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File: orz.jpg -(86.9 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
88971 No.9141  
Today, I accidentally CTRL-ALT-DEL'd a server. orz
>> No.9144  
Today, I got out of bed. orz
>> No.9182  
>>9177 here.

I tripped over one of my cords, and my hard drive fell. Now my computer doesn't recognize it anymore. orz
>> No.9187  
I just beat all simulations in Armored Core 4 and then quit without saving. orz
>> No.9195  
I left my phone in a field 30 miles away from my house and had to spend my Sunday going to get it. orz
>> No.9197  
I overslept 5 hours. I woke up at 4 PM. orz
>> No.9198  
I spent several hours registering for classes yesterday but forgot to fill out some silly online registration agreement form. I woke up today to find that I've been dropped from all classes and have to re-register. I don't remember which sections I chose so I have to start from scratch. orz
>> No.9237  
I spent three hours doing a stocktake at work only to find out the whole thing was off because I forgot to enter a delivery into the system beforehand. There was no way to fix it short of starting all over again. orz
>> No.9238  
File: 1252863631054.jpg -(22.6 KB, 210x108) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I discovered in Monster Hunter Tri that any bowgun ammo type besides Sub S doesn't go very far underwater.

Thankfully, I don't think my group noticed or cared. I did do some clutch heal shots in the fight at least...
>> No.9247  

Off topic, but how is Tri? I've never played a Monster Hunter game before but they seem to be pretty popular, and I figure it'd be as good a place to start as any.
>> No.9248  
I still don't get why would bows work underwater.
>> No.9265  
It follows that same logic that shooting someone in the face with a potion heals them and that a man can carry an infinite supply of arrows, even though each one is twice his height in size.
>> No.9290  
I find it pretty fun. It's my first MH too.

I'd suggest getting the bundle with the classic controller. Had to play the demo with only the Wiimote and it controls like ass with it.
>> No.9420  
While leaving for lunch, I was asked to monitor the command center when I came back. This was out of the blue, and since I was in a hurry and didn't hear what was said completely I "Ok"'d reflexively, and left assuming it was a joke. When I came back, I got on the phone again. Too bad they weren't joking, and needed to go to a meeting. So I almost ruined the meeting between every management member on the site, all because they were trying to put responsiblity in my hands. I ended up in the command center for over an hour...without a single clue about what I was supposed to do if something went wrong because they didn't have time to prepare me. orz
>> No.9444  
Command Center?? where do you work?
>> No.9477  
I ruined a bottle of juice by mistaking it for squash and watering it down. Now it just tastes like water. orz
>> No.9481  
wake up
>> No.9486  
Spent all day on /jp/.

Yesterday too. And the day before yesterday.
>> No.9700  
File: DSC00052.JPG -(883.1 KB, 1632x1224) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
while making sausage stew I created a monster orz
>> No.9705  
>> No.9706  
I'm just posting to get this thread a little closer to not showing that image every time I go to /photos/. That disturbs me more than gore or scat.
>> No.9707  
I'll help you then, comrade. Today, I just realized that for FO3Edit, the error lies at the bottom of the log. Obvious, but I'm not very aware.
>> No.9710  
Helping! Today i hit my head at work, and had to rest for an hour before the daze cleared up.
>> No.9711  
It's not as bad as it looks. I ate a plateful of it.
>> No.9713  
File: 1276121388.20601342.jpg -(285.6 KB, 1632x1224) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I reposted the nasty stew image. orz
>> No.9717  
I dropped a plate and the side of it broke off! It's not a complete tradgedy as its still eat-offable.
>> No.9719  
The show was sold out. orz
>> No.9735  
I did a double-take on that stew. Again. orz
>> No.9994  
Yesterday I got lost in the highlands, luckily I found my horse. It still took me the whole day to find my way.
>> No.10224  
I bumped the party thread. orz
>> No.10871  
Today, I walked all the way over to the nearest supermarket to copy some papers, only to find out they no longer have a photocopier over there. orz
>> No.10874  
To be honest, that looks kind of good. Everyone probably thinks it's in shit or something but that thought doesn't run through my head. Looks like a certain curry I make.
>> No.10924  
I told my superiors to expect me at 7. I woke up at 7:40. orz
>> No.10925  
My Indian stepdad said something like that too, that he'd probably prefer that to normal sausage stew since the sauce is thicker, since he's used to curries I guess.

