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File: spirited-away-7.jpg -(46.3 KB, 714x388) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
47439 No.36851  
At my college/university we have an anime club. I was a member for a while. The last thing I'll say about that is quality is cyclical like an economic boom and bust cycle.The adviser however formed a separate discussion group[whose name won't be divulged as I'd prefer to be as anon as possible] with the purpose of discussing the anime we watched in depth.I'd like for us to try something like that on /bun/ because I think it would be interesting (maybe archive worthy) and because I'm lonely having no one to have long anime discussions with.Just to clear this up,this isn't the place for one liners.At he very least give a thorough explanation why you feel the way you do.It can be a single anime or a body of work.

To start us off:
>Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki

I enjoy the films of Miyazaki and don't feel like critics of film give him due recognition because his chosen medium is animation.
That said, If I had to pick one word to describe Miyazaki,it would be style.His technical skill in animation is phenomenal.The level of detail he brings to every frame is incredible.Examples I can think of are the city streets from Howl's Moving Castle and the bathhouse floor from Spirited away.His creativity also seems to stem from his style.Howl's Castle is by far the best example as he far exceeded the original novel. In the novel Howl's Castle is described as being made of huge charcoal stones held together by magic. Miyazaki turns Howl's Castle into a whimsical character with odd tendencies all it's own that over the film give the castle an identity.He also makes it more visually appealing using materials such as wood and brass suggesting a life of moderate comfort in the unbounded freedom the castle provides.
>> No.36854  
I was just testing to see if I had hit a character limit since I had reached a break, CONT:

Where Miyazaki falls apart is storytelling I'm afraid.After watching many Ghibli films I can say every Miyazaki movie has a theme of friendship,environmentalism,pacifism,or some combination of the three.In spirited away Chihiro befriends Yubaba and Zeniba for no apparent reason even though Yubaba is source for all her troubles and Zeniba threatened to kill her. Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind presents all three in Spades as Nausicaa befriends the princess indirectly responsible for the Death of her father,and refuses to understand the need for military strength even though her people's well being suffers as a result.Howl's Moving Castle is the most blatant form of anti-war bias shown to date as Miyazaki undermines a story about value of trust and love in order to weave in a pointless war subplot.We see his fear of female sexuality in that Sophie never demonstrates anything more significant than a crush on Howl as well as his friendship theme hammered over and over as the evil Witch of the Wastes is taken care of as a doting old granny.

I hope someday the sequel book is also adapted and this time in a slightly more faithful way. Such as the djinn who steals Howl's Castle trying instead to use magic to make Sophie his wife forcing Howl to rescue her.I'd like that.
>> No.36863  
Miyazaki's films are, in my opinion, glorified fairy tales. I don't say this as a bad thing, but to me, watching something by him is more about getting thrown into strange and fantastical worlds, less about intricately weaved plot-lines.
In his stories the good are good and the evil are... Misguided, they must be befriended. The main character, usually a girl, must go on some sort of journey, find strength within herself and finally confront the evil at the end. The films with no antagonist at all (Kiki's delivery service, My neighbour Totoro, etc.) are even simpler in construction.
- Girl has a person she holds dear.
- Incident happens.
- Girl solves incident and matures in the process.
- Happy end.
The stories capture that old bedside fairy tale kind of feel, and being true to the genre the protagonists rarely has any major levels of depth. They just serve as vehicles for the viewer, to show him more of this strange and exciting world and maybe deliver some Miyazaki-morals at the end as well.
I think the only films of his which rises above fairy tale-levels of complexity are Princess Mononoke and Porco Rosso. Miyazaki stated himself that all his works were not meant exclusively for adults, but also children, Porco Rosso was the only exception to this.
Miyazaki works in the medium best suited to the genre of his choice, and he wholly masters it.
>> No.36864  
My uni has this "anime club" where people mostly watch shitty mainstream anime every week. They also watch ghibli stuff and such in theaters.

