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194891 No.9642  
>> No.9643  
Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a-Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby , kiss me~
>> No.9650  
That game would be great it it had 3P and/or yuri modes.
>> No.49285  
>> No.49289  
You can't upload those here.
>> No.49295  
3P is the worst thing there is, bunbun from five years ago.
>> No.49299  
But what about NTR, bunbun from today?
>> No.49301  
5 years later Artificial Academy 2 is out and it includes 3P and yuri mode, but it still manages to be an awful game. I'm beginning to think the problem isn't in any one particular feature but with Illusion as a whole.
>> No.49304  
Play CM3D you sick, sick man.
>> No.49306  
May as well be the same thing, bunbun from yesterday. Sharing is not caring.
>> No.49308  
How is 2 girls sharing or competing over 1 boy a bad thing?
>> No.49311  
It's not very romantic. For example, last night I read this multi-chapter eromanga where some cute girl liked her oniichan and did lewd stuff with him, but the student council president liked him too, and it ended with a threesome. Really disappointing.
>> No.49333  
Monogamy 4 life
>> No.49406  
But, but, see, just the other night I had this dream where I was dating a pair of twin sisters. All three of us were going on a date and flirted with each other and all of us got along really well. They loved each other as much as they love me too! It was really romantic! And cute!

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