The taste wasn't bad, just tasted like sausage stew with broccoli through it, but the texture/consistency felt kind of gross.
>> No.11054  
File: 12348520_p1.jpg -(315.6 KB, 850x929) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I went driving shirtless with the top down. What a free-spirited idea! It was a beautiful day, and I drove for hours!

I'm so sunburned, it hurts when I think about moving. orz
>> No.11162  
My DVD drive is stuffed so I decided to walk to the shops to buy a new one. 45 minutes later I arrive only to discover that anywhere that might sell such a device is closed, being Sunday and all. On the way home I have the brilliant idea that taking some side streets I've never seen before would make for an excellant shortcut. 2 hours later I arrive home, sore of foot, short of breath, and soaking wet (naturally, it had to start raining about an hour into mine Ryouga-esque journey).

>> No.11166  
Well, at least it should've been an interesting experience, right?
>> No.11173  

The most interesting thing I've done in several months, which shows just how sad and pathetic my life has become.
>> No.11174  
File: nagisa motivation.jpg -(111.9 KB, 395x395) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You can change your life! All you have to do is find something new that will make your life more interesting.
>> No.11215  
I woke up late, again, and spent $5 on greasy McDonalds breakfast, again, and was late to work, again.
>> No.11228  
I renewed my WoW account after 18 months away. orz
>> No.11260  
No! Retreat!
Go read a VN or something!
>> No.11451  
It is too late anon, the grind has me!
Save yourself!
>> No.11771  
I stood up and walked around the house for a minute or so before realizing I was still holding my mouse. orz
>> No.11776  

Being a ditz is kinda fun. I once spent 10 minutes looking for my glasses before I realised I was actually wearing them. Good times.
>> No.11825  
I fell down the stairs this morning. My feet magically flew out in front of my body. At least it wasn't face-first, but I banged up my elbow pretty well. orz
>> No.11913  
I stepped away from my desk, and left Soutaiseiriron playing on my MP3 player. Someone got curious. orz
>> No.12207  
File: 2cm.jpg -(250.5 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I fell asleep with no clothes and the AC on and caught a cold. My father was in the same room and did too.

>> No.12209  
File: 13050682.jpg -(331.6 KB, 800x780) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
And now I made my cat mad by accidentaly turning up the volume while watching football, which he despises. No more warm things in my bed.

>> No.12222  
I kept trasnfering money from a friend through another friend. I lost about 3$ to paypal for this stupid shit.
>> No.12325  
I made a 20 GB partition for my OS and a 200 GB partition for my data...and then accidentally installed Windows on the 200 GB partition. orz
>> No.12330  
I did nothing today. As usual. orz
>> No.12331  
Hey me too.

I promised to my parents I'd find a job this week, but I didn't even try going anywhere. orz
>> No.12365  
When I finally checked the paper with my appointments to see what time my appointment tomorrow would be, I found out that the appointment was actually yesterday. orz
>> No.12367  

Appointment for what, if don't mind me asking?
>> No.12368  
Dental hygienist. I'm the anon at >>11782 , the issue should be resolved now and I just need to do stuff to recover now.
>> No.12376  

Well looks like you didn't die. Good job!
>> No.12386  
I got into a stupid argument with my mother for the first time in years, and on top of it I forgot it was her birthday. I felt like such a piece of shit.
>> No.12420  
I have a deadline tomorrow...and about four hours worth of work left. Not a bit of it was touched so far over the weekend. orz
>> No.12421  
The night's young! I'm in your same situation, but it seems I'm not as worried as I should be.
>> No.12724  
I stayed up late again. I have to train tomorrow. Starting early. orz
>> No.12731  
Stayed up until 3:30 a.m. discussing animation quality with a friend and now I'm late to my 7:00 a.m. class.

I don't mind though.
>> No.13202  
File: f86c789e2f4b6cc4d540058317d73d1b.jpg -(313.3 KB, 926x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Today, I decided to install Ubuntu on my unused 20GB partition.

I am currently trying to restore my partition table. orz
>> No.13224  
8 page soc paper due Tuesday. 2 pages done.
7 min speech due Tuesday. Progress: NONE.

i'm screwed. orz.
>> No.13253  
File: 14339892.png -(117.9 KB, 610x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I got in the shower and left my towel outside the bathroom. I realized this as soon as I stepped in the shower, and immediately reacted by stepping out to get it. I had gotten wet, so I dripped water everywhere. Since I was already out, I proceeded to get the towel and then get back into the shower...with the towel still in hand. I was sober. orz
>> No.13287  
I had a wet dream this morning. I'm 21 years old.

>> No.13296  
What's wrong with that?

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