Fucking low powerlevel faggots wouldn't even recognize a picture of Rance nor know what eroge or doujin game is.
>> No.36865  
Is this a blog?
>> No.36866  
Not to mention, Race is a Low-Tier game.
Go play something less main steam.
>> No.36867  
Okay, all of you dunkasses misunderstood the point of this thread. This thread is for serious and deep discussions onry!
>> No.36872  
Then why is the first topic Ghibli/Miyazaki? Everyone agrees that his films are, while visually stunning and well produced, far from deep.
>> No.36873  
I'm actually about to join the 'Japanese Culture association' at my uni. I didn't join them in my first two years because I'd expected them to be narutard-level weeaboos. I wasn't too far off, but there are some among them with a half-decent powerlevel. I was there once shortly after Demonbane's release and a couple of people were discussing about it, although it was clear most of them had never played a VN before.

More importantly, they play mahjong, which is the reason I'm joining. Mahjong on the net is okay, but it's awesome in real life.
>> No.36875  

I always feel worse when people don't meet my expectations though. This one time I made this friend who talked about anime and whatnot but then he started making stupid comments and that made me feel bad. As a result I now have very little hope for anyone and I only bring my Chinese cartoon hating friends with me whenever I go anywhere the slightest bit Japan related.

That being said, we seriously need to get this back on topic. Someone do a Gainax one next.
>> No.36876  
File: slut1.jpg -(427.0 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>This thread is for serious and deep discussions onry!
But ghibli movie are just Disney movies made by japanese.

Lets discuss this instead.
Let me give you guys a brief summary.
This is a story about a prostitute that almost got killed but brought back to life to be a witness to sue her killer.

Noir like setting, grainy cinema feel, cyberpunk settings, raped, GITS technology and a talking rat.
It doesnt get any deeper or REALer than this.

>> No.36877  
>almost got killed but brought back to life
How do you almost get killed but brought back to life?
>> No.36881  
Cybernetic implant, transferring your brain data into an electronic brain and etc. Basically GITS techno mumbo jumbo.
>> No.36902  
The Ghibli films may not be that deep, but that doesn't mean you can't discuss them seriously.

I think he was asking how you can be brought back to life when you're already alive, not how it was supposedly done in your series.
>> No.36963  
>> No.36964  
Mardock Scramble. Haven't watched it myself yet because I want to watch the three movies side by side, even if I have to wait for years.
>> No.37021  
File: 1920x1200.jpg -(337.2 KB, 1920x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Following that other thread discussion about the current status of Gainax, the site for Imaishi's new studio is up: http://www.st-trigger.co.jp/

I hope they manage to gather a bunch of talented individuals because the premise of a studio founded by Imaishi and Otsuka sounds amazing to me.
>> No.37099  
I like their mascot.
>> No.37119  
Where do they get funding?
>> No.37126  
According to their site, they got Kazuya Matsumoto as the producer so I guess they shouldn't have any problem getting funds. He was one of Gainax's most talented producers so I'm sure he knows the right people already.
>> No.37130  
That's great! I'd really like them to succeed, and that won't happen without gold.
>> No.37231  
If they like Miyazaki/Ghibli stuff, get them to watch Mushishi. It's got similar themes about natural and supernatural stuff, and it's just about the only anime I'd show to someone who doesn't like or watch anime (with the possible exceptions of Cowboy Bebop and Kaiji, depending on the person.) It's got a wide appeal is what I'm saying. And it's not full of itself like Miyazaki's stuff can be sometimes. Sorry, yeah. I like his movies, but the man's got a tremendous ego and that comes through in his work sometimes.)
>> No.37251  
I find Tatami Galaxy, Detroit Metal City and Samurai Champloo to be good anime for the purpose of indoctrinating the clueless. Satoshi Kon and Takahata Isao's films are also really swell, if you're not looking for a TV-series.
Spice and Wolf, Trapeze and Baccano are really nice for second-stage viewing.
>> No.37252  

