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File: abe8199133256dc246ca792bdb57b56f.jpg -(89.8 KB, 800x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
91999 No.7928  
I am posting here in the dead of night after spending two hours descending into semi-sleep and then waking up to the sound of myself suffocating. I'm just venting my anger at my own disease ridden body. I have work at 6:30AM tomorrow and a few million brain cells will probably die from the stress.

Anyone else here want to share their health problems?
>> No.7931  
I have scoliosis. I spend 14+ hours a day in front of my computer and not one of them is comfortable. It also takes me forever to fall asleep because lying on my back is out of the question and lying on my stomach will cause me to suffocate thanks to chronic breathing problems.
>> No.7932  
I have hypothyroidism and my medicine triggers migraine-like headaches.
Also, I have mild insomnia, asthma and mild spinal curvature, but those don't bother me as much as the self-induced chronic headaches. And poor eyesight, but who's counting?

The counterpoint to the shitty genetics is a genius-level intellect so I'm not complaining.
>> No.7940  
>genius-level intellect

Don't forget modest, as well.
>> No.7941  
Like he can ever be modest. That fellow, not so good. That said, modesty is that important anyways.
>> No.7942  
You speak as if you know him.
>> No.7943  

Modesty isn't a good trait, but neither is hubris. show moderation, and Just take it easy, fags.
>> No.7944  
I meant to say isn't actually. Must've been half-asleep.
>> No.7960  
I suffer from being perfectly healthy.

I correct that each day by being a lazy fuck. Loafing around and taking my rather precious health for granted. Feels apathetic man.
>> No.8049  
I've had MS since I was 15.
I don't even want to make a list about all the problems that come with that disease.
But some of my more normal problems are borderline-insomnia and chronic headaches, due the the treatment I get. Life is good...
>> No.13080  
File: nerddddddd.jpg -(108.4 KB, 360x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: krauss frolicking on the moon.jpg -(71.9 KB, 650x850) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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