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118186 No.9800  
/bun/, what do you wish you had sought out in your life when looking back? That thing you occasionally find yourself regretting with a faint tightness in your chest, what is it?

Something I almost never do is dream. I don't mean dreams in the capacity of hope, but the act of dreaming while asleep. One thing I never do is cry. It has actually been frustrating at some times in my life, and makes me feel like I lack humanity. For a long, long time I have vaguely admired the violin. However, I never had the money or determination to take up the instrument. It's kind of intimidating, and I never felt that I was worthy since I hadn't started young. I can't place exactly when it was, I think it might have been during freshman year, but I once had a dream that I was playing the violin. It was an incredibly vivid dream, one that I don't think I will ever forget. Everything around me was pitch black, and I was pouring myself through the bow and into the strings. While playing this beautiful, sorrowful sound I was crying. Not just teary eyes, bawling like a child. Violent sobs, almost wailing. I have never done that in my conscience memory, and it was one of the most cathartic feelings I've had in my life. I then had the pleasure of realizing when I woke that I would never have the chance to experience that form of expression again. I wish I had been raised with a violin in my hands.

Have some programmed emotional response background music to consider a reply to.
>> No.9805  
File: 5bca7f5b30e1116d2fd97f4f15025c3f1.PNG -(31.2 KB, 400x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dude, we're all liking fucking 20 here, maybe a little older than that. If you're living in a decent country, the average life expectancy is 80 years. Don't talk like you never have the chance to do shit again, you still have 60 years left.

Save up your money and go buy a violin. Don't come with any 'I may not be worthy!!' bullshit. Everybody is shit when they start. The only ones not worthy to play an instrument are the ones that are too lazy to even try.

It's too early to have any true regrets. If you have any regrets, go out and do something about it while you still can.
>> No.9814  
That really is a beautiful track. Maybe I'll be good enough at piano to play it nicely soon.
>> No.9831  
File: kyou.png -(571.6 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I appreciate the encouragement. If no one here has regrets, I guess I feel better about frequenting the board. I suppose I was just remembering that and felt like writing about it.

Though, I have to say, we all know what lies underneath the tsun.
You now realize that you've dawdled through about one fourth of your life.
>> No.9834  

You seem to be implying that we will live to at least 80, something that I'm sure a lot of people here have no intention of doing. And as Shinwa is doing a rather spectacular job of highlighting this season; if we were given the chance to do everything all over again, we'd end up making exactly the same mistakes and wrong decisions over and over again. It's not the circumstances we've been in that has caused us to 'dawdle through' the last 20 years or so, it's our very attitudes and ideals; things that are impossible to change without the wonderful gift of hindsight.
>> No.9848  
File: anime_FMApic2.jpg -(33.4 KB, 400x260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm with >>9805. If you let an opportunity pass, you get to regret it forever if you can't let it go. If you want to know something, learn it. Yes, anything. Go become a nuclear power engineer if you want. I learn various foreign languages as a hobby - if one looks interesting, I assimilate their alphabet and pronunciations then start devouring grammar and vocabulary. Things are only as hard as you make them. Also, if you're patient, you can steer your whole life in a direction you choose, make small constant efforts, and you'll get there, barring some ridiculous goal like world domination - and hey, maybe those work too, they just take more years than you have! ;)

I'm 28 now, and my regrets are mainly that I didn't go out and do more things, expose myself to more new situations and meet more people. I've lived a very safe, simple life... but the solution is to just not live like that. We set our own courses in life.
>> No.9849  
I took up the violin for a year in high school, it was pretty fun
>> No.9850  
File: 1695155d757ff3f796b2e61fd2ae1f1f.jpg -(60.2 KB, 615x567) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>You now realize that you've dawdled through about one fourth of your life.
>>9805 here, can't say I agree. We all needed the first couple years to grow up. For me, the couple years after that was more 'getting through' the years than dawdling though them (those years really sucked). I have to admit I wasted a couple years after that, but after that I started actually becoming productive.
It really helps to actually start doing something seriously. It now kind of feels like that past three years have been most of my life.
What lies underneath the tsun is the experience of having dawdled through life, but since having found something better.
25% of my life may be gone, but I still have 75% left, which can be infinitely more useful than the 25% if spent well.

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