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File: Fall.jpg -(4211.9 KB, 1848x12162) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4313000 No.61562  
Looking forward to getting angry every week at the Muv-Luv adaptation.
>> No.61564  
I'm watching this with 2 people that read it over 10 years ago, and one guy who's never read it. Should be fun.
>> No.61565  
I won't be watching it as I never watch anime adaptations of VNs I haven't read yet (they always just spoil the plot while providing a subpar experience). At the same time, though, I'll never get around to reading MLA because it requires me to read Extra first. But I still refuse to watch the adaptation because maybe one day I will get around to it.
>> No.61566  
People still being filtered by Extra 18 years later.
>> No.61567  

I generally agree with that philosophy, except for VNs that also have a lot of gameplay.
I'm going to wait for the general reactions/fallout to happen (i've already been spoiled on a lot of the MuvLuv stuff), and potentially watch the BD batch if it goes well (not super likely, but you never know).

Otherwise, Lupin and Jojo throughout the weekly schedule.
I'll give Megaton Mushashi and tact.op destiny a few episodes, they look interesting enough.
>> No.61595  
I'm glad they wasted the first episode of Muv-Luv on original content with characters we will never see again. It's not like they only have 4 hours to adapted 70+ hours worth of content and every second counts.
>> No.61606  
dumb muv luv fans doing their best to convince themselves that the plot of alternative wasn't episodic loosely linked shit that uses shock value drama to resolve key plotpoints near the end
go on, tell me more about what happened between the japanese insurrection and the invasion on tsushima
>> No.61607  
If you think things like the chomp scene exist just for shock value then you're the dumb one. If anything I would criticize it for being too on the nose, but it seems to go over a lot of peoples heads. The core of what MLA is about is not giant robots, BETA, sci-fi technobabble or politics. The core of MLA is character drama and everything in MLA goes towards the development of Takeru's character. Apparently that's too abstract for you though, so you view it as loosely linked shit.
>> No.61612  
File: 1634185594177.jpg -(2412.0 KB, 2712x2178) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A good chunk of muv-luv definitely is "introduce character, develop character backstory until attached to character, character dies" though
>> No.61614  
One of the major themes in MLA is what would you fight and die for, and the fact that a person who lived a mostly peaceful life wouldn't understand the conviction and weight behind that concept. It's not just developing characters to get you attached to them to kill them off for the feels. It's introducing Takeru to a variety of answers to the what are you fighting for question and demonstrating that the characters have the conviction to follow through. It would undermine the theme if the characters weren't actually forced to follow through, as it wouldn't show that they understand the weight of the decision. Also, the answers he receives helps to develop his character. Takeru starts by answering the question with an empty platitude about saving the world, because he doesn't understand what that would entail. Walken and Sagiri present a grandiose ideas about nationalism/patriotism as an answer to the question, which makes Takeru start to doubt himself when presented with their conviction to the topic. Isumi and Hayase present a more humble and personal answer to the question, which Takeru takes on as his own. Takeru's character wouldn't have developed the same without these characters. Furthermore this is just one angle of how they impacted his character. For another angle, Isumi and Hayase largely fill the roll of mentor left by Marimo's death. Muv-Luv is just a variation on the hero's journey and everything in it does go to the development of Takeru.

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