his wife has symptoms, she gets rushed to hospital and confirmed COVID-19, all the other process workers walk except for two
>Everything grinds to a halt
>Everyone starts coming to me for answers
>I have no answers to give, everything is bullshit
>Yearly pay rise halted due to 'market instability', meanwhile company donates 60m to charity as an advertising stunt
>My good boss just went on two week quarantine since his kid has symptoms, leaving me with the boss who doesn't know what the fuck she is doing and avoids all forms of confrontation
I'm on an express elevator straight to hell lads
>> No.59955  
fucking CENSORSHIP this drawing is the ONLY real representation of tifa other than her amazing perfect beautiful low poly ps1 sprite the remake tifa is NOT tifa and i REFUSE to masturbate to it
>> No.59965  
Older skeletons don't last as long but were much sturdier
>> No.59982  
>walking all the way across the house/apartment/hovel to use the porcelain jew when you've got so many free empty plastic bottles lying around
>> No.60001  
Life....dreams...hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go...? Where do they come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe...?
>> No.60018  
Good skin comes from good poops.
>> No.60020  
even if she steals my materia i still love her. I will give her all my materia again in the remake
>> No.60077  
Will I ever be able to tell the sex of elves? I feel like elves can be stripped down to just a loincloth and I still can't always tell what's behind the last curtain.
>> No.60078  
Would that I could, I'd give her every cent of my pathetic wageslave salary just so that I could hear her beautiful voice
>> No.60099  
First time I had a boner in elementary school, I wasn't sure what it was and I thought my penis was acting weird; I wasn't given any sexual information since I live with religious family. Moving on, I watched One Piece and Naruto back then and continued to watch more anime with time until i stumbled upon eechi anime where my penis acted weird while watching it I discorded that there's a relationship between girls and penis but I never had any clear image additionally, I didn't even use google since I don't know what to say exactly and yes, I'm ESL so words containing penis and such are censored in google so I didn't bother. Later on, I watched that incest anime with the twins, the name was Sora something and I thought it was normal anime, not hentai since the regular site I used back then doesn't upload hentai but this one was special. After completing it, I started to have boner every night and I didn't know what to with it. The next part is the greatest shame and something I wish to forget. I used to sleep with my sister in one room, I'm 3 years older and she was in deep sleep. I pulled out my penis and started waving at her and nothing happened so I tried to insert in her mouth but it was never opened so my penis was hitting her teeth. 15~ seconds passed and I gave up and then went to sleep. The following week, my mother asked few question to see if I hit puberty and then we had the talk but I never told her anything about that night or the cartoons I watch where not actually cartoons.
>> No.60100  
From all my decades cleaning offices and houses I've learned that monogamy is a myth and in 3/5ths of households have both husband and wife going from affair to affair and only rarely realizing they are being cheated on just as regularly as they are cheating
>> No.60104  
I heard he slaughtered his entire clan for a Scooby snack
>> No.60112  
Tell us then, oh the oldefege, what should we understand about /jp/?

That any thread made beyond 2014 asking “how long you have been browsing /jp/ for” has the oldest people telling us that they started browsing it in 2012 (which is arguably not even that bad), do you even remember what shit was happening here past 2013? I bet you enjoyed those train threads a lot. I know that you went to convience us that you himabroes are real oldfags!! but you aren't fooling anyone. You are no different from gnfos (teenbro retards), you do nothing but literally post shit like “i ate banana ysterday”, show me one fucking post of this sort that has been made in the pre-2010 /jp/ even once.

If you think /jp/ at any point was a blog for a bunch of retarded children I have bad news for you. You are the cancer, and you convincing yourself that himaturd hangout is le oldfag hangout is the most pathetic shit ever. The actual old timers are just laughing at you or crying at over how pathetic you are. Sure, times change, people change, /jp/ changes too, I can accept that we won't be talking about YMK 24/7 because it's just fucking old and a lot of people don't care. But what you have become is an equivalency of a plague.
>> No.60190  
Anyone got some corona virus ryona
>> No.60191  
Spanking scene was pretty hot, very nice jiggle of her butt from the slaps!

Yuri sex and orgy scene was pretty lewd (///∇///) many erotic positions, transitions into them, and animated well!

Yumi-chan and green haired nurse cried and pleaded in good voices (*˘︶˘*) and their tears and drool and helplessness during the rapes were delicious (っ˘w˘ς)
Good techniques by the rapists!
>> No.60198  
Life of an office lady and her body dysmorphic pet mario. 10/10
>> No.60202  
This is the saddest hentai.
Honoka dies, so shit.

>> No.60207  
wow, really, um get a LIFE beyond being a trollish ASSHOLE on comments. Does it make you feel large and powerful, to imagine your OWN fabrication of superiority? Drop this fantasy that everyone wants t be SCHOOLED by you, you are just NOT that special.
>> No.60216  
Imagine sitting in front of that evilly horrific sculpture week after week conducting ‘religious’ services, with a serpent-looking Christ coming out of a man-made bomb crater carrying sooty souls. Images are important. The scene speaks volumes.
>> No.60221  
I’m no weapons expert : I am a sex toy inventor . That piece is a vibrating cigarette lighter combo that I made in limited editions many , many orgasms ago ...that particular piece belonged to Charles Bukowski :He would light cigars , titillate young wenches ,and scare off the hop head neighbors with it ...ain’t nothing wrong with it . Just change out the flint in the hammer , chamber in a triple a battery , and add a little lighter fluid down the the barrel . Mystery solved . If anyone would like one of these novelty items : I can produce them upon request . Contact Me at :Big O Vibe 69
>> No.60225  
Another act of racism, killing Africanized bees, why can’t there be more tolerance in the world. I bet you wouldn’t do this to a European hive
>> No.60234  
what a fuckin shame max hardcore got taken to court for his content... In the current climate, what he was doing back then is family friendly in comparison. He was a true hardcore pioneer, I can contribute many of my teenage cum crusted items of clothing to this man. Thank you for your service kind angel.
>> No.60248  
Say you're 40, and you're in love with a 10 year old girl. You're 4 times as old as that girl and as a result you can't marry her. So you wait 5 years, now you're 45 and the little girl's 15, now you're only 3 times as old as that girl. So you wait, 15 years more, now the little girl's 30 and you're 60, now you're only 2 times as old as that girl.
The question is, how long would you have to wait until you and the little girl are the same age?
>> No.60265  
It's was written on caterpillars holy book. The head catepillar cotses said the promised land is inside that tomato so It's their right to eat them out and kill the plant.
>> No.60266  
Because they're wankers and paedophiles.
>> No.60273  
After Relentlessly Cumming Inside a Runaway Gyaru, We Started Living Together as Fuck Buddies
>> No.60275  
Labels: canned food, disgusting, do not want
>> No.60286  
1969 Apollo moon landing
The Anti-Earthling Struggle
Lunar Revolution
Rabbit rights
>> No.60299  
For fawks sake ಠ_ೃ. . .demure + (possibly?idk) lonely and depressed teen w/ hime cut = Massive Amounts of Win. I'm, er, going to do some more studies for Scientific Purposes[beginds to grin hugely]
>> No.60310  
The Way of a Man with a Maid/Volume 1/Chapter 1 - Wikisource, the free online library

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