Aye! I saw Samurai Champloo when I was a tiny boy, and even though it was pretty much my first anime, I loved it. I don't know too much about the others, though, but I think, as you said, that Baccano and Spice and Wolf are good for those who have seen a couple of anime. I showed the first three episodes or so of Baccano to a friend of mine who is as mainstream as they get, and he really liked it. I also watched Tokyo Godfathers with another clueless friend, and he loved it. I might show him Detroit Metal City.
>> No.49029  
File: oUE23EZ.jpg -(102.0 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Where do you rank Ping Pong on Yuasa's all time list?
I personally preferred Tatami still, but it was definitely as entertaining as Kaiba, if not more so.
>> No.49046  
Sorry, but if it's an introduction to anime, it should be something good like Uchuu Senkan Yamato or MSG. I don't have anything against new anime, but people who get into anime just through whatever's the most popular flavor of the month tend to become the worst of the anime fandom.
>> No.49048  
Anime isn't just robots and space battles anymore, anon.
Wold you tell someone who had never played a video game before to start with Pong and an Atari?
>> No.49049  
MSG isn't in any way entry level. The animation aged badly and the franchise is far too big for anyone who isn't already into robots, nevermind not already being into anime. As for Yamato, it has a shorter (and prettier, some would say) remake, so...

If you really want to show older animation for newcomers, it'd be better to start with OVAs I think. The length wouldn't be an issue (ignoring monsters like LOGH) and they're generally very nice looking, animation wise. Story-wise they vary in quality, but are so many to pick from that it wouldn't be a problem.
>> No.49058  
>MSG isn't in any way entry level. The animation aged badly and the franchise is far too big for anyone who isn't already into robots, nevermind not already being into anime.
I'll concede the franchise being large, although I think it's worth watching 79 even without the intent to watch further parts. However, I have a pretty big problem with saying that the animation aged badly (other than that I disagree). The human eye has not evolved so much since then. People just like you and me could watch old animation and enjoy it in the past, and they can do the same now, provided they are the sort of people who would enjoy it. I don't think it's important to watch old stuff just because it's old, like trying to watch the original Astro Boy or something, but there are old anime that people should watch if they are at all interested in anime.

>As for Yamato, it has a shorter (and prettier, some would say) remake, so...
Space Battleship Yamato (1974) was 26 episodes. Space Battleship 2199 (2012) adapted this original first season and was 26 episodes and a movie. I may be missing something, but I'm not sure what to place after that ellipsis.

>If you really want to show older animation for newcomers, it'd be better to start with OVAs I think.
I can agree with you here that OVAs are a good into anime in general, but there aren't really many OVAs before the mid-eighties.
>> No.49060  
>recycled animation out the ass
>every motion is either slow, frame-moved or drawn as a blur to compensate
Look, there's a lot to 79 that was really evolutionary for its time (and the gimmick with the name is really fun too), but none of it was in the animations. It becomes especially painful if you compare the original TV run to something like CCA/0080/83/8th MS where they had a much bigger budget. It's obviously not a fair comparison to compare OVAs to 52 episode TV series, but that doesn't make watching 79 any more pleasant on the eye.
>> No.49063  
File: super realistic effects.png -(290.8 KB, 589x444) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>The human eye has not evolved so much since then.
But the average human's brain has adapted to better animation since then. You could use that argument for special effects in movies and realize how ridiculous the notion is: Just because our eyes haven't physically changed doesn't make King Kong (1933) or Godzilla (1954) any less unconvincing to modern viewers. We've grown used to distinguishing good special effects from bad special effects, and as such cannot look at them the same way their original audiences did.
>> No.49091  
It's not surprising that an argument someone made for one thing falls apart when applied to something different.
>> No.49093  
I don't think the example is so far from Gundam's problem. Look at the post above that one. 0079's animation is most certainly not one of its strong points, and while newcomers to anime might not be sakugafags or even really care about animation quality on a conscious level, it's still bad enough they're probably going to go "wow this looks old". Not because of the designs, which do look aged (but not in a negative way, like how a lot of late 90s/early 2000s shows do, looking at you Saber Marionette J), but because of how cheap the animation looks at times.

There are better parts in this franchise for an anime newcomer to start, but I really dislike the idea of not watching Gundam chronologically